CPA Exam Scores Update: FAR Released; Wisconsin Waits


As expected – and posted on the CPA Exam Forum earlier today, Financial Accounting and Reporting scores were released by NASBA this evening. This concludes the score release process for the October/November 2009 testing window.

…except for Wisconsin candidates who haven't received a single Wave 2 score, as is customary.

Wisconsin is the only NASBA state (that I'm aware of) that holds all scores for a wave until all scores have been received. (???).

If I'm mistaken – someone in Madison set me straight.

Congrats to everyone who passed this window.


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14 comments on “CPA Exam Scores Update: FAR Released; Wisconsin Waits”

  • Has anyone from Wisconsin ever received their CPA exam scores before the testing window in which they took the exam is over?

  • It’s too nerve racking me checking the scores on nasba everyday. wi peeps let me know when you get your scores..

  • I emailed the WI coordinator and she replied saying that WI scores will not be released until the first week of January…I still check once every day…

  • This happens every testing window and it totally sucks….I don’t know why they wouldn’t want us to get our scores as soon as they have them. It’s mean. 🙁 Last testing window I called to ask when scores would be posted on the NASBA website b/c all the other states had theirs and they told me it could take 3 weeks…then the next day I had my score. So, who knows what they’re really doing. I just want my score…waiting on AUD to make it 3/3. Good Luck to everyone in WI!!

  • You are not mistaken. For wave 1 of this testing window, scores were not released until the night of November 30th. Hopefully, the wait isn?t that long this time?

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