Video – FAR MCQ Difficulties

29 Aug 2018

CPA Exam Study Tips



Scott writes in, “I am just discouraged. CPA Exam is in one week and I have been trending at 67-70% in MCQ for the last few days without much improvement. I will improve in one area and fall down in another. I freaking hate this exam and am ready to be done. I am exhausted from staying up so late and literally do not know where to begin getting over the 75% hump.

I have been trying to answer lots of new questions so I am not memorizing answers but maybe just pounding MCQ is not the best way for me to learn. Anyone one else get stuck and not feel like you are improving just doing more and more MCQ? I do take notes on the questions I miss – at this point there is so much I need to review or revisit I don’t know what to do. Moving my exam is not an option. I just don’t get how people can master all of this material.”

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