Thankful: I Passed Regulation!

27 Nov 2012

I Passed REG, NINJA CPA Review

Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Greetings all,

I am over the moon though it was tense. I received Jeff's email regarding the score release and rushed to my computer, alas score not found.

I breathed a sigh of a relief, at least I had not failed. I might have even mentioned it in passing to my family so they could mentally prepare themselves.

Especially, my dog Spencer needs advance warning when should I find out I fail I would be hugging and crying on his neck. Like I said world's greatest dog.

I checked later fully prepared to find score not found and I had passed with an 83.

The feeling of passing compares to nothing else – it is like the weight of the world has been lifted. I wonder what it will be like to finally pass all 4??

Not as high as my prior scores on REG but it is a pass so I am not going to complain. Hope everyone received good news and if not keep your head up and try not to get discouraged, easier said than done I know.

My AUD exam is a week away. For the last 5 days I have not spent nearly enough time studying and I am really upset with myself especially given the REG pass.

Aside from being the self-styled queen of taking the CPA – I am a notorious re-scheduler. I did reschedule REG.

I am debating if I should reschedule AUD, though after a long hike with the family's dog PB (an amazing walker and listener) all the while listening to NINJA Audio – LOVE THE AUDIO – I have decided not to reschedule. Only time shall tell.

I am in the process of finishing all the videos and taking notes – I am attempting to keep it under 3 pages of notes per section. Similar to how I highlight every word I tend to recopy every word and it then takes me all day to do 3A and then I still have 3B & C left.

I will have this completed by tomorrow. My plan then is to re-write the NINJA Notes for the 3rd time. Additionally, I plan to go through the notes I took and flush out the NINJA Notes and vice verse.

Luckily (I can't believe I am actually saying this) I have a long commute. This will enable me to listen the NINJA Audio hopefully once a day though most likely twice every 3 days.

For the balance of this week I will keep re-doing X-guess. Maybe my brain functions differently than everyone else so no one else has an issue with this though here is my gripe. After I do the X-guess questions a few times not only can I remember roughly which question is next I can also recall where the answer is.

For instance, I will see the question and instinctively know the answer is C even before I look at the answer. I would like to think that the programmers could somehow use some type of code that scrambles not only the questions but also the answer choices.

I know on numerous exams when I see a question that I had I do not know if I am picking the answer since my gut is telling me to because that is the answer on the practice questions or because that is what I feel the correct answer is.

Additionally, when I was studying for AUD the last time, I printed out a ton of X-guess questions that I have in a three ring binder. Maybe I can glance over them during my commute or even when my attention should be elsewhere.

My paws, hooves, and fingers are crossed for anyone taking the exam – myself included.