21 comments on “CPA Exam Scores Update 9/21/10”

  • @ patiently waiting TSBPA only releases on their website, at least in my experience. You should get an email about it

  • Miracle of miracles! I passed FAR with a 79 in IL! I thought for sure that I failed. I didn’t even care about the score release too much, because I was that convinced that I failed. Yay!!! 🙂

  • If the FAR scores were released yesterday, when should people from Texas expect to see their results? Is the TSBPA website the first and only site to post the scores or is there another source?

  • Can someone explain why AUD isn’t being released with FAR when it was last month. This is annoying. Still waiting for AUD in MO.

    Jeff what is your prediction since you are wiser than all of us?

  • @Andy….the scores have been released from AICPA; however, NASBA will now have to post them where you can seem them online. It will most likly be later today (maybe after 10PM according to NASBA Twitter).

  • Jeff, Do you know if any Audit scores were released with those FAR scores? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks Jeff, for updates on FAR score. I checked just on Colorado state that I have not got score out of these 7577. Do u have any idea when the balance FAR scrore would be expected to release based on ur past experience. thanks

  • Cali has definitively reported FAR!!! I am blown away!! Walked out of exam certain I failed in a big way. 89!!!! One down–3 to go—on to BEC!!!

  • I would like to thank everyone at another71 for the encouragement.

    I would like to inform you all that I passed all 3 sections AUD (86), FAR (91), and BEC (88) from the first try. I took them all in 3 weeks, with 5 days revision between the exams.

    I want to know, are advisory scores the final scores?

    Good luck everyone!

  • Same here, i feel am gonna get a heart attack, waiting for my last part score (REG in CA), CA People any news on REG scores

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am waiting FAR(Colorado) this is my last section appeareed on 31st Aug10.BEC83AUD-86,REG-93), Jeff Do u have any idea when AICPA is going to release FAR score.
    It is unbearable to wait in last days specially for last section. Thanks

  • I tried the loop hole this morning in OH attempting to get my FAR score….got the following message:

    “We are sorry. Currently all sections of this exam are still in process.”

    Still waiting…

  • For the Ohio Loophole, this is my last section (FAR), I am assuming maybe aicpa didnt release to nasba yet but instead of the message….sorry you have passed all 4 parts, i got the message…sorry currently all sections of this exam are still in process……does that mean they havnt released em yet and the loophole doesnt work yet, I passed, failed haha helppppp

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