16 comments on “CPA Exam Scores Update 9/27/10”

  • Waiting for my last score in WV and I’m getting sooooo anxious!!! I took financial on 08/31/10 and still haven’t heard anything. It’s a non-NASBA state so I know it takes longer to hear back from the board. Any news for anyone else in WV?

  • Dave,

    I’ve emailed Jeff directly and he said that Wisconsin will release ALL scores once they release ANY. Therefore, there’s no reason to believe that we’re borderline other than a personal gut-feeling you may have. Otherwise, if you felt like you did well, then chances are you very may have performed well. Hopefully they’ll post them tonight! Tired of waiting…

  • From what I can tell, if I took FAR in Wisconsin on 08/28/2010 I should be receiving my score sometime this week?? Also, it would be normal for my score to be released this week,…and I would not be considered “borderline” correct??

  • After receiving a 74 score dagger on FAR in July this Boilermaker fell north of the border with a 78 on REG in August. I would have thought my results were reversed so I believe there is a 5 point margin for error and we just never know how the cookie crumbles for each exam…

  • So for those of us waiting for scores in Wisconsin, does that still mean that wave 2.5 for AUD indicates a score between a 71% and a 76%. I ask this because Wisconsin loves to be different and refuses to release ALL scores until after ALL waves have been released? I still haven’t gotten my AUD score and I’m trying to stay optimistic that it’s just because Wisconsin is slow and stupid. Anyone have any insights into this?

    I got a 91% on REG in July and I felt the same coming out of AUD exam in August as I did coming out of REG exam in July. Not going to be a happy camper if I didn’t pass.

  • Passed with a 77!!!Im done and I never thought I’d be able to say those words…good luck to all who are still studying!!!!

  • REG out in NY
    got a 76 and I am finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FAR 91
    BEC 83
    AUD 84
    REG 76
    I was fortunate to pass all sections on the first try so i will share how i studied maybe anyone will find it help full.
    I used Becker to study. I watched the full lesson and did the underlinings. then i read the entire chapter on my one. and then the mcq. doing it one chapter a weak. then i read over again the entire book.

    In my opinion (even though i passed) becker is not the best program. it’s not explaining the why’s and the logic behind stuff, making it difficult to stick the rules in to u specially in reg.

    one more comment to Jeff:

    Thanks very much your forum was a big help!!!
    specially in that last wave.

    Please remember when u mark yourself 2 for 3 that means that NASBA was accurate 2 times and “late” one it’s not comment on you but on NASBA………

  • I’m in TN and still waiting on my REG score. I checked the loophole earlier this evening and all signs point to a fail, but I guess I’ll see when the actual numbers get posted.

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