17 comments on “CPA Exam Scores Update 9/22/10”

  • Batman…keep it up. I didn’t pass FAR earlier this summer. This is my last section! I’m confident…but still waiting

  • @Stephanie/Juggalo: I’m in NY waiting on REG – my seventh and hopefully final score. I haven’t seen the other 6 be posted on NASBA before 10ish but maybe this time will be different! Probably not though…

  • Jeff I am still waiting on my audit score in GA…any word on the final release of audit scores? I am dying to get my score.

    I sat on Aug 18.

  • Hi Dee, It does not matter where do u appear in exams.You need to check the score release inf of state u have registered, which i believe in ur case is PA, i have the same case I am registered at co and appered in MA.I am also waiting FAR score from CO, wush u good luck thanks

  • Jeff, I took FAR in WV because I live on the PA border and they had August 31 open to test, everyone I know that took FAR in PA at my firm has received their scores…do you know whether where I sat will affect my release? Should my scores still be posted on PA nasba??? Thanks!

  • I am waiting for the REG score in IL. I took the exam in the end of August. Any idea when that will be released??

  • Jeff, I am waiting FAR score of colorodo state, u told in todays video that they AICPA released few scores. could u pls give perdiction for the balance scores release of FAR……………….i am having sleepless nights

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