Video – CPA Exam Two Sections in Four Weeks



Stephanie writes in, – “I signed up for NINJA. I would really appreciate some guidance.
…I work full time + 5 kids. I passed REG and FAR. Clearly didn’t dedicate the right type of study time for AUD, failed a few times by a few points- and last year failed BEC before they changed the exam.
So now it comes down to this:
I have to pass BEC and AUD both by September 6 or REG falls off and I let’s assume I don’t know ANY BEC. I want to just do MCQ as many suggest and learn from wrong answers but I’m slow and try to think each one through, and if I’m not familiar with the topic reading the answers doesn’t help me as its out of context.
Can you help break down my best route at this point – and which videos/books, etc I should take advantage of over the next couple weeks?”

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