AUD Lesson Learned: Sacrifice Now, Celebrate Later

10 Apr 2014

I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

Ashley is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I bought study materials in May after I completed my undergraduate program. At my internship, I studied most days at lunch and an hour or so when I got home from work.

My work ethic wasn’t great because I knew I had several months to work with before my NTS for the AUD exam expired in October. I signed up and completed a Tough Mudder, I visited with friends, I went golfing, and I got engaged.

I let my studies get pushed to the back burner.

Once my Masters program started in August, I had a rude awakening. I was a TA for an undergraduate accounting class as well as an exam proctor on top of being a full-time student. I interviewed for jobs.

All of a sudden, I had all these commitments, but I wasn’t too worried, I would have plenty of time to get through the material. Days turned to weeks and sure enough, all of those nights of getting home from classes and wedding planning rather than studying caught up with me.

We had a school trip to NY scheduled so I had to postpone my exam again. Then time ran out; the 6 months were close to being up; hit it or quit it time.

October 26, I took my exam. I waited anxiously for my score…. 74.

All I could think was, “Two more hours of studying could have made a difference!” In my despair, I frequented Another71 to see other peoples’ results/reactions. Jeff really played it straight – sacrifice now, it will pay off later.

I bought his NINJA Notes for AUD. And in January, I studied like a madwoman. On planes, on the beach/poolside (I was in Hawaii on vacation), in the hotel, everywhere. I retook AUD two days before heading back to school for the spring semester.

True to his word, with the help of the NINJA Notes, my score came back at an 84!

My score increased my 10 points from my re-studying and the focused NINJA Notes. I had renewed vigor in the CPA exam process. And so began the pursuit of Beast.

My words of wisdom from this stressful experience – do it right the first time.

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