CPA Exam Scores and Results Predictions – January/February 2009 – Wave 2



If you haven't already received your score from the January/February 2009 testing window, then you are in Wave 2 of the score releases. Even still, some of you will not get yours when every one else does in Wave 2. Your score will come within 1 to 5 days later and it is very likely that you are borderline.

Most of the people who get their scores after Wave 2 fall in the 73-76 range. I have seen some people score very high after Wave 2, so this isn't always the case, but in general, this is what happens.

For those new to this little waiting game, the Illinois Board of Examiners site is the best place to go to see what is going on with score releases. Typically, IL, CA, and VA release their scores on their own state websites and NASBA follows suit with their score release one to two days later.

By no means is this a perfect science, but the margin of error on any given prediction should be no more than two days. With that said, sometimes they switch AUD and REG around, but you can bank on BEC being first and FAR being last.

I was 4 for 4 on my predictions for the first Wave, but usually I bat .500 and the ones that I miss are off a day or two.

Visit the Illinois Board of Examiners site here. They are very good about letting candidates know what's going on and usually update their site in close to real time.

Update 4/16/09: I was wayyy off for this Wave of releases. For one, BEC got delayed, which pushed everything back. Two, they released FAR second…they never do that…FAR is almost always last. I was 4/4 in Wave 1 and 0/4 in Wave 2. Go figure.

Here are my predictions for the Jan/Feb Wave 2 (NASBA) release…

  • BEC Jul/AUG 08 Wave 2 release: 9/15
  • BEC Oct/Nov 08 Wave 2 release: 12/17
  • BEC Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 prediction: 3/17
  • BEC Jan/Fev 09 Wave 2 actual: 3/18
  • REG Jul/AUG 08 Wave 2 release: 9/16
  • REG Oct/Nov 08 Wave 2 release: 12/18
  • REG Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 prediction: 3/18
  • REG Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 actual: 3/24
  • AUD Jul/AUG 08 Wave 2 release: 9/18
  • AUD Oct/Nov 08 Wave 2 release: 12/19
  • AUD Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 prediction: 3/20
  • AUD Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 actual: 3/23
  • FAR Jul/AUG 08 Wave 2 release: 9/22
  • FAR Oct/Nov 08 Wave 2 release: 12/22
  • FAR Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 prediction: 3/23
  • FAR Jan/Feb 09 Wave 2 actual: 3/20

Good luck everyone.

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  • Is there any problem if you have passed the exam but not eligible to file for a license until you have got some experience working for a CPA? I hope there is no expiration! I am a little nervous because I haven’t received anything other than the letter showing the score of the last part and the 4 credits I have received. Can anybody who is a DE candidate give me some advice?

  • Jeff,
    You were right on the money with wave 2 predictions. I took the AUD exam on Feb 14 and had my score posted on NASBA on 3/24 and in two days got the score in the mail. I passed with an 82! I now have FAR to take in April and will be done with the exam!
    Thank you for your insight, Jeff!

  • I took my ethics test today w/o having to even read the book. I searched for the topics asked when needed and passed with a 93. It seems like 93 is my lucky number since I passed REG with a 93 in the last testing window. Maybe I will get to live until I am 93. What sucks right now is that I have to wait until I get 1 year of experience under a CPA to get my license from Delaware πŸ™‚ Until then, this whole thing is finally over. Just CPEs from now. Good luck you guys and remember “YES WE CAN” πŸ™‚

  • After waiting 81 long days (test 1/1/09), I finally received my REG grade today and I passed with 81!!!! I’m finished!

  • Kim…
    Jeff told me a week or two ago that wave one usually ends on the 7the day of the second month of the window

  • Another 71, I want to be in Wave 1 for the April/May window. What is the latest I can take it to be in Wave 1?
    This is my last section, and I’m going to send in my CPA app as soon as the score comes back.

  • CPA WantBe what state are you trying to take the test in? I got a 67 on FAR during the Jan/Feb time frame and lost my REG…..BUT I couldn’t sign up for REG until today becuase technically REG didn’t unlock until March 31st. You have to LOVE that red tape….I am in VA so after submitting my application I have to wait a day or two for the payment coupon THEN I have to pay and wait a few more days for my NTS and THEN I can actually sign up for the damn thing. I am trying to take it end of May but I am thinking getting a slot is going to be slim.

    Taking FAR again April 27th
    and hopefully taking REG May 30th

  • Well, I’ve taken everyone’s advice and already moved on to another section. Taking BEC in May. If I don’t pass AUD, I’ll deal with it when I find out. Good news is, if I do fail, my clock hasn’t started yet (first sitting)

  • Above- It really stinks if you have to take it next window because May is almost completely booked, only a few days remain.

  • No, you’re not the only one. I’m still waiting on my AUD score to come in the mail..hopefully it will be in my box tomorrow

  • RE: “Am I the last person still waiting for my REG grade..took exam on 1/9/09 in Oklahoma”

    That sounds horrendous man…I was waiting for what felt like forever for REG and I passed with an 80. I hope the same thing happens for you cause it will all be worth it. Hang in there!

  • just a guess, but it could be because part of the window is after tax season and not too close to (or after depending on how you look at it) the holidays.. i tried to schedule one right after the holidays and had to reschedule twice because I couldn’t get enough studying in before the holidays

  • Looking back a couple years, It seems like the passing rates are the hghest in Q2. Is there anything behind this?

  • Jeff, when they say “received and processed”, does that mean that the states that mail scores should have them all also or is that just for the states that can check them online?

  • NASBA sent me the following e-mail this morning:

    ALL scores have been received and processed by NASBA for Jan/Feb. If they are a candidate of a CPAES state who cannot find their score on-line, they may be on hold pending receipt of additional information. If they are not on hold, have them call 1-800-CPA-EXAM. I’ll check to see if there are any problems with the website this morning.

    CPAES states are:

    Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin,

  • AZ FAR was in my mailbox today. Passed and now I’m done with it all.My wife still thinks I’ll fail ethics.

  • Jeff:

    And by the way, the same manager said that the CPA exam would be good for someone who just graduated. I so want to see those idiots fall. However, the world tends to reward them though and make guys like me work hard and get rewarded less.

  • Jeff:

    Now I can proudly walk around the accounting department being a newly minted CPA and a 2nd year staff. There are managers who didn’t even pass and gave up. And yes, though I came up short the first time, I passed 3 out of 4 taking the test over 4 days. One of the managers who didn’t pass tried to say that the test doesn’t measuer anything. It does measure perseverance and determination though, something that he obviously does not have! πŸ™‚ Now I am thinking if I should go to law school next.

  • We have it “easy” yet the pass rates are the same historically. Also – they didn’t have to deal with SOX, BEC – IT, sims, adaptive testing, etc.

    It’s classic “when I was your age, I had to walk uphill both ways” garbage.

  • Wouldn’t it piss you off if someone tries to tell you that your effort to obtain your CPA license is nothing comparing to their effort coz they have to take all 4 parts over 2 days?

  • To the person who will take all 4 parts in this window, good luck. I took all 4 parts over 4 days 11/18 – 11/21. Someone did the same and actually passed them all. I was motivated to do so because people in my office kept on saying that we have it easy now and it is nothing comparing to when they had to take all 4 parts over 2 days. I didn’t want my license to look less impressive than theirs because I have it easy.

  • “YES WE CAN”… πŸ™‚ taking all 4 on this window… starting next week.
    wish me luck.

  • Ang:

    I started studying for all 4 parts in June of last year and took all 4 parts in the last quarter of last year. I passed 3 and failed 1 so if you like the challenge, go for it πŸ™‚ And yes, I work for a corporation. I average 45 to 50 hours a week and didn’t take any time off to study πŸ™‚ I am the guy who failed REG the first time with 67 and passed in the following window with 93 πŸ™‚

  • Finally received my BEC score today in Idaho…69. I know exactly what I should have studied harder on so I’m geared up to try again. I’m glad I got this first test over with so now I won’t be so freaked out when I try again. Has anyone ever doubled up? I want to polish up BEC for retake and tackle AUD at the same time. Is that a bad idea?

  • You won’t get anything from NASBA – your state board will mail you a packet and your NASBA printout will be in the packet. No worries.

  • This is strange. For the other parts, I received the official score from NASBA. I just passed my last part and I haven’t received a darn thing yet. What’s up with that?

  • for OK candidates, i just spoke to NASBA – OK state co-ordinator. The scores will be release to OK state today, so hopefully we will get our score tonight if not then Monday. This wait is just killing us all…

  • Still waiting on my Oklahoma AUD score too–took it on 2/26. No one from the OAB will respond to my emails and no one will give me any info over the phone–so I’m in the same boat

  • I live in Oklahoma, I took the Audit exam 2/27. Have yet to receive my score via the OAB website, which is I guess the only place to look? Anyone else in the same boat?

  • For everyone in Wisconsin, I just received an email from a NASBA rep. Scores are in the process of being released online. Hard copies will be mailed next week. Good luck to all.

  • I’ve been calling AZ on a daily basis and they’ve been keeping me updated. They were informed by NASBA that their scores were being mailed to them (UPS) but they still have not received anything. FAR should be first and unfortunately for me REG will be last. If you call them they’ll setup it up to have your scores emailed to you.

  • Anybody from AZ get their FAR scores? Took it 2/28. Heck, has anybody from AZ get any score yet.

    And why doesn’t all states allow online/email notice? Co-worker got her FAR score emailed to her from the Washington Board a week ago – passed with an 80.

    Waiting sucks!

  • Good luck to all you guys who are taking any test in the coming window. Remember that I went from a 67 in 1 testing window to 93 in the following one. Keep on going and you will be surprised!

  • To you two WI guys above…I haven’t gotten my Reg score either from 2/27. Is our state known to be later than others? Im so sick of this waiting game

  • for those that have done bad, don’t be so hard on yourself.

    i’m getting ready to take my last exam of the uniform CPA exam in a week or 2; AUD that is.

    we’ve all got our stories, this will be my 3rd time taking AUD. if you believe in yourself, you will rock it!

    FARE: 74, 80
    BEC: 77
    REG: 84
    AUD: 66, 65, TBD April/May Window

    Get in the zone and don’t overwhelm yourself! I studied really hard for REG and this site got me so anticipated and anxious that it got me believing that I was going to either pass or fail by a slim line, but I was really surprised! put in your work and you will surprise yourself as well! (=

  • I am studying FAR and i find it funny the % of words i type in my notes that Word says are misspelled, unfunded, securitization, estimatable, unamortized.

  • Anyone from Mississippi received Wave 2 REG score yet? BEC and FIN were received, via USPS, today. I’m waiting on REG.

  • I’m not sure about FAR, but my state board (non-NASBA) said yesterday that they still had not received all of wave 2 results from NASBA but they should have them by tomorrow…if that helps?

  • Received MS FAR score today. Passed! No idea how…

    But have faith guys; I felt COMPLETELY awful coming out of that test. I guess it goes to show that I have NO IDEA how that test is graded….

    Keep faith! And thanks for this blog. I’ve got three more parts to go, and I’ve found my support system here. Can’t tell you how much it’s helped!

  • MS update – 67. My guess was a 68. I know what I need to do to get BEC out of the way now, and will take care of it in May, and be 3/4 of the way home.

  • Definitely request NTS via email. I requested on Friday and received mine yesterday. Last window it took 4 weeks to get it in the mail.

  • For your NTS, it just depends on your state board. It took my board a month to file the paperwork, but I had the NTS the same day (via email) once they actually filed it.

  • The way I felt when I left the test site, I’d believe that he miraculously found $3mil before I’d believe I passed.

    The only thing that might save me is one hell of a curve….

  • Oh FYI…I am a Christion and do consider myself a spiritual person however, I still think it’s a load of crap

  • Stay positive! I saw some religous dude on TV a few weeks ago talking about the power of meditation/envisioning. Said he meditated for weeks and envisioned a $3 million church and miraculously was able to build it without any financing… I thought it was a load of crap myself, but at this point, you can’t hurt your chances!

  • Called the MS state board, BEC scores(at least mine) were mailed Tuesday, so should be here today.

    Now I can wait until the wife gets home to call me and let me know I didn’t pass.

  • OK – I took my exam on 2/27, and the MS state board just mailed the results yesterday.

    Call your state board and ask if your scores have been posted/mailed yet. They can’t tell you about your actual score, but they can help you figure out where it is.

  • any Oklahoma person got their results this morning. I took the exam on 02/23 but nothing yet. It is not good…

  • Any idea on how long it takes to get your certificate? I passed the ethics exam in August and just passed FAR.


  • MA – I have not received my FAR score yet, either. I sat on 2/27. I am in MS, which is a snail-mail state, so I just wrote it off to being held up in the mail. (Assuming my state has even mailed the scores, yet.)

    I understand your frustration.

  • i guess that means if i take the exam on May 9, it’s too late…i thought for sure that would fall in the first wave..oh well

  • Wave one usually goes through the 7th day of the 2nd month of the window, so April 1 – May 7

  • The AICPA ethics exam is available for purchase online. It is a home study course designed for CPE credit that most states use for CPA licensure. There are some states that do not accept the AICPA version, so check with your state board. I found out I passed my last section on monday and ordered the AICPA ethics exam that afternoon. Received it yesterday and plan to finish this weekend to speed up the process.

  • I think a 74 is an evil score, especially if it has been hand scored for accuracy. Thank goodness the only time I failed, I got a 67. I would give someone a 72 or a 75, but never a 74. I feel the pain for those who did get 74 and even worse, on multiple times.

  • Anybody knows how the ethics exam works? I suppose that my state board (Delaware) should be sending me some kind of notification about the next step in getting my certificate. Can I purchase the course from the AICPA prior to getting notified by the state board? How hard is the exam and how is it administered?

  • So I am still waiting on my REG score when everyone else I personally know has gotten their scores today and yesterday. What’s going on here??

  • I took BEC in January, and Oklahoma didn’t post my score until last week. I got a letter 2 weeks after the scores were released, assuming it was my REG score (failed) and it ended up being a passing grade in BEC, much to my surprise. I don’t know what is wrong with Oklahoma….

  • 2:25 PM – if you click on the link for IL above you will find out that 99.6% are in for AUD. I do felt good too but not anymore after all this wait….

  • I see now on IL. But it sounds like that 99.6 is IL scores not all scores. on another note, my state board told me they would have all scores by Friday as well.

  • I used Yaeger for REG and is now using it for BEC. I scored very high on REG (no accounting experience, never worked in the field and knew nothing about partnership and corporate taxation).

    I also feel that Yaeger BEC is very helpful, except for their economics section. I think you need to read a bit more than what they cover in economics. At the same time – the percentage of economics questions on the exam is 8-12%. So, even if you fail all economics questions (which is impossible – you’ll be able to get at least few answered correctly), you’ll be able to pass.

  • i don’t beleive this. 99.6% of audit are in and i am not one of them, it’s not like i scored 100 that they have to wait. I bet i will fail this and can’t even concentrate now on AUD untill i get my result. By the way i am waiting for AUD – OK board.

  • Yeah the only thing holding me back from just the Cram is being away from it for so long. I’m not overly confident in the material now. Homestudy isnt much more with the discount either. Thanks for the advice.

  • Am I the only person from Alabama on here?? I just spoke with my Board and they say they’re not mailing scores until the first of second πŸ™ Jeff, what dates will the first wave of this window cover? I’d like to get in the end of the first wave so I don’t have to wait sooooo long

  • The REG Cram is great, but in your situation (being away from it for 3 months), I would get the HomeStudy. That’s what I did after back to back 74s and scored a 92.

    You can say that I “overstudied”, but I personally don’t believe in such a thing.

    Just my $.02

    If you feel like you still know the material pretty well, then get the cram to brush up. I used the cram to pass BEC (71 to 80), but it was still pretty fresh in my mind.

  • Question for anyone,

    74 in REG, Took the Exam 1/10 and just got my score (almost 3 months removed from studying). Used Becker previously but feel I need to switch. I’ve heard Yaeger CRAM is good. Has anyone used this? Any strategy tips? I’d like to take it again end of April.

  • I need some help with registering for Ethics exam in Colorado state. How do I go about buying the book and registering for exam and where. I just received my last (4th passing marks)and was wondering how do I approach the next step which is ethics exam? Any help will be great.

  • Was AUD just now on NASBA today? I’m in snail mail state and trying to figure out when NASBA released scores so I can estimate when they will go to my state board

  • If you’re not a NASBA state like me, you don’t have the my application on your state.. I did read somewhere however that you may could go to another state and put in your jurisdiciton iD and birthdate and sometimes it would tell..I have not tried this b/c I don’t have the jurisdiction can get it from a previoud score report (which I don’t have) or call your state board and they will e-mail it to you. Either way, I’m not sure if you’re not a NASBA state if you will get the info from the OASIS

  • To log in, go to NASBA website, choose your state from the map, then click on “My application”. You’ll need your jurisdiction ID and your DOB.

  • Do not freak out about Oasis. I logged in yesterday and the message I got was that there is no active application for me. I do not think the system is accurate.

  • Got a 68 in LAW, scored really well on most of the tax stuff except entities, was strong on my simulations and still only got a 73 on REG! I don’t get it either!!!

  • How do you find out from NASBA Oasis if score has been received. How do you log in to Oasis, What and Where the hell is Oasis…this freaking wait is life in hell…

  • Can you go to NASBA Oasis and check your application status? It will tell you if a score has been received, if that’s the case you’ll get your score tomorrow online. AUD NY 79 out for me this morning πŸ™‚

  • Anyone from Oklahoma waiting for AUD, does anyone has gotten their score this morning. Please reply.

  • No AUD again in Oklahoma. Has anyone spoke with the OAB? I talked to them yesterday, but they aren’t giving me any answers…

  • Michael in TX. I feel your pain. I took REG in TX also and made a 74. I got a 53 in LAW. Well, at least you and I know what to concentrate on and refresh our tax knowledge. Good luck!

    Eric in TX

  • I got an 82 in Reg and got it yesterday so if others have gotten the score dont think yours will be low.

  • Just called NASBA, they told to keep checking your score. Score will be out no later that April 15. What a BS…

  • REG in TX, got a 74. Back to studying for me. Had a 59 on the business law part but otherwise everything else was good.

  • Got 76 in REG in DE. Wave 2a is borderline indeed!! Glad I passed….one more to go…got to retake FAR in May! COngrats to all those who passed!! Those who didn’t…dont lose the motivation!!

  • Has anyone in snail-mail only states received AUD or other exam scores from the second wave?? please let me know…I am dying a slow death here in alabama waiting on the mail

  • I passed my last exam with in style… with a 75 in REG

    FAR – 76
    BEC – 79
    AUD – 88
    REG – 70, 75

    Thank you for the support the last couple weeks

  • REG finally out in GA! Unfortunately a freaking 74!!! Time to get back at it – After Tax Season!

  • AUD in NY, 74. (my last subject) I knew it really sucks!! spent entire 4.5 hours and study for 2 months!! what life I got here, I also have full time job!!

  • AUD in MO, 74. It sucks, but I can’t wait to prove myself next testing window. Being in Wave 2a, I figured not passing was a strong possibility. I shouldn’t have listened to Becker’s suggested time per testlet. I spent extra time going back through marked questions in the MC testlets, but I think that I only changed one or two answers. I need to make more time for that second simulation. I know I would have passed if I had more time for that second sim.

  • Officially that makes it:


  • Seriously, I don’t know how things are graded. The first time I took REG, I got a 67. The only thing I didn’t get to do was 1 of the communications. I retook the test in the following testing window and felt that I did better, but I wasn’t sure about quite a few questions. How I got a 93 on the second try, it still baffles me!

  • CO REG here.

    so i’ve never checked my score on line before. just waited for the snail mail for the first three.

    on NASBA, output spits out “last name, first name” with a big 89 watermark in the back. is that my score? anyone? jeff?

    if so, im done! 4/4!

  • Has anyone ever gotten a score re-graded and come back successful. The reason I ask is because I made 74 in REG. I don’t think I will do it bc I feel the grade won’t change, but just thought I would ask. Thanks.

  • I have also just checked OASIS. This is the message which was displayed:

    “Our records indicate that you do not have an active application or registration at this time.”

    What does it mean?

  • NY REG is out. I started in September last year with 2.5 month pregnant and working in public accounting firm, I passed BEC with 82, FAR with 87 and REG with 82. Finally, I am done. I just want to encourage everyone who is still struggling, as long as you study step by step, you will pass soon.

  • I crammed for REG for 3 days.
    Was an engineer who is a Math genius.

    Will be cramming for FAR for 5 days to take exam.

  • Just want to share with NY AUD information. I am the one post on 7:24 PM in NYC.

    Just right now, when I checked the OASIS, they just update the information as following:

    The section(s) of your NTS have been attended and scored. The score(s) reported generated a notice to be mailed to you. If you do not receive your notice via US Mail within 10 business days, please contact our office at 1-866-MY-NASBA.

    I know I will get my AUD score tomorrow morning by checking NASBA. This is my last section!! God bless me !! and good luck for everyone!!

  • NYC AUD sat 02/23/09 No score yet, however I did check my application status and it said that my score was received and was mail out. Whats up with that?!!!

  • For the people waiting for scores in the mail- I got my BEC score report in the mail today (I’m from MA, so I already knew it).

    Not sure if it actually means anything, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to share.

  • Still waiting on AUD from Missouri. I took 2/23. There’s still 11% to be posted to NASBA? I really thinking tomorrow am.

  • anyone took AUD on the last week of February in NY here? I took 2/24, still did not have my score yet! Am I the only one has no AUD score from NY????

  • You need to remember, your score is not just based on your performance, but on everyone elses they are “pitting” you against. The one thing I have learned after taking 9 tests so far is that how you feel when you leave does not mean very much. I posted earlier, maybe page 4 or 5, that my bro-in-law passed REG after not even getting to one of the sims and he felt like he had done bad. I finished the whole thing feeling really good. We both passed and my score was only 3 points higher than his.
    Tell me how that worked out? Conspiracy theory: The AICPA does this to jack with us. They want to see how far we are willing to go to get certified.
    I don’t really believe that, but it makes me feel good.
    I just hope I passed AUD and I will be done.

  • Got Got Got the REG score……in NH….
    Almost heart attack this week!(3/18…
    Thank you, Jeff.
    very very useful website..

    Taiwan girl…

  • I feel like I’m the only one without a score. Anybody else waiting for AUD NY? Pleeease share πŸ™

  • I felt that way too and could be feeling that way again in the morning if I get another failing score on Reg. Unfortunately, only time seems to fully heal you, but there are things you can do. First, beginning your studies again will help, whether it be Reg or the next subject. Also, after your study session, watch a funny Vince Vaughn or other funny movie, and sip on 2 glasses of red wine. To put it as nicely as possible, “relations” will greatly help, if available. But most importantly, finding ways to laugh is best.

  • Gosh, my heart goes out to you. It is difficult to ascertain where you went wrong if you felt good coming out of there. I had the same sort of feeling, then got the failing scores (I’ve had (5) 74’s and a 73); I just kept re-taking the darn things and got a 76, another 76, and finally an 82. I didn’t feel any better on the passing ones; it just finally happened for me I reckon.

  • I cried all day, 71-REG because I actually felt good coming out of the exam, just goes to show I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

  • I put my heart and soul into this crazy CPA Exam, and now it is like I am burned out. I don’t want to sit in an office. I don’t want to work. Everything related to accounting seems boring at this point. Now I just want to retire. Maybe a trip to one of the islands would help.

  • Don’t give up, and darn sure don’t jump off any bridges. I’ve sat 10 times now, passed 3, and am still waiting on Reg. Here is how I got through it (honestly): lots of sex, 2 glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon per night, and self-talk.

  • Audit seemed so easy, but it gave me fits too. I guess I chose lots of answers that were 2nd best. I left the test all 4 times thinking I aced it. I made 74, 73, 74, and then all of the sudden a freaking 82. They give you too much time for Audit, not enough time for Financial, and the little bit of time they give you for Reg is almost laughable.

  • Found out I got a 73 on REG today……5 tests taken so far and only passed 2! considering giving up….i don’t know if I can go through this process again!!!?

  • got 72 AUD in NY… shit audit sucks.. this is first time I have failed. feel like so fxxking shit.. I can’t even concentrate entire day..I thought that Im gonna be done with REG next month.. now I gotta spend a few more weeks to carry the stupid fxxxing becker audit book and a laptop.
    “jump off a bridge now” – I wanna love to join you..

  • This window has taken the cake when it comes to giving all of us enough stress about the score releases!!

  • No FAR score in MS today… I will have to wait for the mailman again tomorrow. πŸ™

    I really hope that stupid score shows up this week. I should be studying for AUD right now, and I’m too wound up to pay attention.

  • The person who I was talking to sounded like he spent the entire morning punching the scores into the computer or processing paperwork. I think when he said the “they received a huge batch of REG scores today” he meant that these scores actually reached his desk today? It could very well be that NASBA received the scores earlier but did not bother to enter them up until now.


  • I hear you on that, but it is hard to decide if the NASBA Knucklehead is full of crap or not. Jeff, do you think NASBA farts around with processing the scores or do you think they release all of wave 2 in one day? I guess if a wake up to some score other than a 72 through 77 I’ll have my answer that they are still farting around with wave 2.

  • I’m waiting with you, Oklahoma. I thought OK released before NASBA, I got my FAR score last Thursday but still no AUD……

  • The NASBA folks seem to be like the wrestling referees…they know whats going on but act like nothing happened!

  • 74 on AUD in NY… I want to jump off a bridge

    im with ya buddy, same s*&t happened to me today in MA. that exam was tough, though.

  • good idea on writing the board. I’m sure I can let them know how frustrating it is…I will have to remain anonymous probably in the letter so as to no upset the partners at my office πŸ™‚

  • any AUD waiting from Oklahoma…

    Please share the misery, if you haven’t received your scores yet…

  • Ok, here we go again.
    Another NASBA Knucklehead telling a candidate that a bunch of scores were received today, as if none were received yesterday. We all know that is bullcrap. Lots of Reg scores were received by NASBA yesterday. I’m not so sure NASBA processes all of them the same day or not. I am going to watch this site like a hawk over the next 2 days to see where the scores range. NASBA takes our money but then farts around like this.

  • For those of your from states that don’t have online score reporting, online registration for exams, etc. you should write the board members of your State Board. The State Boards have a choice to not create their own Web site or use the resources of NASBA and they are choosing not to. They may lose a small portion of their revenue by using NASBA for more services, but whatever happened to putting the customers first. I know those of you on here that live in one of the 15 states that are “not progressive” are frustrated. Make sure your board members hear from you.

  • I have just talked to NASBA. The person has told me that they received a huge batch of REG scores from AICPA only TODAY. He actually told me that my score was also received (I took the exam on 2/21) and that it will be posted online within one-two days. He refused to give me the score over the phone.


  • Another day of not having BEC scores in Mississippi. Yeah to having a non progressive cpa board on posting our scores online.

    That said, if they send me a 74 like they did two of my friends in the first wave, I will be wishing bad things.

  • Mr. Anonymous NYC AUD. Believe me u r not alone. I’m going crazy here but FYI, I called yesterday NASBA and they told me for NY they will be posting scores this whole week and these are posted regardless of your score, last name, gender, etc. So lots of patience and forget about what they told you at the test center to check online in 3 to 4 weeks.

    Good luck!

  • It just doesn’t look like a huge Wave 2 release for DE so I am left wondering about where I stand with regard to the score!! NASBA needs to be more transparent in its scoring…how long can we go on with this sort of stress??!!??

  • I’ve seen earlier posts that included Wave 2a results of 76 and 75.
    NASBA should release its 2a Reg results tomorrow morning, but I am not so sure it has even released ALL of the Wave 2 Reg results. I just can’t be sure. The NASBA workers appear to be mostly full of crap, making up things as they go along.

  • I received my REG CA wave 2a score this morning. 76!!! This was my last exam! Thank you Jeff for keeping this going. It has been a great help!!

  • I took Reg on 1/6 in GA and was in wave 2. I scored a 85 on Reg, but I don’t understand why my score took so long to get posted. Believe me I am not complaining, but I just understand how this process works.

  • Got Md reg score today..75..done..thank god

    75 audit
    78 fare
    75 bec
    70,75 reg

    now i can have a life outside of being an auditor, if that’s possible

  • I appreciate that Izabella…I’m glad it’s been helpful.

    The site is getting a major facelift (I’m switching to WordPress) and I hope to go live with it by the end of the week.

  • Me from NH just got REG 74 email
    have mercy first paper i am failing first time using becker
    need a new approach

  • Jeff, I just want you to know this is an amazing website.. I discovered it after I took my first test… But u def kept me sane.. Now 3 more to go… ugh. such a booster to pass a test.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Please don’t get me wrong. I appreciate everything that you are doing for the candidates during this difficult time, as very few people can relate to grown ups behaving like this.
    I just wanted to put this whole thing in the right perspective.
    No offense meant BOSS!

  • Calm down and pay attention to your studies, instead of posting here 4 times a day



    congrats on passing…great score on REG

  • I passed REG today with a 93. I am done with this beast. For those of you who have posted on this website that you are anxious about your results and can’t concentrate on the studying.
    This is what I did, once an exam section was over I did not bother to check the result until I got the letter from NASBA home.
    Whatever estimates, guesstimates floating around are just that, as according to NASBA you will get your score by the end of the month.
    Calm down and pay attention to your studies, instead of posting here 4 times a day if the score in your state has been released.

  • 10:20 am Post: it’s cute πŸ™‚
    the song is “sorry seems to be the hardest word” by Elton John
    Good luck everyone!

    Jeff, want to express my appreciation for your support and effort! Couldn’t do without your updates! I regret only discovering this blog 6 days ago, AGONIZING over my results. I admire your persistence! Please keep up the good work!!! God Bless You and Your Family!


  • Each review program has their own style, cost, and strengths. Yaeger worked for me because of the teaching style…I’m an active learner that likes to take notes. It’s also the most affordable program out there for what you get.

    I scored a 92 on REG with it…it got me past BEC…and I re-passed FAR with it…

  • I’m pretty sure in Oklahoma the OAB releases the unofficial results as soon as they receive them. I’m not sure why she told you that…..that’s more info than I got out of them though. All they will tell me is that they haven’t received the scores yet and don’t know when they will.

  • Yaeger FAR is good…I ran out of time and skipped not for profit and didn’t finish most of sim #2 and still passed with it.

    It’s 13 DVDs…a book…software…handouts…well worth the $345 pricetag

  • Anonymous @ 11:29 am – Sorry to hear that…which state are u in? and was this Wave 2 or 2a?

  • Still waiting on REG in Oklahoma (1/09/09 exam date)
    I called OAB earlier and the lady I spoke with says that OAB does not update the unofficial grades that are available on their I’m guessing NASBA does????

  • I finally got my REG result six + weeks after I took it on February 6. It only took about 4 weeks for the FAR result. The good news is that I got an 83 on REG an 80 on FAR. I’m done.

    AP in TX.

  • Thank Jeff I will check tomorrow for REG NH this blog really really really keep me sane help

  • If NH releases through NASBA, then it’s a waste of your time to check during the day.

    That said, I would be hitting F5 every 3 seconds out of frustration.

    They only release during the early morning…never seen them release anytime other than that.

  • Thanks Jeff. I logged in about 255 hours of studying for REG over a little over 2 months so hopefully it will be good for FAR.

  • Jeff do you think REG score can be release doing the day for NH ??? it is frustrating checking every minute

  • Everyone is different, but I recommend 130 hours of hardcore studying for FAR…two months of serious studying is about right.

  • NY REG results received. I did very well thank goodness. Half way there. Jeff, do you think 2 months of studying is enough for FAR ?

  • I think we’re all just trying to guess at when our scores will show up in the mail. It’s so frustrating to check the mail day after day and get nohing. Especially when you don’t have a clue as to when the scores might show up.

    You guys have all really helped me out; I have now determined that I should only have to live with this anxiety for a few more days at worst…

  • From what I can tell, if you are not in the large Wave 1 and Wave 2 release, they mail scores out as they receive them. Bear in mind, every board is different. In our state, the Board “swears” they send out scores the day they receive them. I have figured out that is not exactly true. They do verify and create their own letter to accompany the score report from NASBA. NASBA sends a form that cannot be altered by the State Boards that has your actual pass/fail and the diagnostics on the back if you fail. The NASBA report has a date. Most State Boards then accompany that with their own letter. The dates are usually off 1 business day in my experience but it has been 2 before. Is this what you are asking?

  • I totally understand. This is our 4th test. I discovered this blog and started emailing with Jeff last August when my husband started. I have been able to track every score release, with the exception of one which was one the 2a releases, borderline score. I don’t bother checking the mail too often except during Jeff’s score predictions. is a great resource for candidates and their families.

  • wife of CPA candidate…do they wait until all the scores are received or send them out as they get them? I am waiting on AUD and from the IL board it doesn’t look as if NASBA will have all of them yet either

  • YES it helps..Thank you so much…I should receive my AUD score then by Thursday or Friday!!!

  • SNAIL MAIL: I am the wife of a CPA candidate waiting on his last score in a snail mail state. The scores are transmitted electronically from the AICPA to NASBA and then to the State Board. This happens in a short period of time, not days. From the date the scores are sent from AICPA to NASBA, the candidate can expect 4 business days for the letter to arrive via USPS. Ex. REG was release Friday afternoon. Candidates receiving scores via USPS should receive their scores beginning Wed. Please take into account the location of your State Board and your mailing address. For us, we live in the same metro area as the State Board so we receive our letter the day after it is mailed. Hope this helps.

  • Tom Petty. Good. At least I’m not making up songs in my head about waiting. That would be pretty depressing.

  • sounds like Oklahoma is having the same trouble as us…still not exactly sure..if NASBA posts them could the non-NASBA states not upload them or does NASBA mial them to the state and then the state mail them…seems like a lot of postage when we could just get online

  • Thanks 10:17 post. I hate the fact that we can’t just jump online like everyone else πŸ™ Waiting is the hardest part… (Isn’t there a song about that… I can’t remember the real words… Maybe I’m making it up in my head… It’s possible at this point.)

  • Has anyone from Oklahoma received their AUD score? I called the OAB again today and was told they hadn’t received the scores…..if the NASBA has posted their scores, shouldn’t they have sent them to OK already? This is so frustrating……

  • 10:08 post (first one) I think they go to the state board and then your state mails them if I’m not mistaken…which is why i asked about the 4 days..I’m sure Jeff could verify..I can’t get my state to tell me anything other than we’ll have them by the 10th..obviously..they get them to you by the first week of the next window

  • So FAR was posted last Thursday, which means snail-mail states should look for FAR scores via USPS today or tomorrow, correct?

    Just making sure I understand this correctly; I don’t want to sit next to the mailbox and wait for the mailman if it’s not necessary πŸ™‚

  • Still waiting on REG in Georgia, and I know people who sat in the same room as me on the SAME day that have gotten their scores!!!

  • re: SNAIL MAIL

    ok – I got an answer back.

    On average, when the AICPA sent NASBA scores on a Friday (they rec’d them – not uploaded them), it took them 4 business days to get it in the mail.

    If NASBA gets the scores on a Friday…look for it in the mail on Wednesday.

    I hope that helps…

  • Is there anyone who recieved REG after 6AM in NH I am still checking are they updating anymore scores for the day????

  • Wow
    I am very surprised Pinkney said 7 pm. She told me via email back in November that it is only loaded in the very early am hours.

  • thank you. was just wondering if when NASBA posts online if that means our state boards have already received the grades as well

  • re: mailing lag time

    I don’t know, but I know someone who does – as her husband lives in a snail mail state

    I’ll e-mail her and ask her and let you know as soon as I hear…they’ve been through many windows so they would know

  • So I finally got in touch with Leticia Pinkney (LA/GA/CO) because I have yet to receive AUD. She said she is showing that it came in this morning and to check around 7pm tonight or tomorrow morning. Would there really be scores posted at 7 pm? Also, I asked her if she could tell me, and she said that she could not over the phone (ugghh!!)

    BTW–A friend of mine (also in LA) received her REG score this morning

  • Is it still possible to get REG online today from NH???
    Trying to call NASBA automated response no option to speak to anyone

  • I took REG on 1/31 and have not got it along with the regular Wave 2 scores. I am WORRIED!!! I need to pass this one after hearing about flunking FAR! I will be totally bummed out if I hear about a bad REG score now!

  • REG in CA: recieved my score in Wave – 2a – 77 :), so for those who are still waiting for it, there is a hope! Don’t give up! The fact that CA Board has released my score means that it has all of the Wave-2a scores

  • I took REG on 01/02 and finally got my score today. I passed with an 85. I’m done with all 4 parts. Thank the Good Lord! I also want to thank Jeff for this blog. It really helped me after scoring the dreaded 74 the first time on REG. I also appreciate the recommendation of Yaeger. I used it for BEC, FAR, and my retake of REG. Dr. Yaeger and his staff are excellent! Anyway, my best wishes to those still in the process of taking this exam. Don’t give up! Congrats to those who got passing scores.

  • I just got my 2a REG score from Illinois at it was an 81! Don’t ever lose hope when your scores are held back for grading accuracy! People still DO pass!

  • Congrats everyone who found success (I love you too, Jason btw…) with REG this window.

    For those who came up short – and especially Aaron who is considering throwing in the towel…consider the fact that it took me 14 sittings including two 74s on REG and losing FAR.

    There is no worse score than a 74 and I got two of them. There is no worse section to lose credit for than FAR (I was so happy I passed FAR the first time that I took a year off b/c I felt like I had passed the exam) … and I lost it.

    It sucked along the way – big time – but it’s worth it I can tell you that.

    Keep Moving Forward.

    e-mail me if I can help anyone.


  • Still waiting on 2a for Audit in Missouri. Not feeling very confident. Hopefully we’ll see scores tomorrow morning since it seems that California 2a scores came out today.

  • I’ll be shocked if Reg 2a scores aren’t received today and then available tomorrow morning for us NASBA states. Of course, if IL and CA receive them today, they’ll post them pronto. Jeff?

  • How long does it take to get 2a release i have not received my REG score from NH took exam 2/10
    I need REG to finish
    please respond???

  • Any Oklahoman’s waiting for their AUD results as well, like me. So does that mean we are in wave 2a. Right!!!

  • I’m in Louisiana and have not received my score. I need this Reg to be finished. Overall, I’ve sat 10 times and have received (5) 74’s. I did go through a 2a one time and get good news, a 76 on Financial; but again, 5 other times I got bad news from 2a releases. I am now freaking out once again. I have taken Reg twice and received 74 twice.

  • Nothing in DE for me! Saw a couple of folks getting their scores in DE….is it bad news that I have not got the score yet?

  • I have not recd. my score from NASBA does it mean I might get it tomorrow or is there so other date that AICPA will release the remaining scores??
    Please help.

  • Someone posted this question earlier, but I didn’t see a response. Do all states receive scores electronically, even if they don’t allow candidates to view the scores electronically?

    I am STILL waiting on FAR via USPS in MS. I can hardly stand to walk to the mail box anymore…

  • Luckiest Person on Planet,

    I just change my name, Got 75 in AUD from Co.

    Thanks Jeff and All people on this blog for the support

  • NY Reg – still have nothing!

    What should I expect for the timeline now before getting my score? I took REG 1/10 and this is driving me nuts!

  • i dont think rescore is a good idea. i dont think many get a different grade…and if they took so long getting scores out they probably looked into every aspect of the grades…dont waste your time and money..just retake it –thats what i am doing with audit in any case. i got a flippin 74 as well.

  • I just called the TX BOA because I am freaking out that I don’t have my final score yet, AUD. The guy sounded like he just finished a joint and had no cares in the world.

    I asked about my score not showing up. He said they still have a lot of scores that need to be posted and not to worry. EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!!!! Anyway, he said they should all definitely be posted by the end of the month. THE END OF THE MONTH??? That is like telling me to wait till the end of time. I hate this process.

  • NY REG here (from a few posts above)

    here’s a time line if anyone needs it:

    FAR (1/08) – 81
    Busy Season – No studying
    AUD (8/08) – 86
    BEC (10/08)- 83
    REG (1/09) – 81

    Honestly, I needed 2-3 months on each part, just to be thorough, yet keep my bearings (roughly 20-25 hrs per week). It can done quicker or longer, but study the way you do best!

    Pete (NY REG)

  • Bittersweet Day. I got laid off from KPMG last week with about 20 other people, but I found out today I passed Reg with an 80.

  • yes, audit 2a arrived here: hope you dont get a 74 like i did!!! they should ban that number from scoring. i would rather have scored a 50.

  • Just got my AUD score in Wave 2a for CA. I passed with a 77. It was my last section. Finally Done with the CPA!

    Now lets hope I still have a job next week πŸ˜‰

  • NY REG here:


    Passed all four parts on four tries.

    Took me about 12 months for all four parts (not including a busy season where I didn’t study.)

    I worked full-time, but used Becker and I can’t highly recommend Becker enough. Without it, I wouldn’t have the knowledge to pass.

    If there’s a lesson for all people out there: it’s keep trying and keep putting the work in (most important).

    Thanks for your support and info on release dates,

    Pete (NY REG – the very first poster on this thread)

  • Waiting on REG 2a in CA as well. This was hopefully my last one. Not feeling so confident…

  • Anyone receive Wave 2a AUD scores!? Lets keep each other informed!! I’m in that borderline batch!

  • No score on NASBA does it mean bad news? I have AUD scheduled for 04/30/09 and can’t bring myself to study for it.

  • Thanks I am going to call NH hope they post my score today its the last paper i have outstanding

  • Received REG today on NASBA and passed. Done with all 4 parts. Thanks for the score updates Jeff.

    I used Bisk CPA review and recommend it for anyone who is taking the exam

  • REG-NH-call your board or NASBA, find out how often scores get released. I’m in CA, called yesterday, was told that scores get uploaded automatically, within a few hours after receiving them from NASBA, but not post noon… lol, sounds like some kind of a phase-out limit… in any case, that gave me a piece of mind during the day, hope you get it soon

  • Arizona told me they have been informed of scores being released but they are still waiting for them to arrive. Do some states receive scores differently, like snail mail instead of electronically?

  • CO – 2/25
    Got it! 81… DONE!
    Take my word for it… hang in there and you will eventually get’er done. tuust me… you will!
    Also, thanks for this blog… great spot for a frusturated writer to turn too.

  • Got score for Reg in NY…94!! I’m all done!!!!!!! This site has been great! Thanks Jeff!!

  • NY REG-i’m in CA, scores Wave 2 scores released on 3/21, still don’t have mine either…worried, for the lack of a better word…

  • Still haven’t received REG score in NY. For all exams I’ve taken before, I always got scores with majority states (NASBA release). this is the first time. It makes me worried πŸ™

  • failed reg in tx. unlike bec, where you can pass w/ 0 knowledge of mgt. accounting, you can’t pass reg w/ 0 knowledge of corp. tax πŸ™

  • 81!!!!! and I’m done but I couldn’t have done it without this blog. It helped me to keep myself motivated and a place to take out my frustration after studying. Thank you very much and congratulations to those who passed and good luck to those who were little unfortunate, remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel, keep working towards it, you will eventually get to it.

  • MA REG is up. Must have been posted to NASBA between 11pm last night and 6:30am this morning.


  • Aaron – just like Pasha said, hang in there. I made a 74 also. It sux, but we can’t give up now. It will be well worth it. It’s a test of endurance more than anything.

  • Aaron – I hear ya. I failed with 74 this time, 71 the first time. Keep your head up! We just need to get it done before the nice weather comes!!

  • REG out on NASBA…I failed again. 72
    I’m throwing in the towel. Tired of this damn test ruining my life.

  • REG 74 in TX. I guess I should have viewed the Becker Law lectures afterall. BUS LAW ate my lunch. Oh well, at least I can review the law section pretty well and knock it out next time. Congrats to all that passed and hopefully it will be next time!

  • Reg is out in CO. I passed!!! Praise the Lord, Jesus is Lord, Amen. Congrats to all of you that have passed and for all trust in God and work hard and everything will work out. Jesus is Lord and will help me through my last part of this exam.

  • I’m done!, I’m done. I just dreamt I got 71. was there worried. So i just came to check. 79 baby! i was gonna lose FAR soon. This is the happiest moment of my life! FAR 81, AUD 96, BEC 81 and now REG 79. Jeff thanks. I just found this site a like 3 weeks ago but it was worth it! All the best to the other REG bloggers that were waiting.

  • WHooo Hooo! 3:30am CST and my score is up from MN! 77….phew, little too close for comfort, but I will just focus on the “efficiency” of my studying haha…a pass is a pass!

    I am officially DONE. Thank you Jeff, and everyone on this site for helping keep me sane.

    Good luck and congrats to fellow passers!

    –Done in MN

  • Well, my 77 day wait is over and so worth it. I passed REG with an 80 and am now done. Good luck to everyone. If you didn’t pass this window, hang in there – it took me 8 tests in total (after several 74’s on REG and FAR). Jeff- Thank you for this site. It’s been a world of help. Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Indiana Reg is on NASBA! Got 80! I’m DONE!!! I love this world~ I love you Jeff~ I love everybody!!!

  • NY REG is on NASBA. My wife got 82. Yeah, she is done with all 4. Do I have to call her wife coma CPA for now on?

  • ahhhh! im going insane in nj! i have literally been waiting since jan 13th for this stupid reg score!!! i just want this to be over!! Enough is enough NASBA. Give me my score!

  • NY REG here. Can’t sleep at 3:58am. No scores yet. Can I sleep for just 2 more hours please? Today is day 77………

  • I understand the compulsion to keep checking. My F5 button is going to wear out soon. Not that I don’t realize the score won’t be there but what if… Not like they are behaving very predictably this quarter. I feel your pain!

  • Maybe NASBA should study the BEC portion of the exam and learn about the cons of batch processing. What do our sitting fees go towards anyway?

  • Delaware no REG yet my friend and I gave the exam same day same prometric he got his results 02/20 and here i am checking NASBA every half hour.

  • Finally got my REG score in MD today. Passed! 4/4! I am so happy I am done. I can honestly say this has been the worst 7 months of my life, juggling starting at a big 4, working crazy hours, managing married life, etc. I am so relieved. Jeff, thank you for this website. It helped me so much just having a place to vent and of course, to get inspiration from.

  • NYS, no audit yet…. it is really killing me.. I was not able to sleep well last night too.

  • I plan to wake up at 3:30 mountain standard time to check grades, and i am going to try really hard not to check until then.

  • Thanks for doing this blog.

    Third time was the charm for me for AUD. (67, 73, 81).

    Last remaining foe- FAR.

    Thanks again to Jeff, and best of luck to other candidates…

  • has anyone from Oklahoma received their AUD scores yet, this wait is making me not only loose my sleep but also to loose my weight as well. Can’t sleep and Can’t eat…

    Its killing me…..:(

  • I filed for an exception policy and was told that a decision will be mailed to me in 7 days… I forfeited the exam due to a death of my uncle. I hope they will extend the NTS. Does it mean they will extend the time or refund the money and I have to re-apply and pay the fee for a new NTS?

    Thank you for responding!

  • So it means those who did not receive their AUD scores from NASBA are considered “bottomline”……

  • Still no REG in MA. What’s the latest a score has ever come out? Does it ever go into the next testing window?

    I hope the new fee increase in August improves this whole process, but for some reason I doubt that =)

  • Still no REG in MA. What’s the latest a score has ever come out? Does it ever go into the next testing window?

    I hope the new fee increase in August improves this whole process, but for some reason I doubt that =)

  • I took Roger Philip’s Live course in Los Angeles. Which includes the Wiley homework books + the CD. I would do the MCs 2x and used the CD (exam portion) a few days b4 the actual as practice.


  • NASBA doesn’t get them and the fwd them onto the state boards for approval prior to posting them…the state boards “ratify” them each window but that’s long after they’ve been posted.

    The bottleneck is NASBA’s processing system.

  • I am just as frustrated as everyone else about not receiving my score that has been released by the AICPA, but why is NASBA to blame? Here is a slightly outdated excerpt from NASBA regarding the release process: “After the AICPA releases scores to NASBA, NASBA processes them and forwards them to boards of accountancy for approval and release to candidates.”

    This information comes from the Candidate score reporting schedule on following link:

  • I didn't really use my Wiley books much (so far, I still have REG left to pass). I did use the Wiley CD, which has the multiple choice questions (& simulations) and gives an excerpt from the book to refer to for help. I highly, highly, highly recommend that CD for practice. Sure beats working them on paper & then needing to look up the answers- instant feedback.

  • I have the Wiley book, which he refers to. He goes over an outline & explains stuff. It was free with a new membership to so it was very low risk. It's review you can do when driving or at the gym. (about 4.5 hour audiobook)

  • 4:44 post…
    because it wasn’t the death of “family” member they would not help…my fiance’s dad..who was like a dad to me…the evil little people there don’t grasp that just b/c it’s not blood related doesn’t mean they’re not family…

    no worries, i have no regrets. i wanted to be with my “family” so i just paid the stupid money to reschedule..i was worried i would not be able to concentrate..either way, i did the right thing..even if i failed πŸ™‚

  • The only Wiley book I used was one that was dedicated soley to sims (to supplement Becker). I thought was pretty useless.

  • Hey Kim, I just listened to the audio sample for the FAR section on….is it necessary to have the Wiley Book with you for this or did you just make some notes listening to the REG audio file?

  • I had got an extension to the NTS by filing an Exception to Policy form due to a death in the family. You can get the money reimbursed to you and I suggest you contact your coordinator if you can avail that reimbursement…of course, only if not too much time has passed since the death.

  • Aaarg! I need my REG score now (CA)! The sooner I pass, the sooner I can get a new job!

    AUD (60,81)
    BEC (83)
    FAR (80)
    REG (62,??)

    I listened to an audiobook from by Yaeger for REG before, hopefully that helped, as I have never done taxes (not even my own!!) I had a migraine that day, and was really out of it by the last sim, but I still have hope.

  • I had to reschedule my exam 3 times..twice b/c I wasn’t ready yet and once b/c of a death..and it end up costing me more than the original exam fees!

  • any idea how much money the NASBA makes from our re-examination fees alone?? I might have contributed a good sum to their kitty!!

  • Something needs to be done.

    The AICPA is a slimy worm too. They torture us. Then NASBA poo poos on us.

  • I’ve been insulted for the last time by NASBA representatives. I will not call those goohoos again only to have them take a poo poo on me.

  • LIARS all of ’em.. feel fortunate you don’t live in Alabama…I may not see mine until after April 10th…that’s what she said

  • These people that work for NASBA in candidate services make up things as they go. It is shocking to me that they continue to do this, that they haven’t been called out on this and reprimanded.

  • The lady may have been nice, but she is wrong on NASBA releasing first (see IL, CA, VA, etc) and the score of the exams in relation to when they’re released. After Wave 2 – Wave 2a will come out and you will see that the majority of people posting their score fall in the 72-77 range…i.e. “borderline”.

    Hopefully she is correct that all scores will be posted by Friday.

  • NASBA definitely isn’t first… the scores for CA, VA, IL and KY (I think) all come out before the NASBA states…

  • Jeff–does it not matter about the coordinator, or anything like that?? (I am referring to Audit)

  • So I just spoke to NASBA and a nice lady told me that they started uploading this week for the 2nd window Jan-Feb-09. According to her, it does not matter what’s your score, section or state and they’ll upload scores as they come. She also mentioned that is the first in releasing scores when received from the AICPA. Lastly by this Friday 03/27/09 all results should be posted at the NASBA site. Let’s keep our finger crossed and keep checking through the day, they post scores all day long.

    I Hope this is reliable info, I got it from someone at the 1-800-CPA-EXAM number.


  • re: AUD – NASBA released Audit this morning…people were posting about it and I have a friend who sat for AUD in a NASBA state and he got his score this morning.

    re: REG at 7pm EST

    Not gonna happen…well – if it does – it will be the first time NASBA releases at night…tomorrow AM 3:30-5:30 EST

  • I remember someone mentioning that scores for REG might be released at 7pm EST tonight. What are the chances of this actually happening for GA? Thanks.

  • Audit is already out for NASBA states…the remainder AUD scores will be the Wave 2a people

  • Tomorrow is REG…any AUD or FAR scores from here on out are the borderline people + a few stragglers.

  • “what are the chances of passing the REG exam if my score wasn’t released with the first 91% of the REG scores for IL?”

    Around 57.695458135%

  • Same here Oklahoma. This is the last score I’m waiting on, have to retake REG (darn 74), so I’m hoping for good news. Good luck to you too!

  • what are the chances of passing the REG exam if my score wasn’t released with the first 91% of the REG scores for IL?

  • Does anyone know when do the Ohio REG scores come out for the Jan-Feb window?? I’m getting little frustrated here, 6 weeks and nothing…

  • I don’t think they fooled with Audit or Reg until today. If Pinkney is out, I sure hope her backup took care of Audit and Reg today, so that we can see them in the morning.

  • I emailed her (Liticia Pinkney) on Friday and again today and no reply. She usually replies but not these 2 times.

  • So I have been trying to call the LA/CO/GA (I’m in LA)Coordinator all day, and I’m wondering if she is even in today. Has anyone from these states received their Audit scores? I have not, but do not know if that’s because I am borderline or what…

  • Hello….

    Am i the only one from Oklahoma. Comeon lovely people from Oklahoma share your comments, stories, misery…

  • 2 months is more than enough time…if you haven’t used the Yaeger HomeStudy for REG (and you need to take REG again) – I can’t recommend it highly enough…esp when you can’t afford to take a chance and lose credit.

  • re: losing credit on BEC – yep definetely… you can take BEC again up untill May 31.
    I am in the same position, wating for REG in CA, will lose credit for BEC on April 24, so have until April 23 to take it – confirmed via email with CA board.

    One suggestion: submit your application now, if bad news come, you can register sooner. I did that too. If you pass, the application fee will be refunded – confirmed with CA board too

  • quick question – so I’m waiting on my REG score here in MA and it’s my last exam. I will lose credit on BEC on May 31. If I somehow get *another* 74 on REG and have to take it again, is there enough time to turn around and pass before losing BEC?

    did I mention the waiting for the score is killing me?

    thanks for your help πŸ™‚

  • They are lying. A goofball at NASBA told me around noon that no scores have been received and that they expect them between Mar 31 and Apr 15. When you call during the “release” time, they love to give these standard answers, which in my mind are blatant lies.

  • Jeff, any knowledge about Arizona? They told me today that they haven’t received scores for any section.

  • I don’t believe NASBA even began looking at any AUD or REG scores until this morning. I’m sure they farted around on Friday afternoon and then got off work at 430 like any other day. Hopefully, they worked their tails off today and got those Audit and Reg scores ready for loading. It is not like they are having to grade the darn things.

  • TX Hopeful
    BEC 72, 71, 76
    FAR 58, 76
    REG 62, 86
    AUD 72, ???

    I consider the failing scores practice exams.


  • Unless it has since changed, Friday’s updating loads on Monday morning, according to the coordinator for Louisiana. I confirmed that with her a few months ago her via email. That absolutely sucks that it would be that way, but she confirmed that it is.

  • Thanks jeff! I just hope I get it before this weekend so I don’t spend another weekend wishing a score to appear… πŸ˜‰

  • I said 5 days b/c it took me about 5 calendar days to get my REG (74) score after wave 2.

    I won’t have any insight on Wave 2a unless Joanne sends me a heads-up that they got some more in.

    Even then…NASBA = IL + 1 business day

  • BEC 68, 77
    REG 65, ???
    FAR 71

    Hopefully I’m halfway there after REG posts tomorrow (and it better post!)

  • Jeff when you sat 1 to 5 days for people who are in the “close” range… is it reality for expect 5 days or can we actually get the score in just another day? And will you have inside information on those score release dates? Thank you!!

  • When I took my first test (FAR) I was at a Prometric site where they had ancient monitors. I think they were from the early 90s. In addition to the headache I was getting from the monitor the people in the room kept getting up. There were only 4 stations in the room, and I don’t know what tests the two other people in there were taking, but they were getting up for breaks every hour. It was really distracting.

  • I may set the clock for 5 am tomorrow. If I get a passing score, I may run necked around Tiger Stadium and down Skip Bertman Drive. As I said before, I thought for sure I failed until I began reading all these high score-posts. Now, I believe I have a shot, but I will be ecstatic if I passed and am finally through.

  • Yea, all the other sections got their scores and left. and we have been waiting/hoping/looking since 3/17.

  • “Why can’t you chew gum during the exam?”

    Probably so you don’t distract other candidates/ other exam takers.

  • I just never wanna go back in there again. If I do have to, it will be May 30 because I can’t deal with a long wait again.

  • Looks like I’m checking at 6am tomorrow morning. Good luck to all. You are going to see hear from one upset CPA candidate tomorrow morning if REG isn’t posted.

  • I don’t know about everyone else but I use both the foam earplugs and the construction headphones.

    I usually can’t hear a damn thing πŸ™‚

  • “A 99 in reg???

    Well folks, if you got a 71, 72, 73 or 74 this time around in REG… know who prevented you from getting a 75.”

    That’s lame. Blame yourself, not someone else who was more prepared.

  • Thanks Jeff AUD NY still holding our breath.

    Couldn’t concentrate through the test, there was this guy behind me who typed like he wanted to kill the keyboard and those stupid contruction earphones didn’t work! I had to rush through simulation # 2, and had the worst writings in the world. Let’s see some horror stories πŸ™‚

  • Yes, if memory serves me correctly, NY, Colorado, Georgia, Connecticut, and my state, Louisiana, all have to deal with NASBA and its batch processing. NASBA does not operate on weekends, and the only batch they run is overnight. I’ve always just awoken to a score, usually around 6 am central. I have checked at 1200 and 100 am central and not had the score but then received it when I awoke at 6 am. I hate NASBA.

  • sucks doesn’t it? one batch per day, poste in the wee hrs of the morn! how much ancient can u get?!?

  • I wish I could afford my hourly billing rate, I think I make about 15% of it pre-tax (and that’s assuming a 40/hr week, which we all know doesn’t happen this time of year).

  • I dunno about NY AUD…it seems NY people always get their scores delayed…or at least they mention it more than other candidates…NY releases through NASBA so I would think NY would get their scores with everyone else…

  • Hi Jeff,

    Should we NY AUD folks be considering ourselves borderline (72-77)? What do u thik? I sat 02/23/09 and was reaaaaaally hoping for a score today 😐

    Thanks for this blog it’s really great, specially for people like me who need to share our thoughts and get some relief while we’re at it.

  • It’d be nice if there was a charge code for this blog and the NASBA page

    the charge code can be reached by hitting the Donate button under this message and then enter your hourly billing rate

  • i agree. it is a bunch of Bravo Sierra. they should at least give their logic for waiting until nightfall. i want my audit score!

  • I’m in the same boat in the same bayou in Louisiana. This Reg is my last one. I have never gotten a score until morning. I sat 9 times before this one…always morning. I don’t see why the heck NASBA refuses to do a batch during the freaking daytime. More importantly, since this is the 21st century, they should be able to utilize an online, real-time system. This thoroughly pisses me off. I’m writing a letter.

  • GEEZ…c’mon NASBA! Waiting on Louisiana REG here. Did I read somewhere above that NASBA usually posts early in the morning?

  • after a 10 week wait i received my score at 2:42 pm today. this was my third time having taken reg so it is a huge relief…MD seems to be posting scores finally

  • yeah…I almost wrote that I posted a tweet, but as a recent Twitter convert, I know that many don’t know what a tweet is…

    good call though

  • Yep…I twittered this morning… πŸ™‚

    (sounds odd, btw…)

    I think its supposed to be "tweeted" (which sounds even weirder btw) when you are talking about making a post to twitter.

    There was actually a whole conversation about this on Mike & Mike in the morning today (ESPN radio)

  • A 99 in reg???

    Well folks, if you got a 71, 72, 73 or 74 this time around in REG… know who prevented you from getting a 75.

  • Is REG predicted to be released to NASBA tomorrow morning?

    Yep…I twittered this morning… πŸ™‚

    (sounds odd, btw…)

  • I wonder if the same coordinator is in charge of Louisiana, Georgia, and Colorado? I could have sworn I heard that. Looking at the pattern over the last 11 months that I’ve dealt with this, it wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t think those 3 states have released Audit or Reg.

  • Yep, I only left the 1 tab blank but felt I did badly overall, with the exception of the research and the writing. Now, I can’t help but feel that I may pass.

  • I really like the website “ as mentioned by an earlier poster. Just wasted about 20 mins that my public client will be paying for πŸ™‚ But I guess it is OK since I just passed AUD.

  • It’s interesting because when I walked out of the exam I was 100% I failed. I managed to finish the test, but I’m pretty sure I got one of the sims completely wrong and the other one only partially correct. I’m pretty sure I answered both research questions correctly, but that’s about it. Now the longer I wait the more I think I might have actually passed the exam. Hopefully I’m right so I don’t have to spend my first vacation studying.

  • Yes, the Reg scores have been very high, which has given me new hope. One person mentioned not finishing a whole sim and still scored in the 80s. I left 1 tab of 1 sim blank and have always thought I failed until now. My luck with this Reg has absolutely sucked, first a 74, then another 74. Now that people are scoring high, I expect to pass, which will leave me jack daniels devastated if I don’t.

  • On a side note, if you want to check something other than the NASBA site this is pretty funny:

    It’s also quite accurate, which is pretty sad for us accountants.

    This is SOOOO true.

    Seriously who didn’t love #17??

    Ahhh, this post made my day.

    Honorable mention goes to post-it flags, white-out tape, and lack of sleep. I often get home from studying at around midnight only to watch TV til 2am…

  • Just by reading some of these posts it seems the people who take REG in early january and have been waiting have been getting a really high grade or a borderline grade…since I think I was probably borderline, I’m pretty worried right now.

  • “Has anyone noticed a trend that the reg scores released are a bit high??”

    Those are just the people posting, not all scores. The people who didn’t get the high scores are probably less likely to post

  • “Has anyone attended Becker’s one day (for each part) live review “cram” course and found it helpful?”

    I have heard that sometimes it is a class that watches a video instead of a live person. Also, try to get recommendations for the instructor fisrt, to make sure you get your money’s worth.

  • NY REG from 1/6 here. Hopefully the scores will be up tomorrow. I also noticed that a lot of REG scores seem to be very high. Hopefully they saved some passing scores for NYS as well. Good luck everyone.

  • Yeah, it's high! I guess it was a great test window for the candidates while AICPA test the new Stimulations- trial & error.

  • If REG 99 were to allocate 15 points to us, REG 74 would be pissed off cause he/she would have flunked!

  • I agree You should request that NASBA re-allocate at least 15 points
    Just kidding Congrats Well done
    I am still waiting for my REG The exam was horrible
    Caribbean Girl

  • I would disregard that 99, only an artificially intelligent system called skynet can get a score like that.

  • No REG in Arizona as of today. Do the states not all receive their scores at the same time?

  • REG 99? You should request NASBA to allocate at least 15 of those points to less fortunate candidates.

    NY REG (took on 1/5…still waiting)

  • you can get a 99..perfect score. friend of mine got a 99 on far…i suppose you can get it on any exam. nice job! id tell you not to study so much for the next one but youre done! so enjoy πŸ™‚ kaplan says just aim for a 75..speaking of, how come no one uses’s been good to me so far.

  • AUD 91
    FAR 92
    BEC 83
    REG 99

    Just got the REG this morning from VA, so I am done. I pretty much unnecessarily had to wait until the 2nd wave, but I guess it was worth the wait (besides all the stress I endured second guessing myself)?

  • My Bro-in-law in TX didn’t even get to one of his REG sims and still passed with an 83. This exam is in no way predictable.

  • ok so to all of the people that passed REG in VA and CA…were you surprised that you passed? my sims were brutal!!! so i’m afraid there isn’t much chance for me πŸ™

    I passed with an 80 in CA. I have a friend in VA who passed with an 87. Both of us thought we failed, mainly cause we both had brutal sims. My second sim in particular I’d be surprised if I even got half of it right.

    We are proof positive that you can bomb one of the simulations and still pass.

  • I have not received my score on REG from Maine State yet. I took it on 2/21…still waiting…

  • Yes I was very surprised that I passed REG. With FAR & AUD, I wasn't sure with MCs but at least I knew what I was doing in SIMs. So I think that's what helped me passed. However with REG, I was struggling with MCs and the SIMs! I felt so defeated after that exam…more torture to wait 1.5 months for result! now onto studying for BEC the 2nd time. Crossing my fingers that it will be my last exam EVER!


  • hahaha OOB!!!(old orchard beach) that’s in maine. we should all have a summer party there: jeff, if i pass this damn audit exam i’ll buy you shots (youre wife, too if she drinks)

  • ok so to all of the people that passed REG in VA and CA…were you surprised that you passed? my sims were brutal!!! so i’m afraid there isn’t much chance for me πŸ™

  • I didn’t know anything existed in Maine besides lobsters and fictional Stephen King towns

  • Spoke with representative for Ohio, Missouri, Rhode Island – his response:

    “The first batch of REG scores are being transmitted today. Check online after 7:00 p.m. central time this evening”

  • I missed Wave 2 for REG once (74)…others get their scores after Wave 2 and still pass in the 75,76,77…an occasional 90 out of nowhere also…anything is possible.

  • same boat in mass. i took mine 2/11 no score. friend took it end of month and got hers. she passed. she sucks. kidding. i know she is reading this…:)

  • My AUD grade for NY is not up, and my friend’s is. I took mine 2/24, she took hers 2/26! Wth!

  • Any one from CO got AUD Score, I gave my exam on 01/12 Still waiting for result,

    Jeff, Does it mean I am on borderline or NASBA still uploading score for second wave,
    Please help

  • Yes
    I passed Financial with a 76. I received mine a few days later than the other NASBA people.

  • has anyone ever been on the fence range (receiving their score later than others) and passed? wicked nervous here with audit!

  • Birthday was this weekend and no results. I don’t think I passed, but I would rather know for sure, so I can study in earnest and pass my third section(BEC).

  • To the person in NH

    No REG for me yet either, I expect an email this afternoon and an online post tomorrow, if not then I’ll consider myself on the fence.

  • I just called MD board. I gave the woman my info, and she said they haven’t received MY scored from NASBA. She didn’t tell me if they have received any, or just not mine. All the other indie states have released some gotten and released REG. I’m just trying to figure out if I am on that border line, or what. If anyone received a REG score from MD, please let us know. I’m really buggin out!

  • can anybody see if they can call in to get REG scores in Colorado, I called in but with all those automated messages, I’m not sure where to go.

  • Those in VA who said they called to get their REG score, do you usually release through NASBA?

  • Still waiting on CA REG. Am guessing this puts me in the regrading bucket. Losing faith but trying to stay positive.

  • Hi Mendy. Could you share what date did you took the exam? I took AUD on 02/23/09 in NYC and still not score at the nasba site. Thanks!

  • I passed the last part of the exams- REG. Called up the VA BOA and she gave me the score over the phone. Took it on 2/28 and AUD 1/27 ( passed with 77)

    I have been studying for the CPA exams for over than 1 year. Working full time in a big-4 ( which you may know the hours are very long). Sometimes I fell asleep while studying at night after a long day.

    Except for BEC, I didn’t pass the other 3 parts on the first try so the experience has been very hard to me.

    Thank you Jeff for sharing your experience. and Good luck to everyone on the board who are still taking the exams. Don’t give up.

  • Has anyone received their AUD score in Oklahoma? I just called the OAB and they said that they haven’t received the scores yet….which seems kind of hard to believe since they have been released by every other state….thanks

  • Waiting on FAR scores via USPS here in MS. If/when anyone from MS gets a score on this, will you let me know? The wait is killing me…

  • everyone who did well on suck! haha kidding, great job!!! im still waiting…so nervous! especially knowing i am likely 72-76..fingers crossed. and again congrats to all those who passed!

  • I called VA and found out I passed REG with a 91! This was my first section, and I was relatively sure I didn’t do so well, as there were a lot of strange MCs. For those of you that are still waiting and had that weird “I have no clue how that went” feeling when you left the exam center, you may have done better than you think.

  • The scores are posted in a batch, so if it’s not up yet it won’t be at least until tomorrow morning.

  • What time do the scores go up in the morning on Nasba? Is it all at once? Should I keep checking back for my REG score, or should I just wait until tomorrow?

  • For those who are waiting for AUD scores in NY, they are out this morning… Just wanted to pass it along.

  • 87 in AUD… Stick a fork in me, I am DONE!!! Thanks for all the work you put into the blog… now its Bonus Time Woohooohohohohoho!!!!

  • I took AUD on 2/25 in TX…the wait is finally over, I scored an 85! Two for two! Good luck everyone!

  • Got a 71 on AUD today. Was supposed to be my last exam. Pretty disappointed to have to study for it all over again, I did about 100 hours last time. How am I supposed to focus?

  • If you don’t have your score for AUD now…your sims are likely being re-graded and you should have your score within 5 days or so…and per Joanne @ IL…these candidates are borderline (72-77).

    That doesn’t make you feel very good, but I thought you would want to know instead of wondering.

  • If scores are not posted by 7am I wonder of there’s a possibility for the scores to be realeased later during the day.

  • Does anyone know if 89% being released is a normal amount? Is there normally 11% that are borderline? Thanks!

  • Alright guys… so the wait is finally over this morning as i scored an 85 on my AUD section.

    Good luck to all who are waiting and thanks to Jeff. One down & three more to go…later everyone.

  • I am finally done. Passed AUD with a pretty decent score. That means I must have wasted someone’s time at some point. But nonetheless I passed and can finally live my life.

    Lauren, NY

  • ugh!! so when Jeff when you said 89% of AUD is here, does that mean the other 11% is borderline?

  • They’re here!!!! I must be the first one who woke up in the middle of the night. 79 baby! Now i can finally get some sleep.

  • Cool trick Abe.

    So why aren’t the scores uploaded? What, it’s a weekend? How many of us have worked seven days a week since january?

  • Attn: Anonymous who took REG as last part. No, I don’t think it means that. The system let’s you register for parts that you passed too, so there’s no reason to think you didn’t pass.

  • Abe…What if I took REG and it was my last section and I was able to log in for re-registration? Does it mean NASBA got my score and I failed????

  • If you are waiting for REG, and want to make sure that at least NASBA has your score, and you’re not from the last few unluckiers, here’s how you can find out. Go to the NASBA website for your state and go to the reexamination registration link. I tried to go a few times and register for my last 2 exams, and I couldn’t log in. I called the CPA exam board, and they told me that it is a ‘safety’ feature. If you are waiting for scores the site won’t let you register online for the other exams. The reason is because they are worried that you are sure you flunked the exam you took, and you will reregister, only to find out later, to your great dismay, that you passed. Then is will be a hassle to get your money back. They, therefore, don’t let you log in. The point being, that until NASBA receives your score you can’t log in. I tried at the end of last week and couldn’t log in. I just tried now (Sunday night) and I was able to log in. I assume that means they received my score. So if you want to know if they got your score, try to log in. If you get in, then they have your score.

  • Thank you Abe, but I don’t remember my first 3 notifications to be cumulative. Guess I’ll have to watch out for number for. NASBA: Please post NJ REG tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  • Attention JD: I believe each notification from NASBa is cumulative, and the letter lists all the exams you passed up to the time of the letter.

  • Question: If you pass all four exams will you get some kind of notification as to that effect? I threw out my old exam scores (I’m an idiot) during Spring Cleaning and NASBA charges $25 a pop for score reprints. I guess if I have to pay $75 for the reprints, I will. Just trying to think how to recoup the fees spent on the exam with my firm.

  • It’d be nice if there was a miracle and NASBA has scores for both AUD and REG posted tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • So should we expect NY REG results on Tuesday ? I hope I haven’t been studying for FAR for nothing …

  • An MBA is still a great accomplishment and far be it from me to bash it when someone has dropped $15k-$40k (or more in some instances…).

  • re: AUD scores…

    btw – I do think AUD will be there tomorrow AM for NASBA. Don’t hate me if I’m wrong, but if I were waiting on my AUD score – I would wake up tomorrow AM expecting it.

  • I took REG on 2/26. It’s my last section, and I came out feeling like I didn’t pass within a long shot but am still clinging to the hope that I passed by some miracle. I reeeeeeeaaaaaally want to know how the hell I did. I’m eaten up with nervousness. My stomach’s a ball of knots. I may vomit onto my keyboard in a moment due to aforementioned ailments coupled with indegestion from the Thai food I forced down my gullet an hour ago. Why, oh why, oh why can’t the REG scores for AK just be posted already??????

    ~ Suffering in AK

  • I have my MBA from a state school and I am here to tell you….the workload doesn’t compare to the CPA exam. One must be way more determined and disciplined studying for the CPA exam than the MBA.

  • It is amazing to see how people assume that if you take all 4 parts in a short period of time that you don’t have any other obligations. I am a junior accountant and I work more hours than some managers. Yet some of the managers failed. It is funny to see how this one manager even tried to undermine the test by saying that he thought the test was not reflective of anything. Of course, he didn’t pass and didn’t bother to retake. I took 4 parts in 4 consecutive days because I was pissed at the CPAs who passed many moons ago who bragged about having to take it all in 2 days. I just wanted to show them that I didn’t have it easy either. Had I passed all 4, they would have shut up for good but I was stuck with 1. YES there is a lot of arrogance with this CPA thing.

  • what’s wrong with a state school MBA?

    As soon as I posted that I thought someone might take that the wrong way. If I get an MBA…it will be from a state school. The state MBA guy that I was thinking of thinks he went to Harvard and telling him about a CPA score would leave him unimpressed…he thinks he went to Harvard.

    I didn’t mean to stick my foot in my mouth πŸ™‚

  • i agree, lets get back on topic. will we get our scores tomorrow through NASBA or will it take until Tuesday specifically in regards to aud? thanks!!

  • to all who feel its necessary to announce your scores to the world… congratulations, you deserve to happy and proud of what you've accomplished, but just remember…

    *what's the difference between a CPA who scored straight 90's and a CPA who barely made it into the "300 club" (aka all 75's)? –> NOTHING*

  • “if you can’t share your score with fellow candidates – who can you share it with?…the marketing major in the cube next to you with the state school MBA? lol…”


  • Okay back to the topic, will we get our result tomorrow morning or not!?

    Sorry if I sound so grumpy, Nasba ruined by weekend!!!!

  • I completely agree…

    There is nothing more impressive to me than what Jeff did.

    To truly be able to appreciate success sometimes you have to taste failure in life.

    To overcome what Jeff did and pass the exam after taking it so many times is 100 times more impressive to me than someone who takes all four in four consecutive days.

  • I agree with Jeff. This is some exam. Only those of us who have taken it can really understand what it takes. I am anxiously awaiting the results of my first part. Colleagues posting their experiences and grades make us all feel like it is possible, no matter what obstacles we have going on. Who is to say taking the test in four consecutive days is more impressive than multitasking a full-time job and family obligations and spreadiing the exam over 6 months? Everyone of us is different, everyone of us has our own obstacles we have to overcome. Let us congratulate those who pass as well as those who persevere even when faced with failing. It takes a lot to dust yourself off and do it again.

  • First of all Thank you for the great site updates, it was great waking up 5 in the morning knowing that I have finally completed all 4 parts of the exam.

    Does anyone know that I have to wait for the congratulatory letter before going to pay for the license fee? Am I allow to prepay it? I am a resident of New York so I don’t need the ethics exam.

  • I think part of what CA was referring to was like what that person said at the top of this page “whats more impressive is taking all 4 at once blah blah blah” no one cares bud

  • I think the post on 3/21 at 12:39 was ridiculous. Telling us that he is superior because he took all 4 tests in 4 days. What a croc of bull. Nice try, but his stnt didn’t even work and he failed one. How stupid to do that and intentionally compromise his passing capability.

    I took all 4 in 3 weeks because I got my NTS in late October, had no idea how I would do, so just took them all for practice ASAP. A strategic plan, not a dumb stunt.

  • If you can’t share your score with fellow candidates – who can you share it with?…the marketing major in the cube next to you with the state school MBA? lol…

    No one truly appreciates how hard this exam except for CPAs, CPA candidates, and their spouses. Everyone else thinks you “must be good at math”.

    If you fail – vent.

    If you pass – shout your score from the rooftops

    Both are welcome…and healthy.

  • I agree with mawillar. I actually feel much better knowing that… there are people out there miserable as I am during this dreadful journey no matter how long it took you to pass all 4 exams.


  • CA,

    I dont know why you would think sharing your score qualifies someone as being a bag-of-douche.

    Part of what makes this site so therapeutic for people is the fact that not only do you realize that you are not the only miserable person out there studying for this beast of an exam but you can also share in the joy of your and other people’s success.

    FYI – nobody likes a buzzkill

    Just my two cents…

  • love the site, great resource for scoring updates. Please do your part to keep it Douche bag free. Everyone’s happy for everyone who passed. No need to advertise your score or how long it took to pass the exams. Congrats to those who passed their last one!

  • “… or somewhere… :)”

    LOL! Just don’t move to Arkansas or Mississippi, we are in the backwoods here. Getting result via snail mail.

  • NASBA and the score release timing is really making me rethink moving to CA or IL or somewhere… πŸ™‚

  • Feliz Cumpleanos Jeff…is your prediction for NASBA to upload second wave AUD scores on Monday? Thanks for all of your help and for giving us a place to vent!

  • IL REG/AUD were posted online around noon. The eGateway should be up and running. Are folks still having problems? Please post here if you are and I might be able to have the tech guy check it out.
    IL is waiting on the following scores:

    re 11:26 a.m. post: "It's ironic that my job is to go in & assist companies in streamlining processes and this is how I become certified." I presume that was aimed at the AICPA b/c state boards are at their mercy also, as is NASBA.

    Illinois Joanne

  • In CA – have not received a score for REG, very vervous… anyone received a failing score in CA?

  • Passed REG in IL! I’m in shock. I still can’t believe it. I really thought I screwed up on the mcqs.

  • “Anyone else having a problem getting through to the IL results?”

    Maybe if you try the site to much it ‘times you out’, I could be wrong but I was refreshing the page all morning on my work computer and could not get to the login screen of the IL Egateway.

    When I read on here that IL REG was up, I still couldn’t get on. I found my score by turning on my personal laptop, that worked, I got in right away. If you have access to another computer, I’d try that. Good Luck!

  • Borderline?, I’m from CA and I still didn’t receive my REG score yet. I’m really getting nervous. And to top it off, today is my birthday. This is either going to be a really happy birthday or a depressing one. Good luck to everyone here.

  • I hate NASBA. Seriously, with the fees they charge, they couldn’t have someone come in today to run the updates?

  • Yes I am from IL my score was not up, then the site went down again, and my score is still not up.

  • Waaa! I still don’t have my CA REG score. Does this mean I’m borderline or just didn’t pass? Are there any CA REG scores out that were no pass?

  • Reg Scores are posted in IL! Got a 79, I dont even know how. I didnt have enough time to get through the law portion in the Wiley books. Plus, Im not even that smart to begin with, lol.

  • MD and other states that may not work on Saturdays will most likely have REG scores available Monday.

  • Hey guys, wait is over for me in CA…I got an 80!

    So freaking pumped — I dont know what to do with myself.

    I got my score and ran around the office with a fist in the air “Wahooooooooooo” (I’m working today).

    Anyways, good luck to everyone else!

    PS – took my exam 2/17 for the person wondering earlier.

  • REG 85 in IL. I am now done with CPA.

    I am deeply Japanese, but graduated from Penn State (with very out-of-state tuition) and I am now US CPA.

    Jeff and Joanne, thank you so much for helping so many people even in Japan.

  • Oh gosh! I took Reg on 1/2 and I literally thought I failed.. Receiving my scores so late made me even more nervous!

    I passed but barely… I’ll take it! FAR is really my last test and its in two weeks. Hard to believe!!

  • It is OK if you pass 4 out of 4 on the first try. What is more impressive is if you can pass all 4 taking in 2 to 4 consecutive days. I remember from the last testing window that someone did what I did, taking all for in 4 days. That person passed all 4 but I failed 1 and I was pretty pissed. It was quite a bruise to my ego because friends and coworkers thought I was pretty smart. πŸ™‚

  • I took REG on 2/26 in CA, and I just got my score. Yes, I passed! This means that I’m now 3 for 3! Only one more section left to go, and that’s BEC.

  • Has anybody got REG score in Delaware? I just want to know if I can finally put this to a rest. I was kinda pissed I wasn’t among those who passed all for on the first try but if you did, more power to you. πŸ™‚

  • So far I am noticing that all of the REG CA posts are passers in the 80’s and 90’s. Anyone outside of that range?

  • I think when the egateway is not responding is when they are uploading the scores? That’s how it has seemed before. Last time it didn’t work, the BEC scores came up about 2 hours later.

    I’m sitting here studying for FAR and praying my “PASS” score comes up for REG! If so, then FAR is really my last test which would be amazing. If that happens, all 4 tests in 6 months while working busy season.


    CA REG is out.

    REG Advisory Score: 84 – Attended: 02/25/2009 12:54:00


  • Took REG in CA 1/31 and finally rec’d my score today…80!!yipeee! I’m actually excited to study for BEC for the second time! Happy B-day JEFF and thanks SO much for this awesome website to let us vent!! πŸ™‚


  • CA has REG score now. I’m done with the CPA exam.
    Got a 90 for REG and it really surprised me cuz I thought I did poorly on REG due to the weird sim
    and tons of unfamiliar MCQ.

  • From 11:28 post – Sorry – just saw Joanne’s post about the IL tech guy. Man! You shouldn’t let them have vacation or sick days around this time of the month πŸ˜‰

    Will check later this afternoon…

  • The IL Board site says they received/released only 84% of total AUD exams taken, sounds like you unfortunately are not in that 84%??

  • So I took Reg Jan 2 in Iowa but my board is in IL. Still no results. This is so frustrating. I took AUD on Feb 22 and I've already received my score. What a horrible process. It's ironic that my job is to go in & assist companies in streamlining processes and this is how I become certified.

    I'm pretty surprised that IL has not received their scores as they usually receive them the same time as CA? Anyone know what's going on?

  • Passed REG in CA!!! I took it on 2/26. Jeff, thanks so much for this blog! It’s helped keep me sane. Good luck to everyone. Btw I swore I had failed – left a simulation mostly blank, had “Tammy thunder thumbs” next to me, and got an 87, so there’s hope for everyone.

  • CA Here…not in first batch of REG Release…for the 4th time…70,72,73…anyone ever pass by being in the second batch of the release?

  • Happy b-day Jeff! Mine is later on this month too…

    I got my REG score this morning in CA. Yes, I cleared this section with 80. I thought for sure I failed after walking out of the exam and right up until the score released. One more section to go – AUD.

    I took the exam on 1/20/09.

  • Hmmm… Well thank you for your response. It helps to know but that means I probably get to stress a bit longer. Good luck to everyone and happy birthday Jeff!

  • For those of you who got their REG scores in CA this morning, when did you take your exams? Just wondering really if you are the ones who had a chance of being in wave 1 but had to wait the longest. My score still isn’t posted… πŸ™ Hoping that doesn’t mean I am an on the fence wave 2a post that gets to wait several more days.

  • Tuesday for Reg Jeff?

    are we under promising, over delivering?

    I do think it’s Tuesday…I don’t hedge…you can get that by calling NASBA and their “all scores wil be released by mid-April” line.

    This Wave the predictions weren’t worth the bandwidth they were printed on. I showed my work and how I arrived at it…it happens.

    I do think REG will come out on Tuesday because I think REG will roll out Sat/Sunday for CA/IL…NASBA will get to work Monday AM…put it all in the computer…it runs overnight…Tuesday AM release.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone…good luck Monday (AUD) and Tuesday (REG)

  • Well NASBA has to release AUD before REG…

    … right?

    I think so…it takes NASBA at least a full business day to process everything. If REG comes out over the weekend for CA/IL…NASBA won’t put it out until Tuesday AM.

  • Our newest addition is still cooking a 2-3 more weeks. I still count her…just not for tax purposes yet. My Twitter profile says four…I didn’t want to have to update it later.

    After 3 boys (ages 5 and under)…a little girl will be a welcomed addition to our wild household.

    Her actual due date is April 15th. Fitting, I guess.

  • Happy Birthday Jeff, and how’s the newest addition to your family doing? Please thank your wife for letting you pursue your hobby of helping us.

  • Thanks everyone!

    31 is the new 25 I told myself this morning.


    Congrats on being done Matthew!…congrats on the 92 on REG A.S. … and everyone else out there.

  • Yea, Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you got over the disappointment of not having ur bday on the first day of spring. its just he second day…….no biggy.

  • Looks like Jeff is right, monday for all Nasba states. Dang It!

    Oh BTW, Happy Birthday Jeff!

  • Honestly,
    i am not braggin at all, i honestly thought that i had failed the test, this is just a shock.

  • Anonymous @ 8:44 –

    Yes, the CA website releases the advisory scores at the bottom of the page in the “status” box. Once the score is official, it will show up at the top of the page, usually a couple days later.

  • Hey Matthew, since you are in CA, can you please answer my question regarding advisory scores that i just wrote. above a minute ago.

  • I got a question, PLEASE PEOPLE HELP. In CA, the advisory scores are posted on the very bottom of the STATUS right, is that correct? i got a 92 in there but i dont believe it.

  • REG is out in CA!!

    I am done! 4/4!!

    Thank you Jeff for the huge contribution you have made to our little community of candidates!!

  • I ditto the TX comment above. My updated date and time did not change despite me being told yesterday that there was going to be an update. I feel deceived.

  • all they care about is those 3 letters after your name. I was pretty much told in an interview for a job (not where I took a job, mind you) that while they were impressed with my grades that my masters meant little or nothing compared to the CPA designation…

  • reply to an earlier post: I graduated graduate school with a 4.0. grades don’t mean squat when it comes to this test…

  • Nobody received scores in TX:
    When I log in I see this:
    “Last updated: 03/20/2009 03:13”.
    Previously, this date has changed if anything was posted for anyone (i.e. even if I didn’t get any scores).
    – Rebecca

  • No NASBA REG up for NY on Saturday morning.

    Looks like Monday/Tuesday for us NASBA folks…

    NY REG

  • Great job for those who have passed in 4 months or less. I studied for 5 months, sat in for all 4 parts 4 days in a row and passed 3 of them. REG is the only one I had to repeat and I am still waiting on it. I had no clue about 1 sim tab. Hopefully many people had trouble with that one. I don’t feel dumb or smart though I graduated from grad school with a 3.94 GPA. Maybe law school next if I do well on the LSAT, which I have less confidence on….LOL

  • NASBA w/o results = GAAP Departure…. will this get me a passing grade, eh!

    Give us our AUD results!!!!!

  • Has anyone in MD ever gotten their scores released on a Saturday. REG is my last section, and from my prior sections, I’ve seen MD and IL post on the same day, so I figure, if IL has the scores, so does MD.

  • Does the latest tweet mean that the 2nd wave of REG is finally here and will be available on Monday and Tuesday? Hopefully Monday for me, as I am from VA. and that additional AUD beyond the 2nd wave initial release will also be released?

  • For CA candidates,


    Since CA has the REG results, but the Board is closed on 3rd friday due to furloughs. Do you think we might get a grade post tomorrow morning????

  • lol, yea maybe i shd go and do that to, even though i passed it already! at least that would prevent me from hitting the submit button over and over and over…..again.


  • I am really not sure if I should be glad or sad about the REG news. you know. its like a glimmer of hope but still with such uncertainty since I for one my not be in the ‘large batch’ and we might still have to wait until monday.


  • IL web notice is now fixed. Sorry about that. Don’t know when the other “indie” states (e.g. TX and CA) or NASBA will get REG and the add’l AUD posted.
    IL’s will be out there sometime Saturday afternoon, as my regular tech guy is gone. So IL: sleep in (Har!) and check after lunch. Best we can do at this point. AICPA said there would be a few stragglers coming out next week, but I don’t know when. Enjoy your almost first day of spring (mighty sensitive that Jeff fellow is, isn’t he??), even while you wait.

  • hey jeff! let me know if you need any help! i’ll be glad to help. the LMB site is a project that I started about a week ago, but since it was my first time working on standalone wordpress, i had some problems that took more time that necessary.

    i love this site you have, i’m thinking about creating a site with user-generated content that gathers together a web-based accounting community where everyone of can share our ideas, situations, knowledge, and experiences. no one really understands the life of accountants except our fellow peers. maybe we can work on something like that together.

    feel free to aim/gTalk/e-mail me at

  • Sadly, since I start studying for CPA exam I am around coffee shops and coffee makers:) alot…

    This one is for REG!

  • lmb – that’s a slick WP blog, btw. I’m moving this site to WordPress (and having it hosted) within the next 2 weeks…still tweaking things.

  • ‘I’m not sure what to think of those fart knockers at this point.’

    BAHAHAHA fart knockers…awesome! whoever said that..simply awesome!

  • so if nasba received a batch does that mean that they will post it .. or will they wait till they receive all??

  • IL doesn’t have them yet, btw…I should note that…she was just letting me know NASBA rec’d them.

  • per Joanne @ IL…Large batch of REG and small batch of AUD scores released to NASBA today

    …doubt they appear Satuday AM, but it’s possible.

    IL will get them uploaded ASAP, but they are having tech issues.

  • How could someone take the exam on 1/3/09 and still not get the results back ? Don’t they realize there is a time deadline !!??

  • You’re right. I’ve been getting the zits too. I’ll go out with you. My girlfriend is out of town. Tell me wear to fly to, I’ll go to the backyard to the money tree, and then be on my way.

  • I am getting anxiety over AUD score……frig NASBA. Since this morning I have gotten a MONSTER zit on my face. AWESOME! Now if I do pass my boyfriend won’t even want to makeout……

    Kidding. But really. Severe anxiety = monster zit.

  • I’ll say REG release to CA/IL by Sunday/Monday and NASBA by Tuesday…where FAR was originally predicted…3/23

  • If I’m not mistaken, I believe that Colorado and Georgia and even a few of the Northeastern states (maybe Deleware and Connecticut) are tied into the same NASBA that I’m with (Louisiana). I have confirmed with them a few things. They definitely only update over night via batch style. They do not work overtime. They finally started having a Friday night batch that loads on Saturday morning instead of Monday morning as it used to be. Finally, they are located in Nashville, which I think is Eastern Time Zone.

  • Yes, like you, Jeff, Joanne from Illinois is my favorite kind of person. She appears to be compassionate towards us, knowing that we are all going crazy waiting for news. This site has been great and is pretty darn fun.

  • You guys are making me laugh! I don’t think there could have been a better story for a Friday afternoon.

  • Jeff, have you heard anything on the release of the REG scores from Joanne or NASBA or AICPA?

    I haven’t heard a thing…Joanne has been nice enough to e-mail me when she hears something…all quiet…I’ll twitter the second I hear anything (if I do).

  • I got very lucky in that the smell wasn’t as bad as most of mine have been lately. I find myself laughing even at goofy things, even things that you probably heard in elementary school or perhaps never heardat all. For example, the other day I asked this guy something. Not sure if this makes a difference, but he is from Florida and I’m from Louisiana. His answer to my question was “cross between an elephant and a rhino.” I said, “what????” He said, “elephino.” I had never heard that before, and yes, I know it is as silly as silly gets, but I got a good laugh out of that one.

  • AHAHAHAHAA “carpetbomb”

    That happens to me all the time…would you believe I keep a fan under my desk to blow the fumes out of my office?

    Worst thing you could do is eat a whole can of cannellini beans for dinnner. You might as well call in sick the next day cause it’s just bad news…lol.

  • I'm totally the same way…I really think it says a lot about a person when they can laugh at themself (themselves?? — my brain is numb right now).

    My ability to find the humor in just about every situation is probably the reason I have not gone completely loony.

    Music also helps…I have recently become completely obsessed with this song (hope it's cool to post this on here Jeff, if not let me know):

  • When I was in public I had a female boss who pretty much left me alone and didn’t come in my office…so 99% of the time I was “safe” to carpetbomb the place.

    Wouldn’t you know it ~ 5 seconds after detonation, she comes walking in and pulls up a chair next to me to go over a tax return.


  • It really made everyone’s day. I don’t mind being the joke. It was actually very entertaining.

  • There are few worse things that I can think of doing in a staff meeting than that.

    That is awesome!

  • The fact that I am a silly guy that loves to laugh and cut up is probably a big part of why I’ve stayed fairly sane through this whole CPA testing saga. I’ll share something with you that hopefully will make you chuckle, especially if you can sort of picture this. We had a staff meeting yesterday. I was stretching my arms vertically and accidentally farted , and you could have heard a pen drop, it was so darn loud. It was one of those kind that sort of feels like it cut your butt. I was so embarassed but after a few seconds decided just to laugh with everyone in there. And don’t picture a big slob. I’m your normal average to above-avgerage-looking guy who just accidentally cut one in a freaking CAFR meeting.

  • Jeff, I’m sorry but the little TV screen we have in our elevators at work also said it was the 1st day of spring. I’d smash it for you, but I’d like to keep my job.

  • NH is a NASBA state, they just email you afternoon before it gets posted, if you chose to be emailed instead of mailed. I got FAR yesterday via email and it posted this morning on NASBA. It hits NASBA the same day as everyone else.

  • well if it makes u feel better it does say 11:47 pm .. which means its 13 mins from the 21st. So ur right, its the 21st kinda.

  • I’m too angry about March 20th to think about REG right now.

    I’m off to edit WikiAnswers…

  • March 20th – is the 1st day of spring for 2009
    The first day of spring for 2009 is March 20th, a Friday. I think the first day of spring is on this date for every year..

    Addendum to the above answer:

    Spring comes in between the 19th to the 23rd of March and at different times. It changes on a yearly basis because the first official day of spring is the (Spring) Vernal EQUINOX. This is when the sun is directly above the equator. It rises due East and sets due West and does not do so on the exact same day every year since the calendar is not exactly 365 precise days every single year. In 2009, spring will arrive on March 20th, as stated above and the sun will be above the equator, crossing to the northern hemisphere at 11:47pm (ish)

  • Congrats to the person who passed all 4 sections in 4 months! Consider passing your “story” along to Jeff to help benefit others.

  • I dont know but my calendar says March 20 is the first day of spring..

    BURN IT. It is trash propaganda put out by people with inferior birth dates.

  • CA reports through their own website, along with IL and VA (although their site apparently sucks).

    Not sure of any other states.

  • on the first day of Spring..

    Incorrect! The first day of Spring is March 21 – my birthday. There are people born on March 20 and March 22 who hold that their birthday is the first day of spring, but they are morons and in denial.

  • For the person who doesn’t have the 2 years of experience nor wants to work in accounting for the time being and has passed all four parts… I called my board with the same question a while back (I had an awful experience with one of the Big 4 and felt the same way!). The good news is that once you pass all four parts of the exam they won’t expire just because you don’t meet the experience requirement. Basically, if you decide to get your experience 10 years from now, you can then apply for the actual certification. For the meantime you will just have passed the CPA exam, but won’t be certified. Hope that helps!

  • just thought i would change the topic and tell everyone that it snowed today in NY.. on the first day of Spring…

    Weird things can happen.. maybe we will get our REG scores today….:)

  • AUD is out in CA, WASH, and NH?

    How do these states notify? I thought the online database is updated at the same time for all states?

  • i apologize if that was taken the wrong way πŸ™‚ don’t take life/things people say seriously bueller says you’ll never come out alive πŸ™‚ take shot or 2 or 3 instead πŸ™‚ happy spring folks!

  • Everyone’s life circumstances are different…different obstacles to overcome. We all have the exam in common and I have a high amount of respect for anyone who takes it on and tries to pass it.

    Having a family and studying is hard for certain reasons…being single and studying is hard for other reasons (I don’t know if I would have had the discipline to study with no accountability, personally).

  • Thank You. I sat down and studied, still worked full time, and went out. I am actually very impressed with myself.

    And if you resent that because you didn’t pass, then it is on you and you should take full responsibility.

  • I doubt it. Louisiana's was on vacation during the 2nd wave from Oct/Nov during the peak time for score sorting & releasing. I called NASBA and confirmed that someone was "backing her up."

  • “Haha well, you can only ask for so much out of people! But I thought TX released through NASBA… am I wrong?”
    TX posts scores on its own website, not NASBA’s.

  • No – the rep is just someone wearing a headset that answers calls…the scores get uploaded en masse.

  • Michigan Nasba rep is on vacation till 03/30, is that mean we will not get our score till then?

  • Four exams in four months is very impressive nicely done!

    I don’t think it’s fair to stereotype people who pass with ease as not having a life just like I don’t think it’s right to stereotype someone who sat for the exam many times as stupid.

  • And not everyone sits in their room for 4 months straight, but can still pass, and work full time!

  • great job to those who pass in four months. however, don’t let that discourage you all who don’t. not everyone sits in their rooma nd studies all day/night for 4 months..some of us have lives (happy, fun-filled ones) and jobs (where we actually have to work). Normal people like us pass, too! πŸ™‚

  • Just a guess, but I don’t think NASBA is going to have scores for Saturday… My reasoning is that they enjoy messing with us so much and keep us waiting forever, so why should they put in the extra effort to give us scores 2 days earlier?

    I don’t get why it’s so hard for them to just give us dates when they release scores. If I knew for certain it was 3/23 I would be able to relax a bit. I’d even be willing to wait a few extra days just to have a certain release date. This whole process is too stressful.

  • Don’t hate because some people know how to test and understand the material.

    If you don’t understand, thats your problem.

  • Haha well, you can only ask for so much out of people! But I thought TX released through NASBA… am I wrong?

  • I asked if NASBA releases scores on Saturdays, and the girl was dumbfounded. She said, “I don’t know. I would assume we only do it on business days.”

    With that kind of response, I would still consider Friday a business day for scores to run tonight, but wouldn’t think they’d run on Sunday night, given that’s not a business day.

    Obviously, this girl had no clue. Shucks!

  • Thank you! Sorry I didn’t understand that this from your original post. Thanks for clarifying. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to call NASBA! haha

  • I called the TX BOA and was told the scores are updated each night. I specifically asked if they will be updated tonight and was told that “yes” they will be. So I will definitely be checking in the morning.

  • Great job! When ppl have been calling NASBA, has anyone asked if they may be releasing scores Saturday AM? Just a good question so we can all just give up until Monday, which I am pretty much doing anyways!

  • Yes, what state is the AUD score from… are u in CA or NH?… cuz those are the states which have released the results.