Jay’s CPA Exam Study Report: Week 29

04 May 2011

Club 75 Candidate Bloggers

By Jay-O

Jay is a weekly columnist as a Club 75 Blogger, where he documents his journey through the CPA Exam. He has been a member of Club 75 since April 2010.

Week 29:

Hello all. Another cruddy week studying for BEC has passed. I’m glad I decided to push back the exam a bit, as I was scheduled to take it this coming Friday and definitely wouldn’t have been well-prepared. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut the last few weeks, reading and re-reading my highlighted notes on Corporate Governance and Operations Management (skimming was the wrong term to use in my update last week).

I re-worked all the MCQ’s in Chapter 1 this week, but I’m not scoring as high as I’d like. I have also started re-reading Economics, but haven’t started re working the MCQ’s yet. I’ll work on that this coming week, as well as the Financial Mgmt chapter. I logged 21 ¼ study hours this past week, but will have to ramp that up over the next 3 weeks.

This coming week is going to be especially difficult, because it’s my daughter’s 4th birthday on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday (I usually log half my weekly study hours over weekends). We are hosting a Birthday Party on Saturday at one of those children’s party centers, so I don’t expect there will be any studying on Saturday.

My children are really starting to notice my absence around the house and it is impacting them, so I am going to try to make the whole day Saturday very special for my older daughter. I’ve definitely been feeling a ton of guilt lately, so that certainly hasn’t helped me stay focused, but I have to remain diligent these last 19 days until the BEC exam.

Kudos to all of you parents, studying for this exam and continued strength to your spouse or whoever helps you through it. I haven’t decided what I’m going to pull out of my sleeve for Mother’s Day yet, but I’m going to try to make my wife feel like a Queen, because she certainly deserves it.

She knows the studying has been slow going, so I expect she’ll understand that I have to spend a good part of the day studying on Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

Jay. O

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hollyaa 13 years ago

Jay, There are official released CMA questions on economics I found (very-very) worth my time to study. Just my 2 cents.