I Passed Audit! Now Preparing for FAR

23 Jan 2013

I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

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During this past month and a half I put studying on hold to relax and enjoy myself.

As a reward for my hard work preparing for and sitting for the audit exam, I took trip down south to visit friends and wakeboard in Orlando, Florida.

Every single day after the exam I checked to see if my score was available.

Saturday morning I woke up with a pounding headache from the prior nights festivities and thought for sure I would have to wait until Monday for scores to be posted but I decided to take a quick look anyway.

To my surprise the spot on the page that once read “Waiting for Score” had changed to a number. At first glance the numbers I read appeared to be a 72 and my heart sank with disappointment. Then I brought my face closer to the screen and sure enough it was a 77.

I PASSED audit!

Vacation ended on a great note with the news of passing my first exam providing an excellent reason to party. At this time, I am back into my usual routine and into the second week of studying for FAR.

Things do not seem to be flowing as smoothly as they did with audit. The immense amount of information seems overwhelming. I have been taking advantage of using the NINJA Audio on the go as much as possible. In the car, at the gym, even while sitting at my desk.

However, I am starting to fall further and further behind on my schedule to complete each section in time before my scheduled exam on February 28. Answering the multiple choice questions is where I am struggling and is taking me much longer in time than answering the questions for audit.

As I sit there and read the questions I try to see the solution in my head but I have to put the numbers on paper in order to really grasp the problem. This is going to be my weakness because I will not have the luxury of spending an hour on 10 problems during the exam. I will only have an hour to answer 30 problems before I must move on in order to properly allocate my time.

As was the case with audit, I feel that I learn the most and start to understand things more completely through answering the multiple choice questions rather than reading the book or watching the video lectures. I am definitely going to have to increase the amount of time spent studying if I want to get past this exam.

Even though I am not getting through the material as fast as I would like or understanding it 100%, I am trying to keep myself motivated. I plan to continue pushing forward and believing in myself that I have the ability to past this exam. I may not pass FAR the first, second, or even third time, but I will not give up and I will conquer this exam!

I wish everyone out there the best in their studying and I look forward to be back here sharing my thoughts and experiences as I take the next to becoming a CPA.

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