FREEDOM!!! (Maybe)

05 May 2011

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..until scores come out that is. I took REG at the end of last week and what can I say, it wasn’t easy.

I have always finished other sections of the CPA Exam with significant time to spare (over an hour for AUD and FAR the last time I took those sections). This was the second time I took the 2011 version of REG, and again I finished with just minutes to spare. I wouldn’t say I was rushed, but the TBS definitely took a significant amount of time.

One thing that really threw me for a loop was that one of the tabs in the TBS was the exact same tab I received when I took REG last January. I mean what are the chances?! I opened that tab and thought to myself “man I wish I went home in January from REG and learned how to do this.”

I have sat for all the sections many times, and I have never received the exact same question twice, whether TBS (simulations) or multiple choice. Of course the same topics repeat, but really, the exact same tab?

Right now I’m really enjoying my freedom from not studying. My birthday is actually next week and I am trying to plan some fun things to do over the next month or so while I wait for scores.

I so badly want to be done.


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MOM2BCPA 13 years ago

I was so excited to see your post. I was wondering what happened. I hope to see a post soon!!!! Saying YAY! I did it.