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Matt 13 years ago

This sucks...still no score for FAR in TN. Anyone else in TN not have their score?

finally! 13 years ago

REG scores are up in MA! two down two to go! thanks for the support so far!

Meg 13 years ago

I'm in TN and still waiting on my REG score. I checked the loophole earlier this evening and all signs point to a fail, but I guess I'll see when the actual numbers get posted.

CG 13 years ago

Ok NASBA...it's 10PM Est. Where are the scores? No REG in GA.

Abe in NY 13 years ago

REG out in NY got a 76 and I am finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAR 91 BEC 83 AUD 84 REG 76 I was fortunate to pass all sections on the first try so i will share how i studied maybe anyone will find it help full. I used Becker to study. I watched the full lesson and did the underlinings. then i read the entire chapter on my one. and then the mcq. doing it one chapter a weak. then i read over again the entire book. In my opinion (even though i passed) becker is not the best program. it's not explaining the why's and the logic behind stuff, making it difficult to stick the rules in to u specially in reg. one more comment to Jeff: Thanks very much your forum was a big help!!! specially in that last wave. Please remember when u mark yourself 2 for 3 that means that NASBA was accurate 2 times and "late" one it's not comment on you but on NASBA.........

Stephanie 13 years ago

Passed with a 77!!!Im done and I never thought I'd be able to say those words...good luck to all who are still studying!!!!

Sam in Wisconsin 13 years ago

So for those of us waiting for scores in Wisconsin, does that still mean that wave 2.5 for AUD indicates a score between a 71% and a 76%. I ask this because Wisconsin loves to be different and refuses to release ALL scores until after ALL waves have been released? I still haven't gotten my AUD score and I'm trying to stay optimistic that it's just because Wisconsin is slow and stupid. Anyone have any insights into this? I got a 91% on REG in July and I felt the same coming out of AUD exam in August as I did coming out of REG exam in July. Not going to be a happy camper if I didn't pass.

Boilermaker 13 years ago

After receiving a 74 score dagger on FAR in July this Boilermaker fell north of the border with a 78 on REG in August. I would have thought my results were reversed so I believe there is a 5 point margin for error and we just never know how the cookie crumbles for each exam...

CG 13 years ago

Is anyone else in GA still waiting on their score? NASBA twitter said to check after 10 PM EST. It's now 10:42.

JT 13 years ago

Jeff: Waiting in Colorado for 3 results from July/Aug period. Nothing posted should this be alarming?

Matt 13 years ago

I got my FAR score and passed! I can't believe I'm done...good luck to everyone and good night!

Dave 13 years ago

From what I can tell, if I took FAR in Wisconsin on 08/28/2010 I should be receiving my score sometime this week?? Also, it would be normal for my score to be released this week,…and I would not be considered “borderline” correct??

Sam in Wisconsin 13 years ago

Dave, I've emailed Jeff directly and he said that Wisconsin will release ALL scores once they release ANY. Therefore, there's no reason to believe that we're borderline other than a personal gut-feeling you may have. Otherwise, if you felt like you did well, then chances are you very may have performed well. Hopefully they'll post them tonight! Tired of waiting...

kdub 13 years ago

Waiting for my last score in WV and I'm getting sooooo anxious!!! I took financial on 08/31/10 and still haven't heard anything. It's a non-NASBA state so I know it takes longer to hear back from the board. Any news for anyone else in WV?

Meg 13 years ago

Anyone else still waiting for REG scores in TN?? What is the hold up?

Dave 13 years ago

Thanks Sam! Hope that we passed!! If I passed this one I am all done...and I really won't miss the fun studying!