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Mike 13 years ago

If my score hasn't been posted at 10pm, does that mean it hasn't been released or should I keep trying tonight?

BC 13 years ago

@Mike - unfortunately, the score not being up at 10pm doesn't mean it won't be up later in the evening. i recall not getting a score until 11pm.

CL 13 years ago

Hi Jeff, I still haven't got my AUD score yet, I'm in NJ, I took the exam on August 30. Do you have any light on that? Thanks!

Jackie 13 years ago

My AUD score isn't posted yet either (at 10:45) but I have to work tomorrow so obviously I'm going another nite without knowing...this is by far the worst score release period I've ever been through!

Janet 13 years ago

Haven't received my reg score for IL yet......another restless night...

John 13 years ago

Jeff - Why do the comments merge to the right and get more narrow and longer? I believe it only does this when I am using Safari. Any prediction on when this will be fixed?

John 13 years ago

And if your response is, "Whenever you download Google Chrome or Firefox!" I won't be offended. A bit of humorous sarcasm might be good for some of us right now.

John 13 years ago

Hi Jeff, I appeared for FAR from Colorado on 31st August have not got the score yet any idea, what is meaning of back to back that u mentioned on todays video.thanks

Dennis 13 years ago

Jeff, why are you not predicting the second batch of scores to come out tomorrow? Are you basing this on anything or just purely a guess? The thought of waiting til Sat is devastating me. I'm in IL btw.

masscpa 13 years ago

MA REG scores have been released! first one down :)

Cole 13 years ago

No REG score in GA as of 12:16 AM EST. REALLY frustrating that this process boils down to a refresh button on a web page.

Relieved 13 years ago

Reg is out in PA! Final part out of the way!!

BC 13 years ago

REG is out in MA.

Julia 13 years ago

I still haven't received my REG score...does this mean I'll have to wait until Monday, or is it possible to show up later in the day today?

@BC 13 years ago

BC - im in MA and dont have my REG score - why is that?

Janet 13 years ago

Reg scores not released for IL yet. Any idea when that would happen?!

Stephanie 13 years ago

No REG scores in NY as of 8:35 am :( . I was hoping to see a passing grade to start off my weekend.....

Tab 13 years ago

No REG scores in Alabama

Matt 13 years ago

No FAR score in TN, and this is my last part! Frustrating...

Mike 13 years ago

Can you take the same test twice in a testing window? Like if I took FAR by Oct 5th, could I take it again in late Nov if need be?

sara 13 years ago

No, you cannot take the same test twice in the same testing window.

Mike 13 years ago

Thanks Sara!

Matt 13 years ago

So if I didnt get my REG score as of 10:30am today, does that mean i will most likely need to wait until Monday? Is there any hope I may get a score before the weekend? I am in MA

Cole 13 years ago

I have the same concern as Matt. I'm in GA still waiting on REG. Will I have to wait till Monday as well?

Juggalo 13 years ago

Same as Matt and Cole....still left hanging in NY. Any hope we will know tonight? Thanks!

andy 13 years ago

hi any one have a clue when FAR would be out from Co state......................It is difficult to wait as weeke end is coming.....................

waiting in MA also 13 years ago

i did not get my REG score in MA either.. this is killer...

Illinois waiting for FAR 13 years ago

Feeling the same way....with the weekend approaching...it's going to be hard to wait till Monday. With any luck they will post them tonight.

Ben 13 years ago

Also did not see my Massachusetts score for REG posted. I wonder if it updates on Friday nights as well, it is a business day. Do you think I might be able to check Saturday monring? Or wait until Monday?

FIF 13 years ago

Lets say I have to wait till Monday for NASBA to release my score...does that mean I'll have to wait till Monday night? Please shine some light on this if you can.

Janet 13 years ago

Waiting for Reg in IL......any news about that?!

Sarah 13 years ago

Waiting for REG in Missouri. As we all know...waiting is brutal. Just want to find out before Monday!

Cole 13 years ago

Does anyone understand WHY we go through NASBA in the first place for a UNIFORM national exam? I understand that there has to be someone to evaluate candidates' eligibility for their respective state to SIT for the exam, but beyond that, why can't the AICPA handle score release information directly with the candidates? The test is electronic, but an email would kill 'em? Guess I'm just antsy cuz this (REG) one is supposed to be my last.

Illinois waiting for FAR 13 years ago

It looks like i'll have to wait till Monday to get my score. Anyone from Illinois get their FAR score? If so, when did you take it???

Steve 13 years ago

9/23/19? Really? Wow... I want a time machine too!

Tab 13 years ago

REG scores in Alabama are up. I got a 73. I'm going to sit this window and pass!!

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

Touche :)

Jeff - another71.com 13 years ago

Great attitude, Tab!