Introducing… CPA RevYOU

11 Mar 2011


I'd like to welcome you to a new content segment here at that I am calling CPA RevYOU. It will be a weekly question an answer series where YOU submit your questions and I will answer them via video. I won't be able to answer every questions but I will try my best.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the weekly wall post where I will request that you submit your questions. Nothing is out of bounds or off topic, from The Dodd Frank Act (h/t Rohan Suppal) to why I predicted March 17th as the score release date (h/t Heriberto Maya).

And so, without further ado, I give you CPA RevYOU…

Topics covered in this video (in order of appearance):

  1. FAR + IFRS
  2. Dodd/Frank Capitalism Rant
  3. AMT (REG)
  4. CPA Exam Score Releases

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Bonus: Within 48 Hours, I will follow-up and send you a chapter of NINJA Study Notes for each section of the Exam.

HiYa! ~ Jeff

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Ryan Poyser 13 years ago

No Four aces? I watched all 12 minutes and no mention of Roy, Cliff, Roy and Cole!

Jeff - 13 years ago

haha - I actually DID film it and I realized - no one wants to sit and listen to me talk about Roy Oswalt being the best 4th starter ever and Brad Lidge still being a viable closer :)

Name (required) 13 years ago

Jeff, Videos are great, but just wanted to mention that the intro and other pauses are much louder than your voice. So when I am trying to watch at work and hit those points sounds like I am playing game on my computer lol.

Jeff - 13 years ago

haha...I noticed that last night when my wife was watching it after we had just put the kids down...soft...LOUD...soft...LOUD. I'll fix that :)