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  • From what I can tell, if I took FAR in Wisconsin on 08/28/2010 I should be receiving my score sometime this week?? Also, it would be normal for my score to be released this week,…and I would not be considered “borderline” correct??

  • According to the Director of Qualifications of the TSBPA, the Texas Regulation Exam scores will be posted to the TSBPA online services website by tomorrow morning. I am pulling my hair out, this is my last exam! Good luck to everyone!

  • what is this borderline business i keep reading about? if your score is in the last batch you either just passed or just failed? i haven’t heard that before… can someone shed some light on it… still waiting on my REG score. 🙁

  • This is my last part, and I still haven’t received my score…is this good or bad Jeff? I’m guessing I’m borderline…

  • Ditto the above. I am driving myself crazy today at work. Is there a chance they will be posted before 10pm tonight? Still waiting for REG in NY. Thanks!!

  • @please help me…
    I’m dealing with a similar situation as you. I took FAR in July and failed with a 68, and I’ve been using Becker as well. I have my retake scheduled for Oct. 11 and I’m so frustrated…I purchased the Wiley book and the Yaeger FAR CRAM. I think so far the only thing that seems to be helping is that there are soooo many MC Qs in the Wiley book. I’m just doing as many of those as I can and then listening to Phil Yaeger for all my weak areas. I really like the way he teaches you the stuff as he goes through an actual problem. I’m not doing much more with Becker for seems like the Wiley Qs are a little tougher anyways.

  • I am still waiting for FAR, I took it 8/20/10. Does this mean I most likely failed? I hate this scoring system, I don’t want to move on since I might have failed but they won’t tell me!!!!!!!

  • Hi everyone… I am in desperate need of some advice. I am currently studying for FAR (for the 2nd time, the first time around I got a 65). I just recently started to study for FAR again and I am in the middle of chapter 3. I am starting to feel very frustrated. I feel as if I am going through the motions but the material is not truly sinking in. I am getting the MC’s correct but only because I missed them the first time around, memorized how they needed to be solved and answered them correct going forward. I am studying with Becker which I am only about half satisfied with. I passed REG and AUD with Becker but am really struggling to pass not only FAR but BEC. Does anyone feel the same and has anyone switched to other review materials (from Becker) and have had more success with other materials? Bisk, Gleim, Yaeger etc. etc. How do I know which is best?! Thank for anyones input! I appreciate it!!

  • So when someone is borderline (which I’m assuming I am, since I’m from Ohio and still waiting on both FAR and Audit) would you say that 2/3rds are going to fail and 1/3rd is going to pass considering the distribution of 71-76? Cause the impression that I got on the most recent video was that most everyone was going to fail except for a lucky few.

    But maybe I am just pessimistic and reading to much into it… 🙂

  • To clarify, I don’t think the rest of the REG scores will be borderline. Some will, but some will also be part 2 of what hasn’t been released yet.

    10 out of 13 scores I’ve seen so far today are 71-76.

  • Just got my FAR score in Illinois. Passed with a 77!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally done!! 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  • Heather, you took the words right out of my mouth. I sure hope all those reg scores arent borderline.

  • Are you saying that the remaining REG scores were borderline. That sure seems like alot. We are not talking about straggler score.

  • Jeff – You were right! This morning (9/25/10) I received my REG score at 7:30am in CA. It was good news for me (76). Now I have three down and only one more to go (FAR) scheduled for 11/30. Today’s my anniversary so now my husband and I have a little more to celebreate 🙂

    Thanks for all the great updates! You help keep me sane.

  • I am waiting for Reg in IL….any idea when it will be released? does IL receive its score from NASBA or AICPA? is it a slow state as many states have received their scores?

    I called the board of examiners and they said if I dont see my score online that means they don’t have it. Should I call Nasba?

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