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Friends, Family, and the CPA Exam: Part 3

I ran across this old Forum Thread while doing some spring cleaning. There are some real gems here…time to resurrect it. – Jeff
Ten more random, stupid things said to candidates while studying for the CPA Exam:

    1. cabinill: I ended up rescheduling my BEC from the last testing window to this one, and when I rescheduled, my mother said “I don't understand why you need so much time to study – you have a whole week left!”


    1. waitinginKS: It's awesome when your boss tells you, multiple times, how much easier you have it now since you get to take each section one at a time… unlike the people that had to take all four parts at once. “It's so watered-down now-a-days…” BLAHHHH


    1. nellywood: Night before the exam: “If you don't know it by now, you're never gonna get it.” Buzzkill!


    1. tpc711: Worst thing said to me, “what is there to be proud of? A lot of people can do taxes.


    1. ALOE: A few weeks ago I told my friend, who is still a senior in college, that I was about to start studying for another section of the CPA exam. He said, “Ya I know how you feel. I've got the GRE's coming up.” ….


    1. nervouswreck: I take AUD on Monday and have been telling my parents how nervous I am (it's my last part), so my father (aviation engineer) launches into what I need to do in order to master this test…including “just buckle down and apply yourself”…umm, what have I been doing for the past SIX MONTHS???


  1. TampaAccountant:
    My Mother-in-Law: “Your wife's cousin, David, just passed his H&R Block tax course with flying colors! “Maybe you should speak with him so he can help you pass that silly CPA exam that you have been trying all summer to pass.”

Me: Thanks…



  • JylCo: When I ordered my software, a very full of himself CPA co-worker said “You'll never do it, what a waste of money!” After I passed my first exam a different co-worker said “Damn, I think I lost money on that!” Evidently, there was an office pool of people betting that I would never do it. I think my passing the 2nd one shut them up, and adding CPA to my e-mail signature really shut them up!




  • BKO71: After several times of turning down offers to do something with a friend, the comment I received…in a very polite way… “Didn't you learn all this stuff in college?”




  • stayingfocused:
    Coworker: How do you think you did?


Me: I don?t know, I can never tell. Luckily I can take it a couple more times without losing other sections if I didn't pass though.

Coworker: I prefer to just get it done the first time.


If you have a funny/infuriating story or comment to share, post it at the [CPA Exam Forum].

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