CPA Exam Score Release Predictions: October/November 2009 Wave 2

20 Nov 2009


Here are the CPA Exam Scores and Results Release Predictions for the October and November 2009 Testing Window, Wave 2.

These CPA Exam score release predictions cover all Exams taken after November 7, 2009 plus any previous exams with results still pending.

Basically – if you don't have your CPA Exam results yet, you are in Wave 2.

AICPA Release:

  • BEC – Monday, December 14
  • REG – Tuesday, December 15
  • AUD – Thursday, December 17
  • FAR – Friday, December 18

NASBA Release (posted between 9pm and midnight Eastern):

  • BEC – Wednesday, December 16
  • REG – Thursday, December 17
  • AUD – Friday, December 18
  • FAR – Monday, December 21

Note – these are based on trends from data that I have recorded from previous windows.

These are just predictions.

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Ariela 14 years ago

Monday the 21st you mean for FAR

Jeff - 14 years ago

good catch!

Kathryn 14 years ago

Any possibility of wave 1.5 for REG next week? Thanks Jeff, your site is a savior!

Lauren 14 years ago

I took AUD in Indiana on October 7th, and still haven't received my score. Shouldn't I have been in Wave 1? Someone told me that if you don't get your score right after they have been released, that means you are close to 75. You could be over or under. Do you think this applies to me? Or was I considered part of Wave 2 for some odd reason?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Kathryn, Look for your REG score on Monday night possibly...more were released! -Jeff

amy 14 years ago

Hi all, I took Reg in Oct 31, which I should fall into Wave 1, but my score is still showing pending. any ideas how long do I have to wait? Thanks, Amy

A 14 years ago

Hi - I took REG on Oct. 21st and my score is still not posted. I guess I had a new simulation so I will get my score during Wave 2. I hope it doesn't mean I got close to or less than a 75!

vdesi 14 years ago

I took my FAR exam on the 19th of Nov. and found it to be very tricky and difficult. Does anyone else feel the same?

Lee 14 years ago

In response to vdesi, I took FAR on Monday, Nov 30. Yes, tricky, hard, unbearably time-consuming, confusing, ridiculous, retarded, unreasonable. I felt all of those as I left. The simulations were too much, also. 3-4 different topics per simulation? C'mon guys. Really, c'mon. I studied my butt off and felt slighted by Becker CPA review. I had better passed. Three long sleepless nights of my life down the drain. It was an unreasonable test. I took FAR two years ago, way less prepared and scored a 69. This felt a little better, but extremely more difficult. We'll see. But I had better passed!

vdesi 14 years ago

@lee, I have put in a lot of time and effort in this exam and my main frustration is that if I don't pass, I don't know what else I can do. I felt let down by Becker CPA as well. Anyway, all the best to you.

Lee 14 years ago

vdesi, I meant three long sleepless MONTHS (not days) of my life down the crapper. The Becker Review did not adequately prepare me AT ALL. Any of the other review courses would have done as good a job, if not slightly better. I feel like the 15-20 year old CPA exam questions are garbage. I feel like the lectures are garbage. I feel like the 3,000 dollars is garbage to pay for this b.s. Basically, the lectures tell you to highlight this area, highlight that area. So, what's the damn point if none of it is condensed? I read the whole book TWICE, as well as skimmed the material a THIRD time!! THere's no possible way I should have failed. However, I don't feel confident at ALL at this point. There is one sentence, count it ONE SENTENCE on Becker review that touches on my sim topic. ONE SENTENCE out of about 700 pages. Get real. As you can tell, I am SLIGHTLY PISSED. Best regards, Lee

CharlesD. 14 years ago

I took Reg on Nov 16, it was my first exam ever, I studied for about 8 weeks, 2 1/2 hrs. on weekdays and 14-16 hr. on weekends. I went thru the Wiley book once and thru the questions twice. I did many simulations from the book and also from the Wiley software. The last weekend I concentrated on taking the exam under real conciditions(3hrs max). I was feeling pretty good about it(getting on the low 90%).....until I sat for it on Nov 16. It was brutal. The questions were nothing like I expected based on my study material. After I finished I wanted to cry out of frustation. I don't think I passed, though my colleages say that you ussually do better than what you think. I think I got 65 or less....I'll keep you guys up on the final score.

amy 14 years ago

Hi CharlesD, I studied Reg for about 2 months too and used Wiely book as well. I took my exam on Oct 31, still haven't seen any score updates. I felt the same way about the exam when I took the reg exam. So you are not alone. However, I think Becker's questions are better in terms of exam preparation (some of my colleages used Becker and they said questions are very similar). I took Bec this summer and passed it, but I cried after I took the exam and think I did so bad... I just want to tell you that don't give up, and keep studying for the next topic, and you will pass all one day! :-) Amy

noha 14 years ago

I took Far on November 20, and I felt the same, very tricky and lots of topics per simulation. edited

shinji 14 years ago

I took FAR test on Nov 30 in San Diego and got exactly the same simulation questions noha just described above. I've never come across such topics during my study so I am quite frustrated - is it possible if some of them may be pretested questions?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Hey everyone - the forum 99.5% of the discussion has shifted to the forum, so feel free to takes less than a minute to do so. Also - please watch your comments that divulge exam info. Thank you -Jeff

Lee 14 years ago

Wanted to add that I wasn't trying to divulge exam info. Just want to warn everyone that's taking FAR, at least, to "study outside the box". This means know the material backwards and forwards, as well as sideways, up and down. It was difficult, extremely difficult. I would suggest reviewing the latest pronuncements, as there was some un-released test questions. Also, know all of the terms because questions are worded differently than study material. Lastly, don't get overconfident and discouraged when you complete each testlet. Testlet #1 was pretty easy; #2 was impossible. #3 was in the middle of difficulty; simulations were BRUTAL.

Jeff - 14 years ago

No worries...

eddie o 14 years ago

Lee, Vdasi and others: Yes, it was frustrating to see questions that had nothing to do with the material that I studied using Wiley. More specifically I overused time in one of multiple choice sections because the questions had nothing to with Wiley's book, or software. I also believe that no literature could have covered what was tested. I took the FARE mid November. tks.

Jeff - 14 years ago

eddie - this is why it's best to use a video course that teaches out of the Wiley book like Yaeger. They weed out the stuff you don't need to study and point out what you need to focus on. I didn't have any surprises on FAR exam with the Wiley/Yaeger HomeStudy combo and re-passed FAR with it after losing my FAR credit. -Jeff

kbcatc 14 years ago

Just completed REG - also felt slighted by the Becker review compared to exam, but just on the simulations. Also hoping to pass the REG, but not hopeful. Most questions on exam are in very similar format to Becker, however I suggest hitting the AICPA website for simulations practice. MUCH better than the ones on Becker. AUD was a whole lot easier (to me) than this monster of an exam. I needed more time for sure - had an hour left after AUD, only 20 seconds left with REG and I hardly hit the written portion. Becker does a great job with the AUD, not so hot on REG and BEC from what I experienced. Studied for 2 months, re-did the homework 2x, and did 4 practice exams. I still felt like I needed another week or two to get this exam down. Good luck to everyone! Hopefully we get an early christmas gift from AICPA/NASBA. :)

Ying 14 years ago

I took My FAR section of the exam on Oct 1st this year. I have not received anything from them.. LAme!!

NG 14 years ago

I haven't had any problems using Becker - 97, 99, 92 for Audit, Reg, BEC respectively. Waiting for FAR, tested Nov 28. Key for me has been working homeworks repeatedly. Don't waste time with the lecture. Read the chapter, then start doing homeworks. Do them over and over, every single question, until you can get them all correct. If you can get the form of each question memorized, there will be very little on the exam you won't recognize and be able to perform instantly. Reading is fine, but practice makes perfect.

Steamed Crab 14 years ago

When I took REG, I left the exam absolutely disgusted while cursing Becker for not preparing me for the exam properly. There was so much stuff that was not exactly 'covered' by the book. Turns out I got an 88. I have a suspicion the 'harder' questions you get as you get more correct have less to do with what you traditionally study for and more to do with being able to logically deduce what the answer 'may' be based on everything you know. Who knows?! These exams are still an enigma, even after you're done.

PAP 14 years ago

Guys, Even I took FAR exam on 30th OCT and have not received the result. I also found some questions very difficult - MCQ and simulations both. I think if they only ask that kind of questions pass rate can be as low as 5% to 10%. So lets keep fingure crossed and hope for the best.

Jim 14 years ago

To all who took FAR in the November time frame, I've heard from just about everyone I've talked to that the exam was extremely difficult.I took it on Nov 24th and I felt the same as those who posted earlier. Disgusted with myself, even after studying for a ridiculous amount of time. However, a friend of mine took it over this past summer and said the same thing about his FAR exam, and still pulled out an 87. So let's not give up hope yet!! Can I get a C-U-R-V-E?!?!?!?!

Marlon 14 years ago

I took FAR on 11/25/09 and I thought the simulations were not fair. One of the topics in the simulations did not even make it in the Wiley books. I studied my butt off too, read or skimmed all key chapters the Wiley book, studied my notes from my CPA review course, listened to Wiley CD while driving, and watched Yaeger CPA CRAM review DVD. FAR is a monster!!!

Jameson 14 years ago

Has anyone in the AICPA reporting states received anything for REG WAVE 2 scores. I hope it doesn't drag out until Christmas Day...unless I pass! Friend of mine got his reg score on Christmas twice, failed both times.

Jameson 14 years ago

That's exactly how my REG test was... Those simulations seemed much harder this go round as well.

LP 14 years ago

Jameson Do you know if anyone else had an exam like that, because that is worrying me that I did not have any Business Law questions on my exam and how could be 20-25% of the exam?

vdesi 14 years ago

I think the FAR scores will be out before any of the others, like a few windows ago...

CPA-Candidate 14 years ago

Where's my BEC Score Jeff...

aktys 14 years ago

Has anyone else gotten their BEC Score....took mine wave 2.....

amy 14 years ago

When is the reg score going to up? I took in Wave 1 and it still showing pending...

LP 14 years ago

Hi, Did anyone get very less question on Business Law compared to tax for their MCQ?

Shital 14 years ago

Hi,does anyone know when Auditing wave 2 for Oct/Nov 2009 scores are going to be released? I took my exam on 10th Nov.

Gina 14 years ago

Hi Shital Kapoor Your score will out next week

Manasvi 14 years ago

Hi Everyone, I don't know if you're aware of the website This site was created by some blessed souls who want to help us poor CPA candidates pass the exam. And yes, like the site name suggests, they have been running the site for free! Just create your free profile and that's it! It contains a whole bunch of practice questions. I went through all these questions before going to FAR and passed! I'm using the same strategy for REG (my last part) if I passed AUD (waiting for my score from Nov 2009 exam). I hope it works!

Jeff - 14 years ago

I met Joe Hoyle at a meeting with the AICPA exam team in New York. Nice guy.

Debbie 14 years ago

I use after my Becker ran out and I passed FAR with it after failing twice before. I like the site and the emails from Joe. I have told everyone I work with about...spread the word. I am also waiting on BEC score in Mississippi (which uses snail mail) and I took the exam on 11/16...I am not very patient.

Kristy 14 years ago

I found out about the cpareviewforfree website recently too and it is great because my Becker has run out and it is amazing how it has somewhere between 400-500 questions per section broken down by topic and sub-topic for free and it explains the answer too. I wish I knew about this site a long time ago.

LP 14 years ago

Jeff, When do you think we will get out FAR and REG scores? Any possibility of AIPCA releasing any of the two scores today?

amy 14 years ago

YEAAAAA!!! I got my Reg score and Passed!! Thank you Jeff for all the posting and updates :-)

mj84 14 years ago

i thought FAR was really difficult too, especially simulations and fund accounting---here's hoping for a 75 :(

vdesi 14 years ago

No FAR scores today????

paul 14 years ago

What is taking FAR so long to be released? I took it Oct 31st - date today is 12/21 and it still hasn't been posted. Kindof screws me over if I failed and need to take it in Janurary. This CPA is a ponzi scheme.

Lauren 14 years ago

Jeff, I took AUD on October 7th...still have yet to receive a score. Thoughts anyone?!?

Erik 14 years ago

Got FAR this morning, 75. Second test I've done that on. BOOM!

marie-liz 14 years ago

hi everyone. i took the four parts between 13-24 of november 09, n i didn't receive any results yet,im on my nerves,i check everyday online but nothing yet found. did this happened before with some1? plz need ur help,plz!!!

Jenny 14 years ago

Still waiting on my BEC scores from November makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one still waiting.