Update: AUD Scores Not Released


Auditing and Attestation Wave 1 CPA Exam scores did not release as expected.

I have no idea why.

NASBA's score release tech issues began when [they moved the score release batch process earlier in the schedule] so that in theory, candidates would have their score info 8 hours earlier than they used to.

It could be merely a coincidence, I don't know.

I have met many of the people who work for NASBA personally and they're great people and want to get candidates their CPA Exam results as quickly as possible.

I'm sure that this will get resolved.


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30 comments on “Update: AUD Scores Not Released”

  • I took AUD October 9 and figured that would put me in wave 1…wouldn’t it? I haven’t heard anything yet but I see AUD scores are being released. Has anyone in Texas gotten theirs?

  • I somehow always end up having taken the exam that has technical issues when uploading. How is this possible two times in a row. TN’s are still not up.

  • actuary:


    5. Real-time scoring in the works?

    “ Currently, scores are released in two waves per testing window ? commonly referred to as Wave 1 and Wave 2. A candidate who sits for an exam early in the testing window and does not get their score in Wave 1 has to wait for yet another month to get their score and oftentimes their study progress and motivation wanes because of it. Are there plans in the future for the AICPA to move to real-time score reporting to better serve the candidates?

    AICPA: Faster and more frequent score release will be introduced after the implementation of CBT-e ? a program of major CPA exam improvements. However, ?real-time? score reporting is not a realistic option and is not being considered. (Refer to the response in question 2.)”

  • While I was taking Actuarial examinations through the Society of Actuaries, they give you a printout of your score immediately after you take the exam. Its possible.

  • I got on my Audit score on the VA Board of Accountancy website around 12 noon yesterday, November 13, 2009. I believe that means NASBA has the scores and is merely having technical issues. I would guess NASBA will relase the scores as soon as they can.

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