CPA Exam Scores Release Date: October/November 2015

The AICPA has released the Q4 2015 CPA Exam Score Release Dates for October/November exams. Typically, NASBA releases the score results early in the morning on the “target date” at 1am Eastern. For instance on August 25th, the scores will come out at 1am Eastern, which is 11pm Pacific time (and technically, August 24th). Clear as mud? As always, the CPA Exam Forum has you covered for all things CPA Exam Score Release. (Be sure to share this news with others who taking the CPA Exam) 🙂 Source: AICPA  

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CPA Exam Score Release – Failure is NOT an Option

Christie is a blogger. CPA exam score release was today. Thankfully, I have been so busy at home and work that I hadn’t given it a thought until yesterday. I didn’t want to look, but I needed to know what to study for, so I did. I failed. Again. This was my first time taking the BEC, but that still didn’t help me knowing I failed. I went through all of the emotions; wanting to cry, telling my husband I was going to give up and finally the realization hit me, I just didn’t study enough. Sunday night I asked my 7 year old daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her reply was that she wanted to be in accounting like me and take the CPA exam like I am. All of this was running through my mind as I was feeling sorry for myself for […]

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