CPA Exam Results Update: June 23


6,886 Regulation scores were released by the AICPA Tuesday afternoon and Financial Accounting and Reporting was released by NASBA on Tuesday night,

What's Next? More FAR and REG scores in Wave 2.5. Gotta be.

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28 comments on “CPA Exam Results Update: June 23”

  • I took my Aud exam on July 3rd and still havent seen the result. Do you guys know any website where i can see it online or something. please let me know. Thanks for your help.

  • Hi,

    I have a couple questions:

    1)I just took AUD on July 15 (my very first attempt at any section). When do you think it would be reasonable to start checking for my score?

    Truthfully, I don’t think I passed at all. But I have a “that’s cool… I’ll get it next time” attitude. I feel even more motivated now than I did before, and have a much better idea, I think, of what to expect. Nevertheless, I’m pretty much hoping to retake it October 1. So…

    2)Is it possible to go through the whole registering/scheduling for a retake, even though I haven’t received my score yet? (FYI, I’m being realistic; not pessimistic…).

    Thanks! By the way, thanks for having this website. It’s very informative and exceptional overall.

  • Yeah…my Reg score finally posted and I passed with an 81!!! Thank goodness I can stop frantically checking…for now…I’m taking BEC 7/17/10…So now I can fully focus on that section….

  • There is a zero% chance that NASBA will release REG before tonight.


    If you would like some piece of mind – you can purchase the result watch software in my sidebar for $10, or get it as a membership benefit via CLub 75.

    It will e-mail you your actual score once it hits NASBA’s website. Pretty cool.

  • I hear ya, TM.

    Jeff, is there any point in checking the site and refreshing? Does NASBA have a set time when they post the scores? Are they always in the pm? Knowing that there is no point in checking their site every 2 seconds might help me get through my life without putting my face through this computer screen.

    I guess what i am asking is, when would you start checking NASBA if you were waiting on REG?

  • Johnny Murph, i tried to re-apply for tests, and i got a message saying that “we are sorry. Currently all sections of this exam are still in process”.

  • Texas FAR scores are posted. I got an 84!! 3 down and 1 to go. Good luck everyone!!

    BEC(79), AUD(91), FAR(84), REG(73)(retaking in August)

  • PA Canidates – Once the scores were released to NASBA it appears you can find out if you pass or fail by using the “LoopHole”, which is trying to register for the exam score you are awaiting. If it is greyed out, you passed…or if you can select it, you failed. I went through the process twice now with REG and FAR and it has not failed me yet, score was in with a 76 for FAR…3 down, REG to go in Late July. Good Luck!! Stay golden, Jeffy Boy!

  • Congrats Another 78. That is great news. I know where you are coming from with the mention of your wife’s honorary CPA. I just hope that one day i can reward her for her support. Have fun writing “CPA” next to your name. You guys really deserve it and anyone passing is an inspiration.

  • First test was REG, got the results this morning and passed with a 75! Already studying for AUD to take in late July.

  • CA – I found out I passed REG with a 78, and have now passed all four sections of the exam. I passed BEC and FAR with a 78 and AUD with 79. I must have studied the same length of time for each section. Though, I haven’t posted a lot on here, I appreciate being able to read this blog and everyone’s postings. It helps to not feel alone in the struggles to get this done. I’d like to get my wife an honorary CPA for all the time watching the kids.

  • OK, so I have passed all parts now. YAAY! What is next? When is it official and I can use the letters?

  • I took mine the May 24th, so about a month ago as well.

    They say they released 6886 REG scores, does anyone have any idea how many there are total?? Please come out today pleeeeease.

  • Still waiting for my Reg score in MD….I took the exam May 15th…Aud took a month to post…this one seems to be taking forever!

  • Jeff,

    This is getting ridiculous Wave 2.5, How can they do this to us? I’m down to my last thread of sanity.

  • Jeff — What is wave 2.5?? I’ve never heard of this…some scores are released a bit delayed? Likely that it will be today, or is there a chance that I was in wave 2 and my score just hasn’t been posted to nasba yet?

  • TSBPA site keeps giving me a “The conection was reset” error.

    I have been doing the same…hang in there and let’s cross our fingers together.

  • Has anyone else had trouble with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy website?! My wife and I have been up since 4 am trying to connect to get our final grades for FAR and still can’t even get to the main web page?

  • Im still badly waiting for my last part of CPA (REG) on CA, nothing yet came up..

  • i took my FAR test april 21st and the score is still not posted in texas. What the hell….I would say that this is testing my patience more than my knowledge of accounting………….ahhh!!

  • Has anyone received their REG score in CA or know when they will be posted??? I feel like I might have a heart attack everytime I check, and there’s nothing up yet!

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