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Friends, Family, and the CPA Exam: Part 4

I ran across this old Forum Thread while doing some spring cleaning. There are some real gems here…time to resurrect it. – Jeff
Ten more random, stupid things said to candidates while studying for the CPA Exam:

    1. Cowpatty: “Dang. And I passed it with only one weekend of cram.” … for FAR


    1. Okaygang: “So if you fail it again, what are you going to do?”


    1. Amethyst8: When I excitedly announced to family members after graduating that I was going to get my CPA, one person said, “Oh, but that's REALLY hard. Are you sure you can do that?” Talk about the proverbial deflated balloon!


    1. andezach: After passing the 3rd section and preparing for the 4th and final exam, my mom asks, “How long do you have before you lose credit for the tests you have passed?” Thanks for the vote of confidence mom.


    1. shaina0707: After I passed my first section with a 92, my boyfriend's dad (a CPA, wouldn't you know?) said, “See? Piece of cake. You obviously studied way too much and I think you should just sit for the other 3 together as soon as you can. You'll do fine-all you need is a 75.” This was after hearing how he took all 4 parts in a barn with about 400 other people, so we have it way easier.


    1. Hope4CPA: As I am anxiously awaiting my BEC score, my conversation with my father:
      Father: You get your score this week?
      Me: Yes, hopefully by Wednesday morning.
      Father: Well, I expect you to pass.
      Me: You EXPECT me to pass?
      Father: This IS your second time taking it.


    1. kgirl09: Numerous times, relatives have said, “If you don't know it by now, you'll never know it.”


    1. jrod: I got my score back on REG last window (74) and text my mom and my sister what I had made. I get a response back from both of them within a minute or so of each other…”Congratulations!” Then I have to reply back “I failed!”…. Congratulations? Really? Have you even been listening to me the past year? They both said later they thought I had to have a 70. salt….in….wound


    1. KatieLouWho: (phone conversation)
      Me: I passed!
      Husband: Great! What did you get?
      Me: 75!!!
      Husband: Sounds like you didn't study hard enough.
      He's lucky we were on the phone, I could've punched him!!


  1. Will_it_ever_end: I was telling my wife that I needed a good chunk of time to study the next two days seeing as how I am sitting for AUD on Monday. I was telling her so that she was prepared to watch our toddler over the weekend. Her response was “Fine, just do it. I'm sick of hearing you talk about it. Hurry up and finish up this test.”


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  • How about the mother’s day card from your child that says: “Sometimes I feel like you are ignoring me, but I know you are trying really hard to pass your test… I remember when you used to take me to the park all the time and we would play together.” Insert picture of child coming down the slide and mommy catching her at the bottom… :'(

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