CPA Exam Score Release Predictions: January/February 2010 Wave 1

06 Jan 2010


By Jeff

The Wave 1 CPA Exam score release is always my favorite because I average 50% accuracy on naming the exact date NASBA will release CPA Exam scores.

On the other hand, I am terrible at Wave 2 CPA Exam score release predictions – mostly because the AICPA can be very unpredictable in Wave 2.

It's early January, but people who have already taken a section of the CPA Exam have one eye on their CPA Review course and the other on score releases, so here we go.

I will also mention that if you want the best chance of being in the Wave 1 score release, schedule your exam on Friday, February 5 2010 or before.

Nothing, is guaranteed, however. As disclosed in my Interview with the AICPA, if you get a new simulation (and only the AICPA knows whether or not you did…), then you are automatically in Wave 2, regardless of when you took your exam.

Disclaimer: They are predictions and are based on historical trends, which I have been tracking now for more than a year.

AICPA Release:

  • BEC – Friday, February 12
  • AUD – Tuesday, February 16
  • REG – Wednesday, February 17
  • FAR – Thursday, February 18

NASBA Release (posted between 9pm and midnight Eastern):

  • BEC – Monday, February 15
  • AUD – Wednesday, February 17
  • REG – Thursday, February 18
  • FAR – Friday, February 19

Every testing window, CPA Exam candidates ask the same questions about the score release process.

Hopefully, this will answer some of these questions:

1. What is the difference between the ?AICPA release? and ?NASBA release? of CPA Exam scores?

2. I see the term ?NASBA state? on your website. What does that mean? How do I know if I live in a ?NASBA state??

3. I sat for my exam on _______. When can I expect my score?

4. What time of day do CPA Exam scores come out?


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Peter 14 years ago

I registered to post blogs using the username of Whereismyscore with my email of I have not gotten my password and have tried to recover it several times. Can you help me with this issue. Thanks

Jeff - 14 years ago

Some mail systems have issues with my forum...very few, but it happens and they can't get their password. I will e-mail you your password. Thanks! - Jeff

Jen 14 years ago

Thanks Jeff! Think there's any chance I'll get my BEC score in the first wave if I sit for it on February 6?

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