CPA Exam Score and Results Predictions – October/November 2008 – Wave 1


Wave One Updates:

  • 11/15 – Approx 99% of BEC is out
  • 11/23 – Approx 99% of AUD is out
  • 11/25 – Approx 48% of REG is out
  • 11/25 – Approx 65% of FAR is out


I documented the releases for the last window and using the pattern from then, this is my forecast. If they're released earlier, then I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Exam scores will be available on NASBA's site:

  • BEC – Tuesday November 18
  • REG – Friday November 21
  • AUD – Monday November 24
  • FAR – Wednesday November 26

Again…just my prediction…I didn't call any ‘little birds' yet…too early.

update 11/18: AUD is apparently out for CA/VA. AUD was the third section released last window…although I used Wave 2 as a guide…Wave 1 could be different, I don't know…it looks like AUD results will be out 5 days earlier than I predicted

After being clearing wrong on AUD, I did a little checking to see when scores came out for Wave 1.

  • BEC came out August 15
  • REG came out August 20
  • AUD came out August 21
  • FAR came out August 23

See Also: Score release predictions from previous windows…





350 comments on “CPA Exam Score and Results Predictions – October/November 2008 – Wave 1”

  • I just recieved my FAR scores in PA from the 10/31 test date. I passed it with an 83, which now gives me all 4 sections passed! The journey is over!

  • Well I took REG on Oct 11th and still do not have my score. However, I took AUD on Nov 26th and just got my score. How messed up is that

  • I took FAR on 10/31 in PA. My score has not yet been released. Any idea when I can expect to recieve the score?

  • Got 84 in REG from CO. Done with CPA! I am quite happy and thanks very much for providing me information from this forum. Thanks!!!

  • REG came out in NM! My husband has now passed 3!! still waiting on FAR

    AUD 10/04/08 97
    BEC 10/25/08 84
    FAR 11/14/08 ????!!!
    REG 11/26/08 83

  • My husband took all four sections this testing window and this is what we have so far:

    AUD 10/04/08 97
    BEC 10/25/08 84
    FARE 11/14/08 ??
    REG 11/26/08 ??

    The wait is agonizing! When is this magical “second wave” going to be??

  • I’m from PA and I took audit on Nov. 26th. I’m having a hard time understanding that release schedule thing. Any chance I will get my score before Christmas? I need to schedule FARE and REg next, and I was planning to wait to get my audit score back before i schedule my next test dates πŸ™

  • Anyone pass the FAR knowing they completely screwed up a simulation?

    Me – when I recently passed FAR. I couldn’t figure out what they wanted me to do on the sim and I barely completed 2 tabs (tab 1 + written communication). I left 3 tabs blank and I suspect that the sim was graded because it was over a normal topic and the first sim was over a topic you wouldn’t really expect. No worries…I think I bombed the sim that was graded and I still passed.

  • I took the FAR on November 26th. This was the first time I’ve taken any of the parts. I know I screwed up one of the two simulations. As far as the multiple choice is concerned… I couldn’t tell if the questions were getting harder, or where just hard for me! Anyone pass the FAR knowing they completely screwed up a simulation? Thanks.

  • I’m waiting to get my life back… my journey:

    AUD 7/2/08 – 87
    BEC 8/1/08 – 84
    FAR 8/29/08 – 79
    REG 10/29/08 – ???

    btw, this is california…

  • Okay it has been 9 weeks. I would think that should be long enough to grade and post REG scores for GA!!

    You’re looking at about 1.5 more weeks I think…sometime after the 15th. The AICPA has been weird this window, so who knows.

  • Okay it has been 9 weeks. I would think that should be long enough to grade and post REG scores for GA!!

  • According to the AICPA, the Illinois Board of Examiners has received all scores
    from the October-November testing window that will be released in the first cycle. The
    first score release covered testing events from October 1 through November 7, 2008.
    The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) controls what scores are released, in
    what order and what percentage. They did not provide us with information about the
    smaller percentage of FAR and REG results released in the first round. It does not,
    however, signify anything negative if your score was not released!

  • I havent got my Reg score in TX yet. Anyone has got the REG scores in TX. I took the exam on 10/31/2008.

  • Ok, so I personally am not worried about getting the REG exam because my 18 months wont expire until 2010, but isn’t there someone out there that needs to know their score to see if they passed their last section? If it was their last exam to pass, and their expire date was coming up, they cant wait 3 months to get their score like many of us are going to have to. Has anyone had a problem like this or how should you handle it? Start studying for an exam that you don’t know the results for? Pay for another exam? This process is awful.

  • I live in Mississippi and receive my exam scores in the mail from my State Board. I took REG on October 27th, and received my score on Wednesday, November 26th. I’m now finished with the exam forever! I just wanted to tell some of you guys who are still waiting that it sounds like you may be waiting for your score to be released with the second wave of test scores (around the 3rd week in December – earliest. Usually we are the last people in the country to get scores at the end of the wave release.

  • Any hope that the AICPA releases more scores tomorrow, or should we just accept that fact that REG scores won’t come until the second wave?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if some more scores trickled in early this week and I would be equally unsurprised if they stopped until Wave 2 started coming out in 2 week. It sucks, I know.

  • Any hope that the AICPA releases more scores tomorrow, or should we just accept that fact that REG scores won’t come until the second wave?

  • does anyone know if you were grandfathered in under the 120 hour rule, if you do not finish all 4 parts of the exam by 12/31/08 you are allowed to continue to sit however, are you then required to obtain 150 credit hours or are you grandfathered in with 120 hours indefinitely?

  • Keep in mind that NASBA posts scores as soon as the AICPA releases them (or within a working day or so). It’s the AICPA taking it’s time – not NASBA. Now, if NASBA could update its technology and post scores in real time like some of its constituents do instead of running some batch process at 3am the following morning, that would be nice.

  • Another71 – how do you know 48% is out? Where the beep is the other 52%. I took REG on 10/3. Is it a bad sign I haven’t received it yet?

  • Still no Reg in CA. Took exam on 10/24. The CA BOA is probably screwin around again. Lazy govt employees.

  • I just called NASBA.

    I took my FAR exam 10/11 in MA.

    The guy told me I could exect my score anytime from last week until the third week in December. He said he couldn’t give me any more information and I hould just relax becuase I will find out in the US mail by JANUARY 15.

    I can’t just relax for another two months!!

  • Yeah whats the point of releasing 2 scores. Waste of time. I took REG 10/11 and Im just going to have to give up checking my score until 2009.

  • Another71.. would you please pass this exam, I’m tired already to open your blog 2 times a day and not see a big exclamation ” I did it.. I’m a CPA !!!”

  • Your prediction on REG was right for me. I got mine on Friday. Taking Audit tomorrow.

    BEC: 91
    FAR: 98
    REG: 95

    I’m a CPA nerd.

  • just took audit. started at 4:45, finished at 7:56. don’t know if its good or bad. felt good. yikes.

    another71, congrats, and good luck.

  • IL just updated… for those waiting on Reg, they received a whopping total of two exams today. Here’s hoping, but it doesn’t look like much will be up tomorrow.

  • another71, your 11/26 prediction was correct!

    You’re right! I didn’t realize that until you said something

  • Hmmm…the CA BOA site is down at the moment, could it be a sign that they’re updating scores? I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  • I was suppose to sit for AUD tomorrow (my last section). Just found out the testing site is down. So much for having all this behind me before Thanksgiving.

  • ***My little birdie that I call said that my score is in and that I have good news waiting tomorrow. I hope everyone’s score is in tomorrow as well (and that it’s good news!).***

  • Wow, almost at the finish line, eh? This blog serves as an amazing record of your journey. You better not give it up when you’re done once and for all!

  • Murph – Haha, funny you say that. After I posted it I though “that was an a-hole thing to do, that won’t make anyone feel more confident”. If I had my FAR score I could tell you not to worry, that it all worked out (because, of course I will pass :)) but I don’t.

    Good luck, don’t psyche yourself out!

  • Murph –
    I did that with FAR. I was totally rocking the studying and practice exams and then the night before I was bombing all the practice questions I did and totally bombed the practice test on So when I walked out of the test I felt like I knew what I was answering, but then I would remember that I had felt the same way when I was getting all those questions wrong. Argh.

  • Just finished my REG exam this morning. Glad to have that over with. I sat for FAR in NY on 10/10. Still no score for me.

    I called NASBA yesterday and spoke with a guy who claims wave 1 scores come out anytime between now and the first week of December for NY. The guy sort of just seemed to be saying that; I don’t know if he knows anything more than we do.

  • I just received an email back from the NASBA guy. I took REG 10/7 and they haven’t received my score. He says the 2nd wave of score should start coming on Dec 10.

  • T-minus 5 hours to audit. anyone ever take the practice exams and continue to do worse and worse as you get closer to the actual test? real confidence boost…

  • I am struggling because I am waiting for the REG score from October and I didn’t feel that confident with the exam. I have come to terms with the fact that I will most likely need to retake this but I was hoping to do so during the first week of January before busy season but now this may not be possible if I have to wait until late December to apply for a NTS. Sometimes I feel like there’s not a single CPA who works at AICPA/NASBA/State Boards with the way these testing windows work…do they not realize that March, June, September and December would actually be good months for people in public practice to take the exam? Many of us get wrapped up in quarters in the subsequent months…sorry for my rambling I just really need to get this last section behind me

  • I think it could be a good sign that more scores will be released tomorrow, especially since ILBOA is still reporting that less than 50% of Reg and just over 50% of FAR are not out. Would the AICPA really make 1/2 the people who tested in those sections wait til wave 2?

  • There is still hope that a group of scores will come out Wed or Thurs morning…and possibly Saturday morning (do I really think they’ll come in the Friday of Thanksgiving week and release our scores? haha – no).

    Personally, I have resigned myself to a December release…for those of you waiting on REG, my 2nd wave REG score came in on the 20th of September (July/August window)….FAR was a few days later. I bet they’ll push to get them out by Christmas. I expect my FAR score sometime between 12/20 and 12/23.

    Maybe they’ll release how much they screwed us over and release FAR before BEC. One can dream…

    With that said, I will wake up every morning and check my score first thing. (just in case!)

  • Can someone explain the timing of the second wave of scores to me…I’ve heard that the first wave is the third week of the month following your test…but when would this second wave be released?

  • I took FAR on 10/27 and mine came out in MA — I passed. Only 2 more to go. G’luck to everyone else who’s still waiting.

  • Hi Another71, it’s PassByCMAS… Still no REG score for me, and it looks like no FAR score for you. Any word on what the crap is going on? Can we expect anything before Thanksgiving?

  • OMG! FAR is out in FL this morning…78! I’ll take it any day! Thanks every one and good luck. I will see you the second week of December!

  • Hi friends,
    I purchased Yaeger CPA Homestudy with discount code another71. It helped me financially.

    I used Yaeger DVDs, audio crams and Webcast (and of course the textbook which comes with these).

    I received support
    from John at YaegerCPAreview,
    from another71 on morale boosting,
    from Phil and Bonnie even on the eve of my exam. on Nov 4.

    I appreciate the sincerity with which the faculty handle classes (I have myself been a teacher in accounting, finance and management).

    I am happy to share with you that I passed BEC with 79.

    Thanks to all at yaegercpareview and to another71


  • ugh…still no FAR score and i thought i was supposed to take audit tomorrow at 12 and i went to look at my confirmation notice this morning at 6am and turns out I’m taking it today at 12! i guess its time to do a practice test! not a fun day.

  • I take BEC in 5 hours, and it could be my last…

    But instead of doing the cramming I truly need to do, I’m just clicking submit. submit. submit. submit. submit. submit… Waiting for REG.

    Please? Soon? Maybe today?

  • I wonder if the first wave of REG hasn’t been released as no one is posting that they have received REG scores from this testing window. I emailed NASBA today and was told they haven’t received my score from the AICPA yet. I took REG on October 22 in Utah.

  • Vegasboy – posted earlier, but took reg 10/1 (CA), and no score through today. Will post when I do, assuming I dont have to wait another 2+ weeks for the second wave

  • I took 3 in one window and 1 at the very beginning of this window. I’ve passed so far, waiting on FAR, but I took off work and studied all summer long. I don’t see how anyonbe could do it working full time.

    My co-worker took FAR a week after me and already has a score, I’m going nuts! I sat 10/12.

  • Seriously, to those that passed all 4 in one window, did you take Aderol or Meth? Were you also working a full-time job? Family with kids? I don’t get it! AGH!!!

    Believe me, I have seriously SERIOUSLY considered finding a speed dealer.

  • has anyone from CA that took REG or FAR during the OCT/NOV window got a score from CA BOA yet? I took REG OCT 03 and no score.

  • To those who wonder whether scores are updated during the day: I just checked and CA BOA updated my account with my audit score report. So it does appear that CA BOA does update throughout the day. That’s assuming score reports and score releases are processed in a similar manner.

  • Captain Fancypants,

    I work with a woman who took all four in one window and passed them all, with her lowest score being an 89…

  • For those taking Audit, just remember that if you have a serious GAAS problem, disclaim your opinion…

  • At least we’re in this all together waiting for FAR and REG scores to post. I think we would all feel pretty bad if 99% of scores were posted and we were still waiting.

    I took FAR on 10/10 for NY, and I have not received my score. (For those of you from NY keeping tabs on how many of us haven’t received our scores, I posted as “Anonymous” this morning, stating that I was still waiting for my score.)

    Good luck to everyone. I’m taking REG tomorrow morning!

  • I’ll be taking my BEC on Nov 29, I’m guessing I might actually get the score for that before I get my score on my Oct 6 Reg. Not cool.

  • Murph, i’m in the exact situation – Took FAR 10/27 and still no score!! I’m taking Audit on the 26th and i just can’t concentrate. It will probably ruin my test if i find out i didnt pass tmw or on the 26th right before i sit for Audit.

  • my sympathy goes out to any and all who are cramming to fit in another test this week before the testing window closes, yet, are totally consumed with getting a grade back this week.

    Audit tomorrow. Still no FAR – tested 10/28.

    If my Prometric computer could access the internet, i’d still be on this site and NASBA during my test checking for score updates.

    this is unhealthy.

  • BEC scores are rolling in for Mississippi via mail, since we are too stupid do it via internet.

    Of course I took AUD, so who knows…

  • I confirmed with the NASBA rep that they don’t release scores during the day. IT has to run a process overnight, for whatever reason.

  • has anyone who has posted throughout the day found their score updated mid-day? that is, nothing in the morning, but their score posts at, say, 2pm? if nasba updates in the am or pm, or only once a day, i don’t want to sit her checking every 5 minutes….

  • Captain Fancypants, I took them in two windows, but they were within a 3 month period total and I passed them all, πŸ™‚ My face is your victim.

  • I took FAR in NY on Oct 1…first day of the testing window. Had ANYONE in NY gotten FAR scores? Are we included in the “first wave” or has the first wave not made it yet in NY.

  • Captian Fancypants my face is waiting… I passed BEC and AUD this window. I am still waiting on my Reg score, and I am taking FAR tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  • I took FAR through the state of Vermont on October 27th. Do you have any idea when I can expect my score? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • I want to know of anybody that has passed all four parts in the same window…on the first try. I would like to punch that person.

  • finally got my AUD score in KS on 11/21, 78 and i’m done with it all! it’s been a long 5 months… also two of my colleagues here got their FAR scores today, both from MO i believe. One took it early/mid Oct and the other took it 11/6 I believe. another colleague took it early Oct, either KS or MO, and hasn’t yet received her score

  • Amelia. I am from NJ to and I am waiting although all my friends in NJ got their scores. All passing. I am not sure of that means we failed for not being in the first score release or if the first score release is even over yet. I have no clue

  • I took FAR on Oct 11 in NJ and am still waiting..really don’t know how I’ll be able to wait another month!!

  • Anonymous,
    There is a 9 page report released by the AICPA detailing how the exam is scored. It will explain why your boyfriend had passing scores in most areas, but still failed. In some cases, due to “the curve”, you can make 68’s on everything and still receive a passing score. The report can be found at this website, and it will explain everything.

    -Alyse A.

  • another71, so should we expect ILBOA to release more scores for REG today or would your NASBA tip lead you to believe that this is it?

  • I spoke with a NASBA rep and they said most of the Wave 1 scores were in, but a few stragglers could come in this week. If they don’t come in this week…it’ll be this time next month….just in time to ruin Christmas.

  • I’ve seen people get their score held back and score a 67…I’ve also seen them score in the 90s. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    With that said, my co-worker who got his score today scores a ninety-freaking-five.

  • I am in NJ. Some got their score some didn’t. Everyone I know who got their score all passed with an 82. Does that mean anyone held back either didn’t pass or is borderline or is it truly random. Another 71 shed some light with your experience or anyone for that matter. Thanks

  • FAR is out in Kansas. Scored an 88 and I am finally done. Had to pass to avoid losing my BEC credit. Good luck to you all and thank you another71 for a great website!

  • anyone else in MA get their scores? or am i now in the aforementioned borderline not passing/second wave?

  • ugh I haven’t gotten FAR in SC yet and my bf hasnt gotten REG in Georgia yet…this is no fun waiting…no fun at all!

  • Can you help me figure out these scores? My husband passed BEC, but felt AUD was his strength. Planning-79, Internal control-86, Information-71,Review-81, Communications-74, The simulations were graded as “weak”, but the written was “Comparable”. He said he felt good about the simulations. His overall score was a 70- lower than any score he received- how can this be?

  • FAR in GA this AM – and I passed – and I’m done!!! It was worth the wait!!!

    The NASBA rep told me they received “a lot” of scores on Friday so I would assume that more from Georgia should have their scores now!!

    Good luck to all!

  • I took REG on 10/3 and still no score….what is taking so long?

    A friend of mine also took REG on 10/3 and she has received her score, unfortunately not good news!

  • I had a dream that I was sitting at some CPA firm’s conference table taking the FAR exam, except it was a set of torn out practice exams from the Wiley book and I had the answer sheets within my reach. I then awoke with a startle because “oh crap – why was I taking FAR again? I FAILED!” … I scurred to my laptop (hit “go” on the coffee maker first) and of course…

    Error: Score not found.

    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.

    I can take the studying and the exam pressure…it’s this zombie-like trance that I’m in while waiting for the results that I hate. It’s the darting out of bed at 2am “just in case” that I’m not going to miss when this thing is over.

  • Does any of you know if the scores get posted right at midnight or some other time (like 5:00 or 6:00 am)?

  • I almost feel that they first prepare and mail the score notices before they post them on-line. I remember that my score notices from the last window were dated the same date that they became available on-line.

  • Thanks, Briana! I hope they come in tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. I’d hate to wait until next week (after the holidays).

  • I am in GA and took FAR on 10/24 and have not received my score – no one in GA has. If you read my comment above from Friday afternoon, I spoke to a NASBA rep who indicated GA scores had come in and would be updated soon – I am hoping for tomorrow morning they will be out there.

    Hope I didn’t discourage anyone – good luck to all out there waiting!!!

  • Brandon, this doe not seem very encoraging to me. I took FAR on 10/12 in GA and still not score. Although, I would be more than happy to receive 75 in the “second scoring”…

  • To the person who asked if there was a correlation between score and score release, the following is from the CPA exam website. I don’t know how accurate this is and I don’t think it should be inferred from this that if your score is later, you have failed, but:

    “Please note that examination scores are not always issued at the same time. The AICPA does not release any scores that fall in the “near passing” range in the first wave. Basically, if the score is very low or very high – it will probably be released in the first wave, otherwise, it is held for a second scoring. In other words, if you and a friend of yours took the FAR section on roughly the same date, you may anticipate your scores to be issued at the same time, but this is not necessarily the case.”

    For what its worth

  • 95 on REG in VA from October 18th sitting!

    I took BEC on November 22nd. Hopefully it will be turned around quickly!

    Hopefully, I’ll have 3 down. FAR January 31st.

  • Does anyone know if there is a correlation between when scores are released and how people scored on the exam? For instance, say the people who have received their REG scores have passed and the ones who haven’t received their scores yet did not pass??? I have no idea if that is true, just wondering if anyone has ever heard anything like that.

    Mostly, I just want to pass REG:)

  • Some states don’t post scores through their BOA site, they post through NASBA. If your BOA posts on their own website then NASBA is irrelevant for you…

  • How does someone check their old or new scores thru the NASBA web site? I’m from CA and I even called NASBA and was told that I had to check my scores on CA BOA site. Which is where I normally do check.

  • ILBOA released the last bit of AUD scores for this release and 26 FAR scores to put the total FAR release at 56% so far…

    No REG scores… wtf

  • That would be:

    Do they ever update the NASBA site on the weekends?

    Dyslexia is a serious condition among modern day CPA candidates… πŸ™‚

  • vegasboy, i’m from colorado board, and all of my previous marks are gone from NASBA, it keeps showing error for past three days. I’m waiting for Reg marks. I’m not sure if they are uploading new marks, or they have messed up their database. Let me know if you find out something?

  • I just checked my status in CA and all my parts now say NO CREDIT and I’ve passed 2. I’m thinking maybe they are uploading new scores for CA. All hope is not lost, we may get our scores before the night is over! Anyone else experiencing that their passed parts now say NO CREDIT in CA?

  • No new REG releases in IL today. Hoping for Monday as well….this wait is excruciating, I seriously think I am going insane

  • anybody from colorado state received their REG marks or is having problem seeing any of their previous marks. They look like its gone from NASBA.

  • I took FAR on Oct. 6th in NJ…still nothing πŸ™

    I understand that they only post the scores once per day, but I still find myself refreshing the NASBA site at least 30 times a day. Am I crazy?! If so, the test has made me this way. Sooo frustrating!

  • Here is something interesting, NASBA has 30 different committees and still they can’t get the score out on time!!! What do they do when they meet? Play bingo? Very incompetent organization, knowing that state boards have released the scores but NASBA can’t is just very frustrating.

  • REG is out in PA. Found out yesterday morning 75 on 1st attempt! Perfect amount of studying. BEC was posted on Tues morning 83 on my third attempt. I took REG on 10/24 and BEC on 11/6.

  • I want my REG score!!! I took
    Reg on 10/17 (No Score),
    BEC on 10/18 (84),
    AUD on 10/31 (83),
    and I take Far on 11/25. I want to be rid of this stupid test!

  • People, like me, who couldn’t access their old scores either as it looked like they have been gone from NASBA. Can they access it right now, because I still can’t? And if anybody know when NASBA plan on fixing this problem. I’m killing to see my REG marks but all my old ones are gone too.

  • Its 9:15am in CA, and no Reg score. Took it on 10/1, which I see now is just prolonging the agony by making it a longer wait!

  • No FAR in GA yet either… Lat year I took REG, AUD and BEC in October and had my results by November 22.

  • No FAR in FL. So much for the first wave coming out the 3rd week of Nov…Now I will sit AUD on Tues. I guess I will get everything in Dec…

  • I now know how to get a whole bunch of Accountants upset… not posting scores and stealing ones pencil (it works we do it at the office all the time it is really funny)

    P.s I am right there with ya’ll waiting on WI to post Reg. Hang in there we will get through this.

  • All I did was call the number on the Georgia State Board of Accountancy website under CPA Exam Information (its a Tennessee number – where I believe NASBA is located) – that connected me to license verification; I asked for the GA coordinator and was put through directly to her – I don’t recall her name; I believe that it was Leslie but I could be wrong – she was very helpful and nice… At this point I really wish I had just asked her if she could tell me my score because it is now killing me!

  • Brandon,
    Did you happen to ask for that NASBA rep’s name? I am from GA too and did not have as much luck. I would like someone to talk to who actually answers questions πŸ™‚

  • I think I’ll be sleepless until I get my Reg score haha, I’ve been constantly checking this blog and the CA BOA website hoping for some news.

  • that’s awesome you encountered someone nice from NASBA GA Brandon. I’ve not had as much luck! They’ve just told me “as soon as we get them they’re posted.” I wonder what is up with the Reg scores. If they are in, why are they not up?

  • So I got through to the NASBA rep in GA and they indicated that they did have some scores come in today and since typically the computer database updates overnight they would be available – she said Monday maybe Saturday – I am hoping Saturday. She indicated my score was in the batch; I didn’t want to push her and ask for it since I know they aren’t supposed to give them out and she was being very friendly. Hopefully other states are the same and some/most are out tomorrow AM. Looking forward to another sleepless night!

  • The only thing nasba told me was CA candidates have to contact the CA BOA. I don’t know if trying to do that will be just a waste of time!

  • Vegasboy – If you find anything out from NASBA about California scores let me know – still waiting on FAR πŸ™

  • nasba wont just give out ur score on the phone. but if u call 866mynasba, choose the number for scores, choose the number to speak to a live rep, u can try and see what the hold up is

  • can someone give the # to nasba, every number i have just sends me to a recorded message? I didn’t know i could call nasba and get my score.

  • Thanks Brandon/ I am not sure if I even care if I passed at this point. I just want to know my score so I can prepare for the next time πŸ™

  • My take is that they have *some* of them and will release them overnight. You can try to call them, which is a mixed bag of course…if you get them to answer they won’t necessarily tell you anything…I’ve just found a contact that is nice there. As hard as it is, I wouldn’t waste your time calling…just check around 5am tomorrow morning and gloat that you have your score and passed πŸ™‚

  • I tried calling NASBA, but couldn’t get to speak to a life person. Do you just call the main number from the website?

    Anyone in GA received their FARE score yet?

  • another71, does this mean that NASBA has FAR scores and would’ve released them if they had them or are they planning to release them overnight tonight (available early Saturday AM)? I’m debating whether a call to NASBA would do me any good – in the past it definitely has not.

  • I called NASBA and my score is not in…I’m either going to be next week or next Wave, I don’t know…I need to relax…I am ubertense right now

  • The NASBA site will only show you scores from the current testing window, not previous scores. You have to look at the paper they send to see previous scores.

  • can anyone tell me when new hampshire FAR will be out ? am really tensed..feel like getting nervous breakout becoz of this tension

  • can somebody tell me where did all my old scores go. New ones may not be out but what about all my old ones, it keeps giving me error.

  • I am in Ohio and no REG score for me still…wondering how that lucky friend of yours got their score already. Very frustrating!! πŸ™

  • The KY state board says some scores have been released for FAR, unfortunately mine is not one of them (I took it 10/4). I’m hoping mine will come out this weekend or atleast by monday, I will die if im part of the scores held back until next month!! I’m taking BEC tomarrow and this checking for my score 20 times a day is seriously hurting my studying process, especially since im trying to cram everything in last minute!!

  • so if its not the state boards, then why do some states have full releases and others only partial… i mean seriously, ILBOA released two REG scores today, TWO! you gotta be kidding me.

    this process needs to be more transparent…

  • another71, any chance there have been updates from your birdie over at NASBA regarding FAR (or REG too I guess) and a definitive NASBA-wide release? I was hoping you had some more information as it currently is killing me to wait.

  • Can anyone else confirm that FAR scores are out in California – mine is still not showing up, and I took it on the first day of the window..

  • Still nothing on REG from Utah. Our government offices are closed on Fridays so I am afraid I may have to wait until Monday or later.

  • I'm in CA here with BEC on 10/11 & REG on 10/24 – with scores released for both as of yesterday. I also have AUD from 11/8 – but no score yet. Here's hoping NASBA releases before Christmas – Good luck to everyone else waiting as well πŸ™‚

  • For what it’s worth, the ILBOA is the best state BOA out there…they’re the only one who makes an attempt to keep candidates in the loop whatsoever…they’re not even my state BOA.

    By the way…IL is out for FAR…at least some, anyway.

  • Wowww, so i called NASBA to inquire as to whyyy ive never been able to use the online system, sure enough they have my birthday entered into the ssytem as june 24, 2008. clearly i am not 5 months old. unbelievable. anyway BEC 71. sucks. appropriate for this website

  • Yeah, we really shouldn’t blame our state’s Board of Accountancy – they only report what they are given. I am sure they want to get the scores out just as quickly as we do – if for no other reason, so that we will stop calling them.

  • hey – it’s not the ILBOA holding up the process…it’s the AICPA…they can only release what’s given to them…

  • ILBOA sucks… seriously 47%, where is the rest of REG? Don’t they all have to be graded to figure out the curves and what not? if they’re graded there is no reason not to release them…

  • Has anyone who receives their test scores via mail received their scores yet? Not all of us have the “luxury” of viewing our scores online.

  • I have a friend who just got their FAR score in WA state. I am in GA however and have not yet received my FAR score – she took her test on November 7th!

  • I’m going to break my mouse if I keep hitting refresh on this site or submit on NASBA….

    Where is REG??? I can’t take it anymore…

  • I’m in VA and I don’t have my score yet. Seriously NASBA, please just post so I will quit having dreams about my score.

  • No Reg score this morning in Georgia! Are they ever updated Saturday morning, or will I have to wait until Monday?

  • Yayyyyyyyyyy! Reg scores are out and I passed. Thanks for the info about release helps to keep my anxiousness in check

  • 74 on REG…heartbreaking! I haven’t really done any real research, but I assume the appeal process is pointless, right?
    Should I just get back to the books?

  • FARE out in Virginia! It was my last one and now I am done! Good luck to all! The number of nights I spent in studying are now all worth it to be finished with the exam on my first try! Love the site!

  • I received all my scores. I took 3 sections in the first week of October 2008 and am happy to inform you all that I passed all three sections with great marks. I am extremely thankful for Another71 and his “little birds”. I have been glued to this site from the past few days for updates and have not been disappointed. Thank you all…..

  • Like many of you I sit here in the balance waiting on a silly score. Like a prisoner out on weekend furlough, I had but a days rest wondering if the parole board has denied my request, having predetermined weeks ago to send me back for another 3 month (or longer) condemnation. Like a criminal who willing turned himself over to the AICPA authority, playing the arbitrary rules of a fraternity established over 50 years ago that relishes in pledge hell week. Jumping the hurdles of Ed requirements, state boards, and almost mandatory review course (no review course, no pass) playing the part in hopes of a light sentence. It was not hard time in the beginning as you attacked with the enthusiasm of a new grad. For the day after you took your first exam, you instinctively knew to shelf the marked up dog eared book and take down the new fresh clean book of the next section to begin your next penitence. The first passing score felt good, discovering you just might have what it takes to get three letters behind your name. The second pass gave you the confidence to move forward. The third?.well for me, that one sits pending on a booked web site that you can?t help but pull up at every odd hour of day or night as the possible release day draws closer.
    Today, I took the fourth test in line with the glimpse of a possible last of the four mountains. But it must be too good to be true. It can?t be that straightforward. For the first day in a year (yes I started this self inflicted sentence nearly one year ago to the day) and three past failed scores, I felt like a free man. YES They may throw me in back in the hole tomorrow with a 74or below. But for one day I am free of an overhanging cloud of pressure. Could it be that I am finished with this yoke? Likely not, as I have two pending test scores (including today?s test). the end is in reach with a prospect of time served.
    I found this site only three weeks ago. It is both my AA (support group)and my crack (as I check this site 4 if not five times a day) to get the only real guidance as to release dates as well as to scourer thru the previous posts for a glimmer or small tactic that will help in the days before I sat for FAR this morning. Maybe I just needed a diversion, a break from the laborious task at hand. Our host is an inspiration to us all. For thru this site I feel what we all have walked this journey side by side together. While I have never had the need for a support group before now I can understand why it works. Regardless of the outcome of this test or that we will get thru it. Thanks again another71.

  • ILBOA release some more scores late today. 27 more REG scores to put the total at 47%, and 11 AUD scores to put the total at 96% for the window.

    Tested Oct. 23rd and still no REG score…

  • My AUD score was up yesterday and was removed today, does that mean NASBA is changing scores?, or is the website down? Thanks for this site.

  • I took the FARE section in GA on 10/11/2008. I hope the scores will be out tomorrow. I have been checking the NASBA site everyday since 11/5/2008 and I can’t wait any longer. I passed the other three sections earlier this year and all I need is FARE. They are killing me at work and I don’t know if I have the strength to sit through another section.

    Anybody else waiting on scores in GA?

    P.S. I wish NASBA says something else instead of “Error: Score not found”. It should just say “We don not have your score yet”!

  • I really hope the CA Reg scores will be released tomorrow…so I’ll know what to study for in December.

    And I have a question. Can I submit an application to retake Regulation even though I haven’t taken all 4 parts I already paid for?

  • there was a pretty sketchy question in one of my REG simulations. couldn’t find an answer in BISK or Becker books, or on the IRS guidance regarding the subject… all in all it seems like it was bogus question to be asking us.

    wonder if that might have anything to do with it.

  • haha…I don’t know what to think. The Nasba dude *did* tell me Friday, but I think they’re having some issues judging from the REG delay.

    Do I think it will be there Friday AM when I wake up? No, unfortunately.

    Do I honestly think it will be there Saturday AM? YES

    If not..DEFINITELY MONDAY. Or Tuesday.

  •, are you still optimistic about FAR coming out tomorrow, or do you think there will be a delay?

  • According to a friend of mine, AUD scores for LA were posted on Wed. 10/19, but are no longer posted on the NASBA site. I think they are having problems. I hope everything is fixed in time for FAR to be posted tomorrow as I am waiting on that score myself.

  • If the scores arrive at NASBA on Friday, they will upload them Friday and be available Saturday…I’m pretty sure that some scores came out on a Saturday (NASBA site) last window.

    I don’t know what the deal is with REG…the AICPA might be having issues…I don’t know.

    My new prediction is January :/

  • Anyone know if AUD scores came out for LA yet? I’m terrified I’ll be in the 2nd wave, despite my taking it Oct 20th.

    I accidentally kicked the power cord for my computer out mid-simulation on that exam so that they had to restart my pc and log me back in, and I’m wondering if that was enough to scare them into taking more time to look at it, o.O

  • if they come out for CA/IL tomorrow, is it possible for the scores to be viewable for NASBA state candidates on a Saturday?

  • Given how erratic the REG scores have been, do you still think FAR scores will be coming to NASBA tomorrow (hopefully overnight tonight) in any sort of quantity – I took FAR on the 24th of October and have been checking your site about every 5 minutes this week for updates!!!

  • my scores from last window and one score from this window just disappeared too this 11/20/08 morning. perhaps the nasba/NY site is having issues…, thanks for having this website so that we all can cure our anxieties that come with being type-A accounting types who are a bit on the neurotic side:)!

  • Thank you for giving the explanation and transparency that NASBA should be giving to the candidates, you know – the candidates that pay so much money to them.

  • If your state releases online on their own site and not through NASBA, then they could potentially come out this afternoon. As far as the 41% release…normally it’s 70-75% but you never know what the AICPA has up its sleeve. It would be odd if they only released less than half of the wave 1 scores.

  • What about the states that don’t release through NASBA? Do you expect those other REG scores to come out today? Or will they only release 41% of scores in the first wave? Thanks so much for your site!!!

  • My score from the last window (FAR)and my BEC score from the current window (from just this week) are both gone. Maybe NASBA is having trouble with its website. Or maybe the 73 I got on BEC really was just some awful dream….. πŸ™‚

  • I seriously hope that CA will post FAR by tomorrow along with NASBA – it is strange that CA released BEC a couple days before it was available for other states on the NASBA website, but not the case for FAR.

  • it’s weird, i got my score yesterday and now it’s not there anymore (nasba). In fact, my older scores have disappeared too (how long are the kept on the website?)

  • With only a smaller percentage of REG scores out than expected, do you think this means a smaller percentage of FAR scores will be released tomorrow? I’m still waiting on FAR for NY. Also, does NASBA only update the scores on their site once a day?

  • Can’t…..wait….any….longer…..seriously they need to release some new REG scores so my life can return to normal (or studying for another section). Its torture. Kunjaldp you have my vote for 2012!

  • It’s weird…some people are getting their scores for REG while people in the same state don’t have theirs yet…hopefully they’ll be out by tomorrow for REG…pretty lame when you were expecting them today. Only 41% of IL Wave 1 candidates came in yesterday…some are out in TX as well

  • REG is not out yet by NASBA!! Here is my next 2012 election pitch, If I become president, I will make sure student knows their result within an hour!!!!! and I will make it a felony if NASBA fails to do so.

  • I am in Ohio waiting on a REG score from NASBA…still nothing. Anyone have any updates if any have been released or am I in the 10% that will come out in the second wave?

  • Anyone get scores yet for PA? Waiting on both REG and AUD, but I’ve got nothing yet and it’s torture.

  • For those waiting for REG scores from the first release, as someone stated ILBOA has released 41% of their scores…

    I tested on Oct. 23rd and have not received mine yet.

  • Sorry…this is just for the online releases…it’s inexcusable for a state BOA to not release their scores through NASBA at the very least

  • Do these releases apply for states where you can’t get your scores online, and they are mailed to you(I live in MS, waiting on AUD).

  • I thought i posted this morning but, i guess not. I got an 80 on AUD. I was so happy that was round two. I got the dreaded 74 the first time. that is the worst number on earth. This site helped me bounce back and get studying again. Thanks alot!!

  • Peter – only 41% of REG scores are in for IL so far (per IL BOA)…I bet CA is the same…I think more are coming

  • REG scores are out in CALI… YEYYYYYY!!! Im done.. Your blog has been a really great help in my quest for the CPA license.

    Thank you.. I miss studying — so like you I might go for the CFA’s…

    till the next adventure

  • Got a 94 on audit! But i’m really nervous about my Reg score, which I should get tomorrow or friday, according to your post.

  • Yeah I finally passed AUDIT – third try 84! Now it is on to the red tape of getting licensed here in DE. I wanted to wish everyone who reads this site good luck! It really helped me to read it in my down times.

  • I got my Audit score this morning! NASBA/NY. I passed =) now I can focus on REG which is coming up in 10 days =/ This one I’m not so sure about =(

    hope you did well too!!

  • FYI – I just saw my final CPA exam result. It is now about 5:30 AM Wednesday. It came out as per your prediction. I made it. I don’t know what to say. I am above the moon. By the way, I passed all sections with my first attempt.

    Of all tings to say, I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my SPECIAL THANKS to the YEAGER TEAM and to THIS BLOG. They were both instrumental to my success.

    Keep up the good work!

    Good luck to all waiting for their score and those who are planning to sit soon.

    God bless you all!

  • re: 2nd wave

    The 2nd wave of exam scores should be completely out between December 15 and the 24th. I can’t imagine them holding them over Christmas.

  • If you take a test (REG for example) on 11/29/08, when will you most likely get the result for it?

    BTW,, you are really a very giving good guy to setup and maintain this excellent forum.

    Thank you for it and enough with the 71s!!! πŸ™‚

  • did the little birds know anything about REG? good luck to you — i hope you pass FARE!

    I got the weak impression that REG would come out before FAR, but I don’t know that for sure. I selfishly spent my 15 seconds bugging the little bird on FAR and re-confirming that it was Friday.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for keeping us informed!! I hope and pray you find out great news on FRIDAY. I know you will. I unfortunately have to wait until December since I just took my exam yesterday. I really have no clue how it went. I feel like the simulations went great?the multiple choice questions, not sure. It?s my last section and if I don?t pass it I have to go back to school for my credit hours. I think I would be devastated. Anyways, thanks again and can?t wait to see how you did!!

  • You are so awesome with the updates! But, my little heart is beating rapidly wondering when will REG scores be released?? This is painful!

  • FYI-When I checked at 7 AM this morning BEC(for NY) was up. Unfortunately I will be taking it again in a few months… πŸ™

  • Does anyone have any idea what kind of scores you need to get on the exam to get the Watt Sells Award? Do you basically need 99s on all four parts?

  • thanks jeff, unfortunately NASBA told me to call my state board. Not sure how much anyone knows about the New York Public Accountancy Board but they are trul terrible to deal with in all aspects. A rep told me to wait for the mailed results. I told him some things that would be censored on here and hung up (he didnt have any of my personal info so no big deal)

  • James,

    Try calling NASBA. Sometimes talking to a person beats talking to a machine. Plus, if there really is an error, they can hopefully follow up.

  • NASBA is still giving me the

    “Error: Score not found.

    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.”

    Anyone else from NY take BEC early in the window and having this problem

  • Thanks for the release info! I got a 84 on BEC. I am retaking AUD on Wednesday (after a 67 in April), and I’m glad I know about BEC. Thanks again for your blog, and good luck to you as well.

  • I am in VA. I have received my score on line after midnight, morning of 18th, AUD, 88!! I know not great but I am HAPPY!! ^0^

  • Thank you so much for your blog!!! Would you expect scores in CA and IL to come out before the listed dates? Hope you passed FAR!

  • hey – thanks Dan

    The first wave covers Oct 1 – Nov 7, give or take.

    It’s no guarantee that you’ll get your score, however. They hold some scores back for the 2nd release for whatever reason…I’ve seen people get their scores held and they pass with a 90-something still.

    I had a friend sit on July 3 and didn’t get his score until mid-September…and he failed…cruel and unusual punishment.

    Unless your score gets held back…you should get your score in the first wave if you sat Nov 1. I took FAR Nov 4 and hope to get it as well in the first wave.

  • I took REG Nov 1. Do you think I’ll be included in the first wave or the second? (I know I suck for taking it during a grey area)

    Btw I hope you passed FARE. Best of luck.

  • Hi – I just took BEC on Sat. Do you have any predictions for the second wave?

    The 2nd wave of BEC scores should be out by Monday December 15…you can almost take it to the bank.

  • So when you finally pass your last section, will you still continue on with the site?

    Yes…I plan on it, anyway. Obviously I won’t have any new exam info as far as my studying progress goes, but if people are helped by the info I put out there or hear and pass on, then I’ll keep doing it.

    Eventually, I may study for the CMA which will give me something to write about…we’ll see. I need a break though – that’s for sure.

    I’ll try to keep writing stuff as it’s warranted…the archives will always be there. I doubt that I have the first CPA blog out there, but I’ve tried to make it the best.

  • Hi – I just took BEC on Sat. Do you have any predictions for the second wave? This is the first section that I have taken so I’m pretty anxious to see how I did.

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