FAR Done, Now Time To Enjoy Baby!

18 Apr 2011

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I took FAR Friday, April 8. On the Thursday before, I tried to really focus on leases and bonds, but then I found myself neglecting every other topic when I decided to take a “final exam” that afternoon. I felt like all the other material was completely foreign to me and I hadn't studied it at all in the past seven weeks. I had a mild freak out, and decided to just stop where I was on leases and bonds, and make sure I still knew the material.

I got a call from a friend about that time, who is going through the process as well, and she told me to just try to calm down and try not to learn anything “new”–just go over what I already know and really get that in my brain. This ended up being great advice, so I calmed down and went back over every section and made sure I had everything refreshed in my brain.

I went to bed early enough, but I dreamed about debits and credits all night. That is the worst! I finally quit tossing and turning and got a decent amount of sleep.

I got to the center and got started. My first testlet was medium difficulty, as was my second and third. That's generally not good news, but maybe I got lucky..? We'll see. The TBS's weren't too terrible, and I like the new format of the sims. Having two testlets with simulations in the old test was hard to plan for.

That's about all I can recall from the test though. On Monday, April 11, I had my sweet baby boy! He was a little over 2 weeks early, but he waited for me to finish my test at least 🙂

I will probably take a little blogging break for the rest of the month, and then start back up when I start studying for BEC!


Here's baby Bennett!

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Laura(keeptrying) 13 years ago

Congrats!! He is ADORABLE!!!

Allyson 13 years ago

Bennett is so cute... and considerate to wait until after the 8th to be born. Enjoy every minute with him and don't even think about the exam.

Erica 13 years ago

Congratulations! :) Enjoy some much-deserved time off!

Barry 13 years ago

Congratulations! You are a great example of someone who is not making excuses as to why they can't pursue their dreams!!

gladrial 13 years ago

Its nice your baby boy waited. Mine came a month early to keep me from taking BEC

Jade 13 years ago

Congrats!! Win or Lose you are blessed:> That is awesome news to be done with the test. Good Job!!

Mari 13 years ago

That's my birthday! :) congrats!