CPA Exam Scores and Results Predictions July/August 2009 Wave 1


Here are my CPA Exam scores/results predictions for the July and August 2009 Wave 1 and Wave 2 release:

Wave 1:

(Exams taken July 1 – approx. August 7, 2009 are eligible)

AICPA Release:

  • Predicted AICPA BEC release Thursday, August 13
  • Actual BEC AICPA release (8534 scores): Thursday, August 13
  • Predicted REG AICPA release – Saturday, August 15
  • Actual REG AICPA release (9084 scores): Monday August 17
  • Predicted AUD AICPA release – Monday, August 17
  • Actual AUD AICPA release #1 (7157 scores): Friday August 21
  • Actual AUD AICPA release #2 (676 scores): Monday August 24
  • Predicted FAR AICPA release – Tuesday, August 18
  • Actual FAR AICPA release #1 (7460 scores): Wednesday August 19
  • Actual FAR AICPA release #2 (581 scores): Friday August 21
  • Actual FAR AICPA release #3 (351 scores): Monday August 24

NASBA Release (posted between 9pm and midnight EDT):

  • Predicted BEC NASBA release – Friday, August 14
  • Actual BEC NASBA release: Friday, August 14 (Predictions: 1 for 1)
  • Predicted REG NASBA release – Tuesday, August 18
  • Actual REG NASBA release: Tuesday, August 18 (Predictions: 2 for 2)
  • Predicted AUD NASBA release – Wednesday, August 19
  • Actual AUD NASBA release #1: Monday, August 24 (Predictions: 2 for 3)
  • Predicted FAR NASBA release – Thursday, August 20
  • Actual FAR NASBA release #1: Friday, August 21 (Predictions: 2 for 4)

Wave 1 Prediction History (NASBA release):

  • October/November 2008: 0/4
  • January/February 2009 : 4/4
  • April/May 2009: 2/4
  • July/August 2009: 2/4

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  • I took the REG exam today, actually i passed the other three parts, but the REG I retake it for the second time, i think that the time is very tied. especially i am not us therefor im not familiar with the US Tax and business law. i hope that i did well

  • Hi Jeff,

    What is a difference between Wave 1 & Wave 2? – I took my exam on Oct – 3rd and when you do you think the results will be out/posted?

    What is a difference between Wave 1a & Wave 2a? I also saw Wave 2a – in your contents- can you please advise?


  • So I'm taking FAR on Monday and pretty much doing a 3 day cram…I know, I know, not the brightest idea, but I know of a couple people who have pulled it off. I'm basically just reading the chapters and doing MC over and over and over…. I had to scrap the lectures due to time… anyone out there ever passed this exam in cramming?? If so, any last minute words of advice!!! Thanks in advance for any help!!

  • Hey… I take audit on Monday… what did you prepare with that you felt so prepared. I am using Becker and have nailed the MC… think I'm ready? haha

  • Just go to the website and click on cpa exam and then your state. If your state have online reporting you will be able to put in your section id and date of birth to get your score. If there is no place to put your section id and date of birth then NASBA should direct you on how to get your scores from your state. Scores are released in two waves by section from the AICPA. Wave 1 for this test window was from 7/1 to 8/7. There is no guarantee if you take the exam during the period that you will be in wave 1. Wave 1 release is complete. It you took the exam after 8/7 then you are in wave 2. Wave 2 predictions are at the top of this blog. There is no way to get your score early from the AICPA or NASBA.

    Hope this helps.

  • so i took far last night… i think i totally failed again. sigh. september 22 is going to suck so bad.

  • I agree with Loch_Ness comments. especially about government and not for profit. Since it is remote that you will get a simulation on the subject the whole percentage between the two subjects total 18-24%. Doing the math that would equate to approx. 1 of 5 multiple choice questions relate to one of those subjects.

    I used Becker and passed FAR with an 80 this past window. It is a beast I studied approx a total of 180-200 hours over approx 10 weeks doing the multiple choice questions and listening to the all the lectures again.

  • So I just got out of FAR a couple hours ago, and yeah – it was just like everyone said it was going to be – brutal! Easy first testlet, second testlet from hell, easier third testlet. Had the multiple-topic sim, which was really not fun. Had a communication where the topic literally was covered in the Wiley book in 1 sentence (and very briefly by Cindy), and I had to find a way to write a paragraph about it. Not fun at all. Journal entries like crazy! Whew… Guess we'll see in three weeks…

  • SO, I took AUD today in 1.5 hours. It felt like the easiest exam in the world, but that was probably because I studied as if it was the hardest since I wanted this to be my last exam. September 21st seems very far away……Good luck everybody.

  • I would recommend getting an updated Becker version, because the entire section on consolidations (section 3) has changed due to implementing 141R. Good luck on the exam!

  • I finished Reg with 45 mins to spare (89), FAR with 3 minutes (90), BEC an hour and a half early (86) and AUD 2.5 hours early (92). I don’t think time correlates with scores

  • The date you take the test has nothing to do with when you receive results, as long as you take the exam before the wave 1 cutoff date.

  • P.S. cluster comment was directed at the AICPA and not your prediction. My REG score came in on the $, so no complaints.

  • I used CPAExcel and got an 86 first time in February. This was my first exam and I studied 6 months taking notes and making flash cards. The review system is pretty good too as it breaks the concepts into short readings and pre-tests.

  • You can go to NASBA site, select your State, click scores. If it tells you online scores are available for your state that means it’s a NASBA state, if not it will just refer you to the site of your State board. There’s no way you can tell if you had a new SIM or not.

  • Jeff – Don’t get me wrong. What I asked you to take off is just red AUD update. I shouldn’t have used the word “banner”. The blue banner is great. Only the red AUD update one is giving me a heart attack … like… is there a new score release again??? πŸ™‚

  • I got a 72 the first time and then a 79 on the second round. Both times with Becker. My weakness was really nailing down calculations. I mean REALLY knowing why items are calculated the way they are and knowing (not just memorizing) how to implement. Sometimes with we think reading is studying but it is not one in the same. That was my first mistake. Also there are some changes with the FAR material. I can’t remeber which section. I would go to the Becker website and get it….I think it is on impairments. My second weakness was JEs….man I hatejournal entries. But most sims will require you to know them so remember those acronyms (SIR I AGE) and (CAR IMAG). Lastly, know the government material. They say it is a small % of the test, but most that % is in MCQ and could be the difference between a 74 and 75. In summary: Calculations, journal entries, and government material.Just my 4 cents (raised from 2 cents based on inflation)

  • I used becker for audit in July. Hadn’t touched it a week out from the exam and started burning through a chapter a night (had to work during the day), including all the mc’s.

    By Friday I’d gone through all the lectures and mc’s. I went back and did some supplemental Q’s on the chapters I wasn’t getting 75% or better on. Then saturday morning i read through the answer sheets of the sims and took the exam.

    94. So I’d say yea, you got a shot. But then again, I’ve been an auditor for the last two years.

    If you’re running out of time, skip the lectures and just read through the book. It’ll save you an hour or two a chapter, and give you more time for mc’s. I did that for FAR and it turned out fine.

  • WOW great, and since we’re the slowest state, will get them by 2010. Doyle needs to do something bout this.

  • Im not 100% but i beleive im a NASBA state. How do i check? Also, how do i know if I had a new simulation?

  • I took mine on 7/9 so I can’t imagine that you would be in wave2 if I took mine after you….

  • I used becker…. watch the videos, read the book, and most importantly- do multiple choice questions so much that you know the answer before you even look at the list of answers

  • i completed REG about 20 min early – 92
    FAR 45 minutes early – 92
    AUD 1 hr 30 min early – 91

  • I haven’t taken FAR yet so I can’t comment on passing. I like the Yaeger cram for FAR. I find watching some of the videos helpful ( and that I retain the information better than just writing it). I think Yaeger does a good job of presenting the information so it isn’t boring.
    This is the first time I bought Yaeger and I like it.

  • took audit yesterday using becker (also have very limited real life audit experience), didnt finish the material, didnt do the sims, and didnt complete all MC and i still felt extremely prepared. def the easiest exam ive taken so far (passed BEC and FAR) and i felt much more confident leaving that exam than the others. becker correlates very well with the actual exam so if youve covered all material and MC you should be alright. good luck!

  • Weird except if you had a new SIM, that puts you in the 2nd wave. I took AUD July 11th and got my results Monday night (passed). NASBA has completed posting for wave 1, do you know for sure if your State is a NASBA or Non NASBA state.

  • For those of you who have passed FAR easily, what was your study approach? It is my last section to pass and I just failed it again, this time with a 74. I have one more testing window (Oct-Nov) to pass it before I lose credit on my first section passed. I don’t know what other study approach to take at this point. Please give advice as this will be my 5th time taking it! (admittedly, I didn’t prepare well enough the first two times for sure; all other sections I passed on first try though, weird) I have Becker materials (although a little outdated now) and the Wiley book (didn’t use it much yet; didn’t have time). I guess a lot of you like Yaeger, which I had never heard of until seeing this site. Do I need a “cram” software? Thanks in advance.

  • I finished it about 20 minutes early and that was after taking my time to check my answers and really elaborate on the written communication in the last sim. And believe me, if I can finish it early, ANYBODY can b/c I always run out of time on standardized tests. Why oh why can’t they give 4 1/2 hours for FAR instead of AUDIT? Anyway, I got an 80, first try.

  • I’m using CPAExcel as my main review source and suplementing with the Wiley books for mcq just to give me more variey of problems. I’ve noticed there are some things CPAExel doesn’t have that Wiley does and vice versa. I passed REG first try and had to take BEC twice (due more to that fact I didn’t spend enough time studying). The wiley books are $60 for the study guide (covers all four sections) and the $60 for the mca/sims (covers all 4 sections).

  • Can someone please explain to me how the whole Wave 1 and Wave 2 thing works. I took my Audit exam on 7/13 i should have recieved the score in Wave 1 but haven’t. Does this mean i have to wait until Wave 2? In which case it will be roughly 9 weeks until i receive my score. Thanks!

  • Thanks everyone… yeah I take it in about 48 hours so I hope Becker does me well! Anymore people out there use Becker for Audit?

  • I passed AUDIT!!! It was my first exam taken. Tomorrow is REG..hope my luck continues:) Congrats to all who passed in WI now that we FINALLY know our scores!

  • I would love to, but I haven’t been able to change anything on my theme
    since Monday or so once the new server transition began. Trust me – it’s not
    due to laziness. I will change it this weekend, hopefully.

  • I finished it two hours early and scored a 96, sometimes you just know the material very well. Plus it helps on that exam that there are virtually zero calculations, its 98.7% theory.

  • I don’t think there is a correlation. Some people take exams quicker than others. I flew through the MC and had about 2.5 hours for the simulations. I obviously took my time and made sure I had my communication down to a “T”. I used the entire window..

  • As in quantity, not particular types of questions etc. AICPA gives % of what the exam will cover. Plenty of folks have provided answers along the lines of “My exam was heavier on pensions than I expected” or “I was suprised at how many questions I had on Detection Risk” etc…

  • Has NASBA received the 2nd and 3rd release for FAR yet, i am in a snail state, and have not received my score yet

  • I agree with the post about the final exams. Becker MC completely prepared me for the multiple choice on the exam, but I felt like the final exam simulations were much more thorough in preparing for the actual simulations on the exam. Also, if you have the final review, it’s good to look through those sample simulations as well. I had the most issues with the simulations, so I would say if you have both down then you are good to go!

  • I was just wondering….how often to people complete the Audit exam early? I was wondering if this had any correlation to the score they received……any thoughts???

  • I am talking with a friend about Regulation and I wanted to get everyone’s feedback who has taken the exam. What was your experience with the AMT and Estate/Trusts? Did you have a lot of questions relating to them?

  • Take the Final Exam which is in the same spot as the simulations. When you finish the exam, go through and take notes on where you need work. You will probably find trends of where your weaknesses are. Also, use the Final Exam to help with your time management of the exam. I took one Audit class in college that I didn’t pat attention to and I have no Audit expexperience. I scored a 90 on Audit. Becker has everything you need to be prepared

  • To 3morepoints:

    I used becker for audit last window and scored an 89. I viewed all the lectures, did all homework and sims. the day before the test I did the final exams. I felt very prepared. Good luck.

  • How is that possible tho? Because they clearly state it should take 4-6 weeks to receive your score. Considering i took it on 7/13 and they arent going to release it now till 3rd week in September, thats 9 weeks. That just seems absolutely ridiculous to me i dont know if anyone else feels that way too.

  • I got my official results today. CRAP! This makes twice now failing the BEC. I feel like the stupidest person on earth. (Took the test on 7/18 in OK if that helps anyone waiting)

  • Yeah you’ll be set. I recognized a lot from prior questions. With audit..there are only so many ways you can twist those questions around. Becker covers everything, that’s all I used. You’ll have plenty of time. Good luck.


    I am not sure how PA does it, but here in IN, I receive a letter for a passing score with the expiration date of each section and for FAR my expiration date is 28 Feb 2011 for the exam taken on 4 Aug 2009. It does appear that the end date is the end of the month. Your best bet is to contact NASBA if you are a NASBA state or your state Board of Accountancy to be sure.

    Good Luck!!

  • Please help. Does anybody have suggestions on preparing for the BEC exam? I’m using CPAExcel but not sure if I should supplement the course with something else. Suggestions are appreciated!

  • Hi All,

    I take Audit in two days and I was wondering if any of you prepared for Audit with Becker. I am using Becker and am scoring well on the MC and Simulations, so I am wondering with your prior experiences, is becker material enough to pass audit. I also have no real life audit experience so I hope that that doesnt come back to haunt me. So yeah, my question is to those who prepared with Becker, is that enough to get by or should I reach out to more resources (last minute). Thanks guys!!!

  • I have both, only some are the same. Wiley CD overall more comprehensive . Same content though. With the CD, you don’t have a series of questions with the same fact pattern as you do in the text.

  • I was taking AUD and went on a break to find a women entering the test center with the largest purse i have seen. The employee said you can’t take anything with you into the test room, the lady through a tantrum. I should have seen what was coming. The employee looked puzzled and checked the lady’s pockets and caught her trying to take in a pocket full of the papers, cell phone, pens, pencils, etc. I went back in to continue testing and my luck she sat behind me. About an hour goes by of her groaning, extremely heavy breaths, etc. then out of the blue she pops up out of her chair runs over to the see through window and starts BANGING on the glass as hard as she can then moves to the door, which is unlocked. Once she figures this out she then proceeds to open it and YELL “Can I get some coffee?” the employee runs over and starts yelling at her no, you can’t be up and about your not on a break on your exam. Thank goodness i was on my last sim (the communication part) and left shortly there after. I just had a good laugh and passed on the story to friends and fellow CPA Candidates. I passed though. It is up to you how confident you feel about the test.

  • I haven’t heard of anyone from WI receiving scores, and I highly doubt that the whole state is in wave 2 :). I’d look for scores on Monday

  • Just to Confirm: The consensus is if you havnt received your score yet, you have to wait for the wave 2 release. I took FAR in Md 7/11.

  • Has anyone received their AUD score from Massachusetts yet? I took mine on 7/13 and still haven’t received it yet.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Has ANYONE in Wisconsin received their score for any section yet? This state's score process is so stupid.

  • I took my exam on July 16, 2009 for AUD (NJ). I check my score and got the error message on NASBA's website 5 minutes ago. I'm guessing that I am in wave II as well. If released on September 21 I will have waited over 9 weeks for my results. This is my last part and it's KILLING me not knowing…

  • Never heard of anyone getting their grade changed, NASBA states it on their website that they have never issued a grade change as a result of a score Appeal. here is a link read at the bottom of the page in the bullet points, 2nd one.

    here is the quote:

    Candidates are advised:

    * the score appeal fees are non-refundable.
    * that no score changes have occurred as a result of a score appeal. However, the decision to appeal a score is up to the candidate.
    * that the submission of a Score Appeal form should not prevent a candidate from re-applying for the same examination section(s) in the next testing window.
    * it takes at least eight (8) weeks to obtain score appeal results from the AICPA.

    For additional information, contact 1-800-CPA-EXAM or email:

  • Whiteflag –

    I woke up this morning and check my score one last time. I have accepted that fact that I am in wave II (AUD in Missouri). It's a jagged little pill.

    Looking foward to September 21st, 2009!!!! Almost one more freaking month!

  • Similar situation here. I took it on 7/22 and haven't heard a thing. I'm not going to expect it before mid September. I've heard of people who did get their scores however, so I think we must have got bumped back to wave 2.

  • Does anyone know of ANYBODY that has actually received one extra point when having their score re-graded? I got a 74 on FAR. Please, please respond and let me know if you have tried the re-grading thing and what happened. Or if you have ever heard of anybody else getting a point out of it. I have never heard of a case where the score was changed. Thanks.

  • You are probably in Wave 2. I am a FL candidate and received my score Monday night. FL uses NASBA, I have always received all my scores with the rest of the NASBA release.

  • I just called NASBA with a similar question and was given very vague answers. “If you haven't yet received it it's because the AICPA has not released it. They release scores up through October.” Great…

  • No, I wouldn't assume that at all. You very well could have had a new sim on
    an old topic…it may have looked standard, but it was new? Don't read too
    much into it. My co-worker had to wait 11 weeks for his FAR score…sat July
    3rd 2008 and got his passing score late September.

  • You should review the areas that you are weak on. I wouldn't suggest registering again.
    My advice study hard for the next couple of days. Also don't second guess yourself during the exam!
    I ended up passing BEC with a 79 after changing some of answers! I can still remember some of the answers I changed ( of course I changed them to the wrong answer).

    You can do it!

  • So in your experience, would you say that a wave 2 release is a good indiciation that I failed. I had that happen with FAR last year and I got a 74. I guess it could be that I had a new simulation, but what does that mean? It looked normal to me.

    Thanks again for your site.

  • I don't know anyone from WI who has received a score via NASBA for any section this testing window. They have to post some scores soon I would hope….this happens every testing window…

  • Jeff,

    I am waiting on AUD from Wisconsin. Some posts on this site have indicated that Wisconsin NASBA has not released any scores as of yet. Your message indicates that all NASBA scores have been released. Would you advise that if I have not gotten my score from WI NASBA as of yet, that it will be a 3 – 4 week wait until Wave 2?

  • Congratulations looks like you studied the correct amount. That’s how I felt
    about my 75 in Reg last testing period. You should be proud of your
    accomplishment. Best of luck and thanks for updating me with your progress.
    All my best,

  • No, I am still waiting. But I took my test on 8/4, so it might not have made a cut for the wave 1 score release.

  • Pretty sure there will be no more releases via NASBA…I think they've
    released them all. I would spend your evening doing something else and then
    check once before going to bed just in case.

  • Still waiting on my AUD score from FL. I took it 7/18 – any chance I get it as part of this first wave?

  • I thought I read somewhere that 10% pass their first time and 80% or so eventually pass when they keep trying. I think i may have seen that on Becker's website or something.

  • Congratulations!!! I have also taken the exams multiple times. I have one left, AUD, which I take tomorrow. I am feeling very comfortable. I took it in April and got a 71. I feel I will have no problem this time around. I'm prepared. Congratulations again! And Good Luck to everyone!!!

  • Actually this situation has come up before. If you think you might have passed it and money is not an issue, then I would letit ride and wait for the score. However, if money is an issue and you really feel like you did very bad and you do not want to fork over an another exam fee (I wouldn't), I would just leave to bad luck and retake the exam in the next window assuming time is also not an issue. This could allow you to get that extra studying done to make sure you pass or know the material that much better.

    Having said all of this, I have not taken REG but I have taken FAR and I would not want to retake FAR under any circumstances if I had a choice. Best of Luck in whatever decision you choose.

  • I was under the impression that NASBA would not allow you to register for the same exam twice. Thought I read that somewhere, but cannot remember where. I see no benefit in register twice for the same exam regardless of how you feel prior to taking it.

  • Thanks. My score sheet will probably be coming in the mail like tomorrow. But couldn't wait that long and was hoping someone could help. Thanks again.

  • Olinto is the MAN. i take audit on friday… im assuming becker did you well? i am studying with becker and have run through the lectures, mc (90%s), and simulations. from you experience with becker would you say im perpared? any items becker missed? hope to hear from you PETEY!

  • Just found out i passed what i think to be my final part of the CPA exam. I passed the first part 1/11/08 but my sheet from NASBA said it expired 7/31/09 and i took the final part 7/28/09. Have not received my score sheet yet but was just nervious because it technically was more than 18 months. Is it standard for the 18 month period to always end the final day of the month? Thanks for any comments

  • Is there a way to know first attempt pass percentages for all 4 exams. In other words,
    how many exam candidates pass all 4 exams in their first attempt, in a given year/ window?


  • Hey I have a short term memory so when I failed REG i found it helpul to take it again right away since the info was still fresh. I knew if I waited I would forget things and have to re study everything again. If you think you can remember the info for a few months then just wait to take it.

  • I took it on around July 25th (not sure of the exact date) and I got a 95 on it. You may be in wave 2…

  • that means you paid for it twice? (you need a section ID to register, and you need an NTS for a section ID, and you need to pay registration for an NTS).

    why would u pay for it twice.. i assume you haven't done this (although you certainly make it sound like you paid twice already)

  • I just retook AUD (scored 73 first time on 4/21) today and nothing surprise me on the exam after just 3 weeks of studying (approx 55 hrs). I know how you feel leaving an exam can be no indication of how you scored but if I do not pass I will be severely disappointed. I feel that that you should retake REG sooner than later. Restudy was more like a review even after 3 months and I agree with that the material is more likely to change for REG then BEC. Also, I studied for and passed FAR (80) in between the two AUD exams.

    Good Luck regardless of which way you go.

  • I don't think this relates to Wisconsin unfortunately, but you could always give it a try. I called NASBA yesterday to ask when Wisconsin would be releasing their scores, and they gave a general answer about how they will be posting “sometime during the last week in August and maybe into the first week in September”. As various comments have stated, WI waits until all the scores have been released until they post them, so I still believe they will be posting WI scores soon, but who knows.

  • Thanks!! Much appreciated. I've been searching through various credit card statements/bank statement for the past year and a half and I'm sure they need additional support, because nothing is ever easy! Fingers crossed they get back to me. Thanks again

  • If you go to your state on the NASBA website, there should be a contact e-mail address. I have e-mailed my state's e-mail address and they have sent me a receipt. Hope you can get ahold of someone!

  • If you go to your state on the NASBA website, there should be a contact e-mail address. I have e-mailed my state's e-mail address and they have sent me a receipt. Hope you can get ahold of someone!

  • Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of receipts to prove I paid for the exam?? The fees are reimbursed by my firm once you've passed, however you need to submit proof of payment. I was wondering if there was a place to obtain the payment receipts. I dont remember them issuing receipts after each payment was made. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Hi guys,

    I have a question and I was hoping that someone can help me out here?

    I am taking BEC this Saturday and I registered to take BEC again in October in case I fail on Saturday. (I did not study as much so I am not feeling too confident).

    I just wanted to make sure that you are allowed to re-register for an exam that you have not taken yet???

  • You can try it but as the whole state hasn't been released yet I doubt that they will give you scores over the phone. No one in WI has gotten anything yet, and they tend to wait really late. I'd say scores will be posted on the website as soon as tomorrow or by Monday at the latest.

    This is my third time doing the long wait and it never gets any easier!

  • hey all, can we call for our scores tomorrow? nasba tweeted that if you took your exam and didnt get your score to call 800-cpaexam

  • Man, that sucks! What happens if you sign up to retake it? Can you sign up for the exam and then cancel it when you get your score back?

  • Alright I need some advice… I just got word that I can retake my REG exam for free. Originally I took it at the end of July and the conditions in the room made it so that I couldn't concentrate ( I heard someone talking in the room, a toilet flushing, conversation in the other room,etc. Overall it was a nightmare!). I only did the writing part of the 2nd simulation (I didn't get to do any of the other tabs) So my question is do I sign up to retake it for free.. or do I wait till Sept to see if I passed? If I wait till Sept. and find out that I failed then I will have to pay to retake it. Any thoughts?

  • Jeff,

    I noticed on NASBA's Twitter they said that if you didn't receive scores to call 800-CPA-EXAM. Does this mean that if NASBA did not post scores on their website (such as my state, WI) that they will give the score to you over the phone??? Please let me know…this wait is brutal! Thank you!

  • haha, yeah, NASBA was the first place I went as soon as I saw his comment too…and about every 1/2 hour after that πŸ™‚ Now I'm starting to feel tortured like everyone else was when they knew their scores were getting posted soon. Last time I got a score during Wave 1, it was on the 27th of the 2nd month…tomorrow is the 27th!!!!! Hopefully that means something!

  • I had to check the NASBA website as soon as I saw that :). Nothing yet, but hopefully soon!!

  • Congratulations! I see you are from AR, did you happen to get that audit score today? πŸ™‚ I am patiently waiting…I feel like we are the slowest state!

  • Check the latest comment from Jeff…he posted an updated note that Wave 1 has been confirmed complete. So hopefully that means we will be getting our scores soon!!!!!!!

  • For those of you who want to quit-

    I took all 4 exams more than 20 times all together; can't even remember. But, the first one was in 2005. Received scores from 29 to 85. And now, here I am will all passing scores.



  • No. WI doesn't send out scores until all have been released. Jeff noted that the AICPA is still releasing scores, so we most likely won't get any until next Monday (last day of the month). I think some other people are waiting for AUD in WI too, as talked about in the other comments on the site.

  • Yeah I asked specifically about AUD, which I don't think they have received yet. I stalk the mailbox daily! It's starting to get frustrating. Congrats on the 90!

  • I sat for REG on 7/30 in AR and received my score (90) in the mail today. Not sure why the AR state board told you they hadn't received scores, they obviously have for REG. Maybe they haven't received AUD yet? Not sure. Still waiting on FAR (sat on 7/9)…

  • I sat for REG on 7/30 in AR and received my score (90) in the mail today. Not sure why the AR state board told you they hadn't received scores, they obviously have for REG. Maybe they haven't received AUD yet? Not sure. Still waiting on FAR (sat on 7/9)…

  • Jeff, is NASBA's release of Wave 1 complete or the AICPA? I'm in PA waiting for an audit score…is it possible NASBA would still post tonight?

  • Jeff,

    Just to clarify what that actually means: Are you saying that the AICPA has released all the wave 1 scores to NASBA, or are you saying that NASBA has released all wave 1 scores to candidates? In other words, are there scores that were released by the AICPA to NASBA that NASBA has not yet made available?

    I was kind of expecting some more scores to post up tonight.

  • Boooo :o( Another month to go before grade stalking can begin again.

    Do you think Audit will get released last again?

  • Thanks for the info! I sat for AUD on 7/8 so I feel your pain, although I am not even close to being done with the exam!

  • I am taking BEC Monday and waiting on AUD as well! I have already sat for BEC once and wasn’t as prepared as I should have been (got a 69). To be honest, the IT section was the most challenging, as most of the material on the exam was not in the book. My best advice is to be sure and read all of the IT Addendums on the Becker site and know all of your Variance calcs in the Cost section.

  • WV is snail mail. It takes at least a week, sometimes 2 to get our scores after NASBA states get their scores online. I sat for REGs on 7.2, my last exam, so the waiting is especially frustrating.

  • I don't know if this is a big deal or not, but some of the items in the Regulation material that is tested on might change in 2010. I have no idea what they would be, but that might be something to look into. If things do change, it might be easier for you to take it sooner rather than later so you don't have to relearn new material. And it seems like the Reg material would be much more likely to change than the BEC material. Just a thought…

  • Yeah passed Audit early summer. I think I just need confirmation from other people who have taken the test to change my original plans, and spend the extra money on getting the NTS for just one test.

  • Well for any of you waiting on your scores in a Non-NASBA state that doesn't post online, I contacted AR's board of accountancy today, and they still haven't received anything from the AICPA. I am beginning to think AR is the only state that does snail mail though!

  • Called NASBA again today. I can tell they are growing frustrated with the recent call volume, but there is no way they are as frustrated as me!

  • That's awesome. Congrats. I haven't been sent an email yet….Good luck on BEC thanks for the advice.

  • I got my FAR score for NY at about 4 pm yesterday afternoon. I took the exam on 7/15. I got an 80!! I was 7 months pregnant when I took it too!

  • So it sounds like you're debating spending your time in Late Oct / Early Nov to either study REG (for the 2nd time) or BEC (for the 1st time)? That's a personal decision – I personally would do REG since it'll be more fresh in your memory, as opposed to loading ANOTHER cpa section (BEC) in your brain and wearing you out even more.

    If your NTS for BEC runs out in January, I don't see any harm and putting it off until then and just taking REG before that. of course, i think registration fees will be bigger if u keep reapplying separately.

    it sounds like you've passed AUD already. is that right?

  • That's why they are not getting released??? Ugh…WI is letting me down in general (Brewers, Favre, construction all the time…)

  • 2 days, thats really good!!! I definetly don't feel like I could study that in 2 days. I suggest about three weeks; but it depends on how long you have been out of school.

  • There's absolutely no reason why BEC should take longer than a week to study for. I studied for 2 days (5 hours/day with Becker material) and got an 84.

  • I think you should retake Reg sooner than latter. Of the exams I have taken; Reg is the one I feel I remember the least from. It depends on the person though and which area they are stronger in. Reg was one of my weaker areas.

  • There's three of us in my office here in OR that took FAR between July 1st and July 3rd (an eternity ago) and no one has heard anything yet. Our scores aren't posted online so checking the mailbox each night has become a heart-wrenching ritual. Has anyone else from OR received a Wave 1 score?

  • I got my REG score last week, 73. I know this was due to my bad time managment. I was unable to complete most of the last Simulation. I did finish the Research and Communication but the other three tabs I just plugged in numbers. So what I'm wondering is I've already been studying to take FAR the first week in Oct and I had planned on taking BEC right before Thanksgiving; retaking any sections I needed in 2010 but now I'm wondering if it would be smarter to retake REG before Thanksgiving and push taking BEC back to Janurary. Which would mean studying in Dec since my NTS runs out 1/26 for BEC, which I was not planning on doing. Any Advice?

  • Please, please, please let my Oklahoma BEC score be released ASAP! I don't know if I can handle much more wait. Grr.

  • Just wanted to let some of you guys know also that although I'm a NASBA state I got my score this morning, thought that was a little weird, not sure why? But others might want to check. Might have to do with I changed my address recently and was issued a new NTS days before my test and mine was suppose to be uploaded initially and wasn't I'm not sure.

  • Do you have any idea if all of the scores have been released by NASBA? So if I have not received my score yet, I took AUD Jul 29th, that my only chance for a wave one release is if I am in the next score release by the AICPA?

  • Still haven't received my AUD score from NASBA. I'm a FL candidate and took the exam on 7/18. Anyone else in a similar situation?

  • I got my FAR score last night online for NY. I took my exam on 7/15. AUD should have come out before that I thought. Good luck!

  • Jeff, do you think Audit will still have one more small AICPA release or is it safe to assume if we haven't received our score we are in Wave 2?

  • still no score for me in TX =( I took AUD on July 17th and am so tired of waiting. Will more of them be released?

  • Any word? I called them twice today and they said “within 24 hours of this morning”….none of them seem to know anything that we don’t. I take BEC on Saturday. Any advice? I have just been doing a mad amount of MC for each section over and over again. The finance section seems kind of hard…

  • My FAR score was not posted as of tonight at 9pm, but it was up just about 10 minutes ago when I checked!!! 77! What great motivation, I have REG in the morning, and it will be my last one!

  • I used a combination of Gleim and Becker. I read Becker because it was an easier read and did the Gleim multiple choice questions. You can buy the Gleim multiple choice questions CD Rom I believe. However, for AUD I read very little and did as many MC questions as I could. You learn a lot more than you think from the MC and also practice taking the test by doing multiple choice questions. I would worry more about memorizing MC answers when you do computations. Hope this helps. Sims are different because if you have enough knowledge on the subject doing the sims just teaches you the format.

  • I used becker too, I just tried to memorize the entire book, read it multiple times. try and know the reports inside and out. I hope you pass this next time around.

  • I recommend practicing all the multiple choice questions (Becker) and make sure you understand why you get some wrong. With the ones you get wrong refer back to the test book and make sure you get the concept. Also use for supplement questions. It worked for me and I'm confident it can work for you too. You can do it!!! Good luck!!!

  • OK so Maine AUD did come out. I got 76, just managed to pass. I am not going to complain.

  • Just got my AUD score – 74. First time I got a 69, I guess I improved but not quite enough. If anyone has any tips let me know!!

  • You're not the only one who got that score. I might have gotten the same SIM. Oh well, we will PASS next time. This time, we'll kill it. I have REG tomorrow and I have no choice but to pass. Good luck! We can definitely do this πŸ™‚

  • Thanks, I'd love for this to be my last part, but I just am not going to expect it until mid September.

  • Anyone got their FAR score in CA yet?? I took it on July 18… and I am still waiting… and waiting…

  • Has anyone in PA received their audit score tonight? I haven't received mine yet…I didn't think Audit was having new simulations…

  • Hey guys and gals,

    Its the night before my audit exam…I have the test at 3:30 pm tomorrow. Do you guys have any last minute advice on things I should go over or refresh for tomorrows exam??

  • I have not heard of anyone who has personally got their score reviewed but from all the interviews on this site, etc the review has not resulted in a change in score for anyone for a long while. Moreover they take a long time so it is best to do the exam in the next testing window. I am sure you will pass. This exam is as much a test of the materials as it is a test of one's endurance! Hang in there and good luck!!

  • you are more likely to get a passing score by randomly clicking answers without looking at the questions and skipping both simulations than getting a passing score by having them reviewed…

  • Then why when I try to access a blog site, it keeps forwarding me to some other random website. Like if I try to access cpanet or any other blog site i am forwarded to some other site like

  • Does anyone have any experience with getting your scores reviewed? I am considering having my done. I got a 69 and now I got a 74 on AUD for the second time. I've about had it with this exam.

  • I feel like more scores will post up tomorrow from those that were released in wave 1b. After that, I think you should probably assume you are in for a longer wait (wave 2).

  • Is it just me, or are most of the scores posting tonight right around 75. I wonder if wave 1b are the rereads for those who are really close.

  • Looks like it…waiting on FAR from DE…wrote it on Aug 7th. Dont think it will come before Sept 20th! Good luck!

  • Yikes! Flowcharts would suck. It looks like most people posting tonight are nonpassing scores. Better luck next time.

  • Hang in there. I truly feel like the people who make between 70 and 80 are basically on the same level, the ones that passed were just tested on the material they really focused on. It's just luck of the draw in that range.

  • Still no FAR score for me and I took it July 18th. Looks like I truly am doomed to be in wave 2. arrrgggg!

  • Got FAR in NY 72 I feel your pain potentially dropping a part come dec. All I can say is thank you to everyone who encourages me to stay with this and without this site i may have given up long ago. So congrats to all who pass and i encourage all who did not pass to stay with it you will get it.

  • Just got Audit in MA…73 ahhh…now I have gotten 73 on Reg, 74 on BEC and 73 on Audit, this is getting really annoying

  • congrats!! i recv'd two 74's in BEC… 75 would be like me winning the Mega Millions tonight!! i'm still waiting on Audit in from NYS and the lotto numbers..

  • Just got my FAR score in Ohio, thought for sure I was in wave 2 since I had that one simulation, but I guess not. 77. Now just waiting on my BEC score (took it for the 3rd time yesterday). I hope I pass it so I can be done with this test.

  • I just received my Ohio FAR score as part of wave 1c…75, not a pretty pass, but it is still a PASS. It posted at 8:55 for reference.

  • Just got my FAR score in NJ about 5 minutes ago…. 72… ughhh… I take BEC on Monday and I am taking if for the second time (got a 72 in April). Unfortunately, I leave a part in November so I am super worried and now back to studying for multiple parts while working busy season at a Big 4. (horrible)… no longer hopeful.

  • No. All scores release at once… once you hear of someone receiving any score in WI, then yours will probably be out

  • Has anyone gotten, or know of someone who has gotten, an AUD score from Wisconsin either yesterday or today? An earlier post made it sound as if Wisconsin had not posted ANY scores. I'm not sure how they would know such a thing. I took AUD in July, and have not seen my score yet. If you are from Wisconsin, and in the same boat as me, I would be interested in hearing your story.

  • I guess there is a chance of wave 1b being posting on NASBA tonight around 9:00. I hope I am one of the lucky ones.

  • Do you know of anyone else in MO that received their AUD score? I really had my hopes up for last night, but I guess I'm going to have to wait (so more).

  • Anybody got their scores for AUDIT for Maine State? Or is it just me how is looking for them?

  • Scores in NY

    80-BEC (73 last year)
    83-AUD (74 last year)

    REG in October
    FAR somewhere on the horizon

  • Jeff,
    Can you please take my IP address off of your blocker or whatever because I cannot access any website that I need to, and it's annoying me. I am not going to access another 71 again! thanks!


    Exams for Aud and FAR have not been mailed yet. Most people's guess is mailing 1 week after AICPA release. So AUD Friday and FAR Wednesday. If you are in Wave 1 (no new sims) you should get in 1-2 business days depending on where you live after mailing. Greensboro and the Triangle receive via mail in 1 day.

  • I agree, I called today too and they just give the same vague answer… I don't understand why there has to be so much mystery involved. They should be able to release the score if you give them your ssn, in my humble opinion.

  • does anyone know when North Carolina will release AUD and FAR scores, Last testing period, they waited to release all FAR scores at the same time. I hope i don't have to wait another month to get a score back for a test i took july 1st.

  • lol – your username realy says a lot about you.

    there are a TON of people who took the test in early July who are in NASBA states who haven't received their scores, although many others in their states have received their scores. I am included in this bunch. I took FAR on 7/6/09, and lots of other people in MA took the test before/after me who got their score, while some people didn't. I know you're waiting for Audit, but if you're score isn't there – it's very possible you're in wave 2.

  • I actually just noticed that some received their audit score from MO – Look under the AUDIT FORUM. It makes me think I am in wave 2. I have called the NASBA a couple of times today and they said my score had not yet been received from AICPA. I don't know why, but I just don't believe that. I think they are telling everyone the same thing so they stop calling.

  • I haven't seen any messages from MO people, sorry… I have also not received my audit score from KS so hopefully we are in the small batch of scores that will be posted in the next day or two.

  • I have posted this before with no response, but has anyone received their score from Missouri yet? I am trying to determine if I am in wave 2.

  • Phyllis at NCCPA board, says still no word on when scores for FAR or AUD will be in the office. Looks like it will still be a while.

  • I had said that all the sections post at the same time, once all the scores for the wave have been received for WI. I came to this conclusion because during the April/May window, I took BEC and two of my friends took other sections. We will got our scores early in the morning on Friday, May 29th. So it seemed like they waited until they had everything and posted it all at once. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but unlikely. Since the AICPA just released more scores yesterday, I'm guessing it'll still be until Thursday morning before we see ours. : ( Waiting on FAR….just want to know either way.

  • I haven't got my score for FAR in WI either. Last time scores were released, other states got them middle of June, and I didn't get mine till July 1.

  • I'm from WI also, and have not gotten my AUD score. How were you able to determine that WI has not posted any scores? If that is the case, I would feel better. Misery loves company.

  • I took my exam on 7/10 and I got my score back last night on NASBA in CO. You might want to check again. Also AICPA released a small batch later. If you don’t have your score by tonight I would say you must be in WAVE 2.

  • Had they had your birthday wrong for your previous exams? I'm waiting on my AUD exam and was stunned when it didn't come out last night. They had my birthday correct on my previous three exams, so I think I'm shooting in the dark here.

    Thanks and congratulations

  • I cannot believe that WI has NO SCORES posted yet on their website…what are they waiting for?!? This is extremely frustrating.

  • I just called NASBA to see if my score is released, but they're not allowed to check. They said they're releasing until the first week of September. Do I have to wait that long? GRRRR!

  • So, I have posted this several times but it never shows up!

    I passed FAR by a miracle of God, with an 80! I thought FOR SURE, I had failed. It was awful.

    I took my last part, BEC, on Saturday. Wave 2 scores can not come fast enough for me. I just want to know if this part of my life is over yet, or if I will have to take BEC again. I am 3 for 3, just need that last 75. I am doing some major praying about it!

    Good luck to everyone who is waiting on scores and taking tests soon.

  • Jeff-
    I am still waiting on my FAR score from July 23 in Michigan. I'm starting to think that it might be delayed because I wrote some negative comments about the facilitators in the electronic survey I got at the end of my test. I was upset at a long delay caused by a girl taking an exam who wanted to wear a hat, scarf, have a special filter on her screen, etc., and therefore delayed me 20 minutes from starting.

    Could this be why it is taking so long? Have you ever heard of this delaying score relases?

  • I passed! I got a 97! LOL. And I was worried that I would fail. I feel for anyone that didn’t end up so lucky, b/c I went through a lot of stress right after the exam thinking I had bombed.

    So, apparently, you can exclude a memo and still get a good score.

  • I just called NASBA and they did have my birthday wrong, which is why I couldn't get my score. I passed AUD!! I am done!!

  • I received my score from IL this morning. I know it wasn’t thre last night because I was checking obsessively since last week!! I got a 76 — never been so happy with a 76!!

  • I called NASBA after lunch today and she said that if my FAR scores are not posted tonight then expect to get them in Sept. This is supposed to be the last posting for Wave 1 FAR scores. I took mine on 07/11. Good luck to you.

  • hey, its not austin, its the government! and i don’t feel the need to even defend THE University of Texas at Austin. I think our accounting program ranking and football program (the two most important things any university has to offer) speak for themselves. i believe the clip of a certain aggie gentlemen feasting on his own boogers is sufficient evidence of the quality of the aggie nation.

  • Yes, I was asking if anyone know when they may post them since obviously my date falls within wave one and has not yet been posted… What is relatively close?

  • That is strange, because I am in MA and took Audit July 12th and the NASBA website still says score not found

  • From MN. My 2 coworkers both got their AUD scores last night, but not me……….. Not happy.
    All took in July. Please let me be in the small release on Monday!

  • Jeff – Do you know if there are more FAR scores that will be released by NASBA in NY?
    I took my exam July 24, should I be waiting for my score in wave 2?

  • Good catch. AUD may be expedited though (Thurs or Fri mailing?) since it was released on Monday instead of later in the week with REG (Tues) or BEC (Friday), which both straddled the weekend. Though this might just be unrealistic optimism. Regardless, I’ve e-mailed the lovely Mrs. Phyllis at NCCPABoard, hopefully (but doubtful) she’ll get back to me on projected dates and I’ll let you know.

  • Ugh I took on July 8, and I feel like it is torture. I take BEC in a week and would love to know where I stand with audit going in!

  • I tried to talk to them this morning and all I got was that they had not received any scores this week. I asked when they expected and all I got was they will get them when they get them.

  • A good rule of thumb for NC is that they mail out the scores exactly one week after the AICPA (not NASBA) release. For example, AICPA released BEC Thursday, August 13th and NC CPA Board mailed out the scores on Thursday, August 20th. They followed the same pattern for REG as it shipped out yesterday. FAR and AUD should ship out at the end of this week. I am across the country from NC and somehow the scores get here in 2 days with just regular US postal service delivery. If you are in NC I assume you will see it the day after it mails out.

  • Thank you to everybody who sent words of encouragement. This has been a long journey and the end doesn’t seem near.

    Thanks for the personal words of encouragement. After dropping countless tears, I think I’ve finally composed myself enough to be able to talk about it. I’ve failed test before, but this one was by far the worst. I’m going to reevaluate my study habits and study material and see what I can come up with. I already know the answer will be staring back at me in the mirror.

    Thanks for your continued support.

  • I'm in MI also and did NOT get my score yet. I'm hoping like you that I'm in with the 600 that were released yesterday. It's my last one too!

  • Thanks for the website link. The good news is that scores seem to be getting to people the day after they are mailed. BEC was mailed on the 20th, my friends in Greensboro and Durham both received on the 21st.

  • I'm waiting in AZ. They have my score and I am in wave 1 (i called them) but they have not emailed it out yet.

  • Yeah, just gotta stay positive i guess. Thx for your input, and ill keep my fingers crossed that you passed! thx again

  • Incompentence seems to run rampant in Austin. Probably because of all those TU people running around. I’m not an Aggie, just a wanna-be. In my real life i’m a Trinity Tiger. But I can still Saw Em Off with the best of them!

    Good luck to everyone still waiting.

  • I tried logging in closer to the 3:14 release time with no dice. They black out all logins until 5 (and the page tells you so if you try earlier).

  • I heard that same thing from a woman I work with that took the exam last year. She said that half of her scores were online and the other ones she had to wait for in the mail. Gotta love WI!

  • I am in MI and I my AUD score was posted last night. It wasn't available during the day, but was there last night abou 10:30 pm.

  • Horzenj…Thanks for the response..Took Aud July 1,,CA..No scores yet…
    72 is rough but your right there…I got a 68 on Reg and a 68 on Bec..but eventually passed them both….Passed audit over 18 months ago–so it taking it again…

    Good luck..Your right there…a few weeks of stuyding and you'll get that 75 and above…..

  • Does anyone know if there is a site detailing exam score statistics? For instance, mean and standard deviation of scores for each exam section? Thanks

  • I think something is messed up for mine. For the last two tests, after I have received my score in the mail, I went online just to see if it was there and still showed score not found.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

  • No, but they didn't tell me they received mines but they indicated they expected more scores this week. When I called yesterday they had not received my score.

  • I’m waiting for my AUD score in CO also and it is driving me crazy! I took the test on 07/02…. I can’t believe it takes this long to get some scores back…

  • Did NASBA release any scores yesterday? I know many people had thought they would do a 9:00 p.m. EDT release.

  • Does anyone have problems checking their score on the NASBA website? I'm in CO and every time I try I get a score not found. This has happened with the other tests as well. It's very frustrating knowing the scores are there but I can not get it!

  • Got Reg scores via mail in NC today.

    74 so frustrated… this is the one I did not want to take over.

  • Did anyone in TX receive a FAR score this week? I can't get a straight answer from the board. One person says they haven't received any scores this week, but on the posts yesterday someone said they called and they told them their score was received Monday and they should have it today. Has anyone gotten any scores other than the Friday release in TX?

  • No signs of life here in the great state of Mississippi. Took AUD the third week of July. Nothing like perpetuating the “things move slower in Miss” label.

    If there are any fellow Mississippians on this hoard that have rec'd their AUD score from wave 1, pls use your commodore 64 with matching cassette tape deck input peripheral device to inform, accordingly. Gracias.

  • Still waiting for my FAR scores as well, good luck to you and hope we both get happy news.

  • Name-same situation here. I took all four parts and got AUD back (60) and I felt the same way about AUD, I thought I did really good. Now I'm not sure if I passed the other three parts. I start my job 3 weeks from now and I am also dreading to study again (and pay another dam $900 if i don't pass any other 3 sections)

  • I know this is bit annoying, but did anyone get their AUD score for Maine? I know some people who appeared on August 7th got their AUD score.

    But has someone got score for Maine?


  • NC mailed REG yesterday. I know our mail system is really fast so if anyone gets them in their mail today let me know. I am out of town and it's killing me not to know if they are sitting in my mailbox right now.

  • It seems like the lag time between when the NASBA releases them and when they get mailed is 6 days. The NASBA release for Reg was the 18th and they mailed REG on the 24th. It was 6 days for BEC too.

  • Anyone receive AUD scores in WA yet? Took it July 6 and still waiting, I really hope my score comes out in wave 1!

  • geez, you should have NO PROBLEM passing Audit by itself if you previously took all 4 exams in one month. yes, people have jumped from a 52 to a passing score. you shouldn't worry about it too much unless you spent 3 months studying for only one section and then failed; that's when it really hurts!

  • I received BEC by email around 3:30EST a week ago Monday. You will only receive an email if you selected that as your preferred means of communication.

    It is extra frustrating because it seemed like there was much less of a delay from when they received the BEC scores from the AICPA scores until when they sent the emails out to candidates.

  • Predictions are up above. Jeff has always been relatively close in his predictions, he got 2 in wave one spot on.

  • My co-worker just received her score this morning from the smaller release from yesterday. I'm still waiting.

  • Does anyone have an idea of when they may post my score for FAR… I took it in PA on July 14th…

  • I took the exam august 7th and got results (paper copy) on august 24th… is that possible….I have never received my scores that fast……86 on Reg from a 74 last window. I have to REPASS FAR now because of the stupid 18 month rule….so in essence I passed all four parts…..Just a stupid technicality.

  • an aggie can pass AUD? i guess anything is possible… except for the TX board being in way, shape, or form competent. idiots.

  • No word yet, but they are good at getting the mail out pretty fast. If you took these tests before Aug 7th and don't have new sims you should be receiving them in the mail this week. I'm expecting Wed or Thurs for Audit.

  • …My AUD score was posted this morning. 77, woot. Reg on Monday, then all done! I took it on July 6th, but had a co-worker take it on the 1st with no score released yet…It's anybody's guess what's up.

  • AUD score is finally out – I'm done!!! Thank you Jeff for your help – without Yaeger (Phil and Gary) I would be back to studying again!!!! Thanx I can finally have my life back!!!!

  • Anyone heard about NC? I haven't heard about any scores being released. Waiting on FAR and AUD.

  • Got my audit score last night in PA. Final test and I am finished. You may be in the smaller release, check tonight.

  • Thanks for the kind words… no I would never quit, it is not within me. That could be what makes failing so much harder… I’m not used to it. However, if I’m being honest after reading Jeff’s articles, I probably did not devote as much time as necessary I suppose (even though I really felt like I knew the stuff the second time around). But yeah, having the exam freeze and time out probably wasn’t the best situation either.

    As far as taking it over soon, it’s not an option. I have financial scheduled for Monday (which again, I’m not prepared for so it will take a miracle to pass). I just started a new job and really underestimated how much I would be working and how hard it would be to study while learning a new job…. oh well… lessons learned. The soonest I’ll be able to take audit again will be in November.

  • IL Audit:

    Has anyone received their score in the second smaller release from yesterday. I'm not sure if IL has released them yet, but let me know. I'm still waiting on mine and I'm hoping I don't get pushed back until September.


  • well i got my audit score yesterday…52. After passing the first 3 parts, this killed me as i felt best about audit. I did take all the exams in one month, though, but i had nothing else to do and started work 3 weeks ago so now i'm dreading studying during work. anyways, has anyone heard of someone jumping from a score this low to passing? i'm really nervous after receiving this score.

  • FinalIy I am a CPA. Thanks to Jeff and Yaeger. Last year during August I cleared BEC and FAR in first attempt. That made me little lazy and this year when I appeared for REG and AUD in May I failed for both with 68 and 73. I did not prepare properly and I was using outdated material (Becker 2006). Then from this site I heard about Yaeger and I have ordered for REG and AUD homestudy. I had only less than 2 months to prepare and appear for exam. I have appeared form REG on 31 July and AUD on 7 Aug. I got 83 for REG and 81 for AUD. Once again thanks to all.

  • So far, the AIPCA has released two sets of AUD scores for Wave 1. Friday's scores were released last night. Expect Monday's scores tomorrow night if you live in a NASBA state. And who knows, they may ever release some more…

  • My colleague recieved their AUD score on the NASBA (NH) website, and we both took the exam on 07/01, does this mean i am in Wave 2 or will there be another release tonight or tomorrow night ?


    No score yet, hopefully i passed and it will be there Wednesday night and not next month.

  • I took audit 7/11 in CA and still no score. Nobody from CA has posted on this site that they received their score, only two people have posted that their friends got it. Not sure what to make of that, but to make myself feel better I'm choosing to ignore the hearsay.

  • It looks like I am in the unlucky group this time, still no score for me. Hopefully it will be in the stragglers on Wednesday because I really do not want to wait until September if I had a new sim. Have you looked yet?

  • I studied for about 3 months for all four parts. I would have to say that none of the simulations on Bisk helped me…I was confused on just about every Sim on all four parts. The MCs were ok though, just the simulations were the problem.

  • this is my first test. How did you receive your grade last time? And if you got an email, what time did it come? I never thought I would be on a message board discussing CPA stuff….but I can’t do anything until it comes.

  • I'm sorry. Keep your chin up. I hope you're not thinking about quiting! I know you're discouraged, but that will pass in a couple days. You had an unfortunate situation happen to you, and you rolled the dice, which was gutsy. You'll get there, but you need to keep working hard towards it. 63 without even doing one of the tabs is pretty good, especially if that is the simulation that was graded. I'm not sure if you should just move on towards the next one or keep focusing on this one where the computer froze up on you. Maybe you can prepare for both, and then devote the 10 days leading up to the exam 100 percent focused on the AUD exam… try purchasing the Becker Final review or this Yaeger one that Jeff swears by.

  • Yup, my GA audit score was up at 8:32. But I think some more are coming out Wednesday. Good luck!

  • Two of my friends passed and I STILL don't have my AUD score. C'mon NJ, just give me the score. I take REG on Wed. I need to know whether I passed or not.

  • AUD 81……finally it is done
    I fail AUD twice, REG once and FAR once
    the whole thing took me almost 2 years since I started studying this…..
    it is either I will be CPA or I will give up because I will lose my BEC if I fail AUD

    I am so excited, not because I passed it but i don't have to touch the becker again and waste my weekend!!! Cheer fellows

  • Yes, it is pretty harsh. They should at least make the font really small if you fail, haha. This is my second encounter with audit so if I don’t pass this one I need to decide whether to shelve it for 2010 and move on to FAR or keep trying…

  • When did you take it, I'm from Jersey too, I took AUD on 7/11 and just found out I passed. Good luck!

  • Why do they release some scores in a state, but not all scores? Yes, I was in wave 1.

  • Jeff! Thank you so much for this website. It has been my freind for the last 6 month. I have one more to go. BEC 67, 71, 74 and 09/29/09. Hopefully I will be done soon, can not wait to go backto normal life. This is my last section Just found I passed audit with 85 after 74 last window.
    Once again, goodluck to everyone.

  • That’s what I figured. This is the third time waiting so you think I’d know better than expect the score out with everyone else’s…

  • Congrats, did your score just show up online or what? I still haven't gotten my score from GA.

  • Passed AUD in GA – 82!!! If I can do it, anyone can. After getting a 58 (didn't study) in FAR I was pretty bummed, but now I know it's possible!!! Good luck to all and congrats to everyone who passed!

  • A friend I know called the whoever does the releasing thing for WI and they directed him to someone else, they said his scores were in but didnt tell him the scores. I am sure it killed him a little inside to know that the CSR was looking right at the numbers and didnt say anything…

  • Have you ever called and asked anyone about your score? Just wondering how this works. This is my first test that I have taken.

  • Passed in Colorado! I am so stoked. This is my last one. This has been a long journey (6+ years). Jeff I will write a story for your website. You do a great thing.

  • Yay! I finally passed something on the first shot! Got a 90 on AUD! Now to try and focus enough to get through REG on Friday….it'll be my second try there and I'm not doing so well on the practice MCQ's.

  • I'm in MA and already got my score… hope you guys aren't in wave two πŸ™

    If it makes you feel better, I'd rather not have gotten it!

  • So I don't know how many of you follow this regularly, but if you do you might remember me posting that my exam froze, I had problems, etc… well I had chose to roll the dice and get the score because I felt really confident about the rest… not so much… failed with a 63 πŸ™

    It doesn't make any sense, the first time I took it I got a 67 and barely studied… this last time I knew the stuff pretty solid, but got a 63… I guess not finishing one tab is a big deal. I'm wondering if the exam wasn't saving the entire time it was acting up… any thoughts???

    Anyways, I've never felt so discouraged and like a failure in all my life… how do you get past this???

    Congrats to all who are passing; you should be so proud… if I could only imagine!!

  • Thanks for the website Jeff! You helped me out through this wicked process. I took Audit on 8/7 and I just received my final passing score (85) tonight.

    AUD 85
    BEC 77
    FAR 79
    REG 81

    I'm a CPA!!!!!!!!

  • I'm waiting on REG (7/2) and Far (8/4). This is almost worse than studying and sitting for the exam!

  • WI probably won't be up for another couple days (worst state when it comes to releasing scores). And I pretty much blame Favre for anything that goes wrong these days πŸ™‚

  • I am in Mass waiting for audit also…getting a little annoyed, especially because someone posted earlier they had their audit score in MA

  • I'm from NJ and I STILL don't have my AUD score. WTF????? I know I'm in Wave 1. Any thoughts? Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Fast Pass definitely works I just passed audit with a 76. I literally guessed my way through the simulations but I knew the multiple choice and felt good about the communications.

  • AUD 83 NJ after first attempt. Congrats to others who passed, for those who didn't good luck next time. My advice, read the textbook (my case Gleim) and keep practicing those multiple choice questions!!!

  • Is WI not going to be up tonight?? If NASBA is delaying scores because of the whole Brett Favre thing, I can assure you we had nothing to do with it πŸ™‚

  • Still waiting for Audit here in Mass. I'm thinking next time I take an exam, I'm going to take it on the last day of the testing period so I won't have to go through this excrutiating waiting.

  • can some in Albany please put down the wacky pataki and post my score please? in this case bad news is better than no news at all!

    congrats to all my fellow NY/NJ people who passed…

  • I am verifiably, certifiably, and undeniably a Mother Lovin' CPA.

    Congrats to everyone else who passed their last and to rest I give my best!

  • 82 in audit, 4/4. Thank you Jeff for all your work on this site, and thanks to everyone else in the community here keeping everyone updated! I think I'd have gone crazy with anticipation this past week if it wasn't for you all!

    Congrats to all who passed and good luck next time to those who weren't so lucky.

  • Oh god, oh god, oh god!!!! a 77 on FAR my first time! I really cant believe it, I left like half of the 2nd simm and only answered a few sentences on the memo… but I guess it was enough! well now I can concentrate full on AUD (jul/28). soooooo happy!!!!! congrats to everyone!

  • DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took BEC 4 times… and I just found out today I am a CPA! I have almost given up so many times, but it really is possible, believe me. Have faith. Good luck to you.

  • I was wondering if the scores all came out at once during the night or if they are released gradually over the course of the night?

  • Anyone got a FAR score today? I saw someone mention their FAR score and was wondering if more would be released tonight.

  • I am in MA and just checked for my AUD score and I got the stupid “Score Not Found” arghhhh

  • the big 4 try to be comparable with the market on salary. the reason everyone wants to work there is because it is the golden ticket for your resume. I started at small firms and now work for a big 4 firm. the hours are similar, however, it really depends on what department you work in, which city, and how reasonable your managers are.

  • My friend is still waiting. He is supposed to be getting an e-mail. but its still 6 over there

  • I've burned myself too many times getting my hopes up. It's really quite depressing thinking that you did so well and to so matter-of-factly be told by an online score that you didn't pull it off. I'll wait till I see some KS people saying that they received their scores before I check.

  • Same here. I took FAR on July 23 in Michigan. Still no posting, although 2 of my friends who took it after me had scores posted on Friday night. Let's hope that I'm one of the ones released to NASBA today. Still trying to study for REG on Aug 31 while not stressing out about my missing score.

  • I wish I had that outlook… I think I was less stressed before I understood the scoring process.

  • Don't forget that more FAR scores were released today and will probably post up Wed night.

  • I haven't received mine in MA either… still waiting. I spoke with someone at NASBA this morning who told me that they had 72 business hours to post. Given that the AICPA released scores Friday, perhaps there's a possibility they could post until Wednesday? Or is it all or nothing tonight? When did you take yours?

  • two 74's in BEC… i'm going to do it again… i am in IT and i've seen computer jobs that wanted someone with a CPA designation… don't give up,, they give you 18 months…

  • I took FAR in the middle of July, no score yet either. There was the 350 FAR scores that got released today by the AICPA, but not going to hold my breath for it. When I called NASBA today, they told me to wait till October…..

  • I took FAR July 24th in MA. Still no score. Guess I'm wave 2?? Taking audit this Friday.

    Congrats to all who passed!

  • kourtneesmom….there have been many people that have failed more than 3 times in a row that have gone on to pass the exam….and with a lot lower scores than a 74. I'm just saying.

  • I am in the same situation. I took FAR 7/20 and still nothing. I see some people have received some more FAR scores tonight. Where is mine? Does this mean I'm in the second wave?

  • I know that is right! I am in Tx too and waiting on my score. Did you get the e-mail from the State Board letting you know scores are in (as with prior times)? I didn't so I am expecting it on Wednesday.

  • Failed again for the 3rd time….This time a 74. That's it. I'm done. It's just not in the cards for me. I'll take BEC Friday because I paid for it, but after that, I'm out. Congrats to all who passed.

  • Has anyone checked have there score not be there and then later it shows up? I took mine 7/15 so where is it? It's my last one come on!!

  • you don't know how frustrating this is…… i want my score now.. i'm registered in New York…

    I will go to Albany first thing in the morning… this is ridiculous…

  • Congrats to everyone who passed! I'm in TX still anxiously awaiting my score. Why does TX have to post at strange hours? Hopefully there will be a nice surprise waiting for me when I wake up in the morning!

  • JEFF-Is there any way (without comtacting the KY Board of Accountancy) to find out if my Audit exam taken on July 21, 2009 has (or hasn't been) been graded? Apparently, KY had some issues with the file received from th AICPA and I am afraid that my score may have gotten lost while trying to recover the file.

  • Well, I may not get exactly 300, but I'm gonna be cutting it close. Passed AUD in Ga. Three down, one to go. Thanks Jeff!

  • FAR LA out (again). I passed….I'm finally done!! Thanks Jeff for everything!!!! You made grueling process a little easlier to digest!! Good luck to everyone else !

  • Hi,
    I had called MD board today morning and they told me the same thing, but I got an email aroung 10 AM EST saying that my audit score is up.I checked my score and it was up. They should be releasing scores today. Good Luck

  • Hopefully, it's a midwest thing and we should be hearing something any minute.

  • I passed all four sections! Now I am just a 20-some page application from being a CPA. Thanks Jeff for the website!

  • Any body got Maine State Audit results. I gave on Aug 7th, did any one got their score who their exam on Aug 7th.


  • Sounds like everyone is passing! I hope the streak keeps up for me. Did anyone get their score in Missouri yet? I am still waiting.

  • Colorado out ,Audit 75…..yipeee………jeff and the forum members you are my source of inspiration.Love you to bits guys.keep the ball rolling

  • Wooooo 75 on AUD. I was going to complain how long the score process takes but I don't seem to care at the moment. I also don't care how close it was, a pass is a pass. Two down two to go.

  • dont feel bad… dont know why but audit feels like it went ok, but actually its hard to pass… all the best for your next one.

  • It was worth studying so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for this website that we share our emotions and tough times!!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks… my husband confused me…. I am done guys… took 1 year to complete with an infant… was difficult, but finally done !!!
    Thanks Jeff… thanks guys…

  • OH YES!!! they must do it in waves.. SC is out… 84 baby. FAR, you better watch out, im comming for ya.

  • Just got FAR score in GA – 77 and I am done FOREVER. Thank you for this wonderful website Jeff; you helped me maintain my sanity these past few weeks!

  • yes to the later part… this is really frustrating… im actually in hysterical laughing at this process…

  • NY scores are out!!! I passed THANK GOD! No more CPA exam for me!!! I think Im going to have a becker burner party tonite! haha Congrats to everyone else who passed! What a grueling wait! And to everyone who was close, KEEP your heads up!! Long hard journey but the feeling of passing is worth it!! Good luck to everyone!

  • Why? What's the deal? Do they do it in waves? Will I get it tonight? GD THIS STUPID SYSTEM.

  • SC is not out for me. Do they do it by state or last name or Section ID number or what? WTF? I took it on 7/8….

  • SC Audit is out! 86!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm DONE. Now I can have my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like I'm waiting, as NASBA's released and I'm not getting a score. No biggie. Will check back tomorrow.

  • You could find out your score this week. If not, you are in Wave 2 and will receive you score at the end of September.

  • jeff – what does it mean if i took the bec test (VT) on 7/30 and still have not received my score. i also took fare on 7/3 and haven't heard that score either.

  • That's quite a few AUD scores, so it'll definitely be worth looking wednesday night or so on NASBA if nothing pops up tonight.

  • Is this a joke? I see this ongoing conversation between three people and it has nothing to do with the cpa exam…

  • Interesting; I'm looking forward to it.

    If MA is going out for sure, OH is, as both are NASBA states.

  • The AICPA is the one that first gives out scores, so yeah, that's the hard and fast rule everywhere.

  • Does anyone know when FL should receive AUD scores? I took the exam mid-July. Thanks!

  • Is this always are hard and fast rule for every state? I tested in the AM of August 8th and I was praying that August 7 was an estimated cut off…. any thoughts?

  • I called and all I could get out of them was that they have a bunch that they still have not received. Has any faired better with the TSBPA?

  • Yes. I killed myself on that FAR exam. I studied more than ever. I went through the Becker book 1 line at a time and make sure I understood it. LINE BY LINE. Don’t skip ANYTHING. Don’t move on until you totally understand it. Taking more practice exams probably helped too. But the biggest difference was going through the text line by line without the videos and making notes in the margin when something clicked. I took my time and scheduled my exam when I was close to being finished. I went to the library MOST nights of the week and studied for several hours if not all night or afternoon. I didn’t go to church…I didn’t go to anything…and I have a wife and 2.5 kids (one 5 weeks out).

  • Maya,

    Well feel free to stop by anytime. We just got back from the pool and are about to take a shower. Ciao.


  • Jeff, There have been 2 AUD releases, one on Friday and one today. When would they show up in Texas?

  • CK350Z – I took the AUD section on July 24th (should get my score back any day now) and I used same Bisk products as you did. Just wondering, did you read all of the book and complete a lot of the simulations/MC's? How much time would you say you studied? I'll let you know how I fare, but I am not sure if I am convinced with Bisk's products.

  • I'm so frustrated – I took FAR on July 23 and haven't heard although all of my co-workers have. When will these ones be posted by NASBA?

  • TX – Thanks for giving me a little more hope for receiving my grade in Wave 1. I took FAR on 07/11 and have not received score.

  • Why must they torture me so? I gave up hope that I'd get my FAR score in Wave 1 (took it 7/13) and then they had to release more on Friday and then again today. …I'm never going to be able to focus on REG now!

  • 9pm in what time zone? I am in Central – in Louisiana – and I don't think I can take much more waiting!!!!

  • I took the fast pass program throughout June and July and I loved it. Its definitely intense but it is doable if you commit yourself to the process. I sat for my first test, audit which I took while the course was in session and I'll let you know later if I passed. Unfortunately, I don't think I did because of the sims. Once the class ended I reviewed reg for a week and passed. I'm taking BEC thurs and I pushed financial off because I ran out of time in this testing window. I totally agree with you wanting to get the test out of the way, I feel the same way. The only downside to Becker is that it is really costly but its definitely worth it. Good luck. πŸ™‚

  • How would you know how your state releases the scores? I am in Texas if anyone happens to know.

  • I used Bisk Review (just the textboks and cd-rom) Do you think fast pass would work or do they try to cram so much in a short period of time?

  • I didn't get my results for audit yet, hopefully tonight. Don't stress reg cause I thought I had absolutely no shot of passing and I got an 83. Did you take Becker's fast pass?

  • Sorry, should have said that the date you take the exam doesn't matter as long as you sat prior to the Wave 1 cutoff date (August 7th)

  • If I understand correctly – go to the website and get to the map – choose your state – get to the scores area – if you are able to enter your section id# and birthdate – too bad πŸ™ you are in a NASBA state and you have to wait with the rest of us for 9 pm est for NASBA to post our scores….

  • NASBA State AUDIT scores have a very high chance of being released tonight at 9pm. You can view them online at the NASBA site after 9pm.

  • The date you sit for the exam has nothing to do with when you receive the grade. It depends on the state you live in and the questions that appeared on your exam. I took REG July 2nd, but have not received a score because WI doesn't release any until all 4 sections have been released by the AICPA.

    The new sims are the worst part, because you can't control if you get one or not on your exam. Good luck and I hope you get the score soon!

  • Maya, I live on 44th street and 8th in the Promendae building on the 32nd floor. let me know if you want to meet. ttyl. ill be at the pool.

  • wow i am surprised people are reporting so low. i work at a small regional firm and it is pretty comparable. i prefer my workload to what i hear is from the big 4.

  • Anybody fail AUD as badly as I did? (60, and I'm actually going to be working in audit) This is my first time taking the CPA exam, just graduated from college and don't start my full time job with a Big 4 next month. I decided to take all four sections this August before I started because I was afraid I wouldn't have time to study once I start, and don't think I passed the other three sections. Did I rush it, maybe? Thanks.

  • What does it mean when it says “after August 7 as well as those with new sims”? Does that mean even if you took it before August 7th but you had newer simulations then it would take all the way till September to get the scores because I took it on July 29th and 2 people who took it the day before I did already got their grade last week!?!?

  • I called too, my score still isn’t in, but she indicated that she expected more to come in. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • I just called. I am in the first wave, thankfully.

    They said they just received the scores and will send an email out in the next 24 hours.

  • In NY around 55K starting last year, and it doesnt matter if you start with your CPA or not. You just get a bonus once you pass.

  • For mine, it's been about a week that I received them in the mail from NASBA. The advisory scores in both cases were the same as the ones I got in the mail.

  • Okay, just called TSBPA, they asked my social and were able to tell me that my score came in today, couldn’t tell me what it was, but I should be able to see it after midnight tonight.

  • I took mine July 10th. Still don’t have my score and I don’t think I had a new sim. I’ll be calling TSBPA today.

  • I pulled a 73 on FAR in January. When I began studying for the section again in July I found I retained much of the information. As a result, I just did reps, reps, and more reps of Gleim questions. I've always been weaker on MCQs, so this was my approach. I had Becker materials, and while they worked to teach you, doing questions made me feel much more confident. I ended up scoring an 84.

  • When I called the MD board, they said they have nothing and once they receive scores from NASBA, we get them at the same time. I am confused.

  • I haven't received mine yet. I think Indiana is a NASBA state, therefore, we will receive them when NASBA posts them to their website. From what Jeff posted earlier, that could be at 9 pm tonight.

    People who have said they have received their AUD scores are from people in states where their state accounting board releases the score, for example, IL. Good luck.

  • I am from a Non-Nasba state (AR), and I spoke with someone from our accounting office today who said that they have not received the scores in the mail yet from the AICPA. I would say it will probably be around wednesday or thursday of this week?! (hopefully!)

  • Looking for information regarding Indiana AUD scores. I took AUD 7/15. Has anyone received their AUD score yet? Thanks.

  • I agree with these folks, dollar amounts aren't the biggest part. I wouldn't worry about memorizing the tax forms as much as I would familiarize myself with understanding how to fill them out. Just look at three or four of them in your book and you'll figure it out. Like everyone is saying, it's more about understanding the concepts than memorizing raw data. Also, my best study tool was working through all of Becker's HW problems. I went through each of them three times and passed Reg with an 84. 'Hope this helps, and best wishes to you!

  • NASBA has not released Audit yet. Colorado is a NASBA state. Hopefully tonight around 7pm mountain time..

  • It would make sense for them to have that wouldn't it. However as far as I know what you are looking for doesn't exist.

  • call the arizona board and ask what “wave” you are in…they have a list of who is in which wave i guess.

  • I only remembered to the thousands but didn't even need that. That was an ugly test but I ended up getting a 82.

  • I am doing the same thing. I feel so miserable. I can't concentrate on anything. I am adding myself to everyone who asks God for help tonight in re Audit πŸ™‚

  • I wouldn't bother learning exact dollar value limits. Rarely will you need that. Just know what applies in what circumstances, and concepts. It's hard to know what to focus on, as every exam is different. Try to review everything, and hope for the best.

  • Aaron, just wondering: I see that your FAR scores jumped from a 71 to an 83. Did you do something drastically different for the second sitting or not really? Just curious cuz I'm in the same boat. Thanks.

  • I'm going to go ahead and write my thank you Jeff email ahead of Audit NASBA release tonight. Jeff thanks for the fantastic site and all of the updates. If I pass audit tonight I'll never use this site again….but it was priceless while taking the exam (been at least 1.5 years). Hopefully I'll have passed them all by 9pm tonight!

    BEC (68, 76)
    REG (68, 71, 79)
    FAR (71, 83)
    AUD (70, ???)

  • I am taking Reg in one week and was wondering if i need to memorize all of the dollar value limits for the tax rules. Also anyone have advice on what I should really focus on? I heard I should memorize tax forms because weird ones appear on Sims.

  • My turn for the notorious “Has anyone…?” question.

    Has anyone, FROM A NON-NASBA STATE, received your Wave 1 AUDIT score in the mail?


  • I took Audit on July 11th in CA and still no score. Hopefully by tonight I will receive a passing score.

  • I took the AUD on July 27th. But I haven't gotten the result yet.
    Does anybody get the AUD result who took the simliar time period?

  • Is there a link from nasba or whoever that shows what the official wave dates are (wave 1 vs wave2)?

  • I never felt prepared enough; however I passed BEC, AUD, and REG on the first try. I took FAR in July and I am still waiting on the results. I think the thing that helped me the most is working as many multiple chose as possible. For example, FAR had around 2500 MC, before it was over there was about 200 that I never answered correctly. I made my on flash cards after each chapter for things I thought was important and for any multiple choice I consistently had trouble with.

  • I was just looking into Gleim…did you feel prepare enough with the book and cd. or do you think audio, video, flashcards, etc is also needed??? thanks.

  • Thank you very much. It is my last part and I have become a little obsessed.
    Have a good day.

  • I don't know how much you are wanting to spend; however I was on a budget as well and I used Gleim for each one of my test which cost $93 for the book and cd for each section, the cd has over 2,000 practice questions. I believe both are important because the book doesn't give you enough practice problems.

  • I took mine August 7th. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I can't remember if I had a new simulation though…

  • What is going on with CA? I took AUD July 13th and still no score? Anybody else get their AUD score in CA yet?

  • has anybody from OK received their FAR scores yet. PLEASE RESPOND ANYONE ANYONE….HELLO…

  • I took FAR in July and I got my score friday, I also know of at least 2 other people who received their scores as well.

  • Hello if anybody is interested on selling their used study materials for FAR, please let me know, I am on a budget and just cant afford to buy any new stuff.

  • yeah a little after 10 am i got an email and the score was immediately available online. a friend of mine was in the same siutation, so you might be in wave2

  • hey, took reg back in april (in MD) and when people from MD started reported their scores came in, i received nothing so just assumed i was in wave 2…..but then ended up getting my score the next day, so theres still a chance you were in this wave

  • I haven't either…took it Aug. 6. I've seen 1 post on here from someone in TX saying they got their score. I know 2 other people who took FAR in TX and neither of them have received scores either. Anyone else???

  • Took AUD Exam August 8th. Will results for my exam definately be in wave2 or is there a chance i get them tonight? Thanks.

  • If people have received scores for AUD in MD, and I have not, does that mean I am in wave 2 or is there still a chance I could receive my scores soon?

  • No. I am waiting and checking constantly. I called the Arizona State Board and they said they would email them out “immediately” as soon as they got them…so maybe today.

  • Just hang in there, i myselt been thru many rough patches but remember you are doing this for yourself not for anybody else, you will get the rewards in the end once you finish it all, just think about changing your study pattern. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  • Stick with it! When you do MC, don't just know what the right answer is; be able to explain why it's the right answer. That's what helped me at least. (So far I've passed BEC and FAR, waiting on AUD and take REG Saturday)

  • Has anyone heard anything about when AUD scores will be released in Pennsylvania? I took the exam July 2 and have been paitiently waiting.

  • Has anyone heard anything about REG from NC? I emailed Phyllis over there and this the response I got, “I don't know when we will received them to be mailed”. If the AICPA released them a week and a half ago wouldn't the board have received them by now? This state is the worst.

  • You got no response, because people probably didn't have a response. Chill out. Your score is probably one of those rare ones that Jeff mentions gets bumped to wave 2.

  • just got my FAR score and failed badly…score in the 50s…I'm really down on myself right now as I studied 3 full months and felt prepared. I was able to finish the whole exam…this was my first time taking a CPA exam..I'm hopeful to get my confidence back…right it just stinks.

  • I haven't checked my score since Friday and it hasn't been up, suddenly it appeared this morning….82 for FAR in GA! So great. I failed the first time with a 69 and redid Becker. I passed the others on the first time with Becker. I thought it was much harder the second time, but I guess I knew my stuff. I'm surprised that it is out since I know that I got a new sim (the new material). Just glad to be finally done! Good luck all.

  • BEC. It should have been out 2 Fridays ago if it was consistent with my other score releases. FAR has already been released for OK. That score was posted the day following the AICPA release.

  • wait till 9am – 11am, i have seen all my result posted between these hours. i think they only update once a day. what section you are waiting for?

  • This is approximately the 20th time I've asked this question and gotten no answers… HAS ANYONE RECEIVED A BEC SCORE FROM OKLAHOMA??? I took the test Aug. 3rd. The OAB has been no help in answering questions.

  • Yes! Virginia scores were posted promptly at 9:00 a.m. Passed with an 84! I can't believe it! I am completely DDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNEEEEEEE!! Passed all sections the first time. Thank you Team Yaeger!

  • Nope! In fact, the site stays down until 4am-ish. I've lost a lot of sleep because of the TX site.

  • I also recommend taking the practice exams. It is really helpful to practice timing the exam so you don't either run out of time or rush through sections and end up with a lot of extra time. I passed FAR using only Becker and in the final week I focused mostly on taking the progress test (which use the homework questions but give you a different sampling of questions each time) and the simulated exam. As for the Sims, the ones on my exam were similar to what Becker had. Obviously, they were somewhat different but I thought the practice with Becker sims was helpful.

  • nope – no scores… and does TX only update at 3:14am everyday? so we'll have to wait till tomorrow morning then…

  • no… i don't know what's going on. the website isn't even working for me. anyone getting similar results?