CPA Exam Scores and Results Predictions – April/May 2009 – Wave 2 – TAKE 3


Here are my predictions for the April/May 2009 Wave 2 CPA Exam score release:

AICPA Release:

  • BEC – Saturday, June 13 (Actual release Friday June 12 4pm CST)
  • REG – Monday, June 15 (Actual release Tuesday June 16 3:45 pm CST)
  • AUD – Tueday, June 16 (Actual release Thursday June 18 2 pm CST)
  • FAR – Thursday, June 18 (Actual release Friday June 19 7:30 pm CST)

NASBA Release (posted between 8pm and midnight EST):

  • BEC – Monday, June 15 (Actual release Monday, June 15)
  • REG – Wednesday, June 17 (Actual release Wednesday, June 17)
  • AUD – Thursday, June 18
  • FAR – Saturday, June 20

Update 6/13 – California, Illinois and a few others have released BEC so far…
Update 6/16 – AICPA Released REG at approx 3:45pm CST
Update 6/17 – CA/IL and maybe a few others have released REG…NASBA expected tonight
Update 6/17 -I'll go ahead and go out on a limb and say AICPA releases AUD today and FAR Friday…based on nothing but my “gut”…haven't heard a word about it…
Update 6/21 Still waiting on NASBA AUD and FAR (should see AUD Monday night…I bet FAR is out too…just a guess though)
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  • Hi Jeff,

    I took yoiur advise regarding things to do after you pass the exam. I bought myself a gas powered weed trimmer.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I took yoiur advise regarding things to do after you pass the exam. I bought myself a gas powered weed trimmer.

  • Mark –

    I took REG in Michigan also on May 27th and I don't have my score yet either. I've called NASBA a few times but they have been no help so far. They originally told me all of the Apr/May scores would be out by July 15th but obviously that didn't happen πŸ™

  • I need an outlet for my overwhelming joy and I have really appreciated this site during my score-waiting. I took all four parts during the last semester of college and just found out that I passed them all. I couldn't ask for a better miracle.

    I re-check those scores occasionally on NASBA's site to make sure I am not dreaming!

  • Does anyone know anything about BEC score (Michigan) release? I took it on May 27th and thought I'd have it by now. I'm getting worried.

  • Aaron,
    Please take a couple of days off and please do not stop studying. You may be surprised at your grade. I passed 3 parts and got a 74 on FAR with my BEC expiring in the last test window so I know where your head is at. From my personal experience a CPA is the credential you will need to get the edge in any employment search. Get that edge now rather than wait like I did trying to grind out the exam over the last 2+ years. If I can get this far you can.

  • Thanks,

    Also do you think Becker prepared you for the Sims? On the REG blog, several people felt like the Sims were out of this world. I'm using Becker also and just want to make sure it's going to be enough….

  • Aaron,

    I agree with Tim… It's just a matter of time. Hang in there. Get so pissed and prove the AICPA wrong. That's what I'm doing….. and it's not how many times you fall but how fast you get up…… Now get up and study….

    Talk about 1.5 years…..I started in 2004… I quit .. Got caught up in the Big 4 job and then I realize that I have to get this… I'm now down to 2 parts….

    And I say BRING IT ON!!!!

    “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the 1st place.”

    Tell you wife to get ready.. cuz she will soon be married to a CPA…. πŸ˜‰

  • I think the weighting is way off on the exam. I took REG yesterday and had maybe two questions on a section that is weighted 8-12%. The entire test seemed to be skewed like that. I used Gleim and had no problems with AUD or BEC and studies hard for REG. I did everyone of the 2270 MC questions and redid any subchapter that I scored less that 70% of. I just kept getting obscure questions and 3 of the same topic.

  • Aaron…If you failed then that sucks, but don't be a f&%$n quiter. Lots of people pass this exam…keep on going. The fact that you buckled down and put in the time necessary to pass 2 parts means you've got in in you, and you want this credential and the challenge. I've also passed FAR and BEC, and preparing for REG right now. I feel your anger and frustration, I really do. But if you fail, do NOT quit…you'll never get over it, and you'll just end up feeling down about quitting, so you'll startover again at some point down the road, but from scratch. Just do this, and try to keep your chin up. Take the 4th of July weekend off, and then hit that Audit book again next weekend. Who knows? Maybe I'll be in your same boat in a few months, and i'll remember what i'm typing now, and it'll remind me and urge me on. Good Luck Aaron!

  • Also…the research question on the 1st sim was stupid hard. I wasted a lot of time trying to find the answer and still never did. I write database queries all day long and find the BECKER research questions in seconds….but could not for the life of me find the answer. Bull $#$%!

  • Just sat for REG. 3rd time taking it (68, 72, ?). I felt like a did fantastic on the multiple choice. When the simulations came…I did horrible on the 1st and ran out of time on the 2nd. I took a look at my becker materials and they don't even mention the situation of like-kind exchanges where mortgages are involved. I bombed both simulations. I have passed 2 sections (BEC and FAR) and failed AUD 1 time. I lose credit for BEC in November…but quite frankly if I don't pass this REG exam I'm waving the white flag. I've spent 1.5 years on the CPA exam. I've talked with my wife about it and I told her I'm not picking up another book until I get the results back for this exam. If I don't pass…I quit…if I do pass…I'll have 2 more chances to pass audit before I lose credit. I know more tax than any of my CPA friends…yet I can't get his damn REG exam out of the way. It is a total f^&*%$# crap shoot. God I'm so mad.

  • I used becker… view all the lectures, do all the questions, and more if you can

    flashcards helped me also, i could answer 90%ish of the flashcards

  • No. For my last three tests they have always posted online first and then mailed the score confirmation letter a few weeks later.

  • I spoke with Ms. Walker on 6/30. They mailed out FAR and AUD scores (some of them) on Monday night, but she didn’t have anything to tell me about REG. Who knows. It took me forever to get my AUD scores from the first window of this year. I took AUD and BEC a month apart but got the scores at the same time. But I know I received them in March.

    Good Luck!

  • I just found out I passed BEC the first try with an 81!! I felt for sure I had failed.. BEC and AUD (79) down, on to REG.

  • Mine is up on NASBA as of an hour ago πŸ™‚ Keep checking, it should be up soon!

    Also, via Twitter (a direct message, not a tweet), NASBA told me that WI is the only state that takes more than 48 hours to approve and thus post through CPAES. Not sure why that is.

  • Hi Phil,

    Check the NASBA website, that’s where I received my REG score this morning. Also, I assume the letters saying that we passed all four parts won’t come for a few weeks.

  • Did you receive your AUD score by mail and if so was it from NASBA or CPA Examination Services?

    I’m waiting on my final BEC score in WI. Do they send an additional letter saying you passed all four?

  • Finally got my AUD – 86.
    I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was 8 months out of my life but I am happy with my numbers:
    AUD – 86
    FAR – 85
    REG – 95
    BEC – 87
    Jeff, thanks a lot for this site. Its a great source of info.
    Good luck to everyone!

  • I scheduled my FAR on August 11. Would you know if the scores for this date will be realeased in 1st or 2nd wave?
    I know it is almost imposible to predict but how it was the scores relased in the past?

  • Congrats! I passed AUD with a 92, two down, two to go! No time to celebrate, I take REG tomorrow…

  • My state board just informed me they have finally mailed scores yesterday. Now the endless wait for the mailman….

  • I know how you feel Almost a CPA.. I just failed Audit and am supposed to be studying to retake it in July…. Do you plan on studying for the full time again, or shorter since you know the jist of it?? I am using Becker and I think I am going to just rework MC questions and such… not rewatch the lectures… is that a bad idea???? Good luck finding motivation and when you do, send it my way

  • Hey Donna,

    Sorry to hear. I am hitting the books earlier this time also just to be safe. UNCC Library here I come!!!

    Good luck next time.

  • So this is what I know:

    I took Audit at the end of November and received my score on January 1 via the NASBA website, but check out these responses I got from Kate at the WI DRL, they are somewhat troubling.

    “CPA Exam Services told me they’re mailing them by next week at the latest. I am pushing for CPA Exam Services to mail them sooner, but the problem is their office is closed Thursday PM and Friday this week. Wisconsin does not post the scores. Your patience is appreciated.”

    Then I asked if WI changed their policy to only mailing scores and not posting online, and this is the response I got:

    “I do not know. All I do know is that we don’t want scores posted there until we have the scores here. Otherwise, candidates contact us for license information without our having confirmation they even passed. We are so understaffed here with the current State hiring freeze that we have devote all of our time licensing people whose scores and materials we already have.”

    Any thoughts on what this means?

  • so… since NASBA only shows scores online for the current testing window, does that mean if WI doesn’t release scores tonight we’ll never see them online and then have to wait several more days for it to get to us in the mail?!?!?!?

  • I failed financial…I’m supposed to be studying so I can take it again in July, but I’m having the hardest time focusing…all I want to do is go outside and enjoy the great weather. I spent the entire winter studying for all the other exams (thank goodness I passed those) and I’m so depressed that I have to hit the books again for July. I think I’m burnt out…How do I get back into the flow?? πŸ™

  • Hi Jeff,

    Historically, when does the July/August Wave 1 close? I’m trying to plan when to take REG and I’d like to take it during Wave 1.


  • Dave – I hope you had better luck than me in FAR. I made a 70. Back to studying. At least it is my last test. I just hate my software with Becker expired so now I might have to cough up another $550 + the cost of the test.

    I did a lot of cramming on the last week of studying and got brain overload. I won’t under estimate the time required to study for it again!

  • At least she is responding to your emails…. she is the rep for Massachusetts too and I emailed her this morning for an update…. its killing me not knowing when other states seem to have released their scores to the candidates

  • I would hope so considering today is the last day of the testing window. Be nice to hear them tonight. Hopefully I passed and then I’m done checking forever. Thanks for the update.

  • So I just received another very short and confusing email from Geneva Mosley saying “Scores were released yesterday.” I’m assuming she means NASBA released them to the WI DRL? Hopefully they can manage to turn around and have them posted in 24 hours….

  • I’m waiting for auditing in Wisco, too – I took my exam on May 7th! I called Geneva Mosely from the WI board, and she said first week in July we should see results posted… hopefully soon!!

  • Anyone in MA received scores yet? I tested on May 30 for REG….I thought wave 2 was released two weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything yet.

  • I took BEC on May 27 and haven’t received the score. Does anyone know when Michigan will release them?

  • The funny thing is that if they just said “scores will be out on July 5th” or something similar to that they wouldn’t have nearly as many people calling to nag. I understand the wait, I don’t understand the mystery release dates!

    Ideally NASBA or the AICPA would release as many scores as possible, and then notify the people whose scores would be delayed. A little communication would resolve all the nagging!

    Hope you get the result you’re looking for on REG, I’m taking that one on Thursday and I”m a little terrified!

  • I am waiting for REG & AUD in WV also. I called the Board also and received no help or info. I called Monday 6/22. When did you speak with them?

  • I’m still waiting for FAR. I took it at the end of May. I’m hoping to get my score either today or tomorrow. The NC Cpa Board says they mailed the scores yesterday.

  • I totally agree with you, I would wait if I knew why I was waiting. There is absolutely no reason why it should take this long to release scores when other states have already had time to mail out other candidates scores.

    It makes me very upset when I speak with the people at NASBA and WI DRL and they are incredibly rude to me. I always make sure I am as polite as possible when talking to them because I know what its like to be in that kind of service position having tons of people nagging at you. Hopefully once I receive my score I can get my license and won’t have to deal with these people so much!

  • WI chooses not to. After speaking with Kate at the DRL, she made pretty good sense in saying that WI has NASBA hold all scores until 100% of all sections are turned. They used to release like IL in piecemeal fashion, but their phone lines got flooded with too many people calling about their friends receiving scores and asking where their score is.

    The general rule for WI then, would be to always assume they are slow.

  • I am also waiting for AUD in WI and its my final one as well.

    I took FAR on Feb. 9, and had received it by the 25th of Feb.

    If I fail this test I lose credit for BEC, so I would really like to know.

  • I just have a hard time understanding why IL can release the scores quickly and WI can’t. A friend of mine sat in the same room with me and took the test and received her score 6/19. It seems as though we’re the last state to release. What was the great explanation from the Department of Regulation?

    I also wouldn’t mind the wait if they could just give a date for release. If I knew I had to wait until next Friday, then I could wait. I just don’t like having to get up and check everyday only to be disappointed when there’s still nothing listed.

  • It’s the nature of WI. They wait until 100% of all scores for all sections are in to release any of the scores from each wave. So pretty much everyone in wave 2 is waiting. I’m hoping today, since it’s the last day of the testing period. It does suck that they make everyone wait, but after speaking with the Department of Regulation and Licensing, I can see why they do it.

  • I am waiting for my REG results in WV. I spoke with the people at the board, and they know nothing about when I should expect my results. They sent out BEC ten days ago and two people in my office are waiting on FAR results.

  • I’m still waiting in WI too. Did not take nearly this long the first exam I took, BEC on 4/29. I can’t believe we’re getting scores two full weeks later than most of the other jurisdictions!

  • Still waiting on my score. My state board told me Friday that NASBA had not released all of the scores. Does anyone know if this is true? I tried e-mailing Jeff and he never replied πŸ™

  • I’m still waiting on BEC in WI. Does Wisconsin usually take this long to release scores? This is crazy, I really don’t understand why it could possibly take this long.

  • I took AUD on 4/20. I still wait for results. How much longer???
    This is my last part and I want to have it over.
    Does anyone else wait for AUD in WI?

  • Thank you so much for the info, Sam! I was going crazy trying to find out scores for BEC and FAR that I took in April/May window…

  • Received AUD in WV – 85! I’m 3 for 3 and take REG on Thursday. I’ve used Becker for every exam and I would recommend it to those who work full-time, need accountability, and are serious about passing on your first attempt.
    BEC – 85
    FAR – 88
    AUD – 85

  • Okay, so I’m capable of passing FAR on the first shot (83), but I’m not capable of reading “Section ID” on the NASBA site and typing in the seven digit Section ID, opposed to the six digit NTS number.

    Future CPA! Just can’t read!

  • I have the same question. I am trying to take my test the latest possible date for July/August in order to receive my result in wave one. Do you think August 7th will mee that cut off?

  • I bought all 4 sections of Becker. I passed REG & BEC. I have taken AUD twice and FAR once with Becker material and have not passed. I took AUD the second time on April 6th and just found out my score. I got a 71. I recently received Yaeger for FAR since I still have not passed that. I have found Yaeger material to be very good. They go through questions and show you ways to do it to maybe shorten the time you take to answer the questions. I am scheduled for FAR at the end of July so I can’t tell you that Yaeger has worked for me, but after finding out that I failed AUD I ordered that from them also. I can’t really say if just getting the Wiley book for BEC would be enough. I think working the questions does help but from what I’ve seen with the Yaeger material so far, I am pleased with it.

  • Just received my AUD score via snail mail in NC. I passed by a very close margin and wanted to provide some feedback for people who have yet to take the exam and have some general questions.

    I used Becker to prepare. In my opinion, if you know your review textbook cover to cover, you should be able to pass if you have the time necessary to master the material. I consolidated my review time to one week of intense study. I cannot recall one multiple choice question on the actual exam that pertained to material that was not covered at some point in Becker.

    Overall, my advice would be to take more than a week to prepare. Unless you can memorize a massive amount of facts and theory in a short period of time, you will probably face some difficulties as I did.

    This was also my first section to take. I am guilty to an extent of underestimating the difficulty. I would recommend practicing all aspects of the exam (MC, Sims, writing sections) just to familiarize yourself with the test structure.

    Best of luck to everyone….back to studying for REG.

  • Hi there…I recommend that you get the Yaeger HomeStudy,,,you'll be armed with everything you need to pass Aud

  • Dear Jeff,

    I seriously need you and other people here to help me out. I passed all my other three parts of CPA exams once as well as my Ethics exam. However, I failed Audit twice. 64 first time and 70 the 2nd time. It sucks.

    I feel that I have prepared myself very well and I sincerely think that Audit is the easiest one. I don't know why I failed. The worse part of it is that NASBA let me wait for two months before I received my result due to the new simulation in my exam.

    Now I need to take it within three weeks and pass it due to family reason. I need your input for the following questions:

    1.What is the latest date that I can take the exam and the result will be released in wave 1 of July/August?

    2.What is the most efficient way to pass Audit in a very short period of time since I have already taken it twice?

    3.How can I avoid taking the audit exam with the new simulations? I know that it sounds silly. I just want my result to be released in the wave 1.

    I am using Roger Philip CPA review and Wiley.

    Please help and thank you a lot!

  • I honestly don't think they have an idea of when the scores will be out. Heard too many answers all around. Hopefully next week we will have them. Tonight would be ideal as we could all (hopefully) celebrate.

  • Attention Wisconsinites! In the last half hour I've both spoken to someone at NASBA (via 800-CPA-EXAM) and to Geneva Mosley, our state coordinator (via e-mail).

    The person on the phone told me that Wisconsin waits until the end of the scoring period (she said “testing window” but that doesn't make any sense) to release all the scores and that the end of that period would be July 15.

    However, Geneva told me via e-mail that the scores are coming out next week.

    This should shed some light on it even if there are conflicting answers. WI is just slow, that's all πŸ™‚

  • I have taken becker for REG and AUD…I passed REG but not AUD…should I get the Yaeger cram? Also, I am thinking about just getting the Wiley BEC review book? Do you think that will do the trick for BEC?

  • In the University Area.

    NCBoard just posted another mailing:

    AUD- 6/26/09 you should get in on Saturday.
    FAR – 6/29/09 – you should get it the day after.

  • CPA2BE, where do you live in NC out of curiosity? I live in the Charlotte area and have yet to receive my AUD score. Wondering if it is in transit or if I'll be waiting for another week or two…

  • I am waiting on REG & AUD in WV also. I called the state board earlier this week and they told me that had not received any scores except BEC.


    For the past 9 months I have been throwing everything that needed attention, except the CPA exam, into a virtual “closet” and shutting the door. Out of sight, out of mind, back to studying.

    I opened that “closet” door a couple of days ago for a look. There's something alive and growing in there now, and it snarled at me.

    I guess I will have plenty of time before I receive the “Welcome to the Frat” letter to get an exterminator.

  • I'm curious. OK, OK, I'm getting impatient again. How long does it take NASBA to send the “all parts passed” reports to the states? Do they wait until they have processed the 2nd wave score releases for all the sections in the quarter, and then start working on the notifications to the states for successful candidates?

    According to the “official” timeline, once I have passed all 4 parts of the exam I will get a “Welcome to the Frat” letter from my state sometime arount the middle of the first month of the next quarter. That's another 3 weeks away. πŸ™

  • Jeff,

    When is the typical cutoff for Wave 1 for a window? The last day of the first month in the window? For example…if I take both AUD (70) and REG(72) in July…I should get my results around August 15-20?

  • I received my AUD score from NC yesterday .. passed with a 87!!!

    DonnaCPA, I'm sure FAR will be release soon.

    Everyone keep determined!!!

  • This will be my first weekend since last July without either studying, worrying about studying or worrying about scores. I cracked my $80 bottle of scotch on wednesday to celebrate. Although I cant imagine how you who took this monster multiple times managed…I tip my had and raise my $80 scotch on the rocks to you all; you are champions. πŸ™‚

  • I feel your pain. my state board said they haven't gotten all the scores from NASBA yet so they're not expecting to mail them until Tuesday.

  • I re-read my post and realized so many grammatical errors – I am so excited about passing! Maybe this is why it has taking me this long to pass (jk).

    Anyways, I think you could understand my post.

  • I just my FAR score and passed! Now I have passed all four sections!

    I live in Arizona and the State Board of Accountancy email me the results (I had to sign something to authorize this), as well as snail mail it to me. AZ just got the FAR scores in today.

    This has been a long and winding two and a half years. I am a professional CPA exam taker and know the process like the back of my hand – trust me you don't want to be like me (hint: get the Yaeger CPA review courses and cram (and read Jeff's suggestions how to study with Yaeger) and you will pass in one try!)

    Thank Jeff for this excellent website! I will maybe try to get my story emailed to next month to share. Thank you, Thank you!

  • Thank the lord. After taking audit 5 times and reg expiring on me, I passed and I am now on my way to getting certified. Woo Hoo! Thanks for this website, which has kept me motivated!

  • Yea, that's why I was asking…I thought they would have come by now but they haven't so I just wondered if other people were waiting too.

  • Jeff!
    Has NASBA not released all the scores yet? Someone please tell me! I live in a mail state and they won't mail ANY scores until they have received ALL from NASBA

  • How about after twelve weeks of torture I have fail the FAR section of the CPA exam….again with a 70.

  • Wow, I can’t believe that some of the FAR scores posted were wrong. I just found out that even though I had a passing grade online, I actually failed!! πŸ™

    It’s terrible that the NABA would cause such grief.

  • I emailed the NC CPA board and she said the scores for FARE has not been released yet. How can other states have them but not NC? All the other sections, BEC, REG, and AUD are already mailed in NC.

  • I have passed my CPA EXAMS…. Hurray.. Got 82 in FAR…. Thanx Jeff and all my blog friends…

    Thank you all !!!

    And the very best to the aspriants !!

  • Jason, you are absolutely correct. It is retarded that AUD is an extra 30 mins longer than FAR. I really really struggled to finish FAR and REG, yet breezed through AUD. I was able to take my time on the multiple choice questions, and had enough time to be extra thorough on the simulations. I could've easlily finished AUD an hour earlier, but made sure that I spread my time. The thing with FAR is that it takes longer to do multiple choice questions due to the extensive calculations involved. AUD is pure theory, so the questions take quicker. Dunno what the thinking is here. I passed AUD 1st shot, but failed FAR on my 1st attempt with a 74 due to the fact that I ran out of time.

    Its truly mind boggling. I would shave 1 hour off AUD, and increase FAR and REG by 30 mins each

  • This question is for Jeff or anyone else that may have the answer:

    I recently took and by some miracle passed FAR. I am now studying for my last part which is AUD and I noticed that it is a half hour more than FAR. Why is that so ??? I am currently studying for AUD and from what I can tell, FAR is wayyyyyyy harder, (not to deny AUD its due respect), and would require more time on a standard test. Does anyone know why the AICPA would have AUD be a longer exam than FAR ? I know a half hour difference is Immaterial (no AUD pun intended) but I am afraid there is something about AUD I am missing if it is a bit longer than FAR.

  • I haven't received the mail yet….and their website not functioning…..
    I just called them to find out my score……

  • just found out my AUD score……I can't believe I am just 1 pt away from the passing line!!!!! >o<

  • yea, the birthdate format is correct but still nothing..

    called nasba and they said they are still processing scores to post πŸ™

  • I think the mail only states have a pretty good chance of receiving scores before we do.

  • yay…finally got my REG score in the mail today and passed with a 94!!!! Two more weeks until FAR and then hopefully I'm all done with this thing

  • They haven't received any scores from NASBA?? I guess I didn't realize that the WI DRL was in charge of posting our scores? I have had it with this whole process…

  • hawaii – this may sound dumb but make sure you put a 0 in the front for your birthdate…
    ex. 01/08/1977

    your score wont pop up if its incorrect.

  • I did too, but the comment load wasn't server friendly. This has mitigated the problem because it's java based.

  • SFAS 141R acquisition method, which replaces the purchase method is effective from July 2009.

  • i'm a NASBA state and STILL haven't received AUD yet! πŸ™ I feel like i'm the only NASBA person who hasn't gotten theirs

  • Anyone know how long it takes to get your score in the mail when you pass your last exam? If I just received my last score 2 days ago online, how long should I expect to wait to get the score in the mail?

  • While the date you take and pass your first exam may start your 18 months, you may have longer than that to sit for all parts. I'd check with your state board of accountancy. I personally had a heart attack yesterday when I thought I only had 3 weeks to study for FAR. Ohio's rules provide that candidates have until the END of the testing window that is 18 months from the date you passed your first part (before conditional credit for that part expires).

    In my case, I passed REG January 14, 2008. I have until August 31, 2009, to pass FAR before I lose credit for REG.

  • It really sucks we have to wait so much longer than all the other NASBA states, but at least there's a date to look forward to now. I was kind of wondering if we would ever see the scores!

  • For those in WI, they have not received any scores from NASBA yet. The woman I talked to at WI DRL said that they are usually up by the end of the testing period and she thought the weekend at the earliest and end of the month the latest. Oh well, looks like I will put off checking my score until Friday night.

  • Passing scores in BEC for me and a co-worker(76 and 75). We both have 3 down, and FAR to go. After years of not passing, maybe finally.

  • Has anyone in NY got there FAR score back yet? NY is a NASBA state, and does anyone know about the “2.5 Wave”?

  • I got my Virginia AUD scores on Monday…76!!! I got a 75 on BEC the week earlier. Time for FAR next and REG last.

    Virginia BOA website is still having issues though and I don't believe it works with Firefox.

  • Here are some lessons I've learned through this process (for what it's worth). First off, my kudos for Jeff for this site…although this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I'm posting, I would regularly read Jeff's updates. Thanks again, Jeff!!

    1. You must believe in yourself…I don't remember who this qoute is by, but it sums it up: “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are correct”.

    2. Do not go by others' opinions of easiest/hardest sections. I made the mistake of doing this. I ended up taking BEC 3 times,a nd passing FAR and REG on my first shot. Everyone is different.

    3. Getting pushed to the second wave does not mean that you failed…yes, one time I received a 74; however, this past time I received a 78. I was waiting for AUD score for over 9 weeks!!

    4. Don't tell you family every last detail about the exam..I shared information with my husband, but as far as everyone else…they just don't get it. They try to be encouraging, but again, they just don't get it

    5. Don't sacrifice EVERYTHING for the exam. Yes, you obviously will have sacrifices to make, but go to family parties, go out to dinner. It's okay to take a load off sometime…you deserve it πŸ™‚

    6. I know that they say that AICPA released questions will not reappear in the exam. I beg to differ. For both FAR and AUD, I studies them and had at least 5 questions verbatim…

    7. Take advantage of the AICPA tutorial found at There were 2 exams that I had very similar simulations.

    8. Don't freek out while you're at/leaving the testing center. I thought I bombed one, becasue I ran out of time, and I passed. I thought I did well on another, and I failed. Just take your test and move on with life (I know it's MUCH easier said than done)

    9. Don't be too hard on yourself if you do not pass…I've taken the thing 7 times in the past 6 months (different sections). The workers at the testing center knew me (now that's bad). MOST people do not pass all of them on their first try. It does not matter the route you take to get there…just get there.

    10. Reward yourself…just because you are not completely finished does not mean that you should not reward yourself for passing a section. You worked hard and you deserve it!!!

    Hope this may prove to be helpful for someone!! πŸ™‚ Good luck to all!!!!

  • I'm done!!! I received my last 2 scores and am now officially finished with this exam!

  • I believe they have released AUD and FAR. I'm in NC which is a mail state as well. They have mailed out scores for BEC, REG, and AUD. FAR should be out in the next day or so.

  • Does anyone know when the 18 months start? from the day you took the test or when you get your mark back? I passed Aud- took it on April 26th.

  • Does anyone know if NASBA has released the last two sections? I live in a mail state and have to wait for them to release all scores before my board will mail any scores.

  • Got it!! IL rolled out the AUD score and I got 76!! This was my last one. Only ethics is left.
    Thank you so much all, Reading your post ease my frustration very much while waiting the result.

  • My 56 was from a very unprepared attempt, I took it 3 weeks after I took FAR when I ended up getting the 70, my preparation pretty much consisted of only attending the live Becker classes and minimal passmaster, like very minimal. Then in that 3 weeks I also moved apts and went home to visit family for a week. It was Aug and I started my full time job in Sept post-college so it was just a situation of running out of time, but I had REG and BEC scheduled for the next window so I figured I'd give it my best shot, which clearly was not so good, and move on.
    In terms of what worked for me, I switched to the self-study vs live class, I think being able to stop and start on your own time helped me. I did all the practics MCQ's and then after completing all lectures I utilized the Becker Progress tests repeatedly. I did like one practice final exam per part, most to pracitce time management, and never practiced just simulations. Figured if I could do well enough on the MCQ's I could figure out some on the Sims.. ended up working out but not by much on any attempt.

    I think a huge thing is figuring out what the best study method is for you. It definitely took me some trial and error to figure it out. Good luck, don't give up, you will get there!

  • Wisconsin releases through CPAES, right? It's kind of frustrating that they're not just doing the same thing as all the other states going through CPAES! I have a friend who took BEC the same day I took AUD and he still hasn't received his… so at least we're not alone in our misery/frustration. I tweeted @NASBA to ask them what's up with WI, so hopefully I get an answer today.

  • Almost There,

    For your AUD, what did you do or not do when you studying and scored a 56. Then what did you do or not do when you scored your 78?

  • Well, I received my AUD score from the Texas Board this morning and passed on my first attempt with a 76! πŸ™‚ It looks like the Communications section actually put me over the top, so it goes to show to not ignore this section on the exam! 1 down, 3 to go!

  • This really sucks. In hindsight maybe we all should have just applied as IL (I've never been been jealous of a FIB before) candidates so that we could get our scores quicker.

    Just release the scores WI, we know you got them. What is it gonna take?


  • Not that this will be much consolation for you guys, but I’m in the exact same spot. I took BEC in May and I think Nebraska may be the same way in not releasing scores until all sections are released. I got the exact same message as rcorcoran above.

  • After 6 exams and 2 VERY long waits, I am ALL DONE!

    REG: 75
    BEC: 76
    FAR: 70, 77
    AUD: 56, 78!!

    The biggest relief in the world, once I passed the first I passed them all in a row, improving one point each time, kind of hilarious kind of a gamble because every time I was pretty sure I would be close and possibly taking it again.

    Thank you Jeff for keeping the site going, it is a great outlet and source of entertaininment during the most anxious of days. Good luck to everyone testing, you can get there!

  • Nothing for me on AUD either – it’s my first exam. I saw someone post on here earlier today that WI might wait for all the scores for all the sections to be in before releasing any… it sounds feasible to me but I don’t know for sure. I’m trying to study for FAR and I can’t get my mind on it because I just would really, really like my AUD score!

  • I took AUD on 5/23 and got my score last night. Good luck on the wait. I know it is excruciating.

  • It said something along the lines of..”Our records show that some or all of your sections have been taken, but scores have not yet been received” That is a paraphrase from what I can remember.

  • Ryan is this what your CPAES OASIS page say: “Our records indicate that you do not have an active application or registration at this time. ”

    What did yours say before?

  • Jeff – sincere thanks for your effort in putting this site together. I’m sure it’s a fulfilling (and potentially lucrative) project, but it’s also an amazingly helpful resource for hopeful CPA candidates.

    I recently got my FAR score & passed with an 85. I’m now 100% done & it feels amazing. To everyone out there still going, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment to get that 4th passing score. It’s a tough road (took me the entire year & a half, and I almost lost my 1st exam), but professionally & personally it’s worth it! Take care, everyone!

  • I FINALLY got my FAR score last night – 80 days of waiting! I passed though – 75, barely made it! I had just said yesterday morning that if I don't pass something by the end of the year, that's it. I don't even need a CPA anymore…I'm doing this on straight willpower now.

  • You have got to be kidding me. First week of July and every other state is getting theirs’ now?

  • I’m D-O-N-E in SC!!! Finally got my AUD score!
    REG – 86
    FAR – 74, 83
    BEC – 74, 78
    AUD – 77

    Thanks Jeff for a great site!

  • Nothing for me either! It is also my last one and I’m very frustrated as well. I actually tried the old school trick of emailing the WI coordinator with a sob story seeing if I could coax my score out of them and the response I got was, and I quote “First week of July”. I was so angry that day!

  • Nothing for WI for me. It’s my last one and very frustrating waiting. I think they have the scores as the CPAES OASIS text has changed in the last day.

  • Has anyone in Wisconsin received a score yet? i know they wait to post until all the scores have been released and i thought that was supposed to be tonight…but still nothing….i am waiting on BEC while trying to study for AUD….very very frustrating

  • Yeah TN is a NASBA state. My AUD score along with one of my co-workers were posted last night but I know some others are still waiting. Good Luck

  • Guys…Tonight’s scores are up…Just got mine…posted today at 8:30 EST…took exam on 5/30 NJ. Got a 78, woohoo!!!

  • No, I’m in NY waiting on audit and no scores yet. Crossing my fingers for tonight. But i’m sure we’re not alone

  • DONT GIVE UP everyone…I thought I bombed FAR but passed… Keep the faith. Finally I am done… took awhile but done done done…

  • Thanks. Did you find the final review helpful? I passed REG and AUD using Becker but haven’t used the final review yet.

  • That’s odd. My friend got NY AUD about a week ago failed with a 71. I know another friend who only got it today, this afternoon with a 79.

  • Probably not *everyone,* but it appears NY has given out a lot of scores. OH, apparently, has not.

  • Jeff please let us know when we can expect CO audit score……………………………….I appered on 28th Aprill

  • Hi Me 2 appered on 04//28 for CO audit…………………Still waiting……………………..

  • Jeff, I appeared in Audit on 28th April 2009 but have not received score from Colorodo board. Althought Some people got it yesterday and AICPA releaded the score last week.COuld you please let me know when I can expect the Score.Thanks

  • I live in Phoenix, AZ. AZ exam score process is to receive the scores from NASBA via snail mail, and then they turn it around and mail to us (the candidates) the next day or two.

    I just got off the phone with the State of Arizona Board of Accountancy and they stated that they just received BEC and REG in the snail mail today. I am waiting for FAR scores, which if we follow Jeff’s timeline prediction, AZ will probably receive late this week or early next week.

    Also, I took AUD in wave 1 and received my score via snail mail May 20th. So this shows it takes AZ about a week to receive from NASBA and for me to receive from AZ.

    I took FAR before AUD and did not get my score during wave 1. I know that this is due to scoring between 72-77 or a new simulation – I hope it is the later or else I have a 50% chance of passing due the first.

  • I still haven’t gotten my REG score in Wyoming. They said they have released all the scores that they have gotten. I’m not sure what to do…I should have gotten it last week. Can someone PLEASE tell me who I should call or something…I’m kinda freakin out.

  • is Wave 2.5 a myth? My friend told me about it and I am starting to wonder if I fit into that boat with FAR….has any received FAR scores in NY

  • I’ve used Becker for every exam and have been successful on each first attempt. I like it because I work full-time and it helps me stay on track and accountable. There is no way arround doing the multiple choice – gotta just grind through them until you fall over. I also took vacation time and used Becker’s final review for FAR. End result – 88 on the first try.

  • It doesn’t matter when you took it I am finding out…. I took mine 5/29 and still have not received it whereas a friend of mine also took it 5/29 (later in the day) and received it last night. Another friend of mine took hers 5/31 and received it this morning. I am not really sure when to expect it, but I am in the same boat as you! and i am freaking out!

  • Steve, if you don’t work full-time, you still have time to take REG. I’m studying for it now using Becker and am scheduled to on July 2nd. I started studying for it 2 weeks ago, but I work full-time and already have tax and estate experience. Jarrod

  • I gave my audit eaxm on 05/26 is that mean my score would be covered in wave 2.5…shall i expect this tonight

  • CO audit should be up- it was up last night. Maybe your score was part of the 2.5 wave that was released by the aicpa yesterday..

  • everybody got thier score but I am still waiting for auditing from colorado.pls jeff tell when should we expect………………i am tired of waiting .pls give ur update

  • starla is right, they only update on their website once a day. I looked on the NASBA webiste and it wouldn’t give me access to the score of the last section that I took. The only time that I have seen it update later is the day is when they didn’t get the scores uploaded to everyone account, but sent those letters out automatically anyway. I called them and they wouldn’t tell me over the phone either, but they did an update midday and I got to see my 74

  • I took FAR for the first time and got a 74. I plan to retake the exam in the July/August testing window but did not know how much time will be enough before I can sit for it again. Is a month enough or do you think I would need more time to review?

    Also I used Becker materials – should I stay with it or does anyone recommend another review course that helped them get through FAR?

  • AUD is up in NJ. I received a passing score of 96 using the Becker self-study cds and now have Both REG and FAR left with my BEC score expiring 4/30/2010. The questions that I received on the exam were very similar to the questions that are included as part of the Becker’s PassMaster Software. For those that are having trouble with the AUD section of the CPA exam, I would suggest reviewing all of the simulations 1 time, but focus on the multiple choice questions. I would rework the multiple choice questions at least 2-3 time. Good luck to all that are awaiting there scores, and congratulations to those that have passed. For those that have not passed, keep in there and do not get discouraged. Consider it a learning experience and try to evaluate as why you had not passed, so your study plan can be adjusted accordingly. Does anyone have any tips for REG. I am sitting on 7/3/2009 and have yet to really study, however, I have taken off until then, so shoudl I be able to spend a lot of time studying. Do I have enough time to study and pass the exam, or should I reschedule. Also, Jeff…..Do you know when the next post (article) will be relating to your thoughts on the NASBA release of scores for the 3rd testing window for both waves?

  • Good luck to everyone else still waiting! Got my AUD score last night and passed!

    FAR – 78
    REG – 83
    BEC – 80
    AUD – 68, 68, 84!!!!!!!!!! (dont give up!)

  • Hello all,

    After a long journey I finally got my last PASSING score in AUD…66, 69, then a miraculous 77! I am DONE with all four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To anyone who is having difficulties with any of the exams, hang in there…it will happen for you. For those who have NO problems, share your secrets with the others! I was getting close to the 18 months and really starting to freak out…I just had my first child 3 months ago and I can finally enjoy my life again and get back to some of the things I love, WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY!

    Good luck to all of you future CPA’s out there! Jeff, thanks for putting this site together…I only recently discovered it but it is a fantastic resource.

  • me and two of my friends got NY AUD yesterday night, around 8.30 pm. all passed, 78, 80, 91 πŸ™‚

  • me and two of my friends got NY AUD yesterday night, around 8.30 pm. all passed, 78, 80, 91 πŸ™‚

  • 3 more people in PA that i know just got their audit scores…. but mine is STILL not posted.

  • Sam….email me offline. I have so many questions for you. markplinsky at gmail dot com

    Sounds like you took AUD every window available during your 18 month testing time period.

  • Please look above Mark, that was me.

    Either way good luck with you remaining exams.

  • Hey Jeff,

    I just found out that I passed audit last night (my last exam), and I could not have made it through the last two weeks without your site. Thanks for everything

  • Hi AO – I am sorry to hear that you did not pass AUD. Keep up the hard work…you will pass next time. πŸ™‚ I am not sure what review materials you are using. I thought that the Becker materials were especially good for FAR and AUD. The Becker questions that are asked in the multiple choice questions were very similar (sometimes identical) to some of the questions on the CPA exam.

    AUD is a lot of memorization I found, and so when I went into the room and was going through the multiple choice questions, I did a brain dump on the scratch paper of the mneumonics that Becker had to help try to keep me sane. This reduced my anxiety, and I think helped me to perform better on the exam overall. This is a tactic that you might want to try.

    I was especially worried about the simulations, as AUD was my first exam with a simulation (I had previously only taken BEC). Doing the brain dump helped me feel more calm for the simulations. IMHO, AUD is a lot of memorization and is not very time-sensitive (though I used all the time, as I spent extra time reviewing my answers and doing the entire brain dump exercise of mneumonics). I ended up passing AUD with a 92, which I was very happy with!

    As for FAR, that exam has a huge breadth of knowledge and is pretty time sensitive, as you know. I would again do the brain dump approach…on a more limited basis since it is more timed (esp for things like capital leases vs. operating leases which are easily subject to mneumonics and hard topics like jotting down the column headers for approaching discounts or premiums on warrants / convertible debt). That way, if a question hits on a subject that is not your forte, you have a reference source to calm your nerves.

    I found that the Becker lectures were helpful and the appendixes (esp the lower of cost of market appendix) was really helpful. So, I cannot emphasize how important reading the review materials to supplement the lectures is. If you just listened to the lectures, that is not enough IMHO. Moreover, nothing substitutes for doing as many of the multiple choice questions as possible (true for all 4 parts of the CPA exam). I reviewed simulations but focused less on them than the multiple choice questions (this hurt me on REG…so on REG I would focus as much on the simulations as the MC). Each chapter in the Becker Review materials is very important (incl but not limited to the govt and NFP acctg, which though not tested on simulations, can be tested a lot during the MC questions).

    Sorry for the long-winded response…hope this helps you though. Keep your chin up!

  • I just called NY – NASBA for AUD score. They were telling me ” my score is in the review process and it will take couple days to be released” Does that mean my score will be 73 or 74? Does anyone know what happened? Please let me know

  • Hey Mark, dont lose hope.

    AUD1-66, AUD2-62, AUD3-67, AUD4-57, AUD5-68, AUD6-73, AUD7-74, AUD8-77 (found out this morning, it was my last section)

  • Got my audit score in GA, 75! I thought I failed for sure. Jeff thanks so much for the site. 2 down 2 to go. Next stop Reg in August.

    Go Yellow Jackets!

  • ConsitutionState_Tax….I agree with you 100% about it doesn’t matter what your score is as long as you pass. I agree. I celebrate with you about your BEC score. It doesn’t get my goat.

    My comment was in response to John – NY. How does a candidate feel he/she could do so bad, but receive a near perfect 99? To that I say, it’s psychological. If you ConstitutionState_Tax walked out of the test center thinking you failed, but actually scored an 82…that’s awesome! I’m just saying that a person that ultimately aced the exam thinking their performance was subpar belittles those of us that do think we performed horrible and receive confirmation of that with a failing score.

  • Found out last night that I failed FAR after 2 1/2 months of waiting for the scores. Totally disappointing and frustrating. Still waiting of Audit scores for NY. Why does NASBA have to torment us like this. I mean seriously how difficult is it to post two digits beside a name which I’m guessing is done automatically anyway. I just think its absurd to drag this out like they do. We all study our butts off loose lots of sleep and hair for months at a time and they still wait 2 1/2 months just to tell you that you failed and that you have to start all over again. Ok…. I’m done ranting for now have to get back to studying for REG and checking for the Audit scores every 3 1/2 minutes.

    Congrats to everyone who passed and to all of you who didn’t feel some comfort in the fact that your not alone.

  • did anyone in PA not receive their audit score last night? 6 people that i know all received them last night/this morning and i have yet to hear and am freaking out. obviously nasba is of no help.

  • Mark take it however you will. I actually thought I failed, I really don’t care what score I get as long as it is passing, last time I checked if you earn a license it doesn’t list you test averages on it. I was just as happy with my 82 on BEC. Sorry if that gets your goat.

  • Heart attack averted. Everyone else probably plans properly, so you didn’t need to know this – but per Ohio state board, 18-month testing window is determined by the windows during which first exam was passed. Whew.

  • This is from the NC web site but I think the rules are probably the same for Ohio.

    Q. How much time do I have to pass all sections of the Exam?

    A. Once a candidate receives credit for a section of the Exam, he or she will be allowed a maximum of 18 months to pass all remaining sections of the Exam in order to retain credit for the passed section(s).

    Q. When does the 18-month period for my Exam credit begin?

    A. The 18-month period begins on the date the first passed section was taken.

  • It’s not fair that the grading system is not public knowledge. How are you to correct your areas that you didn’t do well on if you don’t know what did bad on???

  • It’s ridiculous John. They don’t feel like they failed. Their definition of “failed” is that they didn’t score a perfect. It eats at them that they didn’t ace the damn test. Those kind of people get at me too.

  • Nyer…my friend. I feel you. I failed FAR for the 2nd time. First time: 56 Second time: 60

    Check this out: AUD1=55; AUD2=66; AUD3=68; AUD4=71 and I’m taking AUD5 on July 3rd.
    I have passed BEC and REG.

    Let me tell you….I’ve almost lost all hope.

  • Thanks for the site. Helped me cope over the last few weeks as I constantly hit refresh on the danged-ol’ score page. Found out I passed AUD in Ohio last night.

    Question re 18-month testing window because I’m getting mixed feedback. Woman at Ohio state board says I have 18 months from the actual day I passed my first part (January 14, 2008) which would be July 14, 2009. Gentleman at CPA Exam Services says I have until END of the testing window 18 months from the date I passed my first exam – August 31, 2009. Which is it? This is critical – do I have 3 weeks or 8 weeks to cram for FAR?


  • My husband is NY and didn’t receive his yet either. What is going on? How could they partly release the scores?

  • I have taken FAR 4 times already: 59, 63, 67, 74. Just got 74 results last night and am crushed after all that work resulted in failure. Any study tips? Suggestion of when to retake?

  • I’m the comment above from CA.. and I would agree. Even though NASBA disagrees, it always seems like the people who get them late (me) are in the borderline range. who knows. i’m just happy to get a 75 instead of a 74!

  • Well, after flying through the 3 multiple choice testlets I had a high-school type moment where you stare at the exam the teacher handed out in a panic!

    I stared at the first simulation testlet for 1 hour without even anwsering one part of it. I just kept clicking from tab to tab hoping to find a spot where I could get started.

    I felt great about the multiple choice but the simulations didn’t leave me very confident. Who knows if some were test questions, or if I wasn’t the only one who had trouble with the two simulations that I recieved. The way they grade these exams still seems like black-magic to me.

  • Yes. I am in NC. I am waiting for my FARE scores. They will probably not mail them until Friday or Monday. It is so frustrating.

  • ND is also a state that does not post them on any website, but they at least email the scores to you. I can’t believe that NC only has them by mail. That’s ridiculous!!!

  • I am extremely happy for those of you who have already received their AUD scores over the Internet. NC is one of those great states that has yet to realize it is the 21st century and only allows candidates to receive their scores through standard mail. What is even more asinine is that the State Board of Accountancy is located only 30 minutes from RTP, which is considered an IT mecca behind the likes of Silicon Valley, etc. Anyone else in NC frustrated by the fact that we probably won’t see our scores for another week plus??

  • Wow! That is amazing!!! I can’t believe you did all 4 in one month! That makes me wonder about what I’m doing.

  • still waiting on AUD in NY, took the exam May 21st.. a lot of people in NY seem to have heard last night… hopefully tonight

  • A question for anyone who received their BEC score in WAVE 2 over the internet last Monday. Have you recieved it by the mail yet or no?

  • Thankfully I recieved my CT audit score last night.

    I scored a 99, and I keep checking NASBA to make sure they didn’t mix up a 9 for a 6!?!
    I was completely taken by suprise, I had myself convinced since leaving the testing center that I didn’t pass.

    What is the accuracy of the NASBA postings, have they ever goofed on a score before?

    The Becker CD’s and lots of homework questions have been working so far. BEC – check. AUD – check… two more to go!

  • The TX board website is updated each morning between 2-5am, so you should be able to see your score at that point (around 5am). They only update once a day.

  • Just called Texas Board and my AUD score is in…they won’t give it over the phone though. They said to check the website after 6 PM tonight, but it only shows as updating around 3 AM every morning. Anyone have anymore info on this?

  • Hi Jeff. Just wanted to say thanks so much. I just found out I passed AUD (my second try) and now I am done with all section! I got a 71 my first try with AUD, then got Yaeger cram (per your instructions), restudied, and got an 88. I don’t know what I would have done without your site, and frankly I don’t know what I will do with all the time I spent checking your site and reading comments before!

    You are awesome…look for a contribution to your beer fund!

  • I got my AUD score in Ohio. I passed with an 85!! But then again, I work in audit so I should pass, right??!! I am taking FAR on 7/1, studying with Becker. Any advice? By the time I get the FAR results back, I will have taken REG and BEC, too. AUD was my first part.

  • I got my scores from Ohio. Passed all 4 parts!!! Wheew, so glad I am done. This was my first time, and I took all 4 parts in May.
    Good luck to everyone else! And 1000 thanks to Jeff for getting this community together.

  • I got my AUD score yesterday and failed! I got a 71. I am so frustrated!!! I took the exam on April 6th. Why would it have taken two and a half months for me to get my results? I am just really bummed.

    I have FAR scheduled for July 24th so my life will go on as I’ll be studying more for that. I haven’t given up. Is there a lot of you that have taken the sections more than once? I have taken every section at least twice, most three times. When I take FAR it will be my 3rd or 4th time. I just don’t know when to give up. I am just curious how many other people are like I am?

  • Jimmy – I’m in the same position… waiting for AUD and if I don’t pass, I lose BEC… that would be terrible, but not the end of the world… at least we have FAR and REG done!!

    Good luck – still waiting in VT

  • Waiting in WI for AUD as well. Hopefully tonite.

    I’m extra anxious because this is my last section and if I dont pass I lose BEC.

  • I’m am waiting in WI also for AUD. I didn’t know that WI waited until they had 100% before posting. That is very helpful even though still frustrating.

  • Got my AUD score…84…I am done. The CPA monkey is off my back. Thank you everyone on the website for the positive encouragement. For all of those out there getting through the rest of the sections, best of luck to ya. The beer tastes that much colder when you pass that last part. Thanks Jeff!

  • FARE NY results are up. Got a 77!!! and I walked out with no confidence at all, there is hope for everyone. Thanks Jeff for keeping the site running.

  • I found that Audit was easier once I put all of my notes into a spreadsheet format. I was getting lost in the “wordiness” of the Becker material, so I summarized everything into a table. I made a column for each paragraph of the audit report and a row for each of the possible scenarios and filled in each block with the appropriate action to be taken in the report. If you would like for me to send you a spreadsheet showing how I set it up just email me at Once I filled out this simplified table, my scores on the Becker sample tests jumped by 25%!

  • RE: WaitingInWI

    This is my last section, and WI’s policy is to hold all scores in a wave until they have 100% of scores for each section. That’s why I’m hoping the AICPA has released 100% of scores for 2nd Qtr so that WI can start posting soon!

  • None of the WI scores are out. I’m waiting on BEC, and I know other people waiting on other sections and no one has scores yet. This is my first section, so I don’t really know the WI process. Hopefully it comes soon, I’m sick of waiting!

  • I got FAR in GA last night around 7:30 mountain time. 81—DONE!! Good Luck and Congrats everyone.

  • Yeah… me too. I thought I did very well and walked out of the exam 30 minutes early.. Found out yesterday that I got 69. I have BEC (77) and REG (80) so far..

  • Georgia audit & financial are up (i passed them both!) Thanks for helping me stay sane Jeff!

  • Great job and congrats! I am struggling with Audit.. failed for the second time. I thought I did well right after the exam and got fooled by scores– got 68 and 69. Do you have any advice for me? I plan to take it again on the late August. I passed BEC and REG at the first attempt. Thanks!

  • AUD in CT was up at 830 last night…..wooohooooo! first one
    thanks for the site jeff it really made a difference

  • Yeah, it looks like the CA people who received them “late” were borderline…

    Maybe I just got a really convincing canned answer from NASBA?

  • I’m a little ticked off at NASBA. They SAID they were gonna mail out the audit scores last Friday, but here is is Tuesday and my parents still haven’t received it in Knoxville, TN. So, between their computer system not working for students taking exam with a certificate of enrollment and waiting on the paper score in snail mail I’m going to pull my hair out…the makes studying for FAR entirely unbearable.

  • I know the AICPA does a doublecheck of borderline grades, but it appears they don’t release grades overall until they’ve done so. Plenty of stuff gets thrown all kinds of directions, and I think that’s just so we don’t get too angry and start questioning things!

  • Hi all,

    I was one of the CA candidates missing AUD scores…advisory scored was posted this morning.
    DONE with all 4.

    AUD: 76
    BEC: 84

    Took all the sections in 1 week.Unbelievable!
    Good luck to everyone!

  • I agree, I noticed that fact also. If borderline scores are supposedly the only ones held up at this point, why would people have already received them?

  • Hi Jeff,

    Do you know if 100% of the scores have now been released for 2nd Q? I know you had previously thought they were until the AICPA’s surprise yesterday, but I was wondering if you had heard anything else? I’m waiting in WI for REG and WI waits until they have 100% of all sections scores from a wave before they release.

    Thanks so much for all your hardwork! I know this last week had to be a long one for you!! πŸ™‚

  • I just got off the phone with a VERY helpful woman from NASBA. We had a whole discussion about scores being released, and she said it is NOT indicative of a certain score (borderline, etc). She said the “borderline rumor” was a simply just that…a rumor, and she has seen scores from all over the spectrum come out after the initial batch. There is apparently no rhyme or reason as to what order the scores are released. She said they are just going to keep continually releasing scores from now until July 31, and if you do not receive a score by that date to call and inquire.

    I hope this makes the wait a little easier!

  • It’s hard to tell what’s holding things up. I don’t buy the “borderline” argument as so many of the scores that people have said “I GOT THIS!!!” were in that 73-77 range. The “technical issues” argument seems to be what is really keeping things up this window. Good way to start my score receiving process.

  • finallly got my AUD score in CA early this morning!!! <– exclamation points for a 75!!! third time taking the test and couldn't be more thrilled. one more to go. thanks for the forum, jeff.

  • I got my AUD score last night around 8:30 EST. I passed and I am done. Many thanks to Jeff!

  • Got my AUD score last night. 70
    Crushed. I have passed BEC (78), FAR (83) and felt better coming out of audit that any test that I have taken so far. I feel like this is a F&%$ing crap shoot.

  • I am hoping the additional scores will be released tonight. I see no reason why they need to hold it up any longer. If we are in that 1200, I wonder why us? Borderline scores? New simulation?

  • Got my last score last night for MA AUD!!!! I can’t believe this is finally over!!!!!

  • When will the additional 1200 scores be released on the NASBA website??? Tonight or tomorrow night???

  • oh god………………one more day.i have wasted last one weak on all these.iS this a borderlinne case which is 73 74

  • Same here, though I sat for the exam 4/15. There are a few others like us as well. According to Jeff, AICPA released 1200 more audit scores. I have no idea why these scores were kept out of the large batch. Anyway, we could be part of this 1200. If that is indeed the case, we should see a score tonight.

  • i gave my aud from CO on 05/29 but no score yet…………what does that mean……………pls help

  • I received my last exam score, FAR, last night around 8:45 Eastern. I got a 78, which was my last exam. To all those who are frustrated and feel like quitting, keep going as it’s all worth it once it’s over.

    For those of you who read this site, I highly suggest donating to Jeff at the bottom (no, never met the guy nor spoken to him personally). Thanks again Jeff, as you’re truly doing a favor for the “people.”

  • Took FAR on April 7 and just got score today…I cannot believe how relieved I finally am to know how I did…Thanks Jeff for the site, it made the wait easier knowing others were in my same position…3 more to go so I’ll be back!!

  • It is my understanding that as long as you take your last passing section on or before the expiration date that you get credit for the passing score as of the date you tested. If you will look your other scores should be effective on the date you tested. Hope this helps.

  • Is anyone else still waiting for scores in WI? I know a couple of people who still didn’t even get BEC yet… I’m waiting on AUD and I took it May 26. Here’s what NASBA tweeted last night…

    Scores will not post tonight…don’t forget there’s a 24-48 hr window, and w/in that window we experienced a tech issue…
    However, that is being fixed and may NOT prevent scores from the April/May testing window (Q2) from being posted w/in 24-48hr. Thanks!!

  • A question on the 18 month rule. I passed the first section of the exam in November 2007 and just received notice that I passed the final section in May 2009 (even though the score was not known until June 2009). Does that mean that I passed all four sections within 18 months?

  • Why I don’t have my AUD in NY? I check millions times, but still “error” message. Who can help me to release my score?

  • I know there is some paperwork we have to fill out, I think it all comes in a welcome package we will get soon. Then I think there is quite a long wait for the actual license.
    Congratulations to you and all others that have passed!

  • I got NY audit score from NASBA last night!
    just wondering, how come OASIS still has the following message:

    All or some sections of your NTS have been attended but scores have not been received.

    What happen??

  • How long does it take for CA to make the Advisory Scores final? I want to see the score report. My Advisory Score for BEC posted on 06/13…

  • Same here. Got 86. Until then, the anxiety is gone. Do you know how long we have to wait before we can get our licenses?
    Congrats to you and others who passed one or more parts.
    Thanks to Jeff for providing us a stress relief place.

  • I took audit in NY on 5/27 and still no score, does that mean i’m part of of the 1,200 that were released yesterday? I know a few people in NY got their scores.

  • I just received my score for FAR (TX)…..I’m done!!! I am in shock, but so very happy to have gotten here!
    Jeff your site is wonderful and has been a blessing through this waiting period!
    To everyone that is still testing keep your head up!!! I have been through the 74, 73, 73 game and know how that’s tough, you will get through this! I will keep you Future CPA’s in my prayers!!

  • FARE 1/5/09 86
    BEC 1/9/09 80
    REG 4/23/09 80
    AUD 5/15/09 96

    Thank you another71! Thank you Jeff! Thank you Becker!

    To everyone still working, keep at it! You can do it!

  • It depends. If you work for a firm, most would prefer that you have the license from your state before you begin using the initials. But congrats!

  • I am done with the CPA. Just like some others this website has been very helpful. Im a Big 4 employee and i passed all four parts within the first year so some of you know what that means.
    To Jeff..Im definitely going to make a donation to this wonderful website. Thank you and good luck to all CPA aspirants.

  • Now that I just passed my last section, when can I change my letter head to add the three letters CPA.

  • I live in TN and still have not gotten my REG score. My first time to take the test… so just wanted to make sure I’m checking it right?

  • Hi Jeff.

    Passed FAR, and am now done with CPA, I only found your site 2 weeks ago, but its kept me going as I was waiting for my REG and FAR results. All the best to you, and I’m sure I will be checking in every once in a while to offer the bloggers some perspective. You are really doing a great service to many people out there. Whach out for my donotion.

    Over and out, Nerves of Steel has left the building!!!!

  • Thanks so-o-o-o-o much for this site, Jeff! I have told my friends who are studying for the CPA Exam about this site. It is AWESOME to have such a great support network! I am done with the CPA exam so I won’t be posting too much anymore, but I am grateful for the way that your site helped me to manage the anxiety while waiting for my scores.

  • It’s just killing ~~ I took FAR on 4/6 in CA, San Jose. Yet have not yet received my result until today.

  • Hi Nikki – Just keep repeating the homework questions on business law, and re-read those sections in the book to give yourself the confidence that you need. Remember that business law is mostly conceptual and less detailed than the tax questions. There needs to be an offer, acceptance, and consideration for a contract to be in effect. Concentrate on the mneumonics that Becker provides like MYLEGS. My guess is that if you have tax portion nailed down for the test, then you should be fine. 95 on AUD and FAR is awesome! You will do awesome on REG…I know it! Keep up the hard work…all the studying really does pay off. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks! I’m doing Becker and am half way done (passed FAR & AUD – both 95) and REG is just giving me fits. Good news is I have no problems with tax at all, but the business law is what kills me, I do TERRIBLE on the homework! Guess I’ll hope for a lot of tax questions like you got!

  • I meant FAR and AUD, not FAR and REG (I thought all Becker materials were good, but FAR and AUD materials were especially good IMHO).

  • Hi Nikki – Personally I found REG harder than FAR (I barely passed REG). REG is very time sensitive, and my REG test covered an awful lot of tax and not so much business law (business law is more my forte and tax is definitely not my forte). Every test is different though. Having said that, I was very fortunate and skirted by with passing REG with a 75…so I was very, very lucky and I am grateful to God for the 75. FAR covers a lot of info, but it is less nuanced as far as a subject matter IMHO. I highly recommend Becker for studying all parts (esp FAR and REG).

  • Did anyone else find REG harder than FAR? I realize FAR is much more in depth and covers a lot more information, but geez business law is about as boring as it gets. I’ve been through everything in REG and I have 3 1/2 weeks, but I need to figure out a way to master contract law.

  • So if I haven’t gotten my Wave 2 FAR score from GA I should be in that range? That doesn’t make me feel any better

  • Hi Jeff

    I got 75 in FAR, I got same Score for AUD in last window , is there something I should worry abot,

    Please let me know this was my Last part.

    And Thanks for your support, you and your site is doing Great Job

  • I got my MA AUD score, 80, at 8:50pm. I am done with all 4 sections. Now I can live my life!!!

  • Just got my audit score in GA, another 74. Second 74. Really sad, but not going to let this defeat me. I will get this over with one day this lifetime.

    Sincerely yours,

  • When did you take your AUD? I took it on 5/30, but I still did not see my score =( So worry. Does it mean I fail?

  • Hi Jeff,

    I got my audit scores from CO and I am a CPA now….Thanks a lot for your site….this has really helpful…though i came to know only 10 days back about this one…..earlier i used to check NASBA 10 times a days and was never sure when the result will come….but after i discovered your site, i was logging it to all the times, to know when the scores will be out…..your predicted audit would be out Monday night….bingo!!…i got it……thanks a lot to everyone who posted his/her valuable comments……I wish all the best to everyone pursuing this course…may God give you success!!…..I would surely recommend this site to my friends pursuing this course!!


  • *I sent NASBA…

    **They have a whopping 161 or so followers on NASBA’s Twitter…

    I’m good at typing

  • Hi Jeff

    I just got my FARE score I got 75, LAst window for AUD i had same score,
    Is there anything for me to worry about, Let me know.


  • This is for all those who didnt make it this time..we will do it next time..and you are an inspiration Jeff..Thanks for everything.

  • Not sure if this has been posted yet, but FAR scores are out in WA state (they were released yesterday night). I got mine, and I passed…yeah! I am now 1 ethics course away from being a CPA.

  • I NASBA an email with my disappointment how they personally communicate with candidates. To release on Twitter of all places that they were having technical issues… I don’t think people could really be mad at them for something outside of their control breaking. But seriously, releasing that information on Twitter and not posting it on their site is beyond me.

    I mean, every candidate is at the official NASBA site which makes no reference to their Twitter page. They have a whopping 161 or so followers on NASBA. So that is maybe 1% of the candidates affected if we are being generous? They should have plastered it up and down the score page.

  • Hi Jeff

    I got 75 in FAR, I got same Score for AUD in last window , is there something I should worry abot,

    Please let me know this was my Last part.

    And Thanks for your support, you and your site is doing Great Job

  • Nikki are there chances NAsba has not released all the Audit Scores from colorado, I appered on 28th April, havw npot receivved yet.

  • May 6th, I was hoping to get this and my FAR score in the first wave, passed FAR, now waiting on AUD which is my last one… and I am super nervous about it now…

  • I failed audit with 60 it was my last part..Apparently, it is not as easy as everyone thinks it is ..i felt great when i came out..thank Jeff..i will be here next wave …

  • my score for AUD isnt up in MA either, please lord let this all end tomorrow… this is so freaking frustrating…

  • I'm so happy you said that, because my score didn't come either! I took Audit in SC on 5/26.

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