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questions 14 years ago

Jeff- When is the last day you can take an exam to still be in wave one for the Oct/Nov 2010 window? This is for Audit...

La in UT 14 years ago

Hey Jeff, Question for you or anyone who might be able to help. On your recent video for the Oct/Nov score release predictions you said that REG is getting a little easier and that it has been getting the shaft for the past two years. Can you explain? I'm freaking out over REG and need someone to talk to me down! I've taken and passed FAR and AUD with a 91 on both and feel horrible about REG, which I take in a week. Thanks!

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

REG is losing ethics to AUD, but gaining Business Structures from BEC, which makes it easier in my opinion. Ethics is harder than Business Structures because Business Structures is far less trickier. Jeff

NYBob 14 years ago

Anyone know why the NASBA site NY section has no place to enter date and id# to receive score-are they changing the way they release? This is as of today, it was there yesterday. Took REG on Oct 4th, any release date yet?

maksimum 14 years ago

same question as "question" what are the last dates for wave 1 in oct/nov 2010?

Beth 14 years ago

@maksimum and questions - Usually Jeff says the 7th of the first month of the window is the cut off for being in the first wave. It can vary of course, but tends to be the 7th (which would be October 7th this window). I took Audit on October 9th so I hope it doesn't cut off at 7 this time round ;)

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Clearly someone hasn't downloaded my score release FAQ guide :)

maksimum 14 years ago

Beth, I think you are 1 month wrong :)

Beth 14 years ago

Haha...so I am. So I am. This is what overstudying does to your brain. Well, so much for trying to be helpful, since Mr. Questions had waited almost two weeks for a response. :) *Ahem* ...November 7th. Redeemed.

please anyone asap 14 years ago

anyone please asap I am using becker FAR and was told that pensions are not important to study is it true? (Hoping its true)

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Pensions are part of the content specification outline...you should see them on your exam. -Jeff

K 14 years ago

Jeff, I think these webcasts are great, however, is there any way you can supplement them with the written estimates or updates. The webcasts make it hard to check updates quickly in a work setting. Thanks!

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Good idea...follow-up updates will be written as well. Thanks for the feedback! Jeff

Wave 14 years ago

Hey everyone. can anyone tell me when is the wave 1 cut off date ?

Madison 14 years ago

The cut off should be around November 7th.

Younus 14 years ago

could anybody tell me the expecting results of october 2010.

Devon 14 years ago

What are the specific days for exam score releases based off of? In other words, how likely do you think it is that we will receive our score for a specific section on the days predicted? 50%? More than 50%? Within a 5-day period? Thanks! :o)

Jamie 14 years ago

Hey Jeff or anyone who can answer this, I can't watch the video from work (blocked!), I see that you expect BEC on Nov 17th for wave 1. What date is expected for REG wave 1? Thanks so much!

Connie 14 years ago

Jamie, per the video the Wave 1 results could be released as follows: BEC 11/12 AUD 11/15 FAR 11/17 REG 11/19

Colleen 14 years ago

Thanks Connie! My work also blocks the video.

Masto 14 years ago

Hi everyone, Any updates on the release date for BEC ?

MIA Girl 14 years ago

@ Masto I haven't seen any release updates for BEC. I'm waiting patiently for scores to be released. The predictions released video stated that BEC will be released on Nov 12th. Good luck!

sara 14 years ago

Does this mean that the AICPA is releasing BEC scores on Friday and then NASBA will release them on Monday, or does it mean that the scores will be released by NASBA on Friday?

Kim 14 years ago

Jeff is predicting that the AICPA will release scores on Friday the 12th for BEC. I would not think that NASBA would release it until the following week, sometime after the 15th of November. Hope this helps.

Anxious 14 years ago

Not sure if it is a fluke or not, but I just went to the NASBA website and clicked on the MS state information. Then I clicked on scores...it appears MS scores will be available online for the first time. Keeping fingers crossed it is not a weird computer issue...

KS 14 years ago

Any news of people getting their BEC scores in CA yet for wave 1?

David 14 years ago

Any word on if the AICPA started the release of information yet?

KS 14 years ago

Hey Jeff, any news about the release of BEC from the AICPA? Talked to any "birdies"?

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Nothing has been released yet...I know that much :(

KS 14 years ago

Hey Jeff, one more quick question. Does the AICPA ever release over the weekend or will monday be the earliest now?

Rob 14 years ago

Hey Jeff, So if the release of BEC gets pushed back does that mean all the other exam get delayed as well? Looking forward to an update video :)

Rabie 14 years ago

is there any problem in publishing the results of the BEC or it is just a routine procedures..i hope to get them as soon as possible

MD 14 years ago

Just to answer a few of the questions out there: Very few states(possibly only California) release scores on Saturdays. Rob, since it looks like the earliest BEC will be released by the AICPA is today, over my experience with score release that means that all the other sections will be after BEC. Over the past 6 months they have not released more than 1 section on the same day. They are usually atleast a day or so apart. Hope that helps! Good luck everyone!

K 14 years ago

hey, guys....any release news form NASBA "for sure"?

Miss Q 14 years ago

I am on pins and needles waiting for BEC scores. Why, oh why, must we be tortured in this manner? Has *anyone* gotten their score yet?

Dawanda 14 years ago

Jeff where can we go to get our scores? I see your video says we will be out today. Where do I go for these? Do you send email? Also I am looking for REG but I dont want to wait until Friday, can you get it sooner for me? Is there a phone number I can call you on to get my score today instead of waiting. Thkx

@Dawanda 14 years ago

No one can get their scores early by calling a certain number. Each state will release to all their candidates at the same time by test section. You have to know how your state releases scores. Alot of states have a website that you were given when you applied to be a candidate to check your score. I know the waiting is tough but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed it up.

Master P 14 years ago

I bet if Jeff wore a tux instead of going business casual in his latest video post he would be 1 for 1 right now...too bad for all of us

@MasterP 14 years ago

We'll never know. We'll never know.

Confused 14 years ago

Did I miss something? Is there an updated video? Has anything been released yet?

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

A new video may be in order...

Wilz 14 years ago

Called VA Board, they haven't received any score yet. It's the 16th, and NASBA is late again. What a date.

K 14 years ago

To Wilz, which section are you waiting for?

Wilz 14 years ago

@K AUDIT, but they said they haven't received any score yet.

Wilz 14 years ago

@ Wilz, I am also waiting for AUD...I can't fail...so terrified...

Wilz 14 years ago

@myself. You will be fine. we will all be fine. :-D always have to WAIT for the good news, right?!

K 14 years ago

@Wilz, Jeff predicted AUD will be released by tomorrow or the next day. Let's see! BTW, did you pass the REG? I will take it this Thursday. any suggestion?

Becnjer 14 years ago

Waiting on REG here. Hope It's before Thanksgiving. :(

K 14 years ago

@ Becnjer, do you still remember any question on REG?

Texas - BEC 14 years ago

Anxiously awaiting BEC... I am 3/4 and am hoping to have another thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.... Being DONE with the CPA!

@Jeff 14 years ago

Hey Jeff, did the AICPA release scores to NASBA for BEC today as far as you know?

CA - BEC 14 years ago

When will BEC come out?? I am terribly waiting for my first score ever! does it always get delayed like this? or its only becuz its my first time waiting! Grrr....

Texas 14 years ago

Jeff, is it true that only one of the simulations is graded, the other one is a pretest? do you have any idea how they choose which one to grade? I didn't finish my second one so I'm hoping they'll grade the first. also, why did I get different topics for the two simulations? isn't that the new format effective 2011? The others I know just had two topics, one for each simulation. Please confirm. Thanks!

Texas 14 years ago

Jeff, I was referring to the FARE exam...Thanks!

Simulation 14 years ago

@Texas For simulations--only one Written Communication out of the two will be graded, and there is no way of determining which is graded or not. Aside from that, both Simulations (all tabs) are graded.

Beth 14 years ago

Jeff, love ya man, but what happened to the frequent written (nonvideo-for at work) updates you've always given around score release time? I thought this week was your predicted score release, so we could use a prediction update. Just sayin'.

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Good idea, Beth - I'll start writing out some text in my update posts as well. I forget that youtube is blocked at a lot of places. My workplaces never blocked it.

Waiting 14 years ago

Jeff- Do you know when AICPA/NASBA close for Thanksgiving? Even if scores start coming out this week I'm assuming the process will be somewhat interrupted by the holiday. Do you know how this situation has been handled in the past? Thank you!

cpa 14 years ago

Still nothing? We really need some kind of update. How much longer could NASBA take to release scores?

Aaron 14 years ago

Not to steal his thunder, but Jeff just posted on Facebook that BEC scores are being released now. I imagine the rest will be out within 7 days. Let the craziness begin!

Aaron 14 years ago

BTW, still not tweets from https://twitter.com/nasba

Texas 14 years ago

Simulation, where did you get that information? You're the first one who ever said all the tabs are graded. I'm not sure if it's good or bad for me coz I didn't finish the second one. Anyway, thanks for the info...

FYI 14 years ago

I took my test Friday November 12th and I just got my BEC score back, a 77. So you can get your results if you took it as late as the 12th.

cpa 14 years ago

Hope all is right and the score release is underway. Waiting for scores slows the day/ days down. @ FYI, That is probably close to a record. Nice getting a passing score within 5 days. Makes me jealous.

Aaron 14 years ago

12,220 BEC scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for Oct/Nov 2010 testing window

5DayJealousy 14 years ago

5 days after taking the exam, you get your scores back. Congrats. I envy you. I have been waiting 5 weeks and some change now. Ah agony ... hurry up IL

Simulation 14 years ago

@Texas--I should probably clarify what I said for better understanding. As for the entire simulation as a whole, it not true that one entire one is graded while the other one is not. Aside from that, while only one out of the two written communications is graded, the rest of the tabs in both simulations are up for potential grading, subject to whether or not parts of that tab or the entire tab itself may be an experimental/pre-test portion. Basically, there is no way to know if that tabs you answered or didn't answer will be graded or not, where as for the written you know that at least one of them won't be graded for sure. I read this on a Q&A on how they're graded on an aicpa pdf, and my review instructor also confirmed

FLCPAalmost 14 years ago

FL BEC scores are up! 3 down 1 to go!

Emilya 14 years ago

why the freaking nasba website is not opening??? I'm dying to see my scoreee!!!

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

NASBA not opening? Try this: https://www.another71.com/cpa-exam-forum/topic/nasba-states-list-backdoor-way-to-get-your-score-when-the-site-is-slow

Emilya 14 years ago

Thanks Jeff, but the problem is that NASBA is opening all pages till the moment when you click "retrieve your scores"... this next page is not working.... I think it is cursed... They are just playing on our nerves :(((

Emilya 14 years ago

It started working... I scored 66 :( good luck to everyone :) will hope for AUD :)

Cal 14 years ago

Did any California candidate got their Reg results?

@Cal 14 years ago

I think only BEC has been released so far.

Texas 14 years ago

Simulation, Thanks for the clarification. I guess I just have to wait for my results coz there's no way I will know if I passed that exam or not. By the way, which review are you using? I have Becker and I don't remember what they said about how the simulation is graded..

Simulation 14 years ago

@Texas I'm using Becker as well. I asked my Live instructor during class.

Waiting in OK 14 years ago

Has anyone seen gotten their scores in OK yet?

Waiting in OK 14 years ago

Excuse my grammar:) Have BEC scores been posted in OK yet? I keep refreshing the OAB site, but my scores are not up yet.

Becnjer 14 years ago

Any updated predictions on when we'll get REG? I'm dying here!

Aaron 14 years ago

I'm waiting on REG too. We're not going to see our REG scores until after the holiday. I imagine the Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We're (wave 1, REG takers) are always last. :( If you're in wave 2 don't count on seeing your scores until the week of Christmas. Curse you score process!

Name (required) 14 years ago

Just read FAR scores were released today.

Tx 14 years ago

I predict people complaining that Jeff's updated prediction was wrong since FAR came early Waiting on AUD grade to have passed all 4 in 3 months

Texas 14 years ago

Simulation, I see. Thanks again and good luck with whatever exams you are planning to take or exams you're waiting for scores on.

79 "advisory score" 14 years ago

hi all, hoping someone can help me out.. i just saw on nasba that i have an "advisory score" of 79... is this my final score or does it change? i dont want to celebrate passing FAR if it is not for real. thanks for all your help!

Colleen 14 years ago

79 "advisory score", I have never heard of anyone's score changing and I myslef have never had a change when it comes in the mail

austx 14 years ago

Has REG scores come out yet? Haven't seen any news about it yet. Thanks much.

austx 14 years ago

Have the REG scores come out yet? Haven't seen any news about it yet. Thanks much.

Becnjer 14 years ago

Waiting on REG here too. Looks like it will be next week. Can't...take.....it......

Prospectivecpa 14 years ago

Did anyone hear anything about AUD?

liuyta 14 years ago

I took my Reg exam on 10/15 and I haven't received my score. Does this mean I didn't pass. I should have been in the 1st wave. Alabama is a NASBA state.

@liuyta 14 years ago

REG hasn't been released yet. It my come out Tuesday or Wednesday. They don't delay scores for failing grades but you may get pushed into the second wave if your test has to be reviewed more than usual (i.e. if you're borderline not passing)

Aaron 14 years ago

Scatch that... REG scores were released today according to https://twitter.com/nasba

FAR in MO 14 years ago

Has anyone received their FAR score in MO?

kevin 14 years ago

Took AUD in NY on 10/25/10, no score as of today yet...

Aidar 14 years ago

Same here... My exam was on Nov 1 though... Still nothing for Alaska state...

Cali 14 years ago

Someone on the Facebook site said they got their audit score in Louisiana. Anyone get theirs in Cali yet?? C'mon CPA score release people, get these scores to us before Thanksgiving or ELSE!

Name (required) 13 years ago


Emilya 13 years ago

Alaska released AUD results.. I passed)) good luck to everyone else! any news on REG release?

austx 13 years ago

So has anyone (or even heard of anyone) received their REG score yet? There are teasers on the NASBA twitter account saying they have been released....but folks are still asking for them...including me.

Emilya 13 years ago

I received my REG scores :) Alaska state... good luck to everyone :)

JoeAZ 13 years ago

I received my AUD score in AZ. However, I'm going to wait till after I take BEC on the 30th before I look. Regardless of the result I wouldn't want it to break my concentration. Got to stay focused :-)

kevin 13 years ago

I still haven't receive my AUD score in NY yet...hope I didn't fail, this is my last one !

austex 13 years ago

tic toc, tic toc.....I took the REG exam on 10/05 and have yet to receive my score. First wave has already been released. This feels like a foreshadowing of bad things to come. (in a reflective mood) There sure does seem to be a sadistic element to this whole testing process.

austex 13 years ago

I got my reg score this morning (finally!) Two wonderful words, "credit awarded"!

Jeenalee 13 years ago

I got my BEC score(84) today, waiting for FAR now.

DM 13 years ago

AUD scores of NH are out an hour back! relieved :)

Amr 13 years ago

I just took my BEC exam on 20th of Nov. and the audit on 23rd of Nov. in NY , And the results still not released . when it should be released?

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