Waiting on CPA Exam Scores; Picking up on “lost” dreams

19 May 2011

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Once again I find myself just waiting on CPA Exam Scores and knowing I have a long wait ahead of me. I initially told myself to hang tight and wait for scores. To not enjoy any sense of “freedom” from the exam, because if I had to get back into study mode, it would be harder coming off weeks of fun.

I soon realized that’s just a silly plan. Over the past two weeks, I’ve read three novels, celebrated my birthday, reactivated my Groupon account and have made legit plans.

Remember that “Dream List” I said I kept on my fridge of things I wanted to do when I finish my exam? I’ve actually been able to go through a few of those things and it feels great. I have seen friends and family again, and I think I’ve had a perpetual smile that I just can’t shake. However, there’s still that dark cloud hanging over me that won’t go away until I’m completely done with this exam.

A few things worry me though. I did make some big plans coming up, such as a multiple week vacation to Europe with one of my sisters and some other plans further out. What worries me is that if I need to retake REG, I’m going to have a hard time getting back into studying and a hard time finding time to study.

I did take a full week off before I took REG in April, and so if I didn’t pass I’m even further in the hole with regard to time off and the potential to take time off for a retake. My company gives me a full day to take any section of the exam (no need to have to use personal time, and no need to work that day). That is definitely a plus.

For now though I will continue to convince my sisters to jump out of a plane with me and enjoy all the simple things I’ve missed so much during my studies.

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Kim 13 years ago

I feel your pain. I just scheduled a week vacay to Napa following my last exam in July with the expectation that I will be finished with all 4 sections. If I do not pass (FAR from 4/11, REG 5/31) I will need to hop back on the study-train in order to retake in 2011. The last thing I want to do is order new study materials and re-study 2012 stuff! Love your posts, good luck!

Tom 13 years ago

You had me until "jump out of a plane". Good luck and have fun!