Video: CPA Exam Study Plan for Working Mom with Baby

11 May 2018

CPA Exam Study Tips




– Zoe writes in, Hello! I found your website by chance, I am a Masters of accountancy student, and will graduate in May. I have a three-month-old baby at home and I want to pass the exam ASAP. Would you give me some recommendations? By the way, I bought the Becker CPA Review system several months ago. Okay, well Zoe you have a lot of things going on in your life. About to graduate with a masters in accounting, congratulations to you. But more importantly, you have a three-month-old baby.

Congratulations to you. That's awesome. And so you are juggling having a baby, getting your masters, studying for the CPA exam, potentially working. So you have a lot on your plate. You bought Becker so you are good to go there, alright, here is what I would do.

I would go to and click free downloads and download the free ninja study planner, and I would use the ninja study planner with your Becker system. Follow and use the ninja framework, using Becker, so I don't know exactly what they recommend but if they're like most review courses, They say, watch video one, do homework over video one, watch video two, work homework over video two.

And that's not the ninja method. That might be effective, it probably is, but it's not efficient. And so you're going to waste a lot of study time because those homework questions in week one, you're going to have to repeat them in week seven. And it's a lot more streamlined to use the ninja.

So, I'm gonna bottom-line it for you, you'll have a lot more time with your baby if you follow the ninja method. So how 'bout that. So follow the ninja framework, cause it's free on another71. I hope that is helpful to you, so the biggest thing for you is time management, and the best thing that I can offer you is the free ninja study planner.

And actually, if you click the link below this video you will get a link to the free ninja study planner and you can be rocking n rollin' in a matter of seconds.

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