AUD Passed! Three Down, One to Go

13 Mar 2014

I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

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This last week I took off from studying. I was waiting for my score and since I only had a week to wait I did not see the point of starting a new subject until I knew if I passed Audit or not.

With some free time I set to doing some things around the house. As we have a baby due in May I attempted to help get the baby room together. Our spare room is being converted to our baby room and we currently had our internet connected in that room.

We didn’t want to have any loose cords in the baby room so we decided we needed to try to move the internet to another room. I had to look all over the house for another room with a cable connection.

Alas, the only connection in the whole house was in that room! Well, I didn’t know a lot about moving a cable so I thought to myself “How hard can this be?”

Too frequently I have underestimated the difficulty of a project, and I am sure that I will continue to do this over the course of my life. I went down in our basement, thinking that if I went behind the wall, right next to the wall studs, I should come up behind the wall in the baby’s room. Boy was I wrong.

I came up about 6 inches in front of the wall. Needless to say that I had to do a little work to get it where I needed it to go. As of this point I have finally got the cable run and all we need to do is some patch work for the holes I needed to make in the walls to feed to cable from the basement to the baby room.

I think we sometimes think about the exam in this way. I mean it’s just accounting right? Just a little memorization? I think we quickly realize that studying never goes as planned and we too find ourselves having to make adjustments.

I am happy to say that I have made some progress in my exam progress on the last two years. I received my score for my audit test on Friday, with a passing score of 77! Yep, that was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was sure those sims killed me.

All I can say is that I must have done pretty well on those MCQs to compensate for my abysmal job on those sims. I am now sitting with FAR, REG, and AUD done and with credit. The only thing that stands in my way now is BEC. It is also a good feeling when I realize that I have just under a year to finish BEC before I lose my FAR credit.

While I cannot become lazy and take my time in passing the last test, I realize that I do not have to feel the extra stress some of you have gone through knowing that you only have one test window left.

So now I will get back to it. I have started my studying today. I really want to finish this test off the very beginning of May. This way when we have our baby I will be done. (Fingers crossed … we are due on the 21st so unless the baby comes way early I will not have a problem taking my last test before the baby comes)

Good luck studying and may the force be with you! (Gonna stick with this as my closing of all of my blogs because as I started doing this I started passing exams … coincidence? I will let you decide.)

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