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  • Boo I was hoping it doesn’t….. is it only for NASBA states????

    Hoping for >75

    It would be nice to be done 🙂

    Good Luck to everyone!!!!

  • Yes the loophole still works. I know this because it allowed me to reregister and lone and behold ended up with a 73 on AUD. let’s hope I got in WAVE 1 with a >75 this time.

  • Ohio scores are up. @ Texas-BEC To my knowledge the Ohio loophole still works although it apparently is not always accurate.

  • I just went back a few posts and found my answer.. I’m obviously not the only one worrying about the same thing 🙂

  • I took REG on 11/9, and I know that the cut-off for Wave 1 is usually around the 7th. What do you think my odds are for getting my score in the first wave, since it seems like the scores are released a little later? I’m taking AUD tomorrow, and if I pass both, then I’m done, so obviously, I’m DYING to know!!

  • i guess i’m one of the lucky ones in NY that isn’t getting my BEC scores yet, NASBA site is still telling me my scores aren’t available, i took the test Oct 2nd so i’m definitely in the first wave… 🙁

  • Jeff,

    I will start by saying I am Pro-Another71. Your sites provides good information with an adequate amount of qualifiers on the information that are merely predictions. There are a lot of other resources out there that are no more than an experiment in whisper down the alley. What once started out as predictions based on trends turns into an absolute.

    My question is are you certain that the information is being released in waves this window. Is it possible they are early implementing the “release all scores at once at the end of window” method? I know it doesn’t mention this in the AICPA guidance on score releases dated July 2010 but all this waiting has allowed me time to come up with a number of conspiracies. The fact that NASBA has not tweeted boo since Monday doesn’t help. Any information is appreciated.

  • The video says that if BEC starts to be released today, then everything will start being released. Basically, everything is really running behind this year.

    If BEC starts today, he’s thinking Audit on Friday, Financial on Monday, and Regulation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Hey Mike, I took REG August 11th and also made it in the 1st wave. So I am keeping my hopes up.

    RE @release em already: the cut off of 6/7 is an estimate just like Jeff’s estimate of last weeks realse. Things can change right?

  • Mike,

    I took Audit on May 11 and BEC May 13 of this year and recieved my scores in the first wave. You may recieve your score in the first wave, I took Reg on the 10th and I am expecting my score.

  • @ Mike…there is no way you’ll get your scores in Wave 1. The cutoff was still appx Nov 6/7, even if the score process is taking a few days longer. Sucks, I know 🙁

    @ Can’t See…Jeff replied to you (see above). Hopefully all the scores will be in by Thanksgiving for Wave 1…including FAR.

    As always, “thank you” to our fearless leader…Jeff!

  • thanks jeff. best info i have seen on score release dates. Good luck everyone. just be glad you dont live in a snail mail state. im hoping to get my score by christmas.

  • @Mike –

    Sorry, but no chance my friend.

    Jeff –

    Thanks for all your hard work! Don’t let the haters pour hate-oraide on your day… in the next video just remind them and say the classic phrase “Don’t hate the player.. hate the game.” Those of us that know the definition of “prediction” sure appreciate what you’re doing here so keep it up! Happy Holidays!

  • Hey Jeff,

    I appreciate all your hard work, it’s unfortunate that others cannot. Quick question- do these dates relate to the AICPA release to NASBA, or to the date of the NASBA score release? Just a bit confusing because if AICPA isn’t releasing BEC scores until today, then NASBA states won’t know until tomorrow night at the earliest. Just want to know what the odds are of me hearing about my AUD score before the weekend. Thanks again and keep up all the great work!

  • Jeff. I took BEC on Friday the 12th of November. Since things have taken longer than expected, in your opinion, do you think I have a chance to get in this 1st wave?

  • Hey Jeff, Don’t listen to the haters.. I feel you do a good job of uniting us future CPA’s with the website’s content. Am I bummed that your first prediction didn’t come true, ya. Am I going to hold any grudges, definately not. Dont get so down on yourself. There are a lot of changes going on and Im sure the changes to come in 2011 have a LOT to do with the change from the trend.

  • Can someone please tell us what Jeff said in summary? I can’t see the video at work. Thanks.

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