NASBA AUD Score Release Expected Tonight

16 Nov 2009


I have confirmed that barring another tech issue (two separate tech issues in the past two windows that caused the batch process to fail), Auditing and Attestation Wave 1 CPA Exam scores will be released by NASBA tonight.

Accounting CPE NASBA

I realize that I said the same thing for BEC and they didn't come out.

Was I given bad info? No. They had a programming issue that caused the batch to fail, but the scores were supposed to come out.

I only post info that is 110% credible. Always have…always will.

Best wishes to everyone waiting for their results,


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Any 14 years ago

Any one get scores yet?

tuuka 14 years ago

MA- not yet

Koopa 14 years ago

MI - not yet.

sheaf 14 years ago

PA - nope.

Eastc 14 years ago

FL- not yet.

rp 14 years ago

nj - nope

DH 14 years ago

VA - yes - got mine this morning

rp 14 years ago

for AUD?

sm 14 years ago

OH-not yet

schell 14 years ago

MN - nope not yet

Paul 14 years ago

Anybody got score from Maine State?

DH 14 years ago

Mine was for AUD - took it on Oct 24th. Looked again this morning and the score was definitely there. Maybe they were able to release just some of the scores. I hope everyone else is able to get your scores today! Good luck!

Star 14 years ago

Nothing yet for MA.

LP 14 years ago

VA- Got mine yesterday morning

Paul 14 years ago

Did any one get the audit score for Maine State?

GA 14 years ago

Did anyone get a score from GA?

MJ 14 years ago

Anyone from TX?

sjb 14 years ago

got mine today - 74.. so much for thanksgiving...