The CPA Exam is rough on a marriage.

One of the most difficult aspects of taking the CPA Exam is the toll it takes on personal relationships.

Your family misses you and your friends don’t understand why you’re always “studying.”

You work, come home, and then escape to the spare bedroom or coffee shop to knock out three hours of studying after grabbing a quick bite to eat.

When I was studying, my wife and I had three kids.

A spouse can only take so much loneliness, so you need to make sure that you do your part.

Here are some strategies to help keep it all together.

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Working Moms CPA Exam

Working mothers are in a category all their own when it comes to passing the CPA exam.

We not only strive to balance work and family but when you throw the CPA Exam in the mix, you’re going down a road only a few can fathom.

We are the rock of the family. We provide financial support, comfort, nutrition, stability, refereeing, homework checks, matching socks, boo-boo kisses, clean toilets, chauffeur service, etc.

We give everything our absolute all and no one notices when we skip a beat because we are that good. That’s why it was so difficult for me to accept I could not reach my unattainable level of perfection while I tried to pass the CPA exam…

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cpa exam tax season

Tax Season.

It starts out so quiet, so innocent.

It’s early January and you settle into your desk chair.

Memories of last year’s nightmare of a busy season have all but faded away.

Maybe this year won’t be so bad after all.

But you’re wrong.

It’s worse.

How to Study for the CPA Exam 20 Hours a Week During Tax Season.

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Friends and Family sometimes don’t know the right thing to say when trying to support CPA Candidates, so instead, they say the wrong thing.

Another71 Forum members share some of the best worst things people have said to them about the CPA Exam:

MomofFive-NY: We were invited to a neighbor’s pool party in August. I was studying intensely for FAR, so I sent an email that said my family would be able to come, but I needed to study for my upcoming exam. My neighbor had apparently overheard me saying that I had been studying for months, so she replied with “If you don’t know this **** by now, you are never going to know it”.

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cpa exam tutoring

NINJA Sparring is the CPA Exam Tutoring service offered through your NINJA CPA Review membership.

The weekly live sessions are done via Zoom and all NINJA Monthly members can attend and ask questions.

We run live sparring sessions four days a week at 8 am (CST) with the following schedule:

Monday – FAR
Tuesday – AUD
Wednesday – REG
Thursday – BEC

Most sessions include an accompanying Excel worksheet.

Replays are available the following day and there are currently 170+ hours of replays available, broken down by CPA Exam topic.

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AICPA CPA Exam Sample Test

Over a year ago, the AICPA unexpectedly released a set of 140 CPA Exam questions to the public and then removed them a month later.

The AICPA only released the correct answer, not the explanations.

(If you want the answer explanations, we have them in our testbank as part of NINJA MCQ … we can’t post them here, or bad men will steal them.)

They’re worth a quick look … 10-15 minutes of your time.

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cpa exam to take first

Want CPA Exam Study Tips, Advice, Need a CPA Exam Study Plan, or just simply ready to throw in the towel and need some help?

Ask Jeff.

In the Another71 CPA Exam podcast, he’s seen it all – and answered it all when it comes to the CPA Exam.

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