FAR down!! :) … back to studying REG :(

31 Mar 2011

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Last Wednesday I learned that I passed FAR! The excitement of being that much closer to being done was amazing. Although, it was short lived as I learned two days later I did not pass REG. There is still a nice feeling that I only have one exam left, though it would be a much better feeling if I was done. Some days it feels like this whole CPA Exam will never end.

When I first started out with my CPA Exam I thought I should start with my hardest section first and get that under my belt. Is it ironic that for me I thought REG would be my hardest section and it was the first section I took? In April of 2009, I sat for REG and received a 74. I later sat for REG again in the fall of 2009 and received a 70. Now, nearly three months ago I sat for REG again and again missed it by only a few points.

I want to waste no time getting back into studying so I can put all of this behind me sooner than later. I took this past weekend to sit down and formulate a study plan and time to take the exam. I applied to retake REG within an hour of learning I failed, and received my payment coupon the next day. I am still waiting on my NTS, so I don’t have an actual exam date yet.

One of the first people I emailed about my REG fail was my personal counselor at Gleim. He reset my online personal classroom for REG so I’m ready to go. I broke out all of my REG study books and dusted them off. I let myself have this last weekend to regroup, get some errands done and be ready to get back into the swing of things this week. I figured it was my last weekend of freedom, so I spent some time enjoying the Cherry Blossom festival as well.

My study plan doesn’t revolve around how many hours I plan to log each week studying. I set goals of how many study units, or how far in my review course I want to get. I find this approach much better as some sections take longer than others. Setting a time limit leaves me watching the clock, but knowing I can take a break when I’m done with the study unit allows me to focus and get it done.

I am bummed that I took REG so long ago (at least that’s how it feels), and the materials aren’t fresh in my mind. I would’ve started studying for REG right away if I knew I needed to.

I guess its back to the books, the long weekends of studying and adding to my dream list of things I want to do when I’m done with my exam…whenever that day may be. Nothing says springtime like Cherry Blossoms, snow (really?) and being cooped up studying for hours on end.


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Bradley Bateman 13 years ago

Congrats on passing FAR, sorry to hear about REG. Good luck, and stick with it. Brad Bateman

Barry 13 years ago

Virginia, Stay focused and you will succeed. I to have to retake Reg and I knew exactly where I went wrong. I am rewriting my notes as Jeff suggested in his Ninja training notes. While this is a long process, it has been refreshing as I feel that the material is being ingrained in my brain. Never give up!!