Jay’s CPA Exam Study Report: Week 28

26 Apr 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Jay-O

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 28:

This past CPA Exam study week went pretty well. I decided to start going back and skimming the earlier chapters and re-doing MCQ’s. I went back and skimmed the Information Technology and Corporate Governance chapters and re-worked all the MCQ’s. I did okay on the MCQ’s scoring between mid 70’s – 80’s, but importantly did better overall on all sections than I had the first time I worked the MCQ’s. As I continue over the next few weeks, I hope these MCQ scores will get to consistent mid to high 80’s.

The library I use was on an amended schedule for Easter week, so I spent a number of evenings doing my studying at the office. The library was also closed this weekend, so I went to the office on Saturday morning for a few hours and Sunday was Easter, so no studying. I managed to log 17 hours with the amended scheduling. Luckily, I think they are back to regular hours after Passover, which I think is Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I have this amended schedule to look forward to when the summer rolls around too.

For the coming week, I plan to skim through and work through MCQ’s for Operations Management, as well as Economics Concepts. You may ask why I hit Information Technology first, but I noticed it’s worth 15-19% and it went pretty well for me the first time around, so I figured I’d freshen it up and move through it quickly. Hopefully I can do the same this coming week. Good luck to all.

Jay. O

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Jennifer 13 years ago

I just took the BEC test and COSO was heavily tested and none of the questions were from my MCQ's. I recommend going to the COSO site and studying literature there. I did that and was very thankful in the end.

Jay. O 13 years ago

Thanks for the advice Jennifer. What's the web address? Thanks, Jay

Name (required) 13 years ago

Jay -- My 2cents after reading your past and the comments. Fist, I wouldn't bother reading anything you are "skimming". It is all in the tiny details. Read less and understand the tiny details. I also agree with the above poster, go to the source and read the Treadway Commission's reports especially about COSO slowly. You'll be in club 74 forever if you're skimming...)))