A Working Mother’s Guide to Surviving the CPA Exam (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the “Working Mother’s Guide to Surviving the CPA Exam“. I can’t believe August is already here and my exam is on the 23rd. Regulation is definitely a challenge, despite my tax experience and having barely passed REG before. The little angel on my shoulder is telling me, “Don’t take REG for granted. Remember what happened with BEC? Study every waking minute. This could be it”. The little devil on my other shoulder is saying, “You already know this stuff. You passed before. It will come back to you.” The torture is almost over. Here are more helpful hints that will get us through. 1. Allow yourself little splurges. I keep dark chocolate in my desk and am on a frozen coffee drink kick right now. Reward yourself for achieving your daily goals. I sound like a cheesy magazine article but it’s true. 2. Give yourself […]

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NINJA MCQ: The Toughest Software in CPA Review

Dear Future CPA, You can spend thousands on CPA Review books, videos, study guides, flashcards, crams, audios, etc. etc… …but if your MCQ Software isn’t preparing you for the fight that awaits, you’re wasting your precious time and money. The single-most important aspect of your CPA Exam preparation are your MCQs. They turn generic accounting concepts into CPA Exam application. Yet, it’s the weakest component of most CPA Review Courses. “But wait!!! That’s not fair!!!” you say… “Their lectures are entertaining and they juggle dry-erase markers on camera!!!” (but what about the software?) “They have a 9,000% advertised Pass Rate!!!” (but what about the software?) “They’ve been teaching CPA Review for 357 years!!!” (but what about the software?) “Well, now that you mention it…I find myself resorting to studying free cpa exam questions instead of the ones I paid thousands for.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Here’s the Cold Reality: […]

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Introducing: NINJA PLUS – Full CPA Review Video Course

Dear NINJAs, We have a new addition to the NINJA Family – and we’re calling it NINJA PLUS. A little backstory… Back in the day – when I was studying for the CPA Exam (and we walked up hill both ways in the snow to the prometric testing center…all of that…), the CPA Review landscape looked a lot different than it does now. There were what I would call “The Big 4” of CPA Review courses…and one of those courses was Bisk CPA Review. It had been around forever and had the legendary instructor Bob Monette. I personally used Bob Monette’s AUD Videos to pass Auditing in two weeks…because, as I was prone to do at the time, I waited until the last moment to start studying. I scored a 79…which didn’t quite qualify me for the EWS Award, but it isn’t bad for two weeks of studying.   In […]

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[Video] 2017 CPA Exam Changes (The End is Near)

[ ATTENTION ]: 2017 CPA Exam Changes – PASS NOW (The End is Near) Posted by Another71 on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 INTRO: There’s something sad that’s about to happen…. Another71.com presents: The 2017 CPA Exam Changes CHORUS: It’s gonna change, yeah man it’s gonna change In 2017, it ain’t gonna be the same You better take it now and become a CPA Cuz in a little while, things are really gonna change, yeah It’s gonna change, yeah man it’s gonna change In 2017, it ain’t gonna be the same You better take it now and become a CPA Cuz in a little while, things are really gonna change, yeah VERSE: It ain’t easy now but it’ll be harder soon 2017’s right around the corner dude Don’t wait until it’s too late, that ain’t cool Listen to my rhymes and you can be a Ninja, too This new exam, yeah it’s […]

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