86 comments on “CPA Exam Scores Update 11/18/2010”

  • Still waiting on AUD from Texas…really.. what is taking so long??? This sh*t is killing me considering other states got their scores….

  • Finally got my FAR score for PA, 75!! I’ll take it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess thats why it took them a little longer to release it

  • took my Reg exam the same day i got consultation donw on removal on all my wisdom teeth. Got wisdom teeth removed today and hoping for good news tomorrow.

  • Got my AUD score for MI…… now I gotta find some money to purchase Yaeger study materials. Boo Me! *waah*

  • @K, If AUD scores were released today and for what I see NY got theirs today. Ours should post by tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • I just spoke to NASBA and they said all scores released by the AICPA for REG have been released by NASBA. I took my exam on November 3. Does that mean I am in wave two???

  • Has anyone received their FAR score for MO, not sure if they just haven’t updated or if I’m in Wave 2 and should quit wasting my time checking. I took the exam 10/28, so I should be in Wave 1 unless I’m borderline or had a new simulation

  • I took FAR in Pennsylvania on 10/7 and have not received my scores yet. Anyone else in PA still waiting from an early Oct. test date? I did the Ohio Loophole and was unable to register….so we’ll see!

  • @Philip,

    That would have put the OAB releasing on Friday afternoon, the 19th, which is what happened the last time I took BEC. It appears the OAB is a little slow this time. This is my last test and I am so ready to be finished!
    Thanks for the info and good luck to you too!

  • I took my AUD exam from Maryland state on 10th November, 2010. When should I expect my result to come out?


  • Utah REG posted. PASSED!!! And I would like to point out that Jeff predicted REG’s release date EXACTLY!!!! (b/c he amazing!)!!!

  • No I’m still not seeing my score from IL. After BEC was released I was able to see by the next morning at like 7 AM so I hope REG will be up by the morning tomorrow.

  • Released REG today. Funny. Why such the change up. Need more time to grade AUD? I am also waiting on AUD. Bummer!!!

  • @Still waiting in OK

    I’m in Oklahoma and I’m still waiting on my Audit score. I know when I got my BEC score from the last window, it took the OAB about a day and a half from NASBA relase until the time I was able to see it on the OAB website. Hope that helps.

    Best of luck.

  • Im waiting on my MA REG score…my buddy (in MA) already got his REG score. I’m still waiting on mine and so is my friend…hopefully we will see tonight

  • Jeff, Do you know how long it takes for NASBA to submit the scores to the snail mail states (i.e NC)

  • Has anyone in OK gotten their BEC or FAR scores? It appears, from the OAB website, that the OAB has been getting a lot of calls because their home page has a note to read the Score Release info on the left side bar of the home page. I assume that means the OAB has not released any scores yet?

  • I was so much looking forward to seeing Audit this weekend….but then there was FAR…I havent gotten my grades for that as yet either…Have Regulation in a week and cant seem to be able to concentrate…Its toooo much!


    Thanks, that clarifies it. I guess that guy actually scored a 99 in BS.

    I too am waiting for AUD. I was really surprised to see FAR released 2nd.

  • Kris,

    Someone said that they received a 99 on Audit.. the message was deleted.

    I think that is what the fake was.

  • Jeff,

    What was fake, the guy that said he talked to NASBA and was told they will release REG next and then AUD next week?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Any word on what’s going on today. I have BEC coming up two days after Thanksgiving.

    I’m hoping to get Audit back before the weekend ๐Ÿ™

  • great analogy indeed! i love it!! great to see somebody still has a sense of humor throughout this madness

  • I think the AICPA loves to see people sweat it out…kind of reminds me of Billy Madison when Chris Farley takes all the kid’s lunches on their fieldtrip and is laughing at them while he’s eating. The AICPA is Chris Farley, we are the kids, and this is the BEST analogy i’ve ever come up with!!

  • Indeed. that is exactley what I thought. I think it is just hype. Anyway how would nasba know what it is going to get next? Thought the AICPA released at their own discretion lol

  • I find it hard to believe that NASBA told you what would be out next if you called…if that were the case Jeff would be posting this stuff on a daily basis……….

  • Colleen, that is EXACTLY what I needed (wanted) to hear… that more FAR scores could get through either today or next week!

  • Hmm guess I can stop check for my AUD score today then ๐Ÿ™ It’s my last one and I just want to know if I’m done! ugh.

  • @Name(required): when they said, REG will be released next.. doest it mean before the weekend or early next week like AUD?

  • So if REG is being released next when do you think Texas will get its REG scores? This is my last one and for some reason I am not as anxious… I think its the withdrawal from studying.

  • Just spoke to a NASBA rep and was told that FAR is coming out today, REG next, and AUD early next week :((((

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I have officially completed the CPA exam!!!!

    Jeff, I want to thank you and tell you how gratful I am for your website. Before I knew about your site, my journey to becoming a CPA was miserable. You make this process so comforting!!!

    I know how hard this process can be, with all of the ups and downs of passing and not passing, waiting for scores and not receiving them when you thought, etc. Ya’ll hang in there and keep on truckin through!!!!! YOU CAN get it DONE!!!!!

  • Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Jeff! It is much appreciated!! Any word on AUD score release yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Has anyone received their audit score yet? I took the exam october 17th (CT) and am hoping to get it today.

    Good luck to you all.

  • @RMCPA same thing happened to me last window with FAR but a day or two later they released additional FAR scores, so there’s hope ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am in VA. I took FAR on October 13th. I called the VA BOA, who said that my score has not come in yet, does that mean that I am in wave 2 or that they may release more FAR scores when they release AUD and REG?

  • I’m also from Wisconsin waiting. I didn’t wear a jacket on my way to work; that was probably my first mistake of the day. The second is checking NASBA for my AUD score when I know it won’t be there!

  • That is hillarious Jeff! You should have gone on a bit longer… cause it was definately amuzing.. A good way to start my day, with a laugh. I should find out AUD today… wish me luck!

  • I used Gleim to study for FAR. It was my first exam, and I just found out I passed!!!! It’s VERY detailed, and I felt confident and prepared. I’m using it to study for BEC which I take on the 30th. Plus, it is waaaay less expensive than over-priced Becker review. I would suggest the online study version along with the software download.

  • Took FAR on 11/11 and already got mine back in CT. Very surprised I got it back this early unfortunately not so surprised it came back as a 70. Need to order new materials, any suggestions?

  • I took FAR on 10/08. It is 9:am eastern time and nothing on NASBA. Are the releasing during the day? at night?

    BTW, I agree with “your faithfull follower”, If anything this is a funny and stress releasing therapy.

  • I just checked my FAR scores for Virginia, nothing yet….I guess they will be posted today sometime! I can’t believe today is the day…I’ve waited sooooo patiently!

  • I am so terrified to check my FAR score. I do not want it to ruin my weekend, but I think I’ll be too nervous the whole weekend if I don’t. I failed the first time with a 70. I already passed REG and BEC with 80s and just took AUD (pretty sure I passed). OMG I am dying inside right now. If I fail so much of my life needs to be adjusted.

  • Jeff, you are great! Thanks for the desperately needed laugh. I think it is possible that you are closest thing we wannabe CPA’s have to a Jeti!

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