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FAR is FAR for me 14 years ago

Jeff, I am waiting FAR score of colorodo state, u told in todays video that they AICPA released few scores. could u pls give perdiction for the balance scores release of FAR...................i am having sleepless nights

Janet 14 years ago

I am waiting for the REG score in IL. I took the exam in the end of August. Any idea when that will be released??

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

Good morning! NASBA Announcement this morning @ 10:05 EST on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Association-of-State-Boards-of-Accountancy-NASBA/57029612379?ref=ts

kam 14 years ago

I just received my FAR score this morning. I did fairly well! good luck to all!

BK 14 years ago

Texas FAR is posted

Dee 14 years ago

Jeff, I took FAR in WV because I live on the PA border and they had August 31 open to test, everyone I know that took FAR in PA at my firm has received their scores...do you know whether where I sat will affect my release? Should my scores still be posted on PA nasba??? Thanks!

illinois 14 years ago

Jeff...When will NASBA release more FAR scores. I still dont have my score.

Andy 14 years ago

Hi Dee, It does not matter where do u appear in exams.You need to check the score release inf of state u have registered, which i believe in ur case is PA, i have the same case I am registered at co and appered in MA.I am also waiting FAR score from CO, wush u good luck thanks

jnaber 14 years ago

REG scores are posted for California

Stephanie 14 years ago

Does that mean they will post in NY sooner than 10pm?

Juggalo 14 years ago

ditto the above, I am waiting for REG in NY. Any word? Thanks.

FIF 14 years ago

Still no FAR in OH :(

batman 14 years ago

FIF, Actually, I'm in OH and I received my FAR score last night. Didn't pass...but received it lol

Justin 14 years ago

Jeff I am still waiting on my audit score in GA...any word on the final release of audit scores? I am dying to get my score. I sat on Aug 18.

SeannyH 14 years ago

@Stephanie/Juggalo: I'm in NY waiting on REG - my seventh and hopefully final score. I haven't seen the other 6 be posted on NASBA before 10ish but maybe this time will be different! Probably not though...

FIF 14 years ago

Batman...keep it up. I didn't pass FAR earlier this summer. This is my last section! I'm confident...but still waiting

Stephanie 14 years ago

Thanks SeannyH :)