The Calm Before the Storm

11 Dec 2009


A winter storm is coming.

Next week figures to be very busy as Wave 2 CPA Exam scores roll in.

Candidates eagerly await the results of months of preparation and waiting, hoping to have a good result to share with family at Christmas.

Because, they will ask “hey, how'd that accounting test go?” They mean well, they really do.

I passed the CPA Exam in the October/November 2008 window and I remember being thankful to finally have some good news to share at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

BEC CPA Exam scores should be released by the AICPA sometime between now (Friday) and Monday the 14th.

The wait is almost over…

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DWS 14 years ago

Jeff... thanks for the positive words... anxiously awaiting BEC!

B 14 years ago

I am waiting for BEC also... good luck! I though Monday was the first day to start looking for the score but I guess my weekend will be spent refreshing VA's website for my score. Hope the best for everyone and Merry Christmas!

Jeff - 14 years ago

If it gets released by the AICPA, I will post it on need to look until you see it on here that it's been released via NASBA. -Jeff

B 14 years ago

Thanks Jeff, for your updates and for all of your work on this site. I really couldnt have done this without you. If I were Phil Yaeger I would put you on the payroll because without your discount codes I wouldn't have been able to afford to start studying for this monster. I feel there are many who read your site who feel the same way. All the best to you and your family. Brett

Jeff - 14 years ago

Thanks for the kind words Brett. You definitely have the right review tools in your hands. I hope you get good results for BEC...let me know how it goes. -Jeff

DWS 14 years ago

This has been a LONG weekend... hoping tomorrow morning will bring some BEC news?

LP 14 years ago

I am guessing it is not out yet since Jeff hasn't posted anything yet, but has anyone heard anything about BEC anywhere? It is the last one I am waiting on and I am going crazy!

DWS 14 years ago

LP... I am going crazy too!... I am not sure what the hold-up is... but, yes, Jeff is really good about getting info to us... haven't heard from him, so unfortunately I guess... no news... BOO-HISS!!!

Pat 14 years ago

Any updates on the scores?

Jeff - 14 years ago

Nothing yet...