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05 Apr 2010

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Dearest CPA Exam,

While I know you have enjoyed our time during the past 35 or 36 months together, I have not.

You have sucked the life out of me for 3 years and I'm ready to purge you from my life and every day vocabulary.

Normal daily life should not include words like “Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 2.5”, or spend countless hours praying for a score to be online when I wake up and hit the refresh button or having that stomach-lurching feeling as the NASBA website loads, only to see “Error: Score Not Found”.

My credit card company loves you but I do not.

You have taken taken over $7,500 and spread it to the AICPA for 16 exams, Becker for 07/08 CPA Review material, Bisk for 2009 CPA Review material and finally, Yaeger CPA Review for 2010 material.

Some days I felt like I needed a speedy checkout that would auto-fill my credit card info when those nasty sub-75 numbers show up on NASBA's site.

I have been studying for you the whole time that my husband and I have been together.

We have dated, got engaged, got married and built a house together.

He says it's time for you to move out.

Sorry. He would like his wife back. No offense.

I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to meet a nice lady
named Jinx at the Prometric testing site. She now knows me by name,
sight and knows my vacation schedule along with every score you've
scarred blessed me with.

When I left the testing center last November thinking that could be my last test, she said “Well it's been great knowing you but I hope I never have to see you again so it means you passed them all!”

When I returned in January because you gave me a 73 in Audit and caused me to lose BEC as well, she said “Oh honey it just broke my heart when I saw your name on today's testing schedule”.

I also got to meet a great supportive group of people through Club 75. They are awesome but I'm sure they are tired of hearing me whine about my scores, studying all weekend, every weekend and that I just want the magic 75!

If you need me to sign a paper saying that I swear on my license that I will never be an auditor, I will certainly do so! After all, I'm a tax girl through and through.

Audit gives me the heibby jibbies (yes I know I spelled that wrong but even on the CPA Exam you give me spell check!)

Please remember to be nice to me when you are grading my late-April Auditing and Attestation exam.

Thank you.


Jennifer A.

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Dale 14 years ago

I love your opening response to the exam itself. I can relate to the obsession with the exam and its effects on not only myself, but around me as well. The support and community Another71 has provided is a shinning example of the beauty of the human spirit. Good luck with AUD at the end of April.

Mark 14 years ago

Jennifer, You're a tax junkie as well? Very nice. It wouldn't appear that you have passed the exam yet, is that correct? Neither have I. Where do you work? I ask because I feel your pain. I worked insane hours in a tax department and I swear by the beard of Zeus that is why I couldn't pass FAR & AUD. But lo...I am now unemployed from that job and now searching for another tax role....and.....experiencing study time during daylight hours. If you would rather email me directly, I would love to chat with you.