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Kris 13 years ago

Hi Jeff, Man, I know you don't know when the scores are being realeased. However, you do provide some entertainment by predicting the score release dates. So don't worry about all the critical comments. You help me pass the time as I wait for my scores. Also, you information has been helpful in me understanding the AICPA and NASBA release process. Props to you.

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

Thanks Kris...I appreciate that. *Most* people "get" that they're just predictions, thankfully.

Amy 13 years ago

Jeff~ I have been watching your site to help me understand what absolute craziness my poor husband has been going through trying to pass these exams. Thank you for that and your predictions for scores! You are doing more than you realize in educating people about the process and your motive is to be helpful! Feel good about it :) Thanks for all the great info ~Amy

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

Thanks Amy! Your husband will be done before he knows it...this will all be a distant memory soon enough. Jeff

Missy 13 years ago

Just want to reiterate what the others have said about appreciating your predictions...someday we will get you that crystal ball!

Sunshine 13 years ago

Jeff, I wish i watched this video last night instead of spending an hour looking for my NTS. I finally found it this morning but the score has not been released! Thanks for updating us. Your videos are very interesting. BEC is my first exam so i'm hoping I will pass it.

Doug 13 years ago

So Wisconsin should come out sometime between the day before thanksgiving and the first week in December then huh? Go Badgers /sad trombone

Hanging in there 13 years ago

Jeff, actually I find your site very informative. It makes it a little less stressful knowing that everyone is anxiously awaiting their scores too... I'm just secretly hoping that the hold up is that they didn't cut off the first wave till the 8th!

Bryan 13 years ago

Hey Jeff, I was just wondering, if Im not a NASBA state, does that mean your prediction for Audit for me is that I will be able to see my score Thursday, November 18th? Im really anxious, Its my last test. If I pass it, Im on my way to a CPA. Thanks for all the help!

Johnny D 13 years ago

I cant see the video at work. Can someone tell me what the prediction dates are? Im waiting for REG

Scores 13 years ago

Bryan, BEC hasnt even been released so the chances of you getting AUDIT on the 18th are slim to none :-(

waiting 13 years ago

Johnny, the predictions dont matter really unfortunately Jeff's prediction werent ont he money. (Still love you Jeff )No scores have been released as of now so I wouldnt go by the predictions.

Colleen 13 years ago

What is the prediction for BEC? (the video is blocked) Thanks to anyone that can help!!!!

REGvictim 13 years ago

Colleen, the prediction for BEC is either 16th(today) or tomorrow. The sad part is that it is just a prediction !

Ashley 13 years ago

Jeff, That was very helpful! Thanks for taking the time to update your predictions. Without your predictions (wrong or right), I would've been refreshing on the NASBA site non-stop since the beginning of November. :) Sorry that people are giving you grief. Maybe the stress of the Exam is to blame or maybe they are idiots. Either way, you're doing a great job and should be commended, not criticized!

BogusBizModel 13 years ago

So you just add 7 weeks to the first day of the testing window, call it a prediction, sell it to advertisers, and then release videos saying “today or tomorrow” whenever you’re wrong? It’s pretty bogus, but kudos to you for figuring out a way to make money off the system.

Tori 13 years ago

@BogusBizModel, completely unnecessary for you to say such, if you have followed this site, you would know that Jeff's predictions are usually right and not just some kinda guess. The AICPA probably extended testing dates, being that this is the last window before the big changes in 2011. Jeff has been very instrumental in helping alot of people understand the exam process, please take your negative comments elsewhere.

BogusBizModel 13 years ago

@Tori Don't misunderstand me, I think it's great. I just won't legitimize it by calling it a prediction. It's start day plus 7 weeks, that's all. I think it's awesome that Jeff has created a following for himself just by adding 45-49 days to 1.

sara 13 years ago

@BogusBizModel- your just jealous you didn't think of it first.

BogusBizModel 13 years ago

@sara, haha, I guess you're right :)

Why Can't We Be Friends 13 years ago

@everyone, group hug?

Jay 13 years ago

@BogusBizModel, Jeff only said that these were predictions. He never claimed that they were going to come true, in fact I believe he usually stresses that they are mere predictions based on his experience. If you dont agree with his business model, which yes it is to make money, but arent all business models about making profit? At least he is providing a useful service (and I might add that a lot of the information he is giving away for free) and actually helping people. Most business models usually are not focused on both of those goals. On another note, I do actually have a bit of dislike for Jeff.......but not because of his site. This is because he looks (resemblance is uncanny) like Jim from the show the Office. And although I like the show, Jim's character annoys the sh*t out of me for some reason. No offense Jeff, I am relatively certain you are not as much of a condescending douche as Jim is. Okay, I am really going to get fired if I spend anymore time on this site. Oh yea...almost forgot...waiting on BEC. Come on NASBA!

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

Bogus - does this mean that I'm not getting a Christmas card this year?

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

...and if you find an advertiser who wants to pay me to look stupid and be wrong in front of a camera - hook a brotha up!

Jeff4Prezident 13 years ago

In regards to recent comments, I would just like to say thank you Jeff for your bogusbizmodel. This bogusbizmodel has given me a laugh here and there, along with inspiration form other bogusbizmodel apostles!! I, wait a minute,......WE truly appreciate you and your work. Nothing wrong with earning some coin to feed the fam along the way!! Keep up the good work and God Bless. PS-when will REG be released????????

MIA Girl 13 years ago

I'm ready to find out my BEC score!!!!!! I took it on 10/2 and I wasn't expecting it to take this long to receive my score. I really need to find out that I passed (Speaking it into existence). Good luck to everyone who is riding this storm!!! :-)

Anxious 13 years ago

Has the AICPA released any scores yet Jeff?

Thanksgiving 13 years ago

Hey Jeff - I'm waiting for REG and since its gettting pretty late and nothing is released, is there any precedent for scores of wave 1 to be released as late as Thanksgiving? If they make it that far and they do not release on Thanksgiving day or the day after, it'll almost be December by the time we hear!

BRett 13 years ago

Jeff your the man, forget that dude he is one of 5000 that disagree with this site