Waiting for CPA Exam Results – Wave 2

CPA Exam candidates who had to endure the first wave of April/May 2010 score releases should know to expect the unexpected.

Will the AICPA again release scores a week later than they did last year?

(Warning: These are predictions are guaranteed to be way off…)

AICPA Release:

  • BEC – Monday, June 14 (2009 release Friday June 12 4pm CST)
  • REG – Wednesday, June 16 (2009 release Tuesday June 16 3:45 pm CST)
  • AUD – Thursday, June 17 (2009 release Thursday June 18 2 pm CST)
  • FAR – Friday, June 18 (2009 release Friday June 19 7:30 pm CST)

NASBA's score release process usually follows the AICPA release the following evening at approx. 10:15pm EST.

If the AICPA releases scores on a Friday, the NASBA release should come the following Monday evening at approx. 10:15pm EST.

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118 comments on “Waiting for CPA Exam Results – Wave 2”

  • Good luck to everyone….!

    Anyone can help with providing me somet tips about the REG exams, i am planning for it next month….! this is my last part and i will be done…..!!!

  • ME FAR is out. I passed all the sections!

    It’s been long time after taking the final exam at 4/21…

  • PA AUD is out! I’m finally done!

    The Ohio Loophole definitely did not work for me, it never gave a message stating that all of the exam sections were passed, it just kept on saying that all sections are currently in process.

  • Still waiting on REG….Any news!!! I made a 74 last time around. Please, please…anything over a 75. FAR 75, AUD 80, BEC 81…REG Tentativly 75+++++++

  • Anything on FAR release? sit for it on 4/25 and still waiting!
    I believe we need to requast an INDEPENDENT AUDIT on the AICPA score release process… it should be done in accordance to the AICPA standards on quality control…

  • I am still waiting for AUD score. I took the test on May 26th…..the wait is killing me!!!

  • Sat for BEC 5/31 and just saw my score was posted on NASBA’s website late last night! 82! Onto AUD! Good luck to all!

  • This just hit the NASBA Twitter:

    Today, 7845 AUD scores were released AICPA to NASBA for the Apr/May 2010 testing window #cpaexam #cpa #accounting

  • Just got BEC in NY
    83 !
    Thanks Jeff for that wonderful site which helped me calm my nerves…
    Now waiting for FAR release…

  • @ Kandis: What do you mean people are being prosecuted? Is it somehow illegal just to try to re-register for a part of the exam?

    Jeff, could there be any truth to this?

  • Is there a way to request a score report be resent? I took AUD in the first wave of the April/May 2010 window but still have not received the letter with my finalized score.

  • Anyone from NASBA state received their score yet?

    I haven’t so I hope that we are not having any IT issues hehehe

  • I just talked to someone from the California Board of Accountancy, and they said that their scores are only updated once per day – in the mornings. He also mentioned that people who try to figure out a “loophole” in order to see if they passed are actually being prosecuted… He also said that there is no California loophole.

  • … and before you ask, yes, I am a loser/fan of NASBA on facebook. They post updates regarding score releases (obviously).

  • I just saw this on facebook…..

    National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Today, 8301 BEC scores were released by AICPA to NASBA for the Apr/May 2010 testing window. #cpaexam #accounting #cpa

  • Sorry for asking about this again, but how does the loophole work? I know that it only works for the last exam. I assume the scores must be released from the AICPA to NASBA before you can do it. Has it been proven to work (for MA more specifically)?


  • I’m in public now but I have worked in private for about 9 years (since I was in high school) and I still find the exam to be challenging… hehehe.

  • Waiting –
    The loophole will not work until the AICPA releases the scores to NASBA which has not happened yet so no need to worry!

  • CA – I sure hope it doesnt work. I am waiting for BEC, my last of the four. I tried to create an application last night and I was able to!! = / . I really hope the loophole DOESNT work in CA. Have you tried to register?

    FAR – 93, AUD 87 and REG 92 Waiting on BEC and will lose FAR in August = /

  • Thanks Jeff, I will keep on hoping.

    Just wondering, did you ever work for a public CPA firm? If so it looks like you are putting your networking skills to work 🙂 and we appreciate it!!!

    I’m hoping we will know something by 4 or 5ish today, that was the trend release time for Wave 1.

  • Has anyone ever used the loophole in CA or know if it works, I’m hoping that when the AICPA releases BEC to NASBA today I can finally be done!

  • WI, I got my score in the mail last week, however, keep in mind that if you passed you will not get the comparison table. It will just indicate that you passed and the expiration date of that part.

    Got 411 for us?

  • Does anyone know when you receive your results in the mail? I took FAR in April and have received my score online. I was just curious as to seeing where my results stood in comparison with everyone else.

  • jim – I took FAR april 9th and still have not recieved my scores. Ironically I took BEC the last day of the window and will be recieving that score first.

    I am so down on this process. They Hype it up in College and you get to the real thing and you realize that your just being made money off of.

  • She would have been in Wave 1, so it makes sense that she would have received her scores already. Everyone currently waiting is likely in Wave 2 which hasn’t been released.

  • My friend applied to DELAWARE. she took FARE on end of April and other 3 on first week of May. She got all of her results back last week which is second week of June.

  • I took FAR on April 7th and still haven’t heard back… In the meantime I have taken REG May 28th and will be taking AUD July 8th. It could be either the best or worst weeks of my life when I find out my scores… I can’t believe it has taken this long.

  • Man this is frustrating. I took AUD on April 30th and still have heard nothing. I am assuming I had a new simulation and was pushed back to wave 2. It is just really frustrating because all I will have left to pass is FAR which I take on July 1st. I am finding it increasingly hard to study and stay focused on FAR when all I can think about is my score on AUD. Sorry, just frustrated, better Get back to work.

    AUD 71,(4/30), FAR 70,(7/1), BEC 77, REG 76.

  • I took BEC on May 26 for California, and I still have no results…So I guess nothing has been released (I have been told that CA gets the results on their website before NASBA).

  • Do they always take down the previous sections score prior to putting up a new one? With the section before this one my old score was removed three days prior to my new one being put up…my score for wave one is still currently up.

  • Jimmy-

    I took FAR on Memorial Day 5/31 as well. I asked the the same question (if I would be in the upcoming wave). And people posted replys saying that I would. So I think you will be to.

  • Well, there was always the possibility that this person’s state was the first to receive their scores and the fact that they took the exam in May, but apparently not.

  • @Jed,

    I received my score first week of June so I guess that is Wave 1? My state is weird because all scorse for all sections are held untill the full wave of scores are released.

  • So I took FAR 4/15 still waiting for a score. Took AUD 5/3 and GREAT NEWS…pass! Now just need FAR to come back >=75 and Party Time! Holding out hope I’ll hear sooner rather than later. I think a two month wait for an exam score is insane!

  • Thanks for the update. The waiting is killing me. Hope to hear something by the end of the week. This is my last section. Thanks for all the work you do on this website. It has helped me tremendously over the past several months!

  • I’m waiting on REG which i took 5/20. I had a better than average feeling until i started viewing this site and the amount of time people were putting into studying for this part. Now….. not so confident. I just turned a corner as far as my preparation goes, so passing this part would be a big bonus, but not expected. Crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath

  • I am waiting for BEC which I took on May 21st. If I pass I will finally be a CPA! I am so nervous.

  • Waiting for my last part, FARE before I move on with my life.

    I hope the release dates are the same as the predictions.

    In advance, thanks Jeff.

  • @Waiting in Idaho, Jeff’s prediction is this Thursday by the AICPA, in that case you will receive your score Friday night if this comes true. However, as much as I respect Jeff, and as even he would agree “expect the unexpected” and just hope to get them by next Friday. If I was a betting man I would say next Wednesday. This is based on nothing but the late results released in wave 1. Anyone wanna bet? 😛

  • When do will AUD come out. I took it 5/17. If I pass…I will be done with the CPA exam!!

  • Things are pretty quiet so far. Hopefully this release process won’t be such a fiasco like the first wave! I’m waiting for BEC to come out…hopefully my last test and then a licensed CPA! Good luck to all!

  • Must have been Wave 1, I have not seen anything on the NASBA twitter for wave 2. AICPA did release a batch of scores after the “main” batch in Wave 1, not sure if that was normal, and that may be causing confusion.

    @Mohamed I sat for AUD on 5/24, I say the best rule of thumb is move backward from the end of the month. The latest rusults can be released is June 30th, say thats FAR. Then put AUD/REG a couple of days before that (25th ish) and the other AUD/REG a coupledays before that (23rd ish) I would say that the week of the 21st is a good bet. This way it is sure to not disappoint you. Also if they come before you are happy 🙂

  • I just found out I passed REG with a 92 and FAR with an 83 on the first try!! Everyone still waiting on scores you are in my thoughts.

  • Josh,
    You will graded during the June testing window. So June 18th, Yes. Or whenever your grade gets released.

  • Hi,

    I took FAR on May 31, Memorial Day. Is it possible that I could get the results back June 18th or there abouts, as stated above? Or am I in a different grading window? Not sure….

    Thank you!

  • I received score by phone on May 28, but I have not received any letter yet from VA Board. Has anyone received any letter from VA?

  • I took BEC May 29, 2010.
    How long will it take to get my score.
    I hope it is earlier than FAR, since it
    has no simulation..

  • Waiting on FAR (70, 73, 70..never studied hard enough) 4th try. Passed other 3 in first try. 75, 87, 81. And for some reason I can know 99% of material for FAR and then 90% of that will not be on the test. Anyone else have this issue? Well this was last try before 18 months is up. These tests are so sick. I have probably studied more for them then EVERYTHING else in my life combined up to this point.

  • I took FAR on 5/3 and just got by score in the mail this last saturday! I passed! Third time was the charm!

  • Allyson… earlier the better so i can concentrate on my next section. I hope Jeff is right…

  • 2009 2nd quarter release was early. Hope you are right, Jeff about 2010. I know you will let us know as soon as you hear something.

  • I took FAR in ME on April 21st but did not get my score yet. Am I forward to the wave 2?
    What does it stand for? Did I take a new problem on simulation or am I on the border?
    Can I use the loophole if I do not have a SSN?

  • Anyone in WI able to see thier scores online? I haven’t been able to see any of my scores to date. I’m waiting for my final two sections taken in April and May….I can’t stand the wait.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I took REG on 4th May, but I did not get my score yet. Can I guess i am in wave 2? Your answer will be highly appreciated.

  • Can somebody please explain what exactly the Ohio loop hole is? I have seen many people mention it, but I am unsure of what it is or how to try it. If anybody can fill me in on what to try it would be greatly appreciated.

  • So…sorry if this has already been addressed, but does loop hole only work if you are a non-NASBA state? I’ve passed three of the four but I can still register for all of the sections I’ve passed.

  • Jeff

    Does the loophole work for a first section or only on the final section?

    I took FAR 4/25/10 and BEC on 5/27/10 as absord as it sounds I might get the BEC results before the FAR results!

    Also being shifted to they second wave might be a sign of staying on the borderline beetween pass and fail?

    Your answers will be greatly appreciated!

  • Jeff..I took audit on 5/30/10.When can i expect to receive my score…Thanks as always for all your comments.

  • NY Candidate, I sat for my final section REG on 4/12. Just got the score(91) last night in (the painfully long) Wave 1. The Ohio Loophole works, don’t stress too much Wave 2 will be out before you know it…..okay maybe not that quick

  • I took FARE on 4.1.10. My first test. I PASSED! Got my score 5.26.2010.

    I took AUD 5.27.10. I am wondering when that score will be out.

  • My girlfriend just got the score FAR DE She took 5/12
    I took before a day earlier she took
    Waiting is killing me
    I hope a score come out ASAP

  • I took AUD 4/11 (NY) and still no score… Guess I’m in wave 2 🙁

    It’s my last one left and if I don’t pass this one then my FIN score expires and I’d have to retake 2 exams.
    So close…yet so far away

  • I’m intrigued by those mid-May test grades being included in Wave 1. I took REG 5/13 so maybe there is hope for me in the pending NASBA release.

  • That is a great Pic…exactly how I feel as I am still waiting on my 4/27 FAR score. New Mexico

  • Hi,

    I took REG on 5/12 and I received the result via email today (5/27) at 2:21 PM. I am a NH candidate.

  • Could AUD be released sooner than June 17th? I saw someone took FAR 5/14 and they got their results today 5/27. I took AUD 5/17

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