Fourth Time’s a Charm? Nadia: Week 3

10 Jun 2011

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Nadia is a weekly Club 75 Blogger as she documents her journey through the CPA Exam. She has been a member of's Club 75 since December 2010.

“Failure plus failure plus failure equals success. You only fail when you quit.” ~ Jack Hyles

Wow this week I really had to look at this quote over and over to keep on track.

As I was reviewing audit this week, I felt a bit distracted, something that didn’t help was that I have a cold, which is not fun especially when you are trying to focus on the exam and you want to continue to move forward with the material.

One thing that I had to decide was whether I should take a few days off get better and come back to studying or continue to keep my schedule. While it may seem like a logical choice, you might be surprise how many times we feel so much pressure to meet our goal that we choose the option to keep going without realizing what it can do to us in the long run!

I have to say I chose to take it easy for two days and I felt better faster than I thought. Since this weekend is going to be rainy I am going to make up the two days I took. I really feel like preparing for the exam is a give and take. I also have to say that my family was very supportive this week and I was really glad to have their help. Next week I am going to be back on track before I know it.

Happy Studying!


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Robert 12 years ago

“Failure plus failure plus failure equals success. You only fail when you quit.” ~ Jack Hyles thanks, I needed that!

Antwain 12 years ago

Hope everything works out well for you or already has. Found you by searching for Jack Hyles have you heard him preach in person? Really like that quote.