NINJA Clint: AUD Passed! Time to Finish Strong

09 May 2013

I Passed AUD, NINJA CPA Review

Clint is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Things have been crazy over the past few months for my family. I finished my MBA in December. I passed FAR in January. I passed REG in February.

Thankfully, I just found out that I passed AUD in April.

Currently, my wife and I are in the process of moving after purchasing our first home together so things have been unusual over the past few weeks.

The hardest part so far is getting everything moving from our current apartment to the new house. This has proven to be somewhat complicated with a 1 year-old toddler as he seems to get into everything these days.

Since we have been so busy handling the various changes associated with moving, I haven’t been studying as much as I had planned to prepare for BEC. I had originally intended on taking the exam the last week of May but that is only three weeks away so I’m still trying to figure out if I will be able to dedicate enough time to take the exam this month.

I have re-written the NINJA Notes once and gone through one section of the Wiley test bank. Since I’ve had exposure to all of the topics in BEC it’s not out of the question to be able to study hard the next three weeks and be able to pass the exam.

My hope is that I can quickly become familiar with each topic for BEC over the next three weeks and actually take the exam on May 31st. There are less than 700 MCQs in the Wiley test bank for BEC so my plan is to get 75+ MCQ’s done each day over the next two weeks. Once I’m starting to feel comfortable enough I will schedule the exam.

In October, I originally registered for the first three exams so I would have motivation to have all but BEC done by April. Now that I’m trying to study for BEC I wonder if I should just schedule the exam so that I have no choice but to make sure I’m ready by the end of May.

Unfortunately, I’m still not sure how much time I’ll have to study due to the new house so I’m sticking to the books the next two weeks and I’ll re-evaluate at that time to figure out when I take what will hopefully be my last CPA exam.

I have developed an interest in the CMA exam so I’m entertaining that as my next goal after the CPA exam. However, I will definitely take a break until next year before I would even start attempting another exam.

Perhaps Jeff will have developed some NINJA materials for the CMA exam by the time I start studying for that exam. I know there are a few of us on that would be thrilled if Jeff provided resources on the CMA exam that were similar in nature to the NINJA Audio and NINJA Notes he has provided for each section of the CPA exam.

Only time will tell. Until then, I’ve got some studying to do…

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