CPA Exam Score and Results Predictions – October/November 2008 – Wave 2


Let me be the first to say that I really don't have any special insight about score releases. I do however know a few numbers at NASBA that have proven to be reliable (which I will call when the time is right) and I also know what they have done in the past to use as a benchmark.

With that said, the AICPA released fewer than 50% of the Wave 1 scores last month when I thought they would release close to 75%, so take everything with a grain of salt.

During the last wave, I correctly predicted the NASBA release for REG and FAR…I was off on AUD and BEC is the engine that gets the whole thing moving.

Here are my predictions for the Oct/Nov 2008 Wave 2 (NASBA) release…

  • BEC Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/14
  • BEC Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/15 (Monday)
  • BEC Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction: 12/15 (Monday)
  • BEC Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/16 (Tuesday)
  • BEC Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/17 (Wednesday)
  • REG Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/18
  • REG Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/16 (Tuesday)
  • REG Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction 12/16 (Tuesday)
  • REG Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/17 (Wednesday)
  • REG Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/18 (Thursday)
  • AUD Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release: 12/19 (Wednesday)
  • AUD Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/18 (Thursday)
  • AUD Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction: 12/18 (Thursday)
  • AUD Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/18 (Thursday)
  • AUD Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/19 (Friday)
  • FAR Oct/Nov **2007** Wave 2 release: 12/22 (Saturday)
  • FAR Jul/AUG Wave 2 release: 9/22 (Monday)
  • FAR Oct/Nov Wave 2 release prediction: 12/22 (Monday)
  • FAR Actual Wave 2 release (IL BOA): 12/19 (Friday)
  • FAR Actual Wave 2 release (NASBA): 12/22 (Monday)

Good luck everyone.

See Also: CPA Exam Scores and predictions from previous windows.





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  • Dhval, contact the Board of Accountancy through which you want to test and they will answer your questions. Each state is different. No exams are given outside the US and jurisdictions such as Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Go to and click on CPA Exam. You can then find out how to reach the state you want. This is not the right place to get answers to your questions.

  • Frenz I want to learn more about CPA course… I am finding it difficult to find the answers to my foll Q's :
    1. Can I, an Indian Chartered Accountant take CPA Exam?
    2. Is it just 1 exam to write (containing 4 papers). I mean what exactly is course duration?
    3. What is the course fees & allied fees, if any?
    4. Do I have to visit US to give CPA exam or can I give it in India itself or some nearby countries like singapore?
    5. Do I need to give IQEX being an international candidate?

    Friends, kindly help me out with above specific Q's. Pls dont provide any related links. Pls write up.

    Thanks a tonn in advance.

    God Bless.

  • Joanne – I haven’t received my paper confirmation either.

    Thanks again for all that you do!

  • re: January 3, 2009 11:38 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Has anyone in IL received their paper scores through snail mail yet? I can’t celebrate until I have the official scores in my hand!

    IL has beeen trying hard to get out the official score notices to candidates. We have prepared and sent ~3/4 of those received but still have a significant number to process and mail. My apologies for the delay. We hope to be at 100% staffing next week so we can take care of the rest of the score notices.
    Joanne Vician

  • Has anyone taken AUD in this test window? How do it go?

    To accommodate you and people with similar questions, I started a new post for this to make it easier.


  • research tabs are not weighted very heavy from what I’ve heard I am not sure

    communication is important I have heard that

    it will be ok if you did stong in more then one area and comparible in all others

    I think if you did weaker in two sections it would have to have a realy stong section with a higher percent to pass

    all in all it is passable it is a blow though because matching is always a chance of luck if you atleast answer everything; but I am sure you already know this

    don’t worry it will be what it will all you can do is pray for strong communication and MC scores

  • Help!! Please give me some advice. Can you pass with only doing the research and communications tabs of the simulations? I took FAR on Jan 2, doing exactly that. But I’m really scared because it was the last day of my testing window! I have passed the other three sections, but stand to lose 2 of them in the next week.

  • better call; I always get mine in like 18hrs; I think the delay is the holidays but still it should be there today

  • Has anyone in IL received their paper scores through snail mail yet? I can’t celebrate until I have the official scores in my hand!

  • always bring a lucky charm and keep it in your pocket; leaving it in the locker is the biggest no no for getting the magic 75 rabbit out of NASBAs magical hat

  • There is no transparency. How does the scale work? You could have gotten a 82 but was scaled down.


  • I think it is so cruel that the 3 on my 73 is made from an 8, I have looked at my score to long and should be studying

  • well its the luck of the draw….the % was in the lower part of the range then I had hoped; I actually like cost acctg….Jen in TX it is a wide area of material tested so knowing everything is impossible I had to dig deep on some and others where simple it is really the luck of the draw I wish I had more IT but I did not see the massive amount I studied for kind of a damper but I think that is why so many fail it; because the pool is so huge; mine where picked without care it truely was a random shot gun blast from the question bank……I can’t wait to see my grade

    One question for another 71 how long till I get my score?///joke ha ha

  • Rob in TX….you aren’t going to give yourself at least a night’s break?

    My BEC is tomorrow…I hope I feel the same way you do about yours..

  • Good luck – let us known when you get your score.

    Was there a lot of Cost Acounting question?

  • Ok, incase you are wondering I found this on the CPA Examination alert letter they distribute on cpa-exam org

    If you did not click on ?Done? to signify completion of the last
    testlet/simulation, your responses will be captured. Examination
    responses are automatically saved in ?time out? situations.

    With that being said I am guessing my score at 75-85%; it was a hard test and I feel my prep from cpaexcel was outstanding and the yeager cram got me focused accordingly.

    Tonight I pick up back where I left off with Reg!

  • ok my BEC exam went well I feel it was fair and that I passed; my only issue was with 2 questions I picked a answer for each and then I spent the last 4 mins looking at them and then timed out.

    My question is will timing out effect my score?
    My question

  • My NTS is late, I signed up for exam sections 10 days ago. No NTS yet!

    I assume there is a back log from everyone trying to sign up.

  • In a testing window does everyone receive the same simulations for (a section) or are they ramdomly assign to a test taker?

  • Prep for battle is complete at 01:00hrs wish me luck with BEC

    I bet that Yeager will get me the 75 golden points!

    Either that or countless hrs I spent studying either way tomorrow I continue the war prep for round three diving into Reg with my back against the wall and 37 days to the 3rd epic battle in this soon to be classic historical saga of good ovr evil

  • left last night at about 7:00 for dinner and checked right before I left: ERROR score not found. Got home at about 3:30 and thought I would check again just for the hell of it: 89!!!!

  • I took audit last yr and still no grade sniff sniff
    that is a long wait

    sorry bub it will be what it is try not lose any hair over it

  • Why so frustrated, frustrated Dan in WI? I was upset to finally get my REG score today, even if it was a 92. I just love that thrill of being able to check for a score every morning. The rush as you hit that submit button nearly makes me wet myself. Just wish I had another exam to take so that I could feel that excitement just one more time!

  • aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!! My REG score is still not up in WI. I hate this. Time is ticking before busy season and a possible retake.

  • So…any chane of NASBA being open today and sending me my NTS to re-take AUD? Are they open Friday? or am I waiting until next week? (For something with a lot of time constraints, there sure is a lot of waiting)

  • Anyone know if these cram dvds get updated every year or when they should be expected to be delivered if you get the 2009 one.

    Yaeger re-films their crams every year to make sure they’re current. I saw your comment and asked them about the schedule. They are planning on filming the crams in January – starting around the weekend of the 10th. Typically, it takes 2 days (Sat/Sun) per cram course and they invite students to watch it live for a super cheap price…basically the cost of adding you to the webcast (like $25 or something like that).

    Keep this in mind…after it’s filmed the cram will be at it’s normal price for an archived DVD, so you can save some serious $$ if your schedule is flexible. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear the specific schedule so that you can plan around it.

  • Ha ha I know thanks for heads up Jen in TX

    I just keep coming across more and more stuff that might show up on the test

    the cpareviewforfree tests are wooping me I got an 85 on last one πŸ™‚

  • Rob in TX…sorry I called you Dan! Just watched Dan in Real Life the movie and I guess it was on my mind….

    Jen in TX

  • I am going to purchase the Yaeger cram dvds b/c i have an exam in January and February. I figured i would get the 2008 version per the website b/c it will get delivered sooner. Anyone know if these cram dvds get updated every year or when they should be expected to be delivered if you get the 2009 one.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • As far as I know…Yaeger is the only course that allows you to view their course lectures via computer or your home DVD player…a distinct advantage for those tired of being chained to their kitchen table and computer.

  • Thx for the advice I am doing alot of IT and cost and mgt activities

    doing much of everything actually I've done 2 mock tests covering pieces of everything
    with a 86 first on Sunday and 93 with second on Monday

    although the questions are pulled from a huge question bank they are still from my review course so I figure the actual exam can easily be ten points less atleast this is what I experienced in Audit(although I passed 1st try)

    So anyway I will do these big simulated 3 testlet ninety question test once a day on Tues, Wed, & Thurs before the big bang on Friday 01/02/09.

    Additionally, I am hitting up some more detailed areas like to get down some of those capital budgeting techniques and process costing

  • I have a question. I am still waiting for my REG score. On the NASBA site it says that only scores from the current testing window are available online. Does that mean that if I don’t receive my score in the next 2 days I will have to wait to receive it via snailmail only?

  • Is anyone willing to sell me Wiley 13.0 BEC(only) Software.

    I taking the test in February. 2009 version is released in February. Waiting is cutting close, so buying 2008 used copy looks like my best option.

  • Dan in TX….I recommend you focus the remaining of your studies on the cost accounting areas and the IT area since they make up at least 60% of the exam…If you have that nailed down and have done a decent amount of reveiw on the other 2 areas, you will be guaranteed to pass it…. good luck on 1/02…

  • I got a message from the WI coordinator she said WI scores will be posted the first week in Jan. I hope she is just telling us the last possible day they could be released, with the chance of earlier.

    That is what she said…


  • Still waiting on REG in Wisconsin as well. I’m glad that I stumbled on this site since I thought I was the only one. Let me know what you guys find out from the coordinator

  • I hear ya Dan! I’m still waiting for AUD in WI. Do you have to contact information for the WI coordinator?

  • And it is official as of today I have been waiting for 12 weeks for REG. I love this system. I am glad that I could think about taking either Reg or FAR in late January if I missed them. Oh but wait I have not received scores on either…

    Frustrated Dan in WI

  • I have my exam in january for BEC and FARE in February. I want to purchase the Cram from Yaeger and was wondering if you think i should wait for the 2009 one to be released or to just go with the 2008 version?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I mean how much could really be updated

  • Hmm…no, still doesn’t work. Thanks though, I’ll call tomorrow. I am, curious what the availability will be like for the first week in Jan. after that, it’s May for me!

  • Ok, something came up where I put in my jurisdiction ID#, DOB and state, but it says there is an error, so I guess I will call tomorrow…thanks for the quick response though!

  • A71…I haven’t received my FAR score in TX. Is there anyway that I do not get it prior to the beginning of the next testing window?

    I would expect it this week by Wednesday…sorry you’ve had to wait so long!

  • If I need to retake a section, what is the procedure?

    Go to the NASBA website and there’s a button re-register for an exam. You’ll get an NTS via e-mail within a week or so (if you select that option)…then, register your exam with Prometric once you set a date.

  • Thanks for the input Utah! I was hoping it just got delayed with the holiday. Congratulations on passing Reg! What a nice Christmas present!

  • Rob in TX, Im taking BEC on Jan 3rd in TX as well….I guess we both like the torture! This is my 4th time to take BEC!!! Hopefully the 4th time is the charm!

  • To the person in Idaho waiting on their REG score. I am in Utah and took REG on 11/29. My score for REG appeared on the NASBA website on 12/25 (the 78 was a great Christmas present). But I haven’t gotten the score in the mail yet. I just got my FAR score in the mail on 12/27 and got my score online on 12/23 or 12/24 (I can’t remember). I hope that this gives you a better idea about your REG score.

  • WI folks, I took REG in mid-November and still have not received my score. Are people receiving their scores via mail yet???

  • I took Reg in Idaho on 11-21 and have not received my score. Has anyone else in Idaho received a Reg score? What about others who have to wait for the mail?

  • In response to those from WI, still waiting also for Audit. Took it Nov. 19th. Hoping Mondays mail will bring good news?!?

  • Rob in Tex – I am sure you’re gonna kill the BEC exam.

    I would also suggest making sure you have a strong handle on Cost Accounting for BEC.

    Good Luck


  • Thx AJ; its Rob in Tex and yes I use his questions daily mmy exam is close and his review question really got my eyes open on the vast range of material that can be pulled on BEC; so I’ve got about 80hrs in studying under my belt and this past week I am nailing down all the loose ends with IT and Ratios

    I really like his IT questions

    I guess I am the only acct junky on here sitting the first day avail in the new yr! Ha Ha my friend said I like the punishment but hey I am on a roll so I am willing to take the lashes for the glory

  • In response to Anonymous blogger who posted at December 26, 2008 10:58 PM above –

    I am the one who posted the blog at 4:33 PM above.

    I am really glad to hear that there are people who are using Hoyle’s material and finding it as stimulating as I found his intermediate course many years ago…

    All the best with nailing the CPA!

    – AJ

  • Hoyle; reviewforfree is awesome and the questions are super intense much better for those that like a challenge they will have on the actual test day.

    Hoyle deserves a medal and the key to the city for being a defender of public interest.

  • I love the cram cd I just bought and it works great with my cpaexcel material (I just listen and then pause and look up stuff that I need more detail on); I am actually feeling better about all the wide range of stuff I have to know in BEC.

    Only thing about the cram cd is they talk about wiley book problem numbers too much

    I think they could have saved a bunch of jibber jabber (prob close 1.5 hrs worth!)and just listed them on the hand.

    either way I like the video all in all and I am going into BEC with a positive mind and a stong determination to win this battle!

  • Jeff – thanks for your response above at December 26, 2008 8:38 AM…just a few quick things:

    A- I completely agree with you that the Wiley books can be considered the holy grail when it comes to preparing for the CPA exam. It contains actual questions, which in a lot of cases (like REG) get repeated on the actual exam…

    B- I also am a big fan of Phil Yeager – I used his audio tapes for FAR and REG and they were helpful in revising stuff when I was commuting or just didnt want to be staring at a book / laptop… Phil, if you read this post, many thanks and great job!

    Having said the above, I found CPAExcel ( the most useful when it came to covering a ton of material in a short amount of time….they provide the ability to study from any remote location by either logging on their website or through a software you can install on your laptop that gets updated every time you log in….this great for road warriors like me) …the three best aspects about the cpaexcel software are: 1) all the topics are broken into bite sized lectures and notes (no study sheet is more than 3 pages or so) and hits on the major areas 2) the software actually contains actual CPA questions straight from the Wiley book. 3) Once you buy CPAExcel, you can use it for life…and every time you log in or kick start your software, the material gets updated…now i hope no one here will spend their life taking the CPA exam, but its good to know that your material is always up to date and you dont need to repurchase material…

    I had one bad experience with Yeagar when I thought my REG material from 2006 was outdated…so I bought another set of REG audio tapes…only to find out that there were no updates b/w 2006 and 2008. Just a minor thing and not something i hold against Phil – i would still recommend his material without any reservations…

    Last, about Joe Hoyle…my experience from Intermediate Accounting II was that Hoyle’s content and material were always a notch tougher than the actual CPA exam questions…students would dread his class but always aknowledged that what they learnt from him stuck…he also used to run a review course back when the CPA exam was paper based and his success rate was in the mid 90% with ppl driving 2 hours down from the DC area to attend his weekend review courses….therefore, I agree – everyone should hit the wiley book hard…but if there are some of you that have the tendency to unintentionally memorize questions only to later get stumped during the actual exam if there is a question with a twist…Hoyle’s material may be useful in trying smthg a notch above the actual exam question….(i must reassert that i did not find Hoyle’s site till yesterday once i had already passed all my sections..but i do have great respect for his work and i am sure it can be really useful).

    Hope that helps those who might still have a few sections left…this exam is all about perserverance …so “keeping moving forward”

    best wishes!

  • guys i got 73 on reg this with beckers reg package 2008. I was wondering if I should order Yaeger cram package since its like 250 bucks or study harder from the same beckers stuff I have (I should’ve studied harder before).

  • A71…I haven’t received my FAR score in TX. Is there anyway that I do not get it prior to the beginning of the next testing window? Thanks

  • I hear ya above, I have been waiting 11 weeks and 4 days for my REG score in WI. I just dont care what the score is at this point. I just want to know. If their goal was to break me I think they are doing a good job at that. Not to mention I called a guy from Nasba that has given help in the past his voicemail said he is gone till Jan 6th I really hope that does not mean I am waiting till then for my score.

  • still no REG for me in WI. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I actually see a number in that box; whatever it may be. I’ve seen that error message so many times that it’s led me to check my section ID repeatedly and even question if I know my own birthday hahaa.

  • AICPA released the final scores to NASBA late on Dec. 23. IL uploaded to our database Christmas morning. From the fewer postings here, it appears that most folks have gotten their scores.

    I will post an update on the ILBOA site ASAP but the office is closed and I won’t ask my tech guy to work 365/24/7.

    I am glad I found this blog b/c it helped me see some issues that could be better addressed re: scoring and how misinformation can fuel the fires of doubt and worry.

    For those who are done with the exam, congrats. For those not, keep up the fight and take the good advice about studying on this site and others. My best wishes to you all in 2009.
    Joanne Vician

  • Thanks for sharing the site. I’ve seen it before but didn’t use it. For one, I think Joe wrote the questions himself, whereas the questions in the Wiley book and software for instance are actual questions from previous CPA Exams.

    You have to buy an expensive license to reprint previous exam questions and I don’t think that site did that – which is why it’s free.

    It’s a nice thing that he did for candidates, but after going through my lectures and working MCQs in the Wiley book and software – I didn’t have time for anything else. If you’ve done all of the MCQs from your review package once – and if you have time – twice, then you should be at Prometric taking the exam.

    Just my take – please correct me if I’m mistaken.

  • Hi All

    I just passed all parts of my cpa exam using Yaegar’s audio tapes and CPAExcel.

    However, I wanted to make everyone on this site aware of the following site:

    It was founded by Joe Hoyle – my professor from undergrad….this site has tons of free CPA exam questions by topic…I have not checked out the site myself but the prof himself was a genius and from my undergrad experience…I highly recommend checking out this site…you can also search for Hoyle on youtube and watching video tips for taking the cpa exam…

    Hope this helps….good luck to everyone….keep working on it…you can pass this beast!!

  • Hey everyone,

    1. Merry Christmas ~ if any of you have little kids and multiple families ~ you know that I’m exhausted πŸ™‚

    2. Congrats to the passing REG and FAR scores that came out (and everyone else too…the REG crowd was the red-headed stepchild in this window for some reason)

    3. For everyone that failed – you’ve seen my struggle with REG (74, 74) and you know the product that I used (92) to pass it finally.

    You owe it to yourself to get it. 90% of the candidates that have heeded my advice and purchased Yaeger’s cram or HomeStudy have passed after buying it. 70-74 should get the cram…lower than 70 should get the HomeStudy. $295 for a book, software, DVDs, handouts, instructor hotline is a steal.

    If you studied your tail off and failed this window – it’s time for Yaeger. I passed with it and so can you.

    4. I deleted a message about selling used products. I can’t allow that legal pandora’s box to be opened…that will get me into real trouble if I allow it…I know you all understand.

    Again – Merry Christmas…I’ll be in and out from now until the end of the weekend.


  • What a fantastic Christmas present…a 78 for REG in CA!! Kinda takes the edge off of that 74 in AUD from last month…

  • Woke up and checked to see if my score was posted in CA… got a 77! I’m done! Thanks A71! This blog has helped me while I was waiting for my last score.

  • Just got my reg score. 76! I passed 3 exams this window and 1 exam last window. Take advantage of the summer and fall before you start your full time job. No more stress. Good luck and keep up the studying. You’ll get past it!

  • Checked NASBA for the 8,000th time while my kids were opening presents this morning. 73 on BEC. Merry effing Christmas to me. ;o(

  • I got a 78 in REG. That makes two 78’s and a 68 for the tests that I took in November, passing REG and BEC and not passing FAR. I am going to take Audit in January. Hey 71, should I purchase the CRAM or regular from Yaeger to help me get me over the top for FAR??

  • This is ridiculous for Nasba to release the score today instead of yesterday. Although I passed, I felt sorry for those that didn’t and got their score today.

  • Wow, it only took 3 months, but what a great present. My sincere sympathies go out to anyone who waited from the first wave with me and didnt pass, but as the good A71 says, “keep moving forward”

  • OMG I just got my REG score, it wasn’t there all day yesterday. 75!!! Woo-hoo! I am glad they found a few more points on my test! Thanks Santa! Thanks ED! and of course Thanks A71! Merry Christmas

  • PPS: Final Scores:

    BEC: 83
    AUD: 87
    FAR: 83 (2nd try)
    REG: 79 (3rd try)

    An insane 18 months ending five years of anguish….


  • PS: Jeff – Thanks for the terrific site…I discovered it too late (i.e. after my last REG exam…but it was of tremendous during the last 10 days)…Happy Holidays!!!

  • OMG!!! Its all done…just got my REG score….got a 79…I am done!!!!!!

    I am from NH as well.

    For those that passed, congrats !!!

    For those that didnt or have sections to go….stick with it….persist….you will make it…

    God Bless!!!!!

  • Passed REG with an 80 in Ohio…officially a CPA now! Thanks for the blog another71….really helped with my insanity about the exams. Take care everyone, and best of luck in getting through. It can be done πŸ™‚

  • I just failed Reg, I still have my Reg beckers package from 2008 edition, should I still use the same because I think its very helpful and exactly what I need, just need to study little harder. Or do you guys suggest its not good enough?

  • fk… just got my Reg marks, wut a way to ruin holidays… 73!!!!… I’ve never sat for re-exam, can anybody tell me how re-register for the exam or order NTS. Let me know ASAP because I wanna sit for it as soon as possible.


  • Still waiting for my REG score in Ohio that I took on 10/10. Just checked and my Oasis page got updated on NASBA to say that all scores have been processed…I think scores will be up tomorrow for all of us. Ugh! Good luck everyone. This is my last one to pass, so praying for a Christmas miracle!!!

  • A71 – do you know when NASBA kicks of a batch for processing? I recall earlier posts abt a 3:30 am refresh….is that accurate?

  • Anonymous Post @ 8:55 PM

    Don’t know what to tell you…did you also take REG?

    your best bet is to check for your score tomorrow …and if you dont receive it, call NASBA first thing Monday morning….

    All the best!

  • Mine still said the following:

    Your file has been sent for generation of your Notice to Schedule (NTS). This process takes up to 72 business hours. Should you not receive your NTS after 72 business hours, you are required to contact our office at 1-866-MY-NASBA.


  • Anonymous Post @ 8:22 PM. I just checked the OASIS page and also got the following updated message:

    “The section(s) of your NTS have been attended and scored. The score(s) reported generated a notice to be mailed to you. If you do not receive your notice via US Mail within 10 business days, please contact our office at 1-866-MY-NASBA.”

    I think we should be getting our score online tomorrow…fingers crossed….

  • Odd thing happend so time tonight – my OASIS page now reports that my section has been scored. I wonder if this means that a grade will come out tomorrow.

  • Coal? They should be let go from their jobs, there is a lot of efficient people people out of work right now that could do a better job.

  • Merry Christmass Ya'll!

    Tell Santa to give Nasba & AICPA coal for Christmas for holding off REG scores.

  • from WI as well and took REG on Nov. 26th still no score. a co-worker took it a couple of days before I did and got his 77 yesterday. He was the first person that I heard of that got their score at this point.

  • Re:In response to: can someone prove me wrong. Is it true that no scores have been posted on NASBA for the state of WI as of yet????

    I’m from WI and took FAR Nov 25 –nothing yet. Anyone else from WI?

    I’m from WI also and took AUD Nov. 19, my co-worker took REG Nov. 18, neither of us have received scores yet….

    happy holidays πŸ™

  • Take a look at CPAExcel ( They have a very well organized study material that is broken into bitesized topics – makes it much more manageable if you are a working professional. I used a combination of CPAExcel and Yaeger audio tapes and that combination worked for me for AUD and FAR. I am still waiting for my REG score and keeping my fingers crossed…

    Hope that helps!


  • Anyone has handful tips for Regulations? Do I need to remember all the AGI phase out limit and deduction limit?Thanks

    Have a great holiday!

    CA 2 more to go!

  • RE: December 24, 2008 11:35 AM

    Well, we ‘bubblers’ are definately hanging in there hoping that its worth all the wait!! Thx for the post.

  • re: “I took AUD on July 9 and FAR in August and got both scores in October (meaning I waited almost 3 months for my AUD score). I got a 96 and 89 respectively.”
    There are 2 basic reasons for scores coming later in the release cycle. If you get an exam with new “panels” in the Sims, the AICPA will do additional QC to validate them and they will wait for sufficient exam volume before releasing. That’s what happened to AUD and FAR in the July-Aug exams. You obviously weren’t in the bubble category (congrats, btw)
    The smaller, later releases of scores at the very end, such as FAR and REG for Oct-Nov, are the bubble group.
    But the mystery is, you don’t know for sure which group is released when, so the moral of the story is, don’t give up hope for a 75!

  • Fun times!!! No REG score for me in CA still… This is my last freaking part and this is really stupid!!!

  • I passed. Yeagar gave me the extra edge. I went from a 69 to a 79. Thanks Jeff. Yeagar mos def helped me pass this beast

  • Got a 75 on FAR for NY. Praising the Lord right now.

    Don’t give up guys.

    And thanks for this blog A71.

  • yep – waited 11 wks just to find out today REG 74. talk about coal in your stocking on Christmas Eve πŸ™

  • Got my FAR score in CO…a big fat 77. This was my last part and I am finally done. Thank you so much for this website, it has been my lifeline for the past 2 weeks. Good luck to the rest of you!

  • AUgh I am so frustrated like everyone else but I took REG on 10/18 and still haven’t gotten anything….It’s been 9.5 weeks. I am going to be livid if they post them tomorrow. Does anyone know how often they can find enough points to pass you once it reaches this review stage?

  • somebody mentioned yesterday that they received some more Reg marks… than how come nobody got any Reg marks today? Am I mistaken?

  • Well all, so much for fortune cookies…Although January is still winter…64 and no joy. Congratulations to those that passed! Time to dig back in. This is a great outlet, Thanks Jeff! One more to go…

  • I usually just call 1800CPAExam and than have CSR forward me to the coordinator who for like 100th time just gives me one answer, “You’re marks aren’t in?”

  • i tried calling the BOA in NH they know nothing, is there anybody else we can call like the NASBA or even the AICPA im up to it just give me the numbers

  • No dont worry about that! πŸ™‚ we are all hanging in there for the REG, may God help us all and may we all Pass!

  • Can somebody try calling them or are they closed, my coordinator (CO) got some beef with me, I never get a clear answer?

  • oh ok, I thought since this is my last exam, they are having second thoughts about giving me the certificate which is the cause of such a delay πŸ™‚

  • yeah it is my last exam and i can check all other at NASBA but i did all four in the same week in NOV , i think u can only exams that were done in the current testing window so if u did them before oct i dont think they will show up

  • Can I ask something to everybody who are waiting for their Reg marks here… is this your last exam and can you guys still check you previous marks at NASBA’s website???

  • I say the 18 mos clock should start running after one receives their grade – some people had to wait 3 mos – cruel punishment

  • Why r they being late with Reg? we wanna enjoy Xmas for god’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NASBA has no heart. I’m tired of waiting for my REG grade. If I failed, just tell me I failed. Ps. No REG in NY.

  • I too have not received REG in MI yet…maybe it’ll show up a bit later in the morning like AUD did last week.

  • I want to thank you Another71 for this blog and introducing me to Dr. Yaeger’s review. I FINALLY passed FAR with a 75 (NY). FARE is the part that lost me credits for 3 other parts back in 2005 and I had stopped taking the exam after that (until I started again last summer), so it feels really good to finally pass.


  • It is unacceptable that the AICPA and NASBA can put off publishing score results like this, especially after raising the prices in a down economy.

  • I doubt you could call anybody at NASBA to find out the problem…anybody live in Nashville that could go down there and bust some heads?

  • Still no REG score in Ohio. Took exam on 10/10…this is torture! Think they will be up later today like AUD was, or maybe tomorrow morning?

  • thanks for ruining my Christmas NASBA and the AICPA…now I’ll be thinking of my REG scores every second until nxt week…..

  • seeing a 75 for my FAR score right now was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. merry xmas…there IS a santa!! done with REG, BEC, and now FAR…didnt pass audit but i blame that on a matter of being burnt out so ill take some CPA studying break and retry after busy season. soooooo happy i never have to look at my huge FAR book again!

  • I got MA FAR this morning at 4:45 AM. I got a 75.

    Within 2pts of being a CPA. Got a 73 on AUD. As a result I lost BEC.

    Glass half filled: The 75 could have been a 74 and I have the two hardest sections behind me.

    CPA WantABE

  • People don’t lie about their scores on here…it’s anonymous – why would they? I’m no more surprised by a 95 than a I am 65.

  • some ppl get lucky some ppl study
    some pple get unlucky
    and I think many ppl postinh here lie about there scores anything over a 75 on the cpa is wasted effort

    75 is the score of public confidence

    do your best and what it is will be
    give 125% and sacrifice

  • To add to the discussion about whether scores released late are because they’re borderline:

    I took AUD on July 9 and FAR in August and got both scores in October (meaning I waited almost 3 months for my AUD score). I got a 96 and 89 respectively.

  • My REG score better be there tomorrow morning….OR ELSE!!!!!……OR ELSE I’ll be waiting another week! =(

  • I am hopeful to see my score tomorrow morning. I will not bet on it. If the grade is not there I think it will be early January

  • can someone prove me wrong. Is it true that no scores have been posted on NASBA for the state of WI as of yet????

  • Same here when I used Beckers for Auditing, I did questions over questions, the explanation given teaches you more than the lectures itself. The Simulations given with Beckers were extremely helpful also.

  • For auditing I recommend doing a lot of practice questions. I used Becker and did every single audit multiple choice questions three times and there were about 1,000 questions in the course if you include the supplemental. But when you do the questions you have to understand the theory behind it and not just memorize the answer. I looked at the answers and read them as well and figured out why the other answers didn’t work. Hope this helps and good luck you are so close!

  • I think you’ll find an equal amount of candidates sitting there frustrated with a 72/73/74 on all of the sections.

    These are prime candidates for a cram…70-74.

    I added the new Yaeger Cram demos to left sidebar…check it out to see if you like it…they vary in price from $99-$199 (Wiley book is extra). After being doomed to never passing BEC, Yaeger’s cram added 9 points to my score – which is why I swear by their products. Save $5 + free shipping with the 71cram code. Good luck!

  • I read the Bisk AUD materials twice and worked all of the MCQs twice and got an 88 on the first try. I did however study close to 100 hours.

  • Can anyone that passed give insight on how to tackle AUD, I’ve sat for it 2 times( 73 then 72) going on my 3rd time. Plz help I’ve passed all the other 3 parts on 1st try so I’m clueless now. Thanks

  • so if I haven’t received my score on REG yet you think the delay is more of a factor of a second review and potentially an indication I’ve failed?

  • wow, I feel like I am getting close to the end of a really good movie! What a twist to the story by “ED’s” post!!

  • RE: IL BOA Finally Updates

    Does this mean the REG scores for the remaining states should be released on NASBA tomorrow morning?

  • Anyone complaining about the ILBOA doesn’t know what they are talking about. They should realize how lucky they are to have a great state board. Constantly providing updates, the ILBOA website is the information center for the entire US (at least it feels that way). I wish my state board (PA by the way), was half as informative of the ILBOA!!

  • ILBOA updates our web page as soon as the actual score file is sent to us by NASBA and loaded to our database for lookup. There is no point in posting a message that says: AICPA sent scores to NASBA yesterday but we have no clue when they may or may not be processed by NASBA. And no clue when the score file will be sent to us so we can process. That is counterproductive and just generates more angst for you candidates.

    Re the post:
    “Good Luck – a Government hack just collecting a paycheck doesn’t care about your score!” and “honestly….the ilboa has a small window of time to redeem themselves by releasing the remaining scores before christmas…why doese something tell me they won’t get the job done!!”

    Fooled you, didn’t we? We have posted scores before 7:00 a.m. on many occasions, on Saturday and on Sunday. The state boards are only one segment of the entire process and for the most part try hard to serve CPA candidates well.

    I know those of you still visiting this site at this point are tired and frustrated of the wait. All I can do it hope that if you weren’t successful this time around that you follow Jeff’s advice and hang in there. The business world needs CPAs, as well as the education community. Many opportunities will hopefully come your way when you are finally done.

    The sometimes cranky, soon to be retired, but still smiling, IL E.D.

  • IL BOA finally updates:

    FAR ? 100% of all FAR exams taken by IL candidates Tues. December 23, 2008

    REG ? 99+% of all REG exams taken by IL candidates Tues. December 23, 2008

  • RE: 12/23 11:01 AM post Update on WI

    The first person I talked to on Friday was different than the WI Coordinator who left me a message on Monday for scores in Jan.

    My guess is that the Monday message was left to tell me the last dates they will be released by for sure, so that I do not keep calling.

    I also did not get anything from my OCT. 6th FAR or my Nov 26th Reg… Thats right folks I am at 11 weeks and counting. Sweet.

    Anyway hope this helps


  • If you’re checking your score via NASBA during the day – then yes, you’re wasting your time, unfortunately….they only update early in the morning.

  • I received my DC REG via US Mail today. I took it in the first wave, and scored outside of the border (70-80). There doesn’t appear to be the pattern everyone is worried about.

    So, everyone, keep the faith!

    And really, really, the Yaeger program works.

  • Is there a method to the release of scores, or is it something that is done periodically throughout the day?

  • MD with 78

    When do you check your grade? I have been check my grade all morning, is it worth checking this afternoon?

  • Any more updates from WI?? I didn’t receive anything in the mail yesterday, hoping for today. Dan, was it the same person that told you scores were mailed Friday and then said they would be mailed the first week of January? Or was it two different people?

  • Thanks for the encouraging words

    Give eveyone 3 points for spelling their name correctly. I gues you need to draw a line somewhere. I have a hard time figuring out the scale. Are people scaled down or up?

  • …and good luck trying to explain to your relatives how you missed the exam by 1 point again…”it’s one point, but it’s not really 1 point…it could be several questions…it’s not a percentage either…ahh i give up…”

  • Getting my 2nd 74 on REG felt like getting slammed in the stomach by an aluminum bat. You stare at the two cruel and unforgiving numbers in paralyzing disbelief. I lost FAR because of my 2nd 74, but I made a comeback and passed both. You can as well!

  • After WAITING and WAITING for my FAR score, receiving a score of 74 is just BRUTAL; BRUTAL I say. To all those who was not fortunate to PASS, lets keep chugging along. And congrats to all those who did pass, you guys earned it.

    Suddenly it does not feel like a holiday.

  • I took AUD the first day (7/1) of a test window and got my score almost three month later (10/03). I learned my lesson and I try to schedule the exam on the last day of the test window to minimize the wait.

  • said…
    I don’t know the %, but I bet that most of the scores are within 3 points of a 75 either way. (i.e. 73-78).

    Thanks gives me hope!

  • My understanding is that if your score doesn’t make the cut for the big release – they’re checking and re-checking your score. This is based on what I’ve been told.

  • Yikes…that’s a new one. Dont’ assume that you’re in the 73-78 range…your exam is just being graded late I bet.

  • To add to the above discusion.

    The date taken has no bearing on the release date. It is more a function of the score?

  • A71 – I took my REG in the emergency window (Dec 5th) after the actual testing window closed. This was due to a computer malfunction on my actual exam date of Nov 28th.

    The fact that I dont have my score yet, is that due to it being borderline or could it also be that they received my exam so late that even if my score is higher than the 73 – 78 range, it is being held up….(i.e. any insights on whether exams taken on Nov 30th or in the emergency window get delayed simply because the tests were so close to the result date)


  • Wow – the cold reality stinks.

    I am going to make sure next time I study more and do not put myseft in this situation again.

  • I don’t know the %, but I bet that most of the scores are within 3 points of a 75 either way. (i.e. 73-78).

  • Another 71…when you say that the AICPA released scores to NASBA, does that mean that they release them directly to the states (ie TX) that report the scores directly to their candidates as well?

    Thanks for your website, it is a great resource and has helped motivate me for this exam.

  • I have giving up on checking scores. I will wait until a receive bad news via mail. Maybe on January 15 I will receive the score!

  • So does that mean they’ll post those additional Reg and FAR online tonight, or during the day today???

  • Per my source on the FAR release late last week…the AICPA released some additional FAR and REG scores yesterday to NASBA

  • I spoke with Mayland BOA about my FAR. He indicated that FAR takes the longest in reporting its scores. He also indicated that it does not seem as though NASBA will release the scores before cristmas but good chance nasba will release the score before end of the year. I am still hoping by some miracle scores will be released before Xmas

  • honestly….the ilboa has a small window of time to redeem themselves by releasing the remaining scores before christmas…why doese something tell me they won’t get the job done!!

  • 7:56 Post

    That is totally uncalled for to leave some hanging like that – completely UNPROFESSIONAL !!!

  • I’m about at the point where I think they lost my exam. took reg the first week in Oct and no score yet. It will be 3 months next week.

  • “Ed” – who knows what they’re talking about – has said that “borderline” does not include 75 and 76…that they’re not looking to score you down to a 74…they’re reviewing the 70-74 range.

  • still no REG scores in Michigan…..has anyone heard anything? Has the AICPA AT LEAST released them to NASBA? Or am I wishing/ hoping in vain? =( Looks like my Christmas will be ruined Christmas eve morning by a “74” or similar “borderline” score. Thanks to all those involved in the scoring process…. :p

  • ” I couldn’t find out what percentage has been received by VA so far.”

    Take a look at IL… they explain how their percentage released is representative of the nation as a whole as well as each individual state… So VA has released 80%…

  • I took FAR in MA and thought I would pass with a very respectible score and scored four points less than my prior exam; 65 to a 61! I just read another comment in MA in which they too thought they passed and they scored in the 60’s too. My husband is “in the know” and speaks from experience taking the MCSC. He too had a problem with electronic scoring–the org. said he failed and when he approached them they found an error with the scoring and he actually only missed by 1/2 point. There can be alot of problems with these tests that are undisclosed. Any suggestions as to how to approachm this with NASBA?

  • Did anyone who took FAR in Nov receive a score? It seems like the last of the Oct FAR scores was released today

  • Re: December 22, 2008 10:44 AM Anonymous wrote “A lot of the scores reported in the blogs above are in the mid 80 – mid 90 range…”
    The FAR scores that those candidates just received were in the first large (86%)release in the second wave. The remaining 14% FAR still agonizing are the ones near the cut score. No one has seen those yet b/c the AICPA has not released them to NASBA. Along with the 20% REG near the cut score. AICPA confirmed that for every exam cycle, 15-20% of the scores are near the cut and get the second review. AUD must have gone through second review earlier, hence the 99% sent in the first release of Wave 2.
    My guess is that boards will probably hear something from the AICPA tomorrow on most of the remaining scores. This does NOT predict when NASBA will be able to do their thing and get them to the boards, however…

  • Make all the sections MC. Replace the simulations with a research paper. This will improve the score reporting process.

    If this was the case, then BEC would come out weeks ahead of the next section which has sims. As it is, BEC only comes out 2-3 days ahead of REG or AUD.

  • I think it’s interesting how I haven’t seen anyone on here complain about the exam being unfair or how they deserved to pass or anything of that nature…now that would be unprofessional. Merely wanting to know if your hard work has paid off is normal and anyone who thinks otherwise is well, pretty crazy.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone and happy holidays! πŸ™‚

  • I agree another71…the wait is agonizing and this “unprofessional whining” just shows how important it is to these people and how much they care about it.

  • I took NY REG on November 25th and am still waiting for my score. Should I be worried that i have not received my score yet?

  • For Virginia FAR folks… just got off Live Chat. Virginia hopes to release all FAR scores by the end of the week. Those they have received have been posted. I couldn’t find out what percentage has been received by VA so far. Keep waiting! πŸ™

  • Another update in WI I got an email from the WI coordinator who said that the scores will be out the first week in Jan for WI.

    I really hope she is just covering herself by saying the last possible date they will be released.


  • if everyone talked about material and study habits instead of waiting for scores this site would be better

    I think it is self centered to cry about a grade wait time on a site to promote passing the exam…….are CPA’s a bunch of cry babies

    I’m a professional I think the majority of people agree they are as well. Everyone else needs to find another profession like myspace if they enjoy being emo.

  • Anonymous said…

    I sat 10/13 in PA and still have not received my score…. thinking I am borderline at this rate. Not too hopeful.
    December 22, 2008 11:52 AM

    I sat the same day and got my score today of a 74. Take that for what it is worth. Hopefully you have better luck than me.

  • i am done with exams.. i passed all four togather in first attemp… really its been a great pleasure visiting this blog… i just give 11/18 aud 11/19 bec 11/20 reg 11/21 far and received all results time to time… thanx jeff… this blog was reaaly helpful… thanx for creating it… WISH YOU BEST LUCK GUYS AND MARRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE BEST REGARDS FROM ME…

  • I sat 10/13 in PA and still have not received my score…. thinking I am borderline at this rate. Not too hopeful.

  • Got my FAR score in MA… 84..!!! took the test the first week of Oct.. waiting was brutal but this site really helped a lot.. Another71- you were RIGHT ON with when my score would be released… THANKS!! πŸ™‚

  • LOL…I wish I passed all 4 in 1 try in 1 testing window so I could go to law school. Now I still have 1. I am so jealous with you guys who nailed all of them at once. JERKS!!! πŸ™‚

  • Blog 11:05…80% of REG nation wide came out last thursday…the rest I hope will be out latest by tomorrow…

  • Seriously!!! I feel like i have been waiting for my REG scores forever! I took the test the day before thanksgiving and I still don’t have my results. This is the last one I need and this is maddening.

    Does anyone have their REG scores in CA???

  • A lot of the scores reported in the blogs above are in the mid 80 – mid 90 range…and they came out in the last round of FAR releases…so I really dont think that a late release of your score means you’re borderline…

    if 1000 ppl take an example, it is natural that some exams will get graded before others…

    I am also waiting for my REG score and know the feeling of anxiety…

    …but i dont think it is worth sittin fretting about whether your score is close or not and how the system works…when infact it is like a blackbox…

    Lets hope we all pass the magical 75 #…

  • A71, I think you need an FAQ section on the side or something so the same questions dont get asked everyday

  • I’m tired of calling my state board and have her not pick up the phone… but not enough to quit calling. πŸ™‚

    Ugh, when is this remaining 20% of REG going to come out?

  • do state boards or NASBA ever release scores in the afternoon or do score releases always take place in the morning?

  • another71,

    I take it that that was one of the 74’s you got on REG? (when you waited 5 days after the big release)

  • I know we probably cannot rely on a state coordinaters answer, but the MI/TN told me to expect REG by the 18th to 23rd, so if they actually do work the 23rd, we could get our scores the morning of christmas eve

  • so I am waiting on the release of the remaining 20% of REG scores in Illinois and presumably the country….anyone know when these may be released?

  • I have already hit refresh 10 times. I have to break the addiction and get some work done.

    A person should get their score before leaving the test center for BEC.

  • I tried calling the CO coordinator, but she doesn’t answer her phone. Has anyone received a CO FAR score yet? I am going crazy not knowing if it’s just the state that hasn’t released the scores yet, or if it’s me and they’re deciding whether or not to give me a passing grade. This is my last part and I have a promotion riding on my passing it, so the wait is literally killing me.

  • 9:13 post – I have not received FAR yet but I do not think I failed. No one from MA have received FAR yet.

  • this pisses me off that we can put a man on the moon and they can’t grade a test in a month’s time; so if I didn’t get my FAR score yet that means I failed.

  • FAR IS OUT IN NEW MEXICO!!! Got a 92, all done!!

    AUD 10/4/08 97
    BEC 10/28/08 84
    FAR 11/14/08 92
    REG 11/26/08 83

    It can happen…passed them all in one testing window, the first time I took them! Happy Holidays everyone!! Thanks Another71 for the site!

  • Dan, thanks for the update. I’m waiting for REG in Wisco as well and was waiting for someone to answer Jessica’s question. I guess I will be patiently waiting for the mailman.

  • I received FAR in Utah. 79! I am done. I reached my goal. I can call myself a CPA. I am elated. Success everyone. Never give up! Although you may feel like it sometimes. If you didn’t pass. Keep studying! You will reach your goal.

    Merry Christmas and a successful 2009!

    Edwin V.

  • Update on WI: On friday I spoke with a NASBA rep recomended by Jeff. That rep said that my score should be up, and to check after 7 on friday and maybe Satruday morning. If not up call back Monday. I called back Monday to find out basically the same thing, the scores should have been sent out in the mail on Friday, and should be in the mail box today or tomorrow. I could not get details on why the website is not working.

    I know this is not much help but I wanted to share what I found.

    I asked about REG and FAR.

    Merry Christmas to all (I hope)


  • Any info about REG scores in WI??? Still waiting and don’t remember seeing anyone post that they received theirs. Suspense is killing me. Merry Christmas

  • Well my Utah FAR score is up and and I didn’t pass. I only got a 68. That was the 4th time. The weird thing is that I still don’t have my REG score yet.

  • Can somebody ask Colorado coordinator about Reg exam, I’ve called her about four times including today since Thursday last week and she doesn’t seem to respond to me well? She keeps telling me that they aren’t up yet. Can somebody find out what is going on with Reg marks not yet release in Colorado.

  • I’m sick of this, Reg marks still not up (Colorado) for me. Do they understand that they have to release the marks ’cause people are anxiously waiting, or did they forget to do that? How long does it take to mark the fre*kin’ exam???

  • FAR is out in NY through NASBA. Jeff you are the MAN! Thank you so much for this website and plenty of support to fellow CPA candidates.

  • FARE is up for DE. I passed with 86 πŸ™‚

    AUD – 11/18 – 78
    REG – 11/19 – 67
    BEC – 11/20 – 81
    FAR – 11/21 – 86

    All on first try. Hopefully will nail REG in February now that I have only it to study for. Good luck to you guys and happy hollidays. πŸ™‚


  • For what its worth, I emailed the NJ rep and got this message. I don’t know if that means that scores will not be released until Tuesday.

    “Criseyda Navarro is out of the office.
    I will be out of the office starting 12/18/2008 and will not return until

  • FAR scores have posted for GA. A 78 and I’m finally done! That was the worst 6 months ever. Good luck to those still waiting and thanks for this site to help get me through.

  • Meant to say that if my assumption about second review is incorrect, I will post that immediately. Shouldn’t try to type this late on a Sunday night.

  • I will contact the AICPA tomorrow about those scores still not released and clarify exactly what “category” they fall in. If my assumption/statement about second review of this final release, I will post that immediately. Do NOT lose hope! Better to wait to get a second review by a human grader than not to pass!

  • Also, my friend got AUD back on the first day all scores were released in CA and got a 72. I would say that that is “close to cut.” She also took the exam late November.

  • People, Ed has to be WRONG about the boarderline assumption…

    I passed with a 75 in CA and took the test 11/18. You are just unlucky and haven’t received your score yet. When you receive your score has no bearing on how well you did. My friend also waited 8 weeks for FAR and got an 82. Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

  • I feel pretty bad after paying $3K for my review program and failed REG, still waiting on FARE. I did pass the other 2 parts on first try though. I guess it could have worked better if I had taken the test for each part right after the end of the review for that part. 5 months of prep for all four parts and 1 week of exam for all of them was a bit much for me, I guess. I am sure it is doable to some but I am not one of them. Oh well, at least I have at most only 2 parts to worry after this. Hope I don’t have to study taxes and financial at the same time.

  • I still haven’t received my REG score in NY and I took it on 10/18. Let me just tell you how frustrated I am.

    I walked into and out of that exam feeling pretty damn confident. Granted I did not completely finish my second simulation but it was so ambiguous that I thought maybe it was a test question. Anyways, I would just really like to receive my grade and hopefully it will be passing.

    I didn’t feel confident about BEC and I passed with a 78. I tried to understand the comments posted by ED about the grades that haven’t been released.


    That is so discouraging. I knew I was borderline, but I at least thought that maybe I was like 73-77 range. To know that I don’t even have a passing grade right now is frustrating.

    Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

  • I think somebody said the worst part of the CPA exam is waiting for the scores. I disagree. The worst part is studying so dang hard that your wife leaves you, you go through two CPA review programs and STILL CANNOT PASS!!! That is pretty bad. After that experience, the waiting for my score is a little bit of a minor detail.

  • I am making close to $60K now in my 2nd year after my graduate degree in accounting. I don’t think at the current moment, a CPA license will greatly enhance my pay. It is an investment for much later down the road. My grad school in acccounting costed about $40K though. Still working hard to pay the interest on the loans…LOL

  • I’m still not convinced that a run of the mill MBA provides a very good return on your investment. Most programs cost between $20k-$40k and a CPA designation is less expensive and carries more weight in my opinion/perception.

    To answer the question…a CPA/MBA should be making $60k minimum. Adjust accordingly if you enjoy your industry and get some intangible benefits out of it, but it pays less.

  • To annonymous posted at 12/20 1:53 PM: My old dumb boss made $90K with an MBA. And I don’t think having an MBA makes him smart. Sometimes it is not your credentials, but it is who you know and how you work the system.

  • No FAR in Utah. Hoping for Monday or Tuesday. I will have a more restful Christmas if the scores are released before .. or not. πŸ˜‰

  • Still haven’t received my FAR score in CA, but others have, what does this mean?

    That means you are in 14 % borderline score. More chances of failing than passing, Need lots of prayer.

  • I have already passed 3 and waiting for FAR giant score. Should I start look for job, i know 38 k is not much for MBA and CPA with couple of years experince. Some practicle advice needed. My company is good with lots of benifet but not much money.

  • once I pass CPA and have my license how much I should be making at minium. Right now I make 38000 with MBA degree.

  • 11:52 Post.

    Mute, Moot it is just semantics.

    There is no money in English so once I become a CPA I will make the “Big Bucks”

  • Jeff, you mentioned NASBA released Wave 2 FAR scores on a Monday last testing window. Do you recall when Illinois received those scores?

  • FAR is by the far the worst exam ever…waiting for that exam score is the worst thing ever. I hope they throw out some sims on mine haha

  • The prep is mute point. It all depends on the draw you get on exam day. I got a simulation on Foriegn Exchange, the smallest section on FAR. Also, you face the “Magic Scale”

    They say you need a 75 with the “Magic Scale” I say you need an 85.

  • I had an interesting fortune from a fortune cookie…”When winter comes, the heavens will rain success upon you.” Well, winter solstice is Sunday, so I’m hoping my FAR score comes in Monday and proves this fortune cookie right!

  • Well i don’t know about u guyz but i love waiting. Even though ur saying it looks like monday it will be released i will still check this weekend like a madman.

  • Email the TX board and ask about FAR release. They may have released but you could be in the 14% that NO boards have gotten yet. πŸ™ Probably won’t hear anything ’til Monday, but worth a shot.

  • NASBA released FAR for Wave 2 of the last window on a Monday…I predicted Monday the 22nd in the original post…I thought *maybe* they would release it today because they had the scores…to answer the question – they DO release scores on Monday mornings.

  • awful. NASBA emailed me back friday and said that they had recieved FAR scores for MA on THURSDAY at least and were going to post them by friday night/sat morning…liars!

  • I have received score on monday around 9.30 but never before 9.00. Looks like they run the batch in the monday morning around 8.30 rather than sunday night.

  • No FAR TX this morning. Can anybody tell if we can see our score monday morning for sure or we have to wait untill tuesday .

  • if FAR is not up this morning that means they did not upload the batch last night. which means the earliest they can upload it is Monday; resulting in a Tuesday realease.

    now please someone prove me wrong…

  • Last night was a painful night trying to keep myself busy until this morning to check for scores. I can’t imagine what kind of anxiety I’ll have the rest of the weekend. No FAR in CO.

  • No score info sent from the AICPA to Boards on Friday. Hopefully the remainder will be out b/f Christmas. In 2007, a small group was released after Christmas. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this year.
    Hang in there!

  • Kris said-

    Are any of you eagerly expecting the score from TX for FAR as they received the score today and can process over night. If I ever go to statebody committee after I become CPA, my first agenda will be processing on friday night post them on saturday morning. I realy care future CPA’s health. Too much acid for CPA can lead to qualify the financial statement even though they lack no material misstatement.

  • Attention all you ppl who are taking this test a score of 75 indicates performance that reflects sufficient knowledge and skills to protect public interest

    do not forget

  • I’m in TN. I’ve been checking for my AUD score 2-3 times a day for the past three days. I checked sometime around 7am…no score…noon…no score…6:30pm…score: 86!!!

    Still waiting on FAR. If I passed (which I really think I did), I’m done πŸ˜€

  • Hey guys does anyone know if all grades are suppose to be released before christmas day or is there a chance that they will postpone them til after?

  • FYI – your score does not determine when your score will post so don’t worry. I got a 75 on FAR today in CA… took it 11/18. Makes me feel better after my 74 on BEC!

  • Not all states allow you to check your scores through the nasba website. From the NASBA website, select your jurisdiction and see if “scores” is an option for your state.

  • One of my co-workers passed all four parts in 6 months and I believe her scores were all in the high 80’s and 90’s, and she works CRAZY hours.

  • I have been checking for my score in the state board website (not yet received). Can you also check for scores in NASB?

    If you can, where in NASB can you check?

  • Alright 80’s and 90’s scorers, don’t gloat! Who cares as long as you pass πŸ™‚ You might have to put down your GPA on your resume, but as long as you put down the three letters, “CPA”, nobody cares about your scores πŸ™‚ Has anybody prepped for 1/2 year and pass all 4 in the 90s, excluding the non full time employees

  • Whoever said that “The whole process lacks transparentcy.” just made the understatement of the year. I am in Utah and still don’t have my REG or FAR score.

  • I left work at 5:30 pm. No score for AUD yet in DE. Got home at 6:30, found out I passed with a 78 πŸ™‚

    AUD – 11/18 – 78
    REG – 11/19 – 67
    BEC – 11/20 – 81
    FAR – 11/21 – waiting

    Hopefully, I only have 1 part to worry of after this.

  • To Anonymous post at 4:26: Do not assume you will fail! You have as good a chance of passing as failing after the final review. Keep the faith, as hard as it may be. May be a long weekend though if you have to wait. πŸ™

  • The scoop from AICPA site Earlier score release is most likely for examination forms that include previously administered test content. If more analysis is needed (for example, in the case of new simulations), scores will not be reported until the second wave (or round) of score release. So, most likely REG and FAR had more new Sims panels/forms that required more QC steps before release. The percentage of early REG and FAR were smaller for both waves, which supports this explanation. Next Jan-Feb it could be AUD. Couldn’t say!
    BEC is always the first out at close to 100% b/c all its questions have been pre-tested plus no written communication to score in the Sims.

  • Maybe Ed knows the answer to this… Why is it that BEC and AUD had 99% releases whereas REG and FAR had releases that were materially less?

  • Whelp, Ed just put a dagger in my heart for my reg exam score that ive been waiting for since the first week of October

  • I would imagine scores on NASBA will appear online tomorrow (Saturday) morning, not Monday morning. If NASBA runs an overnight process, my presumption is the process will continue through tonight.

    Keep in mind, if scores appear on NASBA’s site on Monday morning, that means an overnight update took place Sunday night. The reason I know this is that during wave 1, IL received FAR scores on a Sunday and actually released the scores that same day. I was very surprised to learn that NASBA and the ILBOA office were open on a Sunday! Nevertheless, my friend got his FAR score for MA on Monday morning, indicating that the AICPA released scores on Sunday to the states (IL, VA, and CA), and NASBA uploaded them Sunday evening for a Monday morning release.

    I’m optimistic about tomorrow morning.

  • I don’t know…this would be a perfect example of them releasing on a Saturday if they do…they got the scores late Thursday night…upload Friday…Sat release. I’ve never had a Sat score through NASBA…not sure if others have.

    I’m still saying Monday (conveniently my original prediction of the 22nd) πŸ™‚

  • Another71, does that mean its unlikely they will be posting any scores that we can check on Sat morning?

  • Did anyone get a FAR score yet?

    VA, IL, and CA have their scores…look for NASBA scores on Monday as a realistic expectation.

  • Matt,

    I agree completely about the last part being the worst to wait for. I am currently waiting on FAR and am going nuts. I know the process, yet I still am refreshing the NASBA page every ten minutes. I am three for three and have a sneaking suspicion that I will NOT be four for four. I just want my score before I go on vacation tomorrow.

  • How the f*** do we through a live person at NASBA? I called and there wasn’t even an option to hit a digit to get through a person. I am so frustrated. After paying all this much for classes and exam fees, not to mention gastro problems, I can’t even get my d*** score. So far I have passed 1 and failed 1. I just wanna know the rest so if I need to hit a truck today, I will do so promptly. ANY AUD in fricking Delaware?

  • As I have been told by the AICPA in the past, the exams being reviewed the second and/or third time are not passing results – yet. Some scoring data I have seen would indicate that you have as good a chance to receive a passing score after the second review as a failing score. Those persons who already received a 72, 73, 74 (sorry…), their second review has already taken place. The rest just haven’t been completed yet.

  • For the newbie?s?. just so you know what to look forward to, waiting for the last score is the worst of the whole bunch. The first score is also difficult but not nearly the same, because you don?t know if you are going to get a 50 or a 90. You are just excited to pass, as the score is more out of curiosity than anything else. By the end, you know what amount of time and effort you need to get a passing score and you put just short of that amount, just hoping you will get by. The wait is the difference of three more months of agony or not. Enjoy the journey.


  • In response to the appeal process for close scores, I read about four months ago in the depths of the AICPA material that of all the past appeals only three (3) have been overturned over the last four years (154K+ total test given) . If my memory still holds up, one was a computer error that did not give full credit, second was a challenged question that was given credit, and I can?t remember the third.

    What is worse is on the back of your mailed score are your section results compared to that of the average passing scores. I had a 71 score for REG and all but one category (that was close) was two or more points higher than the average passing grade and one section was even 10 points higher than average passing grade. I could not imagine what I would do if I got a 74. I even showed it to my live instructor and he cold not make heads or tails of it. I even emailed the AICPA asking if they would look at the details of my scores and tell me how this could be so out of sorts and all I got back was the generic response about ?the sum is not equal the total of the parts? similar to the web explanation.


  • “Close to the cut” are only exams that have NOT passed. They don’t establish a passing score and then review it and take away credit to make you fail. “Close” is 71-74 or 72-74. The constructed response is being re-read to see if additional credit can be given to bump you up to passing.

  • Since my BEC score has not yet been posted, I assume I am not in this wave. Does anyone know when the next wave will be released? I’m in Utah. Grrrrr……

  • For VA people – I contacted the VABOA through the Livechat Function and asked when the remainder of the FAR scores would be released. The representative said that only a few scores had been released for VA FAR and that they have no idea when the remainder will be released.

  • Nasba’s site is suprisingly very fast now. I guess everyone else has received their score except me. πŸ™ Aghhh!!!

    Any chance we’ll get REG before Christmas?

  • I hear your frustration…the process isn’t transparent enough to really know…they say it goes through a strict grading process…everything is top secret and ambiguous at best.

    Ironic if you think about it.

  • i figured scores were uploaded into their system, not printed and reentered. what are the chances the Fat Fingers McGee sucks at typing and put in the wrong score in error. Does this happen, and would it be possible to get the correct grade in the snail mail from your state board?

    (i know some of you are saying, beat it buddy, you failed. lick your wounds and try again. and i respect that. i just find it hard to believe that i coudl walk out of a test beaming with confidence, and get a grade so low it doesn’t warrant being mentioned on here, especially on a scaled test)

    or is it just common to create every other scenario in the world, rather than just accept that you failed.

  • 20% of REG is close to the cut? What exactly is the AICPA’s definition of close to the cut 70-80, 77-73, 76-74 does anyone have an idea?

  • I failure with 74 is the worst, specially when it is the last one you are waiting for after passing the first 3 in the first try. There’s going to be a lot of drinking tonight.

  • I felt okay when I came out of my AUD exam. I felt like I had a chance at getting that 75. I checked this morning, hoping for good news since this was my last section, and BAM…a big, stinkin’ 58. I have been upset all morning.

  • from Ohio Coordinator via email for FAR:

    “The way it typically works is the scores are transmitted to us by the AICPA and we print them out. Throughout the day we go through all of the printed scores to make sure we have the correct amount and to check for any errors. That same night they are posted on-line and the hard copies usually get mailed that day or the next. Since we only receive the scores during the regular work week, no scores are uploaded on the weekend (although there is the occasional, unusual circumstance where some will be). If it makes you feel better, I just received word that FAR scores are beginning to be transmitted to us today, so they should start being posted on-line tonight, around 7:00pm CST. “

  • Here is some misery for you…I got an 81 on BEC and a 78 on FAR, first time. Ok, not an 85+, but happy, confident. This window I am waiting for AUD and REG. Well this morning I got my AUD score, it’s a 58. When you see that it’s like a dagger. You feel like the numbers most be transposed. That is so low. I hope REG is a 75+, I don;t think I can handle 2 failures right now.

  • i’m not saying this is an easy test by any stretch of the imagination, but has anyone ever walked out of a test feeling confident, and anxiously awaiting your 85+ grade, only to find out weeks later you not only flunked, but weren’t even close?

    if this site is based on misery loves company, i need some consoling here….

  • My friend got her FAR score on a Monday a few weeks ago.

    Highest scores and lowest scores are posted first, and the ones close to 75 are held back to be regraded for accuracy

  • i hope NASBA has some holiday spirit and will upload FAR tonight for the overnight batch before they all take off for the weekend. it would just be cruel of them to wait until Monday to upload it for Tuesday AM release…

  • Just got AUDIT 69 right now in NY. Very sad. I took it 11/24. It’s OK, this is my last one. At least I got my pass score for REG yesterday. Will try it again soon.

    Happy holiday!

  • Hi Jeff (Another71), can you find out why the rest of REG score is not coming out? I’m registered with TN. Thanks.

  • after a 73 on BEC and a 74 on Aud, and busy season approaching, I have cancelled my REG test for the 5th (not even close to ready).

    I got these scores just doing self study with a good old fashion book. My firm pays for becker though and now I plan on enrolling after the busy season. This time next year I will post much better news.

    Good luck to all and happy holidays

  • NH Audit just showed up after checking several times all morning. I passed! Good luck to everyone else!

  • AUD finally up in TN! looks like the failed batch is finally coming through for NASBA! I felt way, way better about BEC than I did about AUD, but I actually did 1 point better on AUD (88). Yay, no more grumpy girl for today!

  • 20% of REG scores are still not released. That seems like a really big number to be close to the cutoff.

  • I got two 74s in a row…you could sit for your exam again and get your score back before they got around to re-grading it…it costs about as much as a new NTS as well…it’s not worth it.

  • I just found out that I got a 74 on AUD in CO. Is it worth going through the rescore process or should I just go ahead and take this section again?

  • People on NASBA – it appears if you have bookmarked the site with your section ID, it is not working. Go back in with your info, type it in, and cross your fingers. My bookmark wasnt working, I went back in, and my score was up.

    that was the best advice i heard all day. it worked for me too. didnt pass aud though. at least now i have a peace of mind in knowing

  • I went through the NASBA site as well without using the bookmark. It worked! Only a 70 though….I’m in IN btw.

  • I can’t believe it! I just hit submit again and my GA score was up! I passed AUD with an 86!!!! Wooo HOOO.

    Thanks for the site! It was cathartic!

    Good luck to everyone!! I am done! Done! Finit!!

  • I got my Texas notice from the TSBOA website

    I freaking passed 1st try 76; it was soooooo intense and I felt like poo leaving the exam but my prayers have been answered and now my full stress can be directed on BEC 01/02

    I’ve been studying hard but the not knowing was hurting me big time; thanks another 71 for all the positive messages you provide us test takers

    positive vibes is the greatest gift a person can give a stranger! thanks man

  • I just followed someone’s advice and if you have the nasba site bookmarked, your score will not refresh – you must go to and go through the whole process – MA AUD was up – I passed!

  • People on NASBA – it appears if you have bookmarked the site with your section ID, it is not working. Go back in with your info, type it in, and cross your fingers. My bookmark wasnt working, I went back in, and my score was up.

    90 on AUD – I’m done forever!

  • Re: The NASBA site is really fast this morning. It is almost as though they disconnected the submit button from the database.

    Your right! It is going really fast. Maybe everyone but us has gotten their scores already so they aren’t holding the site up anymore.

  • MI received REG scores yesterday (with the exception of 1 person in our office) and AUD scores were received today

  • I am done checking NASBA site, I will check this this blog thru out the day.

    Thanks, Jeff for creating this forum to vent.

  • in michigan audit taken on 18th nov – still no score found as well far on 21-nov same answer – no score found

  • The NASBA site is really fast this morning. It is almost as though they disconnected the submit button from the database.

  • I have gotten a few scores on a Monday…never a saturday, but I don’t know why – if they’re there on Friday…upload them…set the process to run overnight and POOF…they appear Sat AM. This isn’t hard.

  • Sorry Jamie,

    NASBA does not post during the day – only early in the morning. As far as Saturdays…I don’t know…others have said that they’ve gotten scores on Sat…I never have.

  • Well…if a state agency can receive the scores from the AICPA and post them…I’m not sure why NASBA can’t do the same. Push a button and there you go. Even if they had to run an overnight process…the scores were in yesterday…they should be there today.

  • from the TN coordinator re: AUD –
    “AUD scores should be online today. One candidate has stated that her score has not shown yet, so check online later this afternoon. If not today, you should be able to see it tomorrow. If not by tomorrow, let me know on Monday.”

    yeah, dude, real helpful. He usually is, but not so much right now. Someone else said hers hasn’t shown, so I should look this afternoon? Does that make ANY sense to anyone else?

    At least he didn’t flat out lie like the regular reps do. One this morning said “All AICPA allows us to tell you is that they will post by the end of December or January 15, depending on when you sat.” when I told her I knew AICPA had sent them to NASBA yesterday.

    I’m getting angry… and I’m not very nice when I’m angry…

  • this question has been asked about 100 times but i havnt seen an answer,

    do they post scores during the day or just mornings. saturdays?

  • Has anyone from a jurisdiction that only notifies by US Mail received a Wave 2 score for any of the 4 exams?

  • I haven’t received my VA FAR score either…it makes me think my score is near the cut off and they are looking at the written communications section again. I took it once before in August and got a 73 and I feel like I did better this time around so we will see.

  • i say if you can’t release 100% of scores don’t release any at all….of course this is because i didn’t receive my score yet

  • Another 71 – Do you have any idea why we wouldn’t receive AUD scores from NASBA today?

    I can think of a number of reasons, but none of them are polite.

  • Still waiting on GA AUD.

    They need to do a better job of communicating schedules. Only a quasi government system can get away with this kind of customer service.

  • Does anyone from TX has ever recived their score on Saturday? FAR cameout today but tomorrow is saturday , so I was wondering if they post overnight. Thanks for your response

  • It’s really starting to stink in my pants.

    We’re potty training my 2 year old. When he drops a duece – he just takes his pants off (in the living room…kitchen…wherever) and keeps on going…perhaps this could work for you. You don’t want your score to come out while you’re away in the bathroom…no time for that.

  • “I took FAR in MD on November 30 but I am a VA candidate and I have yet to receive my score on the VABOA…do I have to check the MD one?”

    No you check the VA site. According to IL only 86% of FAR was released today, therefore you’re probably part of the 14% who didn’t get their scores today…

  • I’m still waiting on AUD in IN too. It is my last section as well. I was definitely hoping for an early Christmas present today. I’m so tired of waiting.

  • I just called a candidate representative to ask about my WI audit score. She told me that WI holds all scores for all parts until the end of the score release, January 15th!! I was hoping to get my score today…I don’t think I can wait another month…

  • to those in MI: it seemed like none of you got REG yesterday morning while the rest of us did, but you were the first to get AUD today. did you ever end up getting REG scores?

  • my coworker got his aud score this morning (ny) and took it the 17th. i took mine the 25th and nothing yet, any chance they post mid-day or just in the morning?

  • State Rep. is a mute point. The scores are with NASBA as of Thursday night according to Jeff. The State board approves the score, then off to NASBA for distribution.

    CPA WantABe

  • Still no scores in MA for AUD. Does that mean I have no hope until Monday? Huge storm coming to MA – most state offices have been closed already. I cannot take another day of this…

  • Still no scores in MA. Does that mean I have no hope until Monday? Huge storm coming to MA – most state offices have been closed already. I cannot take another day of this…

  • I was in the 86% of IL FAR to be released, and now I am done. All 4 parts + ethics completed. All I have left is the licensing paperwork! Yay!

  • My state rep is pretty good about giving information. So that is not the case for everyone. So calm down.

  • Why do people call their state rep? They don’t give a crap about the fact that you did not get your score yet! and there is nothing they will tell you.

  • I took FAR in MD on November 30 but I am a VA candidate and I have yet to receive my score on the VABOA…do I have to check the MD one?

  • I am so upset that FL has released nothing. It is so hard to see the days go by, and you guys get scores. I dont know what they hold up is here!!!

  • i heard they release on saturday, than chances for tomorrow are there for audit as well as far, but if not tomorrow than sure for monday, but cant say at what time?

  • i have no idea what is going on… every test ive taken shows up on nasba the day after an ilboa announcement. and today it looks like very few states actually released. why?? will they be out tomorrow??

  • now my result has not arriaved today for audit , so now its not going to come today? now no chances for today? next morning?

  • I see this message at least a couple times a day. Against better judgment I keep checking more than a few times a day. Bad habit!

    Error: Score not found.

    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.

  • Waiting for FAR in Utah. I took it on 11/14. It is my last exam. On my first attempt I received a 73. A 75 or higher would make me very happy. I am ready to put the studying behind me after 2 years of grad school and CPA exams for the last 18 months. Last year I received my REG score on Christmas day (and failed). The wait is killing me. Good luck to you all.


    AUD 83
    BEC 83
    REG 85

    All first try!!!! I’m a happy little accountant right now.

  • Error: Score not found.
    Please verify Section ID Number and Date of Birth format and re-submit.

    Does that mean they have not posted my score yet? because I am pretty sure I am putting the right info in…

  • I got AUD in MA…I failed πŸ™ πŸ™
    Back to studying for me. I’m not sure if I should study while I am on vacation next week and take first or second week in January or if I should just wait till April/May when tax season is over….also, I hate AUD so its difficult to study…any suggestions?

  • i understand scores on nasba are released by batch. is it possible that certain states finish earlier than others and post? i would assume no, but being that TX AUD is out, and MA is not, i’m left to assume that MA won’t be released today.

    (fyi, this question is rooted in impatience)

  • I’m tired of losing sleep from being restless all night thinking and dreaming about my score. Please…Please….Please post!!!!!

  • Still no AUD in FL. I had a coworker that had his score posted in the afternoon one time. Does that happen often? Or do they post it mainly in the morning?

  • Every time I think about it I get extremely angry. I almost hope that her agony is 100 times worse than mine when she starts taking the exam. She also said that I’m stupid for my wanting to sit for AUD asap if I did fail. Who the heck wouldn’t want to do that? You still have the stuff fresh in your memory so it would be easier to go over the material rather than restudy completely if I took it later down the line. I know I’m not the only one that has that mindset. I think she is an idiot! It took a lot for me to hold my anger and temper down!

  • it’s now past 5am central… where is audit? i probably just need to hold out a few minutes huh? anyone getting theirs?

  • I just don’t understand….if 99% of AUD were released in IL yesterday, why won’t NASBA release my score today? Maybe I am just checking too early.

  • People who never took any exam …they jsut do not get it. i have been a great student but CPA is not as easy…do not worry…not worth it!!!

  • I’ve been lucky. I have a co-worker who is taking the exam as well and she understands how I feel because she feels the same way. She knows how difficult it is to wait and we’ve tried to be supportive of each other in studying and taking the exam.

  • I had a coworker yell at me the other day saying that it doesn’t matter if you fail because you can just take it again. There is so much time dedicated to studying that cannot be replaced! Plus, who the heck wants to have to retake an exam. Well, she hasn’t even sat for one part yet so you know how furious I was at what she said. She has no clue how hard it is waiting for a score.

  • by the way I just got my score in NH and OASIS is still saying that my score is not received. I am done now !!! THANK GOD. One thing to those who will not get it. Try again, dont take this exam personally. You will get it right, just study on your weaknesses…

  • MA stinks too. I’m still waiting….hopefully my AUD score will be out in the next 1/2 hour…we’ll see.

  • Florida sucks! I’m still waiting too…and nothing yet. I hate seeing that message. I wish I just saw a score.

  • go to NASBA and click on exam and select PA and it will tell whether NABA or State Board releses the score

  • does any of you knoz if whether Pa release the scores on their own website or through NASBA? and how to I check the scores on the PA website? Thanks

  • I am i labor pain as I see this meassage
    The requested URL could not be retrieved


    While trying to retrieve the URL:

    The following error was encountered:

    (111) Connection refusedThe remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

  • HATE TAXES!!!!! Heck with it, I will call in sick tomorrow. Don’t care about the darn recons at work…..LOL…I want to stay up late to find out if I did at least pass another part. Darn…I hate all of you who got in the 90s in the first time. I used to be in the top 20% of my graduating class and a 67 on REG is quite a slap on the face….I guess I am that stupid.

  • whose staying up all night for new york state to release audit…..

    stressing for 4 straight days hitting the F5 button on NASBA…

    please don’t make me have to study audit again

  • I tried the impossible and it was impossible indeed!

    a. Started studying for sinc June 2008 with Becker.
    b. Switched job, averaging 45 hours a week, big learning curve.
    c. Took the exams as follows

    AUD 11/18
    REG 11/19
    BEC 11/20
    FAR 11/21

    4. So far

    REG – 67
    BEC – 81

    and waiting ….

  • Texas runs their batch process around 3 in the morning. My information is usually updated from 3:13 to 3:16.

  • you know for a fact that NASBA has the scores?

    Bank on it…I can’t make them push the button though. Watch for the state boa FAR scores to come rolling out tomorrow…

  • Go to bed…AUD will be out (NASBA) around 5am CST…FAR will be out for the state BOAs who release via their own site sometime tomorrow…NASBA should release on Saturday AM…unless they get the FAR scores uploaded tonight…either way…go to bed…

  • Actuallty tomorrow will be AUD, For FAR i know it is going to be either monday 10.00 AM or tuesday morning 3.30

    I have taken these test so many times , I can just tell when they release score

  • Guys, this is not time to planning to fail and ask questions about another NTS. I have had enough of those NTS. I want to know about next step after passing these exams. I will find out in the morning 3.30 from TX.

  • Don’t you love when your friends and family are like “Oh what are you so nervous for, I’m sure you did fine. You’re smart, I know you passed for sure”

  • If you fail an exam, how long does it take to get your new NTS and be able to schedule to take the exam again????

    If you get your score tomorrow for instance, expect your new NTS within 5-10 business days (via e-mail). Then, you could sit again as early as January 2nd if you wanted.

  • Can someone please answer this question. If you fail an exam, how long does it take to get your new NTS and be able to schedule to take the exam again???? I’m wondering because I’m waiting for the score on my last part, but my first one expires first week of February. I need to know if it’s possible to reapply and take the exam before then. Thanks in advance

  • From reading above, I think the scores are with NASBA. The actual posting is random. The last one will be posted on the 23rd

  • Ok, so when I called FL, they led me to believe “all sections will be posted tomorrow.” I have seen a couple people who said they got their scores in FL, but maybe that was wave 1? not sure? It almost seems like they held the scores back so they could process the licensure packets by the end of yr, before the rule change. (just my perception). A woman told me they were trying to get the packets out by the end of the yr, normally it takes up to 6 weeks or so.

    My question is, what time should I start checking?

  • Check my newest post…FAR is coming out…NASBA has the scores…not sure if it made the Friday AM cutoff or not…

  • I happen to think they had a generous curve this time around. I felt like I did horribly on the Reg simulation and I still can’t believe I scored a 92!

  • Does NASBA update at 7 pm? As per SC state coordinator my scores should be up at NASBA tonight after 7pm! Any inputs Mr 71?

  • Re: percentage of scores sent to each state. An example: if Ohio gets 99% of their anticipated AUD scores, so do all the other states. If Nevada gets 67% of their anticiapted REG scores, so do all the states. The AICPA scores the exams blind – they don’t know who you are, where you are from, male, female, young, old. You’re just a number to them – but that’s good.
    NASBA is the organization that knows were to send your scores. NASBA either sends scores to the boards who do their own processing such as TX, CA and IL, or processes them in-house for the CPAES states (of which there are approx. 35).
    Boards received word at 5:00 p.m. CST that some FAR scores have been released to NASBA. That means some candidates may get their FAR score tomorrow, but don’t count on it. At least it will be b/f Christmas…

  • holy cow mann 99% Aud Scores released in TX

    I made a perfect 100 & didn't study more then 20hrs

    just jokeing

    hohoohoho merry christmas

  • Took REG on 11/17 and still no score yet! My wife took REG on 10/15 and received the score from NASBA today. We are both from NH and she’s done with the exams but I’m still waiting… I have a verrrry bad feeling now… Another 71, do you have any “insider info” when REG score will be available from NH? Thaaaanks~

  • another71 how do you know what % of the scores have been released? Any idea on what % of Michigan REG scores have been released?

  • Wow ?it is like a gambler ? you only hear about the money he won not lost. My boss told me he got a 92, 94, 96, & 97. I year later I found out he took each section 4 times

    Bitter CPA Flunkie

  • AUD passed 7/2/08
    BEC passed 8/2/08
    FAR passed 8/29/08
    REG passed 10/29/08

    It was a grueling 4 months, but it was totally worth it…

    Very well done. Congrats!

  • AUD passed 7/2/08
    BEC passed 8/2/08
    FAR passed 8/29/08
    REG passed 10/29/08

    It was a grueling 4 months, but it was totally worth it… thanks Becker and…

  • REG scores in New Mexico were released!! woo-hoo! An 83….3 down, waiting on FAR!

    AUD 97
    BEC 84
    FAR 11/14/08 ???!!!
    REG 83

  • -well big brother could be watching. If you use a company computer, your internet activity is watched. All your boss needs is your DOB and Test ID #

  • State boards and NASBA will not release scores over the phone. You could be someone’s worst enemy and just trying to jerk them around by finding out his or her score. Or worse yet, your boss. That would be a real treat to have your boss know your score b/f you do!

  • I’m from Mississippi. Took REG 10/24 and BEC 11/25. We had a first wave of scores that were received in the mail on 11/26. We don’t have online scores in MS, but I checked with State Board today and they claim they have not received a single score since the first wave in November. Any idea if they are telling the truth? Is it possible that all the other states have received scores today and Mississippi has not? Any advice on what to do, who to call would be greatly appreciated!

  • Don’t read anything into it…just stay positive…you could be on the bubble. Only 80% is out for REG.

  • In the 21st century there has to be a better way. I agree with the above person. Have an email sent to you stating your score is available. This will improve productivity. People check scores 10 times a day!!!

    CPA WantABe

  • I failed AUD in CA with 37.
    Also failed REG with 37.
    My BEC is expired next April.
    I took FAR on Oct 1 and if I fail FAR also, I am going to quit the whole CPA thing.

  • I have an idea. How about when you get your score…you post that you got your score instead of 5 times throughout the day posting a message that you still haven’t received your score?

  • VA usually follows IL and CA..usually a day before NASBA. I bet VA comes out Friday/Sat with NASBA coming out Monday…just a *guess*

  • CA had it posted on their site under my client account (not sure that CA is available to view via NASBA’s site)

  • With NASBA – if you don’t get it in the AM…there’s no use in checking during the day…even though I always did like a crack addict.

  • Is it possible to not receive a score from NASBA first thing in the morning and then have it upload during the day? Or should I just wait until tomorrow to check the score again?

  • Yes – they release on Saturdays…if NASBA gets the score Friday, it will be uploaded and processed overnight and show up Saturday AM

  • I got my REG score in Tennessee today (on the NASBA site)! It’s my last one and I passed! I am sooooo glad to be done!! Good luck to all those still waiting.

  • Been following scores all week – based upon how it has gone with REG and BEC, AUD should be out tomorrow morning in MA.

  • i got an email from the aicpa that said “Financial Accounting and Reporting scores are expected to be sent to NASBA by the end of week December 19, 2008.”
    …it is broad but it is hopeful.

  • Found out I passed BEC and REG in MA. Done and done. Such a great feeling.

    Thank you all for updating this site and serving as a place to vent as well as to read about similar struggles.


  • I just talked to the CSR, she was no help its like as soon as I said, I needed info on my scores, she changed her tune to no they are released randomly, keep checking back. Another71, I just emailed you, maybe you can help.


  • i dialed this phone no and pressed option 7 to go to score info, than receive copy of the score, i never get to talk to operator, the automated voice keeps on giving load bs information.

  • Just got an email from my SC coordinator. AUD scores will be up after 7 pm tonight. This is going to be a looooong day!

  • I wrote AUD on Nov 20th, still waiting for score from NewHampshire state.
    Any idea when the scores will be released

  • If someone doesn’t have their REG score and they get theirs through NASBA – e-mail me and I’ll help

  • if you call the 1- 800 – CPA – exam. there must be a way to talk to someone… if you reach a wrong person…they should connect you to the CO Rep.

  • I got my AUD score from CA this morning. I took AUD on 11/22 and FAR 10/18. No indication of FAR release yet. This is really surprising. Anyone have any clue when FAR will be released?

  • do you know who to call to check the update on scores that didn’t release in Colorado, I called 1-800-cpa-exam… but i don’t know where to go on all the options. Somebody help me out!!!

  • Did anyone get Reg scores in Colorado. Its been over two months, I was hoping for today still nothing. Who do I call to check up on that, I’m way beyond desperate now!!!!

  • SC here – took the Reg test on 10/11 and still waiting. At this point, I think I am just going to concede the failing grade and start studying again.

  • I just got my audit score in CA! I got a 93! How? I have no clue. I didn’t even finish the 2nd simulation. Pre-test questions maybe??

  • so BEC and AUD are out 99% in IL with 80% out in REG…..what gives–of course i’d be a part of that 20% ha this sucks… long do i have to wait now?

  • Has anyone contacted a rep or someone at NASBA regarding the release of Wisconsin REG scores for this window? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • So…revised prediction of the 24th for FAR for those in states where the SB reports scores?(like TX) I know FAR usually takes the longest to release, but I can’t imagine gov workers coming in on xmas-eve to push scores out.

    Pass FAR=done, if not then BEC rolls off. This wait is killing me.

  • For the NJ question…I’m in NJ and received BEC yesterday (12/17) and REG today (12/18)…bothing passing!!!

  • To the person who posted from SC, I too am waiting for REG. I sat on 10/14. Received BEC score yesterday – 69. I am going insane I have been looking for my score since Thanksgiving.

  • I hope we get FAR tomorrow! That would make my weekend (even though I have to cram for audit to sit 1/3/09)

  • anyone from NJ? I’m waiting for FAR… I know it’s not out yet, but I was wondering if the scores from other sections already released (BEC, REG, AUD) have been in-line with the releases as per the IL BOA?

  • Any word on AUD in MA? Seems like MA is one day behind the first group of states to come out, so I am guessing tomorrow.

  • I took reg on 10/3 in VA and still have not recieved my score. Other colleagues took AUD the week of Thanksgiving and have already received their score – what gives. This makes no sense?

  • Anyone from NJ get AUD scores back? Also, I got a score back from REG in Novemeber but still didnt receive a notice in the mail.If it matter, I didn’tpass.Anyone know why ididn’t receive a letter yet?

  • Ok FLORIDA news, just called BOA, and the girl told me all 4 sections should be posted online by tomorrow. What’s another morning with out sleep! (and don’t ask why they have to do it differently)

  • According to the updated score release PDF, Illinois received 99% of AUD scores today! ( ). They didn’t receive any more REG, so it’s still just at the 20%. I guess all of us waiting on AUD in NASBA states will be up at 4:30 CST tomorrow! Lucky CA, IL, Maryland, and wherever else it is that does their own… you can have them today. I’m just glad we don’t have to wait until Monday!

  • Of all the states mentioned… I never see anyone waiting for scores from South Carolina except for me. My state coordinator says scores will be mailed when they come out. But Nasba shows SC scores are available online. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing? HELP!

  • I couldnt sleep well last night. Have been checking CA online exam account. No scores yet…
    Taken FAR on 10/1 and AUD on 11/26…I look at least 5 years older for the past 1 year for this CPA exams

  • If I took FAR Nov. 26th will my score come out with this second wave?! Or will I have to wait longer…

  • Reg – TX – 89!!!

    Now FAR, any tips which study program is the best for FAR?, I used Becker and Gleim for Reg.

  • I took REG on 10/18 (NY) as well. Just got the score online. REG 83 in NY. Thank you for all the support. Love this website! Best wish for everybody.

    Keep waiting for my AUDIT score

  • I passed BEC with an 80! Now I can concentrate on next section (REG). Two down, two to go (REG/AUD). Congrats to everyone that passed and good luck to those that are waiting. If you got bad news, keep your head up because you will pass it the next time! Thanks for maintaining this blog Another71, it helps so much to know that you are not alone in this daunting journey!

    Eric in TX

  • i get bec and reg simultaneously.. both luckily i passed… now waiting for aud and far.. thanx another71… thanx a lot.

  • Congrats on the 99! That is so crazy. I hope to do that well. I imagine that will be my strongest section when I take it.

  • So far I only know one person who has gotten his exam score here in FL and I work with a whole bunch of people who are waiting for their scores. What is the holdup man!

  • guys check out for AUD at 5am! good luck to everyone i was just watching the celtics’ game and I am glad they won. Hope I will be happy tomorrow morning at 5 am.

  • I am so nervous about the REG score coming out tomorrow that I could just throw up right now. I am not sure if I like having these predictions! It’s like my life has stopped until I get the score.

    This may be inappropriate, but I was just laid off from CPA firm in Northern NY, does anyone have any leads?

  • you have to use your OWN jurisdiction ID, there isn’t a number for “ny”. Your ID is on the score reports that are mailed to you (if you have an old one), and also on that original letter you get a loooonnng time ago when you first applied, telling you that they received your application, etc.

    Or you can call NASBA and ask for your jurisdiction ID.

  • My notice just got updated too on oasis.

    NY for REG.

    I guess that means I’ll get it tomorrow?

    How early can I check?

  • All if you go to the following address

    you can type in your jurisdiction ID and DOB. If it does not say

    “The section(s) of your NTS have been attended and scored. The score(s) reported generated a notice to be mailed to you. If you do not receive your notice via US Mail within 10 business days, please contact our office at 1-866-MY-NASBA.”

    then they do not have your scores. A lot of people say this site is meaningless but it is not. Once my status changed to scores have been reported i found out

  • Thank you Jeff! I wish I had found this site back when I started taking this exam. I think it would have made the process that much easier to deal with. I’m just waiting for my AUD score, hoping that I passed so that I can put this test behind me and move on. Congrats to you on passing. I know it must be a relief! Thank you again for this wonderful site!

  • If your state releases through NASBA – your REG score should be out tomorrow between 4am and 5am (CST).

    Regardless of what happens – everyone here will pass the CPA Exam – it’s just a matter of when.


  • I recall reading that California scores cannot be checked on NASBA. You have to check it from

    Your score will be under status at the bottom of the page. If your score is not there it will state “score pending.”

    Good luck on your score. I hope you passed

  • When will we get AUD. I am in trouble. I passed all the sections except AUD. cant wait. Stressed like never b4. anybody knows when we will get AUD?

  • I am in CA and I am trying to get my score for REG…but it is not posted yet. What does this mean? Everyone is saying they are posted. I am checking on the state board page because if you are in CA you cannot check on NASBA…Is this correct??? thanks.

  • Hi Another71,

    Why does FAR take a few more days than the others? If BEC came out on Tues and REG today, why wont FAR be released on Friday?


  • Will you Utahns please e-mail me the Utah coordinator’s name and e-mail address to It seems that BEC has been posted in Utah, but my score hasn’t come up yet….. Thanks!! ;o)

  • So I am waiting to hear about my REG score (Illinois). It will be my final test if I pass. Since, 80% of REG scores have been released, that puts me in the 20% that are close to the cutoff. When will these scores be released. Also, the ILBOA says to not make an assumption that you’ve failed. Does this mean you have an equal chance of passing or failing?

  • If you bookmark the nasba score page with your information already in it after you submit, you won’t have to type it in again when you click on the bookmark.

  • Right now, my original predictions are two days early – so what I predicted…add two days…FAR by the 24th (which means they upload them on the 23rd and IL/CA have them on the 23rd as well…)

  • It is pretty sad when you have 3 of your section ID numbers memorized from entering it into the NASBA website so many times.

  • To the person in Utah who received and email from the Utah NASBA coordinator send me an email with the coordinator’s name and email address. I am waiting on REG and FAR. My email address is

  • I’m in Utah and I just got an email from my NASBA state coordinator that my REG score has been received by NASBA from the AICPA and should be posted tomorrow. Looks like I won’t sleep much tonight.

  • Nice job REG (81%)! Congrats, I know it had to be difficult waiting for almost 2 1/2 months to get your score back!

  • I just got my score in CA. I passed REG with an 81%. Took forever to get the score, I took it on October 4th, but since I passed it does not really matter. Now I just have to hope that the results for AUD and FAR turn out the same.

  • Just got off of the phone with a TX Board Rep and he stated that some BEC scores were posted today and some will be posted tomorrow. He looked me up by my social and said, “Yes, we have your score and it will be posted after midnight tonight..between midnight and 7am”. I said, “Good news or bad news”? He laughed and said, “Sorry I can tell you if you should be celebrating or studying for it again”. UGH!!! At least I will know in the morning.

    Eric in TX

  • My buzz from passing BEC has been replaced with fear over what my REG score might reveal tomorrow. I didn’t finish my last SIM either. I was definitely dragging my knuckles after the REG exam.