CPA Exam Scores Update: NASBA REG Mid-Day Release Expected

***Update: 12/21/09 9:00pm Eastern*** – REG scores started rolling out around 8pm Eastern…NASBA site died for about 30 minutes and then came back online and people got the remainder of their REG scores.

***Update: 12/21/09 4:10pm Eastern*** – REG scores expected by 6pm Eastern.

NASBA Regulation CPA Exam scores are expected to be released sometime mid-day today (Monday – December 21).

Good luck, everyone.

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Steve 11 years ago

Any word on Financial's release?

Dan 11 years ago

Jeff, is this time for real? I refreshed on my iPhone about 30 times on Saturday and almost had a heart attack every time.

Bryant 11 years ago

Jeff, I have been trying to register so I can post in the forums; however, twice over the last weekend I have registered and never received an e-mail with a password or anything. Can you help me out?

Mazz 11 years ago

anyone get a score yet?

Dan 11 years ago

I'm still waiting in MA ..... I found a lot of people are talking about it here:

Vic 11 years ago

Nothing yet here in MI. This is about to make or break my Christmas.

Yani 11 years ago

Is there something wrong with NASBA website???? I'm not able to enter.

Bryant 11 years ago

I'm guessing they are having too much traffic due to the multitudes of people trying to access their score... that sucks.

Mazz 11 years ago

just got my score for MA

DEE 11 years ago

Am not able to access. NY

Marc 11 years ago

Got my score... what a wonderful xmas it will be.... good luck everyone. Passed my last part.

Kate 11 years ago

My score was posted this morning! (MN) YAY!