CPA Exam Scores and Results Predictions – January/February 2009 – Wave 1


Here are my predictions for the January/February 2008 Wave 1 (NASBA) release.

Keep in mind that approximately 75% of all eligible Wave 1 scores (exams taken January 2 – February 7) will get released in Wave 1. The rest will wait until Wave 2. If you don't get your score in Wave 1 and you should have, don't read too much into it.

For those new to this little waiting game, the Illinois Board of Examiners site is the best place to go to see what is going on with score releases. Typically, IL, CA, and VA release their scores on their own state websites and NASBA follows suit with their score release one to two days later.

By no means is this a perfect science, but the margin of error on any given prediction should be no more than two days. With that said, sometimes they switch AUD and REG around, but you can bank on BEC being first and FAR being last.

Visit the Illinois Board of Examiners site here.

Again, thanks to Joanne Vician at the IL BOE. Candidates in all 50 states appreciate what she does to keep us informed.

NASBA Releases:

  • BEC July/August Wave 1 release: August 15
  • BEC October/November Wave 1 release: November 18
  • BEC Jan/Feb Wave 1 prediction (NASBA): Feb 17
  • BEC Actual Wave 1 release (IL BOE): Feb 14
  • BEC Actual Wave 1 release (NASBA): Feb 17
  • AUD July/August Wave 1 release: August 21
  • AUD October/November Wave 1 release: November 19
  • AUD Jan/Feb Wave 1 prediction (NASBA): Feb 20
  • AUD Actual Wave 1 release (IL BOE): Feb 19
  • AUD Actual Wave 1 release (NASBA): Feb 20
  • REG July/August Wave 1 release: August 20
  • REG October/November Wave 1 release: November 21
  • REG Jan/Feb Wave 1 prediction (NASBA): Feb 23
  • REG Actual Wave 1 release (IL BOA): Feb 20
  • REG Actual Wave 1 release (NASBA): Feb 23
  • FAR July/August Wave 1 release: August 23
  • FAR October/November Wave 1 release: November 24
  • FAR Actual Wave 1 release (IL BOA): Feb 20
  • FAR Jan/Feb Wave 1 prediction (NASBA): Feb 23
  • FAR Actual Wave 1 release (NASBA): Feb 23

Good luck everyone.

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607 comments on “CPA Exam Scores and Results Predictions – January/February 2009 – Wave 1”

  • AUD is out in GA.. This is the first exam that I walked out of thinking I did well, and I did the worst in this one so far.. 71.. I cant believe it!

  • Hello,

    Does anyone know if the FAR scores have been released in Connecticut? Could someone explain me how to obtain the results (Is the section ID number, the same that is on the Notice to schedule)?
    Thank you

  • Just like the last post. Bombed the second simulation, was real iffy on the m/c, passed with a 79. All done finally!

  • Took FAR in CA on 2/27. Just got my score today. It was my second time taking the test and I thought I did worse than the first time. Did decent on one simulation and fluffed the second. Felt like I was unsure about 20% of the MC. I passed with an 80 and now I’m done! G’luck everyone!

  • if there is a test simulation, how do they determine who will get them? Do they give it to the ppl who have done well on the MC thus far and are likely to pass? Or is it assigned at random?

  • I took REG also in New Jersey 2/28, no score yet!!I’m not exactly sure when they should be up.

  • any Wave 2 REG exam scores get released yet?

    I took mine on 2/27 California REG, waiting on results.

  • Hello everybody,

    I took my 2 first subjects (AUD and FAR) at the end of February and I have a question: to obtain my score on line I am asked to enter my “Section ID number”. Is this number the one that appears on the NTS in the column “Section ID”?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

  • Does anyone know, when should the second wave scores be up on for all states, I’m particulary interested in New Jersey?

  • I completely agree with that. Thanks for your help Jeff! Waiting on REG results and have scheduled AUD in May. And God willing, I am done.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Just want to say that it’s amazing how you still take the time out to help other’s with their goal of passing the cpa, thanks for all the updates and the helpful infomation! The world needs more people like you.

  • How likely is it for a candidate to pass REG if part of one simulation was not completed and not so sure about a number of mult. ch. questions? – For those of you more familiar with the test. Thank you for any input!!

  • Took REG in NY on 1/10/09 and still haven’t heard anything?

    Am I subjected to 2nd window? What do you have to hit when calling NASBA to actually talk to someone??


  • i can’t wait any more!! i took audit and thought it was the hardest of the 4 exams and just want my score!!

  • I took AUD MA on 1/23. Got my grade on 2/19, 70.

    I found it extremely hard especially one of the testlets

  • Anyone from MA??? I took AUD on 1/13/09 and still no score. I took FAR on 1/5/09 and my score was up on 2/25 and I took REG on 2/5/09 and score was up on 2/26. Anyone take AUD on or around 1/13 and received there score? I took BEC on 2/25. When should I expect that one? This is ridiculous. I dream of scores all the time!

  • I have received the color paper you’re talking about in the past and it was MISERABLE!!! It was for FAR too and you are writing the most for that exam (formulas). But I have also received most recently pink, yellow, and orange after I complained. I was really pissed just like you are. File that special accomodations form. You have to do it within 10 days after you take the exam. So hurry up!!

  • Back in the middle of February I took my first test – BEC.

    For the exam I was given scratch paper which was sort of grey-blue and glary, making pencil writings almost not possible to read.

    I want to know if anyone else experienced similar problems. When I called NASBA, I was told that everyone else is given the same scratch paper. Is this true? NASBA told me to file special accomodations. Based on what? Based on the fact that I cannot see grey pencil marks on glary almost grey paper?


  • No transparency ? no one knows how the grading works.

    From my experience if I scored above an 85 in a pre-exam self test, I passed the exam


    Is the CPA exam ever curved. From what the AICPA says, it is not curved. But i have also read some material from time to time where people say, it is curved due to the application of Psychometric Analysis.

  • Did anybody run into a situation where their score was available on the NASBA site late last week, but when they checked today it was no longer there? Does this mean anything?

  • I took a test Saturday. During the test I pulled a tissue out of my pocket. It was just a natural reaction to my runny noise unaware I was taking an exam. When I finished the exam, the Procter told me, she had to file a report. She told me in no way she thought I was cheating and there was no writing on the tissue, however she had to follow procedures.

    Will this delay my grade reporting? Could I be sanctioned by AICPA (lose credit for exam)? Does anyone know where I could find the exam rules?

  • Thanks Another 71 and all other for for anwering my question, i was the one who asked about supplementing my base review course with some other program. I will take Yaeger into consideration.


    If you have already purchased a base review package and are looking to supplement it with something – get the Yaeger cram…it’s a 9-20 hour (depending on which section you choose) overview of the Yaeger HomeStudy. The Yaeger crams are very very good (and affordable).

    Use the 71cram discount code at checkout and save $5 and free shipping.

  • hey everyone, if you failed FAR in the JAn/FEb window, can you please write down the “averages” of what others scored who passed? i need to see how large the curve was. thanks.

  • Anonymous above @ 132pm I feel the same way yyou do. I will be taking the Becker CPA prep course for Reg and I feel like I should get another review course. I am not sure if it will be too much and will not have enough time to go over both since so much time is needed to focus on whatever study materials one may have. I was thinking about buying the Yaegre cram material. The best advice my friend gave me was that I should try and stick to one. I have viewed the Yaeger home dvds and will get to see what the Becker classes will be like and he said to pick the one with the best teaching method and focus on that. This exam makes me nervous. I am still waiting to receive my NTS for the first two sections that I applied for. I dont know what I would do without this blog.

  • I took FAR yesterday and it was insane. I think I did ok in the MCQs but did take educated guesses in many of them. I am almost certain I got all of the first simulation right and then I found myself laughing when I saw the second sim. I was pretty tired by then and to see a topic that I had no idea on meant I was just bluffing my way thru filling out some random numbers to ensure not every cell was blank. The research and the communication went ok though. Fingers crossed!


  • working with auditors or being one helps for sure

    I think that is why I passed with no cramming just a steady review pace

    just do a good review and memorize the basic audit reports and do as many MC as possible

    also wiley makes a great sim book w/cd I highly suggest checking out

    I got mine for like 26 bucks and is great

    it has the best sims I have ever worked

  • Is AUD tricky? or more straigt-forward.. lotta details or more overview?
    Also I guess there aren't any calcuations.. so it seems that details are important..

    BTW..I'm an Accountant but never have done audit work, only financial analysis & general accounting.. so I have no idea(I hope these questions are ok to ask)

  • I feels 6 weeks for AUD is much better than my 2 weeks for FAR… but I need to be aware of the “over-confidence curse” .. It’s one week down and I’m already slacking!

  • Thanks for the help guys! (or girls?)

    I did 2 weeks of straight cramming for FAR, did all Becker CD’s, Passmaster questions (only once though), Flashcards (probably 5-6 times), and ran through Final Review the day before exam… went in feeling insecure and came out feeling even worse.. I spent 2 hours in the 1st testlet only!
    Got a 78!.. so for anyone in similar situation, there is hope! Thanks to God I passed..

  • @9:28, my score isn’t up there. I got it over the phone/email. I didn’t pass either AUD or FAR (so close on both), and I can’t even reregister!

  • Just finished FAR in MI…..didn’t even get through half of the first sim before running out of time. Looks like I’ll be taking FAR again next window. =(

  • Just got my BEC online today, got a 92. This proves NASBA sometimes releases waves in multiple batches. So if you are still waiting for your score there is still hope.

  • Anyone else from Virginia having trouble deciphering how to read the score report on the new online system? I find that the old system worked much better.

  • I agree with the above. I didn’t study very long for FAR just did a lot of questions and crammed for 2 days and did well..all depends on what youre good at and what you get asked. you can study for 2 months and fail and study for 2 days like the above and pass. all luck of the draw.

  • I think the whole time needed to study for a section is subjective. I studied for BEC for 2 days and passed with a 75. Studied two weeks for REG and AUD and passed. It probably has something to do with the quality rather than quantity. I used to ensure I did all the questions in the passmaster and then went ahead redoing those problem areas. Worked fine… each his/her own!

  • I passed Audit Q4 2008

    6 weeks is perfect number if your dedicated to studying everyday

    go 9 weeks and it will soak in and you can take more breaks

    it is up to you; everyone is different

    me I took breaks and did some time off it took me from 8/20-11/15 but I stress I took 7days off during the huricane and went to a wedding one weekend and did not cram really for it and I felt truely ready for it walking in

    except it was my first rest and did not know what to expect and I felt like I could not remember on thing if you asked me but if I was showed a question on paper I could do it

  • Six weeks seems reasonable. I think the number of hours is a better measure. I passed REG and FAR, studied between 80 to 100 hours on each.

  • I never used wiley or anything, but my tip is to use Becker final review (which is much better than their regular books)
    It contains the essentials you need to know, and it is pretty well done. It is pretty expensive though, but it is worth the investment if you want to pass. (I found it was most helpful for FARE and BEC.)
    Good luck everyone!

  • I second the Yaeger CRAM. So far it has helped me pass FAR and REG, which in my book, totally makes it worth the investment. Also, I like the Wiley books – it’s no joke that the review questions in there are significantly more involved and trickier than the questions on the actual exam.

  • Taking AUD in April 1st week.. will start Becker course this week.. gives me about 6 weeks.. does that give me enough time?

    Any opinions?

  • oopss.. not AUD.. i meant BEC passed last year with 82 using Becker (no Final Review purchased)

    For FAR I bought home study, flashcard, & final review! It worked for me!

    although.. if I were to make the flashcards myself I would definitely have scored much higher! Just a tip!

  • FAR 1st wave – TX – score received and passed by a hair! 78!

    I guess i wasn't the only one who totally bombed on the simulations.. everything including written & research!

    Used Becker.. for this one and for AUD as well.. passed that one on first try with 82

  • Captain try a new review course and dedicate 1-3 hrs of studying everyday for the next 60 days

    then you will pass

    I find it hard to believe you still haven't passed

    and you pulling our chain or have you just not been studying enough

    Audit is hard but if you prepare you will win

    I just bought the REG cram cd & book and am ready to get those magic 9 pnts I need to pass REG in Q2 09

    thanks Jeff for the discount and all that crap but rest assured I refuse to pay for another NTS in Q3 unless it is for FAR

    good luck to everyone

  • i have had 2 exams tried to be rescored, and nothing, they said its a 1% chance but they already do it. for me, it was worth the money to get peice of mind…

  • I looked into it after my 2nd 74 on REG (is there anything worse than a 74?).

    What I found is that once you submit your appeal for a re-grade, they won’t actually grade it until the 25th of the month or so following the month the score releases come out for Wave 2. So, in this case…April 25. THEN, it takes 6-8 weeks…so we’re talking late June before you even hear back from then and even THEN they say the likelihood of getting a new score are slim to none.

    My advice: get a cram (like Yaeger’s FAR cram…) and get back in there and be done with it.

  • Has anyone reading this blog ever had a successful CPA Score review? I have scored 74 on FAR (my last section) two times in a row and I am going to start losing credit for other exams soon. Any advise would be welcome.

  • So glad I came across this blog. Feeling soooo frusterated. Just got FAR for the 5th time- FAILED AGAIN. And I felt really good about it this time. <71-65-65-68-72>

    And my BEC score expired….

    If I don't pass both now before April 30th, REG will expire quickly followed by AUD.

    I am beginning to think that I am not cut out for this profession (and I'm a public accountant!!!)

  • I’m still waiting on BEC in WI. Took the exam 1/30. I’ve been checking NASBA and the mail constantly!! Has anyone else received any scores in WI??

  • I am in Mississippi and we only release scores via US mail. I took Financial on 2/9. Has only from 2/9 received scores in Wave 1? I know its a long shot, but I am just wondering if any 2/9 scores were actually released Wave 1.

  • I took BEC 1/9 and still have not received my score online or in the mail. I think I might be the only one waiting for BEC still.

  • NY Here – prior to my score being received in Wave 1a, NASBA told me the same thing, that scores maycontinue to be released through the first week of March. I have a feeling that what we have seen is all that will be released until Wave 2 starts rolling in (In agreement with Jeff).

  • Anonymous at February 25, 2009 8:04 AM I passed AUD first time but just barely passed FAR with a 76 after taking it 4 times(60->66->73->76).

    I need to talk to you. I have failed AUD the past 3 times. Email me at

  • Everyone seems to be getting different answers from the folks in NASBA>…..Doesnt anyone who cleared their exams ever join NASBA to weed out the issues we see with the reporting of scores??

  • This is the first Wave 1a I’ve seen…they say that every window “Wave 1 scores will continue to be released through the first week of…” and it never happens. We’ll see. My $$ is on Wave 2 being next.

  • I just spoke to someone at NASBA about the score releasing. She said that Wave 1 scores will continue to be released through the first week of March. So if you don’t get your score by the 6th or 7th of March, you’ll have to wait til they are released in Wave 2. Has this ever happened before?

  • Took REG in GA on 1/7 and no score release for me.
    Friend took it on 2/6 and got it back.

    Hopefully another “1b” score release or it’ll be Mid March for any news. Tough.

  • Nothing in DE for me! Though someone did get it this morning. Looks like we are having Wave 1, 1a and hopefully 1b as well!! πŸ™‚

  • It looks like additional scores were released today for PA. Got 77 πŸ™‚ 3 down, 1 to go.
    My advice is to check your OASIS page. For me, it has always been updated for changes before the NASBA scores were up. It allows you not to stare at your computer and refresh the page every minute!

  • I passed AUD first time but just barely passed FAR with a 76 after taking it 4 times(60->66->73->76). I actually did allow a lot more time on the simulations than I had any other time taking it, but obviously there are a lot of factors that go into the scoring. FAR was def. a struggle, but it IS passable. Good luck studying and don't give up!

  • FAR 73 disappointed but still in the game..I’ll be back. Best of luck to all of you still waiting for your score.

  • Anyone from IN gotten a REG score yet? My boss is driving me crazy wanting to know, since it’s my last one.

  • I’m so frustrated, taken FAR twice and received two 74’s. I have applied for the rescore, but they are so slow. I know I’m losing my points on the simulations. Has this happened to anyone else? (Two 74’s on FAR)

  • I’m…speechless. I told myself I would be ok if I didn’t pass but now I can’t get “73” out of my head. Its hard to not realize that I was one maybe two questions away from passing my last one. If I had picked B instead of A I’d be done forever. Stings.

  • I just got FAR score this morning in PA. Thank God I didn’t have to wait until the 2nd wave. O, btw, I’M DONE! Thanks for all ur support!

  • Anonymous @ 6:27, Feb. 24th: I took FAR and thought i did relatively well on the MC but then bombed the simulations, wasted too much time on research tabs, and i just found out i got a 78, a buddy of mine also said he has left a sim completely blank before and passed (luckily they didnt grade that writing sim im assuming)

  • In the middle of sleep, I just woke up and checked my FAR score in ME, and yes, it is up! 75! what a magic number! Thank God! This is my 3rd try!(66->71->75) I can't be happier!

  • To people who took REG in MD:

    I received my score Monday around 10:30 am. It looks like some scores were released on Tuesday based on above tests. I took the exam on 01/19

    Reg-95 DONE

  • I’m a PA candidate also. Based on the IL post, it appears not all FAR scores which will be released this wave were posted this morning. Therefore, I’m holding out hope that tomorrow morning will be another release, but this is just my thought. All I can say is thank God for the IL Board actually considering candidates by providing updates.

  • To everyone took exam b4 02/07

    I took aud on 2/6 from CA and was disappointed not to find my score till yesterday. But I received my score today 02/24.

    I know that if you do not receive your score on the first day they released you won’t receive it till Wave 2.

    I also saw someone from CA got the score today.

    Good luck!

  • Jeff, Great site – thanks for the timely updates on score releases. Nice to know we’re not all alone in this! It’s hard enough not knowing what the score will be, but you help reduce the torture of checking every 15 minutes.

    I received FAR in GA (now 2 for 2) and took BEC today (hopefully 3 for 3).

    Thanks for all you are doing.

  • I got the Wiley 2009 Regulation book for 38bucks @……I am going to go through it 13 pages a day/ while retaking a 60day course I got for free and will be doing 20 questions from Joe Hoyles website

    I do not appreciate your sarcasism Jeff it seems as though you have changed since getting your CPA I was serious about not being able to afford a 200 dollar cram cd; I know I can not afford another NTS either but I have to retake it ……so by next May if I save a little each check I will be able to retest then and then take my last exam in mid August; time are very tough right now for us people without that title we are being underpaid and abused b/c our bosses know the situation we are in…..but anyway

    If I just would of spread my exams out further apart I would not be in this situation…..I passed BEC on the 1st try and also AUD but I found my breaking point doing 2 in 1 month

  • Ok can anyone clarify what is going on with Wave 1 scores…

    I am one who took FAR on 1/7 from PA and was disappointed not to find my score this morning being this is my last section.

    My understanding is that if you do not receive your score by 5am you won’t receive it till Wave 2.

    However… IL BOE updated their site today claiming they have now released 99% of all FAR scores who were eligible for the early release.

    Will this mean that other states will follow suit or is this unique only to certain states??

  • Yes I took BEC on 1/9. It seems people have been getting scores in the mail before they get them online even.

  • Has anyone wound up passing FAR who pretty much BOMBED the simulations? (As in, you feel you did a decent job on the written communication tab, had no luck on the research tab, and had to just toss random numbers into 1/2-3/4 of the spreadsheets?)

    I passed REG & BEC the 1st time, AUD the 2nd time, and today was my 3rd attempt at FAR. I just plain wasn't ready the first time, but it seems that the simulations were what kept me from passing the last time. I simply need more time than they give us to absorb the requirements and navigate through their maze of options.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'll keep reviewing the more detailed stuff until I get my score report so I'll be ready in case I failed again. So depressing…

  • Jason- 73 is still higher than a lot of people get. Instead of thinking it in only black and white “I didn’t pass” think of how close you are to 75. A week – or even less- could be all you need to put you over the top.

  • Hey Jeff can you go ahead and post your prediction for second wave. Please!

    sure thing…I’ll try to post it tonight

  • I’m conused, does this mean that I might still get my REG score? I took the test Jan 12, and I’m from MA.

  • If you refresh the webpage upon clicking on the update link, u will see the new update. I had the same problem. Refresh once or twice and it works!

  • “The IL BOE website shows more Audit, FAR and REG were released today.”
    How/where do you see that? On the website, I can only see the notice Jeff posted, dated feb. 21

  • The IL BOE website shows more Audit, FAR and REG were released today. Does that mean NASBA should post those additional releases by Thursday? It also shows that more REG should be on the way.

  • Jeff – When do you predict BEC wave 2 scores to be released?

    Best guess: IL BOE on Monday the 16th…NASBA Tuesday March 17th

  • NY Here – I just contacted the AICPA by phone and they said there is nothing that they are aware of that would hold up the NY scores from being posted. They recommended that I call NASBA, which I did this morning and they said all the scores received had been posted. He did say that they were expecting additional scores early next week, but I think that was for a different section.

    In the end… I have no clue and those who do aren’t saying much.

    Is there anyone who received a FAR score from NY today?

    Jeff – if you have any ability to get info from NASBA… please please do so!

  • I just talked to a NY rep and she said the scores should be posted anytime this week and that we should get it in the mail by next week?

    This applies to those who are included in the 1st wave of scores.

    I checked my OASIS page which has been accurate in the past and it says “Scores have been attended but not yet received.” I remember from last window that when they receive your grade it says that you should have your grade and if not call an 800 number. Not much but it helps you know where your at.

    If anyone receives any info regarding NY PLEASE PLEASE let us know!!!!!!!!

    GO KNICKS!!!

  • NY Here – At least now there is a reason that its not posted. I was dreading a generic response from them. We already know that NY is the slowest state for bureaucratic B.S. so it make sense that they were behind everyone else.

  • Latest from DE is that the REG scores could be posted in batches till the end of the week. If we dont have it by Friday then March end it is!

  • Thanks for the update via NY. This is also my last one and I’m dying. I really don’t wanna wait until March 25th to find out if I’m done or not.

  • I finally talked to the NY rep and he said they “just received the scores”. When I asked when they’d be on the website I was told “maybe a couple days”. This is my last one and I really really want to be done with THAT kind of bullcrap.

  • I received my BEC (took on 1/9/09) score report for PA in the mail yesterday – still not posted online.

    I passed!! All done!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Has anyone contacted anyone from NY yet? I’m waiting on scores and I’m curious to see what they have to say. When I sent an email, I just recieved a form letter back.

  • Anonymous at 10:24,

    I got my MD REG score about an hour ago (passed). I got an e-mail notice from the MD Board saying that my scores were available and to click on the link provided in the message to access with grades.

    You will get an e-mail notice once your score is available.

  • My FAR score taken on Jan. 3rd in ME is not up yet! I just called NASBA and asked about it. They told me score will be released by this Friday. So, Wave 1 will be on until Friday??? And they also said score will be released throughout the day, which is not true from what I learned from here.. Confused now. Ugh…

  • Who in MD got their score and how did you get it? I just called the MD board and they said NASBA hasn’t released the scores to MD yet. Is there something you know that I don’t?

  • NY seems to be weird…this isn’t the first window this has happened…while I’ve never received my score at a time other than early in the morning, several NY candidates have said that they have received their scores later in the day…call your NASBA rep to ask them what’s going on.


  • It sounds like maybe a Wave 1a could happen if more CA scores come out today…watch the IL BOE update page…let’s hope so.

  • MD REG scores are out!! I passed with a 77 and I am done with this CPA Exam thing for good! Good luck to everyone and NEVER, NEVER, EVER give up.

    THANK YOU JEFF for keeping sane and informed with this awesome blog. YOU ARE THE MAN!

    I am so excited!

  • FAR scores are up in MA, Im done!

    Jeff — thanks so much for keeping this blog going! It has kept us all sane through the incredibly stressful exam process!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • This is just a frustrated rant so if you are not in the mood, please pass over this post. This is the second test in a row that I will have to wait until the second batch. This way of releasing the scores is very amateurish on NASBA and also complete BS. I (as well as all of you) have put our lives on hold in an attempt to pass this test. This has been at the sacrifice of time spent with family and a huge amount of time. While I do not want to cheapen the CPA designation by watering it down, a little more professionalism in score reporting would be nice. This would include reporting all the scores at once, having a website that works. This way we don’t have to be constantly refreshing a blog to see if and when scores are released. I have a potential job that I am in the running for but cannot leave this job until I get my CPA so my life is on hold for a few weeks longer. The least they can do is make the reporting a little more efficient especially in this economy.

  • Anonymous at 8:32,
    Same situation here. No MD REG results either and it is also my last part. The wait is killing me. I took it 1/24

  • I took FARE jan. 24th in PA, and still have not received my score. Does that mean I am in wave 2? I called them this morning, and they were saying the might be releasing scores throughout the week? Is that likely or did the lady just tell me a bunch of lies?

  • No REG in MD yet. This is really frustrating. It is my last section and I took it 1/5. Did anyone else receive REG for MD yet? Maybe my score is getting pushed to Wave 2?

  • For all the frustrated people out there waiting for their BEC score to come up on the website, there’s a SNAFU in the NASBA website and that’s why you don’t have your score. I took BEC on 1/9 and received my score yesterday in the mail (I passed!). It’s still not up on the website though…

  • I’m also assuming there’s just a problem with NY and its a slight delay, which is much better than the alternative (see: Two, Wave).

    If ANYONE gets FAR in NY please let us know!

  • received FAR in TN this morning – I am 3 for 3 on first try! I have REG 2 months from today. unfortunately I am in the thick of tax season and have the exam 9 days after it ends. We’ll see how that goes…

  • congratulations! I assume that means all CT FAR scores are out and I am forced to wait (for the second time in a row) until the second wave. Why do they do this…Just release the damn scores.

  • I got my FAR score in CT this morning. Got a 79! I finally passed all 4 parts! It was a long year and a half battle, but it’s totally worth it. If you’re struggling, just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

  • Do they only post scores in that 3-5 am time period, or is there a chance scores will be sent out throughout the day?

  • I took FAR in PA and received it this morning…I am completely done! Thanks for all of the updates, Jeff!!

  • Relief. I received FAR in Utah this morning and I passed all four sections of the exam on the first try. Good luck to everyone and believe that if you put in enough study time you can pass the exam.

  • NY Here – Now I don’t feel as bad that I am not alone. I would lose BEC as well. I just want to know so I can get to studying if I have to. Good luck!

  • Anonymous 4:58am: I guess it is possible. I took REG on 1/6 – Apparently I’m wave 2. I contacted NASBA – NY and they said wave 2 is 2nd week of March. The wait is killing me because this is my last part. If I don’t pass, I lose BEC and am wasting another 3-4 weeks of study time. Good luck to you.

  • NY Here…again. 6 AM, no score still. I guess I am second wave? Is this possible for a Jan 3rd FAR exam?

  • NY Here… again. It says on the score page.

    “On-line scores are available for this state. Note: A response of “No Record Found” indicates that your score for the current testing window has not been received. “

    I took this test on January 3rd. How is this possible?! Its just not fair.

  • NY here – Its 4:34 AM had 3 separate dreams about FAR scores all failing, came down to “score not found” waiting til five. If there is no grade I will drive to Tennesse and grade it myself.

  • Jeff – you were absolutely right…my score in GA posted at 4:12 AM….i have been refreshing the page from 3AM haha so good call on that!!!! Got a 93 on FARE on my first attempt….so im sooooo pumped right now and wonder if i can get to bed now haha!!! Thank you for all you are doing!!!

  • I know it was said 3-5am EST when FAR will be released but does anyone know if there is any chance it could be before then? I keep clicking every few minutes but should I just stop all clicks until 3AM?

  • I spoke with the PA coordinator and she said Reg Wave 1 were released and that i missed the cut, took on (1/31/09)…

  • I am still waiting for BEC, some people got their BEC score in mail but never received in online, so hopefully we will get ours in the mail soon.

  • Any predictions on when Wave 2 will be for CA Jan/Feb 09 exam? I took FAR on 1/3 but didn’t receive score with Wave 1 apparently.

    I’m going to say Friday, March 20th for FAR in CA and the following Monday for NASBA.

  • Any predictions on when Wave 2 will be for CA Jan/Feb 09 exam? I took FAR on 1/3 but didn’t receive score with Wave 1 apparently.

  • yeager is too expensive for homestudy

    how can I feed my kids and buy REG in these hard times

    man this is bad news for me

  • I have not heard anyone from PA receive their REG Wave 1 score, so, cross your fingers that tomorrow is the day!! i know, i am

  • Hmmm…I haven’t seen them release Wave 1 and then follow it up a few days later with Wave 1a. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen…there’s a first for everything…it just hasn’t happened since I started keeping track of this in July/August 2008.

    Assume you’re Wave 2, but pray for a Wave 1a…if they do it, IL will update their site…

  • Exactly my question too…not too sure about this…maybe Jeff can shed some light on this as we shed tears waiting!

  • I took Reg on January 26th for MA, if someone else in MA got theirs today should I assume I didn’t make wave one or could more still be posted tomorrow?

  • Anonymous 12:51, I highly recommend Yaeger Home Study! I graduated 1991 with 2.7 GPA and on top of that my degree is from another country. REG is absolutely alien to me. But Yaeger help me passed on my first try.

  • For those who are wondering if there is a correlation between being on the borderline for passing and receiving a score in Wave 2 don’t be concerned. I have seen many posts that people received scores in Wave 2 and easily passed and it happened to me last window as well.
    That may not help with the anxiety of waiting, but at least you may not convince yourselves that you didn’t pass because your score was delayed for some reason. They do call Wave 1 an early release of scores.

  • I know somebody that passed FAR, BEC and Reg on the first try and it took him 3 tries to pass Audit. He stayed with Becker and passed easily the third time. Just stick with it and you should be fine.

  • Is it possible that there will be more results available within the First Wave? People are talking about the results being sent across in batches and even the IL Board release mentions it. Cant fathom waiting till March for the results for REG.

  • any suggestions? I took REG using Becker and failed twice. I don’t know what to do now, especially since I passed the 3 other parts on the first try. Should I consider a different study program?

  • If you don’t get your score in Wave 1 does that mean you are boarder line pass/fail?

    Not necessarily…I know people who had to wait (who were Wave 1 eligible) until the 2nd wave who scored in the 90’s.

  • I am actually waiting for FAR

    Good news for you, then…I see no reason why FAR won’t be there for the masses when you wake up in the morning.

    Waiting sucks – I hope you get your score in Wave 1.

  • From Jeff

    REG isn’t a day behind…REG is out via NASBA. Both of my co-workers got their REG scores today (Kansas). It sounds like you may be in Wave 2??

    I am actually waiting for FAR and I was hoping that tomorrow is still the day to expect Wave 1 scores for NASBA states. You were right on for the prediction of my REG score in the Oct./Nov. 2008 window and I appreciate all of your help to reduce anxiety in score watching.

  • Received FAR on 2/21 in CA! πŸ˜€
    Took exam 1/3/09.

    AUD no score yet :/ – exam 2/7/09. guess its going to be in the second wave. Anyone know when this might come?

  • NY Here – I asked about the midnight posting. I am actually waiting for FAR so tomorrow is the day for me. Thanks for the info Jeff, I will try to get a full nights sleep now and be up at 5… is that EST? Congrats to all that passed, I hope to join you.

  • I just got off the phone with the folks at CPA EXAM and the lady told me that they have been receiving the REG scores in batches so we might see updated scores tomorrow. I specifically enquired for DE and she told me that they havent received all the Wave 1 scores. I hope it comes out soon. I am dying out here!!

  • REG isn’t a day behind…REG is out via NASBA. Both of my co-workers got their REG scores today (Kansas). It sounds like you may be in Wave 2??


  • Jeff,

    If REG appears to be one day behind for NASBA is it reasonably possible that FAR won’t post on NASBA until Wednesday, February 25? I am waiting for FAR and it is my last section I need to pass. Illinois and Kentucky both say they have received FAR scores.

  • A couple of the 1/9 BEC test takers received their score in the mail and never received their score online.

  • well the good people at the AICPA and their incomprehensible scoring methods gave me an 82 for REG. All hail short tricky quetions.

  • Has anyone in FL received any scores yet? I am waiting on REG. I took it on 01/02 and still have not received my score.

  • Tex Reg in I got a great 66

    missed it by 9 points
    I am going to revisit this one and start studying tonight

    give it my all and take it again begginning in May

    good luck to everyone else still waiting on scores

    2 out of 3…so what can I say but ready to knock this one out of the park next quarter!!!!!!!!

  • I believe MD posts usually a day after NASBA, its seemed to in the past at least be a days lag after everyone had seen their Illinois score posted

  • To the MN poster, I know someone who got their REG score this morning. So it might mean you are in the second wave, hopefully not though.

  • No Reg for me in MN…I hope they are still uploading. If not, It is cruel of the AICPA to not have my test graded since I took it on Jan. 12th

  • Has anyone in WI received a score for any section?? I want to make sure WI is just waiting to receive all scores before they upload, and that I’m not on the bubble. I took BEC Jan. 30th and don’t feel very confident about it!

  • Thank you for the advice on when the NASBA PA scores would come out! You were dead on, and I am happy to mention I passed my final section!!

  • Is it possible NASBA is still uploading REG or do we now have to wait for 2nd wave. Someone please answer!

  • Does that mean that those of us who dont have REG thru NASBA are now in second wave or is it possible they are still uploading? Anyone please answer!

  • I’m so pissed off, UT REG not here yet, waited all night for this, it’s 6:30ET! Any one still waiting?

  • Reg Nasba is up in NJ….I repeast Nasba score is up in NJ!!!!!!!!!!! 89 and I did horrible on that test…it was a disater… I am done homeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Let It Rain!!!!!1

  • Here we are suffering by pressing the Refresh Button 100 times in a second and I think the NASBA people are peacefully sleeping now. It Sucks !!!!

  • Do the scores get released at Midnight in a batch? I won’t be able to sleep on Monday night and I am going to check at 12AM and when the alarm goes off at 5AM Tuesday morning. Already told my wife to kick me if I fail and start whining. Whining just takes time out of studying. Good luck for tomorrow and Tuesday on all your test scores.

  • Wow, there is still hope for me b/c I got the same score online from last window.

    I am a realist, I already started to study.

  • NJ – I got my BEC by mail today too. My old scores are still online and my new score is not posted yet. Finally passed the exam. Thank you Jesus. 3 down 1 more to go.

  • Yup, I just checked online again a little while ago too (was curious). Nothing online still but the score report came in today’s mail.

  • So let me get this straight. You didn’t get your BEC score online at all and only through the mail? I have never heard of that happening like that.

  • To anyone waiting on BEC: Don’t be discouraged!! I got the letter in the mail today…..I PASSED. Barely (75 haha), but YAY!!! I’m one of the Jan. 9 CT testers and I got it by mail today! Good luck to everyone still waiting. 1 down 3 to go!!!

  • I took FAR, AUD & BEC in Aug '08-DE. My scores never came online. I got the scores by postal mail only. I took REG in Jan '09. I am not sure my results will come online this time or no. Anybody had this experience ?

  • Hey everyone…I try to keep up with the comments if people ask them (I check e-mail through my phone and can follow the comments there)…so if someone asks me something and I don’t answer it…ask again if you don’t find out the answer.

    1. I know people who were eligible for Wave 1 but didn’t get their scores and still passed…happened to two people I know personally who took FAR in the last window in early October and didn’t get their score until Christmas. Both of them passed.

    2. IL got REG Friday and FAR Saturday, which means REG Monday AM and FAR Tuesday for NASBA people. (Which would make me 4/4 πŸ™‚ )

    Don’t hope for FAR to be there on Monday, because it won’t be, unfortunately. It’ll be early Tuesday AM.

    Congrats to everyone who has passed!…if you failed this window…look at my track record…it took me 9 fails and 5 passes to get this thing over with…KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

  • Does anyone have REG for MD? How do you know if a state is a NASBA release? I just go to the state’s website and enter a code to see all of my scores.

  • Has anyone gotten a different score online compared to mail. I got a 70 last and this window for AUD. I used different test ID number

  • REG in VA–I called yesterday and I got passing reg score by phone in VA. I see they are not posted on the website. Can anyone else in VA confirm they got their score but its not posted on the website?

  • The becker final exams are a joke. They purposely try to trick you. Honestly all I use them for are the simulations. Besides that they only hurt your convidence days before the test. They almost create more stress by taking the final exam. I took Audit final exams and got 60’s on both and ended up with an 85 on the test.

  • I am going to take FAR on 2/29. I just took one of the Becker “final exams” and did not receive a passing score, even though I thought I had the material covered pretty well. Does anyone else have any experience with the final exams, and are they more difficult than actual exam questions? That is what I’m hoping for!

  • Yup, seems like the Friday and Saturday of 1/9 and 1/10 are messed up. I’ve sent email to NASBA asking about this. Although I’m sure I’m just going to get that generic answer back like most people seem to be getting. Maybe if people from those test dates bombard NASBA with questions we’ll get an answer? Or it will just piss them off and we won’t have gotten anywhere.

  • i don’t know if you notice other posts but the only ppl who didn’t get their scores took the exam on 1/9! i am also one of them and it sucks! good luck though!

  • Someone PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong, but….

    I don’t think it necessarily matters whether you passed or failed, for when you get your score. If you’re right on the pass/fail ~75 bubble, and you took the exam early, you may not get it until Wave 2 so they can compare your score to other wave 2 testers, but other than that I don’t think it really matters.

  • I’ve had that same question… Do passing grades get posted first? If so, that is nor good news for me. Wating on my BEC score.

  • Illnois posted FAR today according to their update and they received 71% of Wave 1 scores.

    Jeff, does that mean NASBA states should have FAR posted on Monday or Tuesday according to past trends?

  • The last post was supposed to read that I have two co-workers in Utah who received their BEC scores a few days ago.

  • i took it 1/9 in ny…still nothing! maybe it is those dates? i know another person who took it 1/9 and doesn’t have it either!

  • I’m still waiting for BEC. Took it 1/10 in CT. I know another person waiting for BEC. Took it 1/9 in CT.

  • Has Anyone received their BEC score in Utah? I sat on 1/9/09, still waiting. Do passing scores get sent out first? Argggg!

  • FAR posted overnight in CA. I passed! All done. Cannot believe it. I get to celebrate by going to work on Saturday for tax season. LOL – the life of a CPA.

    Great blog. Very therapeutic having a community to with which to commiserate during the stressful testing process.

    Good luck all.

  • Still no BEC score in WI for me. I believe WI only puts up scores when they have received the scores for all section. So for those of you in NY and CT who haven’t received BEC yet, you might be waiting until they have all the sections scores πŸ™

  • Same thing happen to me last window. I needed AUD, failed and lost BEC. I failed AUD again this windoe. Have unit Nov for REG.

  • NY here.
    I checked for a FAR score and nothing for me. Patiently waiting for the 24th (Jeff’s prediction). I want to barf. The waiting is agonizing! If I pass I am done.. if I fail I lose BEC. Did I say I want to barf?

  • Darn you NASBA, Darn you… I am saddened by the lack of scores tonight.

    I had a dream that I got a 72, I hope that I’m not prophetic.

  • I received an email back from the PA NASBA coordinator saying that they are expecting a few “straggler” BEC scores to come in within the next few days – so there is still hope!

  • congrats Florida AUD

    passing that 4.5 hrs is a great feeling keep the wins coming

    thanks ya’ll I hope everyone in TX gets the email Monday or atleast passes

    maybe they only send the email with BEC?????? I never got one with Audit????????


  • I’m in VA and my REG score isn’t up either. I called today at about 2 and they told me they hadn’t receive ANY Reg scores.

  • yeah good point that is one area that should be hit hard when studying

    alot of the topics are common concepts just tricky wording but that stuff is in a realm of its own in my book

  • FAR syllabus is huge. What I found frustrating was the government/non-profit topics. Very unique accounting. Only one chapter in Wiley. 16% to 24% of the test (the version I took sure felt closer to 24 than 16).

  • Did anyone get an email from Texas Board saying they received your REG score?

    Still waiting for my notice……..

  • so far

    the BEC material was the worst; the test was not bad

    the Aud material was not bad; the test was worst

    Reg material was ok the test was ok

    havent started on FAR
    but it is a mountain of topics

  • I’m studying for FAR right now and I’m pretty sure that’s the worst. Though when I was studying for REG I thought it was the worst one. Also, AUD was pretty bad. Goodness this whole process sucks.

  • Got 63 MA AUD

    I am not sour or paranoid but it was the hardest one I have ever taken. Many poeple complianed about AUD this window.

  • I have seen posting of scores on a Saturday before. Ideally, they should happen because they should be input today (they got them in the middle of the night it seems) and should be batch processed tonight.

    Though, when was the last time that logic had anything to do with these silly exams? If it’s Monday, its Monday and if its Tuesday, I’ll survive. I know I failed anyway, so the score doesn’t matter as much to me.

    As for the BEC people, I don’t know what to say. It’s possible that someone questioned a question that was on your version of the exam. My feeling for that is if you could have passed without it, they should give you a provisional grade. I can’t imagine what the hold up actually is.

    OK. That is all.

  • Score lookup is now up on VA BOA’s site. In order to see your scores, you have to follow the instructions on the main “eGov” page after you sign in.

    My REG score (taken 1/9/08) was not up yet. I’m not sure if it means that VA hasn’t received REG scores, or that I’m part of the phenomenal minority that gets to wait until March.

  • Could different states get different percentages than IL for BEC? IS that even possible? If you try and get an answer all you get is a generic response.

  • I guess so. I would be very excited if they could be released in multiple batches. I just don’t understand how they can say they expect 100% of BEC to be released when so many of us haven’t gotten our BEC score yet.

  • “We expect that 100% of BEC scores and approximately 75%-85% of the other
    three exam sections administered January 1 ? February 7 will be included in the early
    score release; some sections may be released in multiple batches.”
    So this means that if you sat within the first wave time frame, but did not get your score during the first release, that they may release another batch before the second wave? Has anyone ever experienced this?

  • Sometimes I dont get the grading system. I seriously thought I did better in the second try than the first, and I still failed with the same grade. I think CPA grading is all a scam.

  • i called TX board and they said they will be putting up only on monday.

    he had my score but wouldnt tell me,or even a small clue πŸ˜›

  • re: Saturday REG release

    The one time that I’ve seen a score come out from NASBA on a Saturday was a few windows ago for AUD and IL had it on Thursday if my memory serves me correctly.

    IL has REG on Friday…so I’m pretty confident that it will be Monday for NASBA…long weekends suck when you’re waiting for a score.

  • I was talking to a few people I work with and they said it depends on what version of the test you have. Both of them have already passed the exam. They said since scores are “scaled”, they wait until they have enough of one version of the exam to release. For those of us who haven’t gotten BEC back yet, it could be because not enough people in our respective states have taken the version of the test we all got, to grade them yet.

    Unfortunately we’ll never know since we can’t talk about what was actually on our tests.

  • Illinois has an updated post as does Kentucky. It looks like Illinois only received 71% of REG scores taken in Wave 1.

    I took FAR this window and I hope my score comes Tuesday. I have seen nothing about anyone receiving FAR and since Illinois and Kentucky have not received scores they will likely receive them on Monday and hopefully NASBA posts on Tuesday. The question is what percent of Wave 1 scores get released early.

  • A word for TX.

    I just called the board to see if they have received the reg scores.He said they r in,and will be available on monday.NOT saturday.He pulled up my score,but didnt tell me.Just said it will be there on monday.

    What scares me is that he was so serious while telling me off.Troubles me πŸ™

  • I took BEC Jan 9th (MN) also and I am still waiting for my score. Seems like at least three people who took BEC on Jan 9th didn’t receive there score. I think we are looking at waiting another month before we get our BEC scores.

  • Can someone please give me any information on NJ. As of now I haven’t heard of anyone who got scores for any section! Can someone Jeff anyone shed some light on this. Thanks

  • i took aud in ga jan 9th-still waiting. co-worker took it jan 5th or so and that one posted this morning. not sure if this means im wave 2 or what.

  • to anonymous at 9:21

    I am in PA and still haven’t received my BEC score – I took it Jan 9th. I know of two other people from PA that got scores back for BEC on Tuesday – it makes no sense!

  • Eddie. What day did you take the exam? I am still waiting on my AUD in NJ. Getting nervous that I am close to not passing.

  • to anonymous at 9:08 am….
    I emailed NASBA too and got the same stupid generic response as well! UGH!!! i know one other person who took it the same day as me and still has no score also! but i know ppl who passed and failed and got their score and took it first week in jan in NYS! i just want an answer…tell me it wont be until march…thats fine…JUST TELL ME SO I CAN STOP OBSESIVELY CHECKING 500 TIMES A DAY!

  • To anonymous at 8:15 from NY:

    I’m from CT and didn’t get my BEC score either. I took it Jan. 10!! Someone else that took it about the same time hasn’t gotten theirs back either, but I also know someone who found out they failed.

    I just wish we could get a real answer from NASBA about what’s going on and not the generic response I’m sure everyone is getting.

  • I just spoke with a woman at the VA BOA. She said they received a few FAR scores today. Mine was not one of them πŸ™ She said they will be in by the end of next week.

  • NY Audit scores are out on NASBA. I got a nice 80 on my first try.

    Besides, does anybody know how I can see the breakdown of the score? I’d like to know how well I did on the Sims.

    And Jeff, you were darn right in your predictions thus far. Thank you for your appreciated work.

  • REG posted overnight in CA. I passed! Now if FAR works out I’m done. I hope they post tomorrow. If not, waiting until Monday or Tuesday will be brutal.

    Congrats to the Anonymous poster above who is finished. I hope to join you soon. I empathize with the poster above who is still waiting on BEC. No score yet sucks.

    Good luck all.

  • Ok, I’m having issues with the VA BOA website too – the link for exam scores clearly is the wrong link. I’ve tried guessing the correct link, searching for the correct link, etc. My former job was as a web designer, who knew it was going to come in handy with the CPA exam?

    Anyhow, I’ve had no luck. Grr.

  • I’m having trouble navigating the VA BOA website. They have the phone line going right to voicemail now. I imagine they are swamped with callers? Where is FAR!!! UGH.

  • Kentucky has posted on their site that they have received REG scores. I have not seen anyone post that they have received FAR scores and Illinois and Kentucky, which update their sites regularly have not posted anything about FAR yet.

  • No BEC in MA for me… anyone else get their BEC scores? So effing annoying, they could score this test in 30 flippin’ seconds!

  • VA BOA site is up (finally) but it seems that not everyone’s records are updated yet. As an example, I have passed two sections and yet my “egov” page says I have passed none. You may still have to e-mail/call to get scores.

  • My MN AUDIT score is up on NASBA!

    I did 1 point better than FAR, which is a shocker to me as I was more nervous after AUD than I was w/ my first exam (FAR).

  • AUD is out in NY! I’m done! Passed all four parts on first attempt! Just call me Another 99!

    BEC 08/08 – 93
    FAR 10/08 – 99
    REG 11/08 – 99
    AUD 01/09 – 99

    This feels so great!

  • AUD up in IN. 82! Done with everything! One of the greatest feelings in the whole world!

    Hang in there everyone. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is possible. Best of luck. Thanks again, Jeff!


  • I got an e-mail from Joanne Vician at IL BOE and they expect some REG scores tomorrow (which means NASBA release for Monday…the 23rd).

  • your and use you know what I mean

    I’m in a hurry yo

    p.s. I felt like I could vomit leaving Audit

    good luck!

  • Jill the exam tricked you…..start over reviewing you weakest areas the hardest you are 22pnts from passing.thats 53 points ahead of the competition sitting nxt quarter…..look at you score breakdown you this tool as it was meant and get to work to test next quarter so this time you will be smiling come May 19

  • “So from what I can tell is CT, NY and MN did not release 100% “

    You can add NJ to that lsit too…. I can still see my old scores from the previous window….

  • Good luck to everyone. I’m waiting for AUD in IN tomorrow. Pass – I’m done. Fail – lose FAR and BEC. Thanks for making this whole process a little easier Jeff. Good luck everyone.

  • Thanks to Joanne Vician of ILBOA for all her hard work. I am not from Illinois but I appreciate her timely updates of results.

    Thank you very much Ms. Joanne Vician and Best wishes to you on your retirement.

  • re: AUD scores (NASBA)

    BEC July/August Wave 1 release: August 15
    BEC October/November Wave 1 release: November 18
    BEC January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 17

    AUD July/August Wave 1 release: August 21
    AUD October/November Wave 1 release: November 19
    AUD January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 20

    REG July/August Wave 1 release: August 20
    REG October/November Wave 1 release: November 21
    REG January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 23

    FAR July/August Wave 1 release: August 23
    FAR October/November Wave 1 release: November 24
    FAR January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 24


    I was on the money for BEC…I think I’ll hit AUD too.

  • So from what I can tell is CT, NY and MN did not release 100% BEC, I wonder why this is? Anybody with some answers to this?

  • I took AUD in California first week of January. I got my score – 53.

    So bummed, I thought I had totally aced it.

  • Is it even possible for BEC scores to be pushed into the second wave. I thought for BEC they always released 100% of scores since there are no simulations. I know with the other 3 it is usually only around 80-85%.

  • “Jeff-
    What percentage of BEC in NYS went out for wave 1?”

    Generally, %ages among the states are fairly consistent. Thusly, if 100% of IL went out, just about 100% of NYS BEC’s went out.

    Since BEC doesn’t have essays, the process of rescoring shouldn’t hold back scores by any appreciable amount as far as I know.

  • Any word on Aud for Michigan? I’m assumming tomorrow. Not sure why i’m in such a hurry, I totally aced it.

  • I am happy I passed 2 sections I know I will have to wait until Monday atleast for REG Texas scores plus I sat on 2/7

    have faith ppl

  • thanks for the info….i took it jan 9th and have no score! i guess that means prob wave 2 then! ugh! as if busy season wasn’t enough to deal with!

  • NY’ers received their scores on Tuesday…one passed with an 80, one failed in the 60’s ..both took it the first week of January

  • for the person who knows the ppl in ny that received their BEC score….when did they get them? did they pass? and when did they take it? thank you for you help! you are kind of making me sane!

  • Does this mean first wave Audit will be out tomorrow for non board states (in my case NY)? My audit score is not up yet, nor does my old, failing πŸ™ score show.

  • I’m very confused, in the past my NASBA scores would go down even if I hadn’t taken that section again. None of my NASBA scores have gone down yet. Have NASBA people (ie NYer’s) already gotten their scores for BEC?

    Also, AUD is out today for some states already. Will I get my NASBA tomorrow? I hope so!

  • “There is a chance you are not getting it this wave. All I see here are ppl not getting NY BEC. I know 2 people that got their BEC from NY”

    did those 2 ppl get the same score they did last time?

  • AUD is up in KY, 81!!!! YAY!!! Now I’m just waiting on REG if I pass I’m done FOREVER!!! However I’m very scared because it really kick my butt!!

  • There is a chance you are not getting it this wave. All I see here are ppl not getting NY BEC. I know 2 people that got their BEC from NY

  • Anybody in MN or any other state still waiting for their BEC score? I have no idea why BEC scores would be this delayed.

  • I think CA, IL & VA all post scores a day in advance of the standard NASBA release – perhaps because we have a state specific website that releases the scores?

  • Predictions were right! I got my passing BEC score on the 17th. Still waiting for AUD…I can’t wait till tomorrow!!! Good luck everyone.

  • This is the slowest moving results window ever! My old scores are still visible as well (FL), so I know it’s going to be a while…

  • if nasba aud is to come tomorrow,doesnt IL has to give their aud today?

    i am confused..i am waiting for reg.

    so TX reg wont be out this week… πŸ™

  • just be calm you all and use the extra time to pray for a passing grade ya hear……….

    now I reckon TX got BEC scores on tha 16th and on the 17th were on the TX website not sure if anyone in Tx is waiting on BEC but all us Texans seem to be happy campers on this site with passing grades yeeeeeehaw it’s gonna be Rodeo time real soon

  • What I don’t understand is that NASBA always is the day after Illinois. Illinois updated on Saturday and Kentucky updated Monday. Even if NASBA was closed for the holiday, they should have had them on Tuesday and we would have received them this morning. Why is there no parity at all?

    Also, NY, I just checked my old scores and they are still visible. This means that NASBA has not even started uploading scores. If we don’t get them this morning, I’m going to be both confused/cry.

    “I just took REG Yesterday, Feb. 17…

    I assume this is wave 2? When might I see my score for that?”

    Yes, wave 2, likely in Mid to Late March.

  • I’m not from Kentucky, but their state board’s website says they will post daily updates as scores are received. Right now they show BEC scores as being received on February 16, but no updates since. This is the only state board site I have seen that claims to update regularly besides IL.

  • To people in VA:

    I called the office earlier this evening because the site was still down and they gave me my BEC score over the phone. (90!) So if your still waiting try calling.

    Good luck all

  • look at it this way—cpa is supposed to be a very responsible person.someone who keeps calm whatever the situation might be—this is just a practice–maybe… training for that part of the profession.

    *no! am not drunk!* :)))

  • Seriously…they should tell everyone the date the scores will be released and then actually release them on that date so no one is going crazy repeatedly checking their score! I wouldn’t even mind if it took a week longer to process, as long as I would know the date, check on that date, get my score on that date and move on with life or start studying again! UGH!

  • In the 21st century they should give your grade before you leave the test center. But they have to decide on the phoney scale.


    – I am in PA and still haven’t received my BEC score.. took it on 1/9

  • I just emailed a contact that I have at the VA board to see when the website will be up and ready to check exam scores again. She said they are “hoping for Friday.”


  • I know some people have posted that they are CT testers and got their BEC score, but how many CT people DIDN’T get their score yesterday?

  • My friend sat as a CO applicant for BEC in January, but physically took the exam in another state (and lives in another state) and got his BEC score yesterday, for what that’s worth.

  • I remember seeing this on here somewhere before, but I can’t remember where and I don’t have time to go search for it…..

    I took BEC early January, but did not get my score back yesterday. Does this mean I’m definitely “on the bubble”, or is it possible to not get your score even if you did well.

    Also, has anyone who applied and was approved for the exam in one state, but physically took the test at a testing center in a different state ever have this cause problems?

  • So there is no word yet to what is next to come out eh?

    No word…AUD usually comes out 2nd…IL will update their site as soon as they get scores.

  • But don’t you have a different NTS number for your new test you are waiting for. I can still see the scores for all 3 of the tests I took if I put in my NTS number for that test.

  • “In the past, NASBA took down my score from a previous window a few days before they posted my scores from the current window. However, this time, they haven’t taken down the old scores. Has anyone else experienced this before? It makes me feel like I wont get my score in wave 1…”

    I have the same issue with my BEC scores. I can still view my old score from the previous window which is why I think I don’t have my score in the first wave

  • RE:
    Did anyone in Wisconsin get their BEC score yet?

    I haven’t gotten mine yet. I have a bad feeling they are going to make us wait until they have all the other section’s scores before they post them.

  • In the past, NASBA took down my score from a previous window a few days before they posted my scores from the current window. However, this time, they haven’t taken down the old scores. Has anyone else experienced this before? It makes me feel like I wont get my score in wave 1…

  • I am really really hoping I pass REG…….dang sims wooped me good but all in all I feel I did my best and I have just as good of a chance of passing as I did Audit & BEC

    I pray to make it 3 for 3 next week and goodluck to everyone and remember above all to stay positive!

  • I love IL. Waiting for REG and AUD scores for the first wave. Think I might pass AUD but probably not REG… either way, I want my darn scores! Hurry NASBA! HURRY!

  • AUD should be out next, but REG has come out 2nd before…it’s usually AUD, though.

    They only release scores in two batches…wave 1 and wave 2…no straggler scores here and there….EXCEPT for the Wave 2 people who still don’t get their scores and they come out 5 days later, which happened to me once…I was on the bubble (74).

    If you don’t get your score in Wave 1….it will come out a month later in Wave 2. If you don’t get your score in Wave 2…it will come out around 5 days later.

  • Are scores strictly released in 2 pieces, or is it still possible to get a score(I took BEC early January in CT) before wave 2 is released in a month or so?

  • VA picked a really bad time to be changing their system. Why couldn’t they have done it in January or April when no one is waiting for scores?

  • Another71,

    How often does IL BOA provide score release updates as it gets closer to Wave 1 releases for all sections (daily, every few days, weekly)?

    I took FAR in January and it is the last section I need to pass so I am more anxious than usual and I am wondering if they will provide updates in enough time to help us know when NASBA will release scores. I know it was that way with BEC.

  • I barely missed the 2/7 cutoff date for audit! Does anyone have an idea when wave 2 will come out?

    This is from Wave 2 of the last window…

    BEC Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/14
    BEC Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/15 (Monday)
    BEC Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction: 12/15 (Monday)
    BEC Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/16 (Tuesday)
    BEC Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/17 (Wednesday)

    REG Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/18
    REG Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/16 (Tuesday)
    REG Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction 12/16 (Tuesday)
    REG Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/17 (Wednesday)
    REG Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/18 (Thursday)

    AUD Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release: 12/19 (Wednesday)
    AUD Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/18 (Thursday)
    AUD Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction: 12/18 (Thursday)
    AUD Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/18 (Thursday)
    AUD Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/19 (Friday)

    FAR Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release: 12/22 (Saturday)
    FAR Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/22 (Monday)
    FAR Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction: 12/22 (Monday)
    FAR Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/19 (Friday)
    FAR Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/22 (Monday)

  • well, does anyone in TX got FAR already?

    You have a little white to wait…my predictions won’t be right on the money for all 4 sections, but I usually hit two of them spot-on (like BEC this window)…FAR will come out last around the 24th. Check the IL BOE site…if it’s not out on’s not out anywhere…IL is always the first to release info, which is why they’re the best Board in the country.

    AUD January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 20

    REG January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 23

    FAR January/February Wave 1 prediction: February 24

  • that is really odd… I tested the first week of Jan. When did the results come out. I did check the info I put in…

  • anonymous at 8:32am–BEC is out for NJ, (at least my score is)…make sure you’re putting in the right info. or if you tested after 2/7 then wait til next month

  • I got my grade from the Texas State Board website

    mann I wish you all the best of luck

    next quarter I will continue making a point to work everyday on this goal

  • The BEC scores are not out in NJ. I think it is the same with NY. Does anyone have a clue when it could be released

  • No BEC in WI. πŸ™ I hope they don’t make us wait until they have all scores for all sections like the last window!

  • i just had the worst nights sleep! i’m sure everyone knows what i’m talking about! 76! I’M DONEEEEEEEEE

    Good luck to everyone, keep working. Happy busy season!

  • Well it was my first time with BEC but I got the cram anyway…….it may have been my saving grace!

    I admit it was hard to listen to all that laughter while I slept but I I passed -first try!

  • one word – RAD

    I broke the BEC ice; I did it! woo hoo

    I couldn’t sleep had to check so intense another 76!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am 2 for 2

    half way there!!

  • Just got my BEC score in SC a 75! I’m done! I got a 69 last time and used Yaeger’s Cram. It worked. Thanks Jeff for a great website!

  • I am eagerly waiting for REG score in CA. Is it possible that REG results will be released tomorrow 2/17/09?

  • I got the same email for TX! Im done with all 4 parts…took BEC on 1/3/09 and I know I at least got a 75, which is all that matters πŸ™‚
    -Jen in TX

  • dang this is like christmas all over again the intense feeling of the unkown score received by the state board….ahhhh

    until tomorrow……

  • TEX-
    It is the first email like this I ever got; kind spooky but kind if nice; it will be a crappy sleep that is safe to say.

    I think it is a blanket type email for all the people who took BEC in the first wave. Mine did not say I was done with all of my tests.

  • TX BEC will definitely be out tomorrow, I just got an email from the qualification division telling me my score will be out tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter because the email said I was done with all of my tests! good luck to everyone

  • got my bec score…74…what are the chances of advisory scores changing??

    That sucks. I haven’t heard of anyone’s advisory score changing…no one’s ever posted on here that their has, anyway.

    re-taking BEC is the last thing you want to think about, but yaeger’s BEC cram took me from a 71 to an 80…it’d be an easy way to quickly review and get back in there.

  • “The predictions are for the NASBA release, which is always 1-3 business days after the IL release. I still predict that NASBA BEC scores will come out Tuesday AM.”

    Thanks for the clarification. I will still be looking every day anyway. I wish I had found this blog a year and a half ago. I sent a link to all of my colleagues who are looking to take or have started taking the exam. This site has really helped me cope with the stress of waiting for a grade. Thanks Another71! I just hope it will all be over after this score.

  • nothing with Texas……….maybe Weds or Thurs or Friday I doubt Tuesday

    Good luck everyone

  • well def you can pass being one point shy I hit it up next quarter once again hopefully you wont lose REG or FAR

    with a 74 you deserve to be really PO’d maybe try another review course and try somthing totally different I bet you could ace it with a totally different approach seeing as you already know alot

  • Scores are out in CA for BEC. I got another 74… I’m completely crushed. I feel like I’ve done everything. My scores this year have been 66, 69, 74, 74. I’ve passed REG and FAR and am waiting on AUD. I have no faith anymore πŸ™

  • So these scores are appearing a few days ahead of your prediction?!

    The predictions are for the NASBA release, which is always 1-3 business days after the IL release. I still predict that NASBA BEC scores will come out Tuesday AM.

  • For any of those in VA who are about to check to see if their score is up, don’t bother. The system is down for maintenance until Tuesday at noon.

  • So these scores are appearing a few days ahead of your prediction?! I am getting my hopes up about getting a score just a few days earlier than the 24th. I am crossing my fingers and toes.

  • Just checked in California. My BEC score was posted this morning! 80!!! 3 down, 1 to go… Good luck to you all!!

  • Good morning. BEC scores were received at the IL board early Saturday morning, 02-14-09. They are now posted online in IL. If my numbers are right, it appears we got all BEC for test dates through 02-07-09. I get that end-date by asking the AICPA what their cutoff will be and include it in my postings. The AICPA said they would include some exams in first wave for tests taken on 02-09-09 but only if they RECEIVED the results data that day from Prometric. So there is no guarantee about that date just like there is no guarantee you will be in first wave for the other sections even if you tested on January 2. (But I surely hope so.) One delay has to do with the number of new Sims panels exposed for a section that may hold up some scores. Not whether you did poorly, not whether you will get a 99. A second “delay” in release of AUD, REG and FAR is for those close to the cut getting second review.

    No word yet on what section will be released next. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a solid, predictable pattern for the last 3 or 4 windows.
    And yes, Jeff is right in that only one written communication is scored, the other is pretest. And yes, all sims are scored.

  • I live in NY and that hasn’t happened to me yet. I am currently waiting for FAR and it is killing me. This is the last part for me, so I am desparately checking every day, even though I have another week and a half to go. It takes an extra day or two to get the grades in NY right? The prediction is the 24th, so I should expect it on the 25th or 26th? My heart leaps into my throat everytime I click the “Submit” button.

  • Yeah I have also checked in the morning and had no score and then checked after lunch and my score was posted…and I live in NY so it does happen

  • Last window, second wave (so right before Christmas) NASBA had some AUD scores release around… um, let’s see it was either 9am or 11am EST – I remember I took at “extra” break at work because I was so frustrated, and when I came back to my desk and checked, there they were. It was sort of an extraordinary situation though – the batch process had snagged the night before and a lot of scores that should have been up in the wee hours, the day after Illinois and other non-NASBA states posted them, showed up much later in the day. I know it happened to me and a couple other gals from TN who post on CPAnet forums, but I don’t know how many other NASBA states it affected. Normally, though? NASBA scores, first thing in the morning, the day after Illinois, only.

  • well this time I’m so sure I failed I’m not even nervous. Now after Audit on which I felt I had a chance I was quite jumpy.

  • The reason why you got your score later in the day is because NY had to tax your score before you received it.

  • It is nice to know I am not alone on the madness of checking for my scores. Every time I get ready to hit the button my heart races. I retook the Aud section Jan22 (failed initially with a 70). It is hard not to think about this crap constantly. ughh.

  • No I use IE and it happened to a co-worker of mine on the same day. Nothing was there in the morning but by the afternoon… a nice little suprise

  • I’ve never seen it, nor has anyone ever posted on here mid-day “hey, NASBA scores are out!”…of course, this site has only been around 11 months.

    If it happened (i.e. you didn’t miss-key the exam number the first time and got it right later on…always possible unless you use Firefox as your browser), then it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

  • Not true. I had my Audit score posted in the afternoon. It wasn’t in at 9am EST, but by noon, it was there.

  • yep – if it’s not there by 7am EST ~ it’s not happening that day….they usually roll out between 3 and 4am EST.

  • This is my first experience with the waiting game and I’m already losing my mind. πŸ™‚ A friend of mine said the NASBA scores are always released first thing in the morning. Is this true?

  • thats funny I took one 1/02 & 2/07 that would be crazy to get them both back in the first wave

    Reg kind of Pee'd me though it was rough but not as satisfying as when I took my Audit……….it's somthing about that 4.5 hrs that just made me go wow when I left the building

    since then I took BEC & REG they were rough and tuff but short enough to make it out in one piece

    I am going to savor FAR………..

    a long time ago people said taking the 14.5 hours over 2 days was an awesome experience and now I think I understand why

    well no more left brain thinking for me this week I am taking this week off of studying

  • Anybody taking the exam as a Washington State candidate? What’s your experience with castle? Will there be a delay?

  • But don’t you have a new launch code for the retake? Wouldn’t you search under the new code? Or is each state different?

  • Where did you get your information about the first wave ending Feb. 7th? I took my last exam that day and was not expecting to get into the first wave. If I’m not going to be in the first wave I’ll stop hitting refresh on the NASBA website for a month.

  • yeah Meghan I agree with everyone it is left over and not updated yet; it is still too soon I am hoping by next Friday 2/20 to see mine; I took BEC on 01/02 also; it was a test though and well I feel it is not cool for them to leave out so much and then harp on a few tiny sections of huge topic.

  • Meghan,

    The score that you saw posted was from the last time that you took the exam. My scores from last time are still showing up. If you are part of the first scoring then you should be getting your score soon.

  • Meghan,

    My guess is that your score was left over from the last window…it didn’t get cleared. I would call NASBA and ask them (800-272-3926). BEC scores aren’t out yet…I think yours was a mistake.

  • I had my score posted once and then I checked back and it gave the error message. I called NASBA to inquire and they said that it was just something in the system and the score should be reposted soon. When it was reposted the score did not change.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes (shipping) to get Yaeger products? Should I pay extra for overnight shipping?

  • ANybody has the experince from TSBOA, how long does it take to get the license. I submiited my complete application, they receive on Jan 16 and ever since then I am waiting. I want to see my first CPA license.

    I wish you the best for those who are still trying to pass.

  • I hope the TSBOA doesn’t break my heart this V-day!

    I really hope they do not release Wave 1 on friday the 13th!

  • This whole thing eats at me so much. I am trying to do work and study while waiting forever to get my grade back!! It can’t come soon enough. I find myself finding any excuse to make myself feel better… I love clothes and fashion so I go nuts and buy awesome belts at or crazy expensive jordan sneakers at flight club to keep my mind off of it, now I need the CPA title so I can pay off all this debt. Someday I hope the title of CPA allows me to buy lots and lots of cool stuff!!!!

    So I’m just voicing my troubles. I wish everyone the best, we’ll all get this thing done soon enough. Just think of the celebrating to come!

  • I just finished FAR. I think I did really well on the first testlet, but the second and third were HORRENDOUS. I know you get harder ones based upon how well you did, but I am just nervous because I got such obscure things in the second and third testlets. Simulations were pretty easy though. This is my last one so please send me good vibes and put a good word in for me at the AICPA!!!

  • Hey – good luck with AUD on the 7th…I hope you get it in Wave 1! Waiting on your final score for 2 waves would be cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Let me start by saying I love this site and it helped me through FAR last wave. I am taking AUD on Feb 7th and now after looking at the site I feel hope that I might get score in Wave 1. Dang! I was planning on Wave 2, so that means I will be obsessively checking forever now! This is my last exam, so I am super anxious.

  • Its hard to not look. I passed the other three parts and am waiting on this one. I felt ok coming out of the test, so its probably going to be in the 75 ballpark. I also will lose BEC if I do not pass. My firm paid for half of the study materials and I have to pay them back that half if I don’t pass all 4 in a year… guess what? My year was up on Jan 9th. So my Jan 3rd FAR is the focal point of me being on cloud 9 or crying, curled in the fetal position for the rest of tax season. Just kidding.. sort of.

  • I sat in January for FARE and got my score already. Must be since it wasn’t close to 75 or something. (The bad way..)

  • I have been. I can’t help it. I’m too anxious to not check everyday. Even if there was a guaranteed date, I would still probably be checking. It’s frustrating because I took BEC, so my test doesn’t even have sims to grade.
    Still waiting on that time machine……

  • I took FAR on Jan 3 in NY and started checking for a score a couple of days ago. Am I really just wasting the time and agony of looking every day until Feb 24th? I will probably check every day regardless.. anyone else still going to look every day?

  • I noticed that it seems that passing rates are lower in the Q1 testing window. My guess is that this is due to busy season, and lack of preparation by audit staff. Do you think that chances are higher of me passing then since I don’t have Q1 busy season or is the passing “score” for a 75 always the same.

  • i took far in october, and didn’t receive my score until a few days after the second wave was released. i got a 94.

  • No matter how well you performed on a part you took during the first month, you might not get your score until the second wave. Last window, I took FAR the second week of October. About 60% of the scores were released in wave 1. My score came out during wave 2. I scored a 99.

  • I took reg early and got it second wave and recieved an 87. Wave # is luck of draw but you have 75% chance of getting it first wave. If you get it in the second and thrid release (not the first day that everyone else gets it) of wave one or two, only then are you close and should start to worry.

  • Im assuming you’re new to the exam process? I took FAR a month before BEC and had a BEC score a week before FAR. The scoring process is agony, if nothing all, sit close to the end of the 2nd wave, you’ll always have your score in about 2 weeks.

  • I took FAR on 1/3, and sitting Saturday for AUD (1/28). According to this, I will get AUD before FAR which is very ironic.

  • Is this prediction took into consideration that Monday, Feb 16th is a Holiday (President’s Day)?

    I actually forgot about that…the November 2008 release was on a Tuesday…like I said – it’s no exact science.

  • Is this prediction took into consideration that Monday, Feb 16th is a Holiday (President’s Day)?

    It’s possible that non-Nasba will realease BEC on Tuesday, Feb 17th, and the rest (Nasba States) starting Feb 18th.

  • How come the test-window months of April/May are not in the WAVE release posted above? Please clarify. Thanks.

    Great question!

    I only started doing these types of posts recently, so I only have a small sample size to work with. With each window, there will be more to add to the list, but you can definitely see a pattern here.

  • Anyone have a time machine?? I would love for it to be February 17th right now!!!

    Good luck to everyone waiting for scores, or anyone planning to take an exam soon!!!

  • How come the test-window months of April/May are not in the WAVE release posted above? Please clarify. Thanks.

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