Dear Pre-CPA Exam Me

Written by Another71 Forum Moderator mla1169, who is now a Licensed CPA.

July 20, 2010

Dear Pre-CPA Exam Me,

So you're getting ready to go and mail the application to sit for the CPA exam?

Good for you, but I think you should know a few things right now:

1. This is going to stress you out.

It's ok, everyone who does this takes on a boatload of stress. It's not a reflection on your character to get angry, frustrated, cry, yell, (and throw things).

2. This is going to stress your family and friends out.

Actually, some people have lost friends and relationships over this. You won't be one of them, thankfully. If people desert you for studying too much, the relationship was shaky to begin with. That said, make sure to thank those who support you. They deserve it because their support is every bit as important as your study materials.

3. Coffee is your friend.

Sleep will become a very valuable commodity and you will spend much of it having dreams/nightmares about this exam.

4. You'll find the website Another71.

Treat it like a buffet. Some things you'll love, and some things (and people) may not agree with you. Take away what you want and don't fret over the things you don't. Oh and don't spend TOO much time there instead of studying. Editor's note: If you are going to waste some time – please do it on Another71. 😉

5. The first CPA Review program you choose may not be the best for you.

It's ok to switch. Be flexible.

6. There is nothing better than a passing score, but failing isn't the end of the world.

When you do fail keep your chin up, you're in very good company! Get right back out there and study again. Doesn't really matter if you finish in 4 attempts or in 7, it just matters that you finish!

7. You will get frustrated with people asking “did you get your score yet?”

Remind yourself that they really do care and are on your side.

8. Study!

Study in your car, at lunch, in bed, during dinner. Do whatever it takes because it's not FOREVER. You'll feel bad about missing out on things, but make it like a band aid and give it your all so you don't have to prolong the agony.

9. Treat yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's a latte or a manicure, make a reward program for x hours of studying or passing each exam. It's important to have a short term goal while working toward the prize.

10. Read this letter in about 18 months when you've finished.

It will make you smile!

CPA Review

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Supporter2 8 years ago

Thanks you so much for this!

xwmn 7 years ago

ah im already frustrated and definitely having nightmares about this test!! best of luck to everyone taking it :)

Anonymous 7 years ago

I feel like I already knew all of this, but it totally didn't hurt to see it in writing, again.