Passed REG!! Focusing on AUD Next

Clint is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

It has been a suspenseful wait for the last few weeks. I had estimated that I would be borderline pass/fail for the Regulation section.

Thankfully, I received my score on Friday and I passed with a 76! I am glad that REG is out of the way and can continue focusing on Auditing.

At this point, I have four weeks remaining before AUD.

I have rewritten the NINJA Notes once, listened to the NINJA Audio at least six times, and completed 300 MCQ’s.

Though I’ve been somewhat complacent with studying over the last two weeks, I’m trying to up the pace starting this week.

My plan is to have all of the Wiley MCQ’s completed in the next two weeks and then I will use the last two weeks to reinforce and review topics with which I struggled.

One of the reasons I haven’t done as much studying in the past few weeks was that I exchanged studying for some much needed rest and relaxation. It had gotten to a point that I was getting burned out easily whenever I studied. I feel much better now after some relaxation and can pound some MCQ’s for hours at a time.

I have been scoring 80% on the first try after reviewing the auditing material so I feel confident about this exam already–even though I still have 66% of the Wiley MCQ’s remaining for the first time.

After I pass AUD, I will focus on BEC. From what I’ve read, a good portion of the material in BEC is similar to much of what I experienced in my MBA and undergraduate business programs.

The week or so of a break from studying was great for me because I have a rejuvenated attitude and willingness to jump right back in AUD. I wish I had done the same for REG because I had gotten burnt out the week before the exam and basically had no confidence walking into Prometric.

I’ll try to make sure I take a week in between AUD and BEC to get some downtime and spend some extra time with the family.

Until then, my first name is “Clint” but my middle name is “Auditing.”

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