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I sat for and passed all four parts of the CPA Exam in New Jersey. I am going to be working however, in either North or South Carolina.

Should I apply for my CPA license in New Jersey and then get the paperwork for reciprocity in North and South Carolina? Where do I get the paperwork to have my work experience signed off? I cannot seem to find it!

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Licensing requirements and navigating reciprocity issues among states can be very tricky, especially since states change things on a regular basis.

The best resource that I know of that keeps track of all of the states and monitors them for changes to their forms and licensing rules is will have everything you need all in one place.

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Rey 13 years ago

Work Experience Requirement in NJ. -Private Industry: Does it need to be internal audit/SOX related projects to fulfill the work experience requirement in NJ as it is vague on the NJ State's website? If you have 6 months in public and work on some internal audit projects supervised by CPA Manager, from experience do you believe that would be sufficient? Thank you, Rey