CPA Exam Results Update: June 18

18 Jun 2010


By Jeff

The AICPA didn't release any CPA Exam scores on Thursday.

NASBA, however had a very quick turnaround on BEC scores and released them one day after the AICPA release.

What's Next? AUD is my guess and I predict that the AICPA will release it by 5:30pm EST. If a score release happens today, some of the indie states will have them out by Saturday and NASBA people can plan on a Monday evening release.

Heading into a weekend without your score is maddening…I remember it well.

Update 4:15pm EST: Today, 7845 AUD scores were released AICPA to NASBA for the Apr/May 2010 testing window.

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Leann 14 years ago

Jeff, I am waiting for my AUD score in IL. Is IL one of the indie states that you think will release the scores tomorrow if the AICPA releases the scores today?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Hi Leann - yes, I have seen IL release on Saturdays. Good luck! Jeff

Brandon 14 years ago

I'm losing my mind!!!!! Technology has turned me into a spastic computer checking freak! I would never go to my mailbox this many times a day! lol

Leann 14 years ago

Thanks Jeff!! :) I appreciate you sharing all of this information with us!

Beth 14 years ago

Brandon, I totally agree with you! I know if the AICPA releases that it won't be until the afternoon, yet I still must check constantly!

Michael 14 years ago

Ugh, that means another grueling weekend without a score. I want to know my last score!!! It's killing me.

Samantha 14 years ago

Have MO scores been released? My BEC score isn't up yet. I applied with a COE but they received my final transcript May 25...and I took BEC April 10. I'm getting so frustrated!

AAO 14 years ago

I think the 'C' in the CBT stands for 'cruelty'...

Leann 14 years ago

Jeff, when you hear that the AICPA releases the next set of scores, will you please let us know? Thanks!!

Jeff - 14 years ago

Leann - the best way to keep informed is through Club 75 - a 30 day membership is free and I e-mail Club 75 members when any news comes out. -Jeff

Julie 14 years ago

BEC still isn't up in Oklahoma either.... its driving me crazy!!

AmIFinallyDone? 14 years ago

I took FAR on 5/15 and I this wait is really stressing me out. I don't know if I should be studying or partying. Anyway, I am very jealous of those of you in the "tech - NASBA" least you find out your scores within 24-48 hours after the release. I have to wait another 5-7 business days! Best of luck to everyone!!

Travis 14 years ago

Jeff, I am waiting for my AUD score in VA. Is VA one of the indie states that you think will release the scores tomorrow if the AICPA releases the scores today? Thanks for everything you do for us, I know everyone really appreciates it.

AmIFinallyDone? 14 years ago

Jeff....when do you predict they will release FAR?

Joe 14 years ago

The Oklahoma Accountancy Board offices are closed due to the flooding this past Monday... There is no telling how long it will take for the scores to get posted...

AUD Scores 14 years ago

7845 AUD Scores were released today :-)

Lucas 14 years ago

How long after NASBA gets the scores do you have to wait to try the loophole?

Trevor 14 years ago

@Lucas, I wanna know too.. I just tried, I can't register, but its probably too early... Anyone know??

Isabel 14 years ago

I'm really nervous because I don't understand the loophole too well. I am waiting for my Auditing score for VA. I just tried to re-register and it allowed me to. Does this mean I failed??? Please I really need advise.. Thanks

Michael 14 years ago

Does anyone know if the loophole works for GA?

AICPA 14 years ago

Jeff - Does AICPA release scores on weekends?

Trevor 14 years ago

@Isabel, yes typically that is what it means... but who knows. I am from VT and it I could not re-register... @Michael, based on the thread, yes and you can do it through the GA NASBA Page. I also just read that someone said the afternoon following AICPA release is when to most accurately use the loophole.. so for AUD that would be monday.

Trevor 14 years ago

@AICPA - I know I'm not Jeff, but no they do not.

Ashley 14 years ago

Trevor- with the loophole does that mean if you can re-register for AUD that it could change by Monday?

alex 14 years ago

What is the loophole people are mentioning?

Isabel 14 years ago

Thanks Trevor, I'm going to try and enjoy my weekend because it doesn't seem like good news for me

OKCPA 14 years ago

Has anyone in OK received their scores? I called the OAB and she made it sound as if the flood wouldn't slow the process. Is there a possibility there will be 2 waves of BEC scores?

trevor 14 years ago

Hey guys don't get down yet but if you have an open nts and can't register for that section but can register for the section that your waiting for results on.. then the loophole says you failed. But if you have an open nts and can register then it doesn't mean anything

Rob 14 years ago

Is audit score out yet?

Jody 14 years ago

This loophole isnt necessarily true. I just tried registering for a part I passed already and it let me. it doesnt mean anything. just wait for the scores and dont let it get you down

California 14 years ago

Jeff, I noticed that you said that some of the Indie states might have scores by Saturday for Audit. Do you think that will be true for California? Are the scores automatically posted even though nobody is working on the weekend?

Lisa 14 years ago

I'm in IL, also an indie state... I read from previous IL candidates that they have an IT person who posts scores. If they post scores on Saturday, I'm sending flowers to the person who worked late on Friday and/or early on Saturday! Haha :)

California 14 years ago

Yeah, absolutely, that would be amazing to get the scores over the weekend instead of waiting.

Jeff - 14 years ago

I won't be surprised if CA and IL have their scores tomorrow...

California 14 years ago

Awesome, I really hope that they are, I won't gripe if they are not, but that will take away the weekend anxiety. Thanks for your response, Jeff.

NorCal 14 years ago

I don't know if this matters, but the CA Board was closed today due to furloughs. I seriously doubt we'll see anything before Monday.

Andy 14 years ago

Hi Jeff, I am waiting result of Auddit of CO state , could you please tell whether there any chance that CO state would release result on weekend. Have a good week end.

Jeff - 14 years ago

No chance Andy, unfortunately.

NorCal 14 years ago

I was wrong, CA AUD is up. Got a 93.

Lauren 14 years ago

Jeff, Do you know if Maryland is an Indie state?