CPA Exam Scores Update: AICPA Releases More REG and FAR

OnFriday, November 20, the AICPA released more Regulation and Financial Accounting and Reporting CPA Exam scores to NASBA and the independent states for distribution through their respective channels to the CPA Exam candidates.

258 FAR and 161 REG scores were released.

I anticipate a Monday PM release from NASBA (just a prediction).

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JMcPhears 13 years ago

Have these REG and FAR scores been released by NASBA yet?

dee 13 years ago

I'm so confused! I took the FAR section of the exam on October 19 for NC. The NC state agency mailed the scores on November 24 (per their website) but I haven't received my grade yet (and I live in the same town as the board so it should have been here the very next day). Does that mean I am in this lagging group of scores? that's probably a bad sign right? There's no way I should be in wave 2 with a test date of oct 19, right? Thanks for any light anyone can shed for me!

Steve 12 years ago

I took mine Oct. 13th and am in the same boat as you. Mail just came today and still no sign of it.

Gina 12 years ago

I took the CPA in NC on Nov. 2010. I have not received my scores yet. Have any candidates that took the CPA in NC during Nov. received their score yet?

Gina 12 years ago

Sorry...I took the CPA in NC on Nov. 17, 2010.